In areas falling parts of rocket launchers radiation sources and never will. IA Yakutia24/Yakutia 24. About creating areas separating parts of launch vehicles on the territory of the Vilyui, verhneviljujskogo, Zhigansk, Aldan and Olekma ulus Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) at the parliamentary hearings in Il Tumen March 4, told the head of Department.

Denis Lyskov: Yakutia Republic space. The Northern route will be used to launch spacecraft for remote sensing of the Earth, said on March 4, 2015, state Secretary - Deputy head of the Federal space Agency Denis Lyskov at parliamentary hearings.

Important for Yakutia 540 seconds after launch space rocket. IA Yakutia24/Yakutia 24. Held on March 4, Il Tumen parliamentary Assembly, which discussed the results of public hearings in Aldan, villisca, Verhneviluysk, Olekminsk and Zhigansky regions on the assessment of the impact of the separated parts.

Preparing the law on the requirements of the ecological security in the areas falling missiles. Roscosmos reports that the Ministry is discussing a bill to expand the list of authorities to be informed about the threats arising from the implementation of space activities. Startup booster. Archive photo. East News/ Associated.

Residents of Yakutia oppose Roscosmos. Residents of Yakutia continue to oppose the activities of Roscosmos on the territory of the Republic. The population of the five districts on the territory of which it is expected the fall of the separated parts of the launch vehicle Soyuz-2, expressed their protest at the hearing in the regional.

Toughening of requirements of ecological safety on the trails of the missiles flight. Representatives of Roscosmos and enterprises of rocket and space industry and has held a working meeting with the leadership of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia, where he discussed the draft Federal law on toughening of requirements of ecological safety in the area.

In Il Tumen discussed the draft law, developed by the Russian space Agency. IA Yakutia24/Yakutia 24. At the meeting of representatives of Roscosmos with Chairman of the standing Committee of Il Tumen on land relations, natural resources and ecology Vladimir PROKOPIEVA on 3 March 20154 year, talked about the Federal project.

Rumors instead of facts. Cancer incidence has increased by 50 percent!, In our village more balding men and suicide!, If you will go, how you are going to perform reflected in the annual Message of the Russian President's Commission on the increase.

The plan of the opening areas of the falling parts of rockets and recommendations of the meeting of the relevant Committee of Il Tumen performed practically in .... Informational report on the creation of areas separating parts of boosters on the territory of the Vilyui, verhneviljujskogo, Zhigansk, Aldan and Olekma districts (uluses) of Yakutia at the parliamentary hearings in Il Tumen 4 March 2015 performed.

Published: 5 Mar, 2015 10:53 Updated: 5 Mar, 2015 10:53