The term of arrest Mironov, hitting a concert Makarevich, extended until June 3. Moscow, March 31. Tuesday at the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow was held a hearing about the failure in September of last year's concert of Andrey Makarevich. Then Oleg Mironov sprayed the hall pepper gas. The cause of death of the family in Novocherkassk could be gassing.

Rasplivcego gas at a concert Makarevich activist prolonged arrest. The incident at the concert happened at the end of September: unknown sprayed pepper gas, which caused a painful reaction of some viewers. Responsibility for the NP took the activists of the Other Russia. The court. RIA Novosti. Ruslan Krivobok. MOSCOW, 31 Mar - RIA.

Published: 31 Mar, 2015 18:47 Updated: 31 Mar, 2015 18:47