Concrete durability

Public goods and private communities

The myth of mental illness

Blessings, strength, and guidance: Prayer frames in a hospital prayer book

Using Devotional Classics

The impact of center volume on survival in lung transplantation: an analysis of more than 10,000 cases

Habits of the hearth: Children's bedtime routines as relational work

Reading Baseball: Books, Biographies, and the Business of the Game by Braham Dabscheck

The silent partner: News agencies and 21st century news

Indicators for social and economic coping capacity—moving toward a working definition of adaptive capacity

You can judge a book by its cover: the sequel.: A kernel of truth in predictive cheating detection

North American economic integration

Translating Nancy Drew from Fiction to Film

The Popperian legacy in economics: Papers presented at a symposium in Amsterdam, December 1985

Museum of urban development and headquarters for the planning/preservation department of the city of Miami Beach

Human capital concepts

Information literacy as the foundation for evidence-based practice in graduate nursing education: a curriculum-integrated approach

Optimization of parameters of submerged arc weld using non conventional techniques

An optical sensing system for seam tracking and weld pool control in gas metal arc welding of steel pipe

Greed, Lust and Power: Franciscan Strategies for Building a More Just World

Dickens the Designer by Juliet McMaster

Sweethearts of Rhythm: The Story of Australia's All-girl Bands and Orchestras to the End of the Second World War [Book Review

The problem of failing to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare

Portable monuments: Literature, cultural memory, and the case of Jeanie Deans

The growth of meaning and the limits of formalism: in science, in law

Distributed computing: principles and applications

Form perception: An Interactive guide to the Gestalt principles

Flash fundamentals: DIY animation and interactive design

أساليب التحريك الجرافيكي للصور الفوتوغرافية الرقمية في الإعلان التليفزيوني= Methods of Animating Digital Photos in the TV Ad‎

Interdiciplinary between heritage and creative

Estimating the risk of future reading difficulties in kindergarten children: A research-based model and its clinical implementation

Natural law and the theory of property: Grotius to Hume

Geologic framework of large historic landslides in Thompson River Valley, British Columbia

Planning without facts, lessons in resource allocation from Nigeria's development

Biofuels sources, biofuel policy, biofuel economy and global biofuel projections

A supply chain network design model for biomass co-firing in coal-fired power plants

A review of fisheries management past and present and some future perspectives for the third millennium

Incentive effects of social security on labor force participation: evidence in Germany and across Europe

Ethnic identity of transethnically adopted Hispanic adolescents

A picture identification test for hearing-impaired children

Internal review and self-evaluation—the chosen route to school improvement in ireland

Tillie the Terrible Swede: How One Woman, A Sewing Needle, and a Bicycle Changed History

Brer Rabbit and His Tricks

Illustrations, text, and the child reader: what are pictures in children's storybooks for

One Too Many: An Exploration Of the Roots of Literacy Of Older African Americans In South Carolina Before Brown Versus The Board Of Education

Estimation and inference in econometrics

Underwriter price support and the IPO underpricing puzzle

Some comments on maximum likelihood and partial least squares methods

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Econometrics

Risk assessment of pesticides and other stressors in bees: principles, data gaps and perspectives from the European Food Safety Authority

Gender differences in sepsis: genetically determined

The piracy crusade: How the music industry's war on sharing destroys markets and erodes civil liberties

Ground stone analysis: a technological approach

Goh Keng Swee and Southeast Asian Governance

Indian Insect Life. A Manual of the Insects of the Plains (Tropical India

Protozoan parasites in commercially important shrimp species from northeast coast of Andhra Pradesh, India

Exotic plant invasions and the enemy release hypothesis

Native American music in eastern North America: Experiencing music, expressing culture

Knowing places. The Inuinnait, landscapes and the environment


Factors essential for longevity among dow jones index organisations: Qca analysis

Impact of a patient-centered, computer-based health information/support system

Health care law

The Life of Niccolò Machiavelli

FJ Furnivall's Last Fling: The Wyclif Society and Anglo-German Scholarly Relations, 1882-1922

Modernità e ortodossia: strategie di conciliazione e dissidenza nell'insegnamento della filosofia nei collegi gesuitici del primo Settecento

FJ Furnivall's Last Fling: The Wyclif Society and Anglo-German Scholarly Relations, 1882-1922

Apocalyptic Lollards?: The Conservative Use of the Book of Daniel in the English Wycliffite Sermons

FJ Furnivall's Last Fling: The Wyclif Society and Anglo-German Scholarly Relations, 1882-1922

The problem of universals and wyclif's alleged ultrarealism

John Wyclif's Metaphysics of Scriptural Integrity in the De Veritate Sacrae Scripturae

Exegesis of the End: Limitations of Lollard Apocalypticism as Revealed in a Commentary on Matthew 24

Hess: The Missing Years

Generalised P-representations in quantum optics

日期: 九月 30, 2014

A guide to experiments in quantum optics

Optical fiber communications

Practical MEMS: Design of microsystems, accelerometers, gyroscopes, RF MEMS, optical MEMS, and microfluidic systems

How to put the Food Guide Pyramid into practice

Malaria, a journey in time: in search of the lost myths and forgotten stories

Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Desire for the Development of Flight: A Recurrent Theme for Advanced Civilizations

Free will is not a mystery

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Neem (Azadirachta indica): prehistory to contemporary medicinal uses to humankind

The Medieval Icelandic Saga and Oral Tradition: A Discourse on Method. Trans. Nicholas Jones

Applying the Contextual Integrity Model of Privacy to Personal Blogs in the Blogoshere

Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights: a commentary on the TRIPS agreement

The battle to define the future of the book in the digital world

Intellectual property: Moral, legal, and international dilemmas

Growing up with (ir) replaceable parents: Neil Gaiman's The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book

Red Coats and Black Shields: Race and Masculinity in British Representations of the Anglo-Zulu War

Red Coats and Black Shields: Race and Masculinity in British Representations of the Anglo-Zulu War

Drug-related morbidity and mortality: updating the cost-of-illness model

The local production of order in traditional science laboratories: A phenomenological analysis

Explaining culture: A naturalistic approach

Intensional logic and the metaphysics of intentionality

Focussing in reasoning and decision making

Wittgenstein: Meaning and Mind, Volume 3 of an Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, Part Ii: Exegesis 243-247

Wittgenstein: Meaning and Mind, Volume 3 of an Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, Part Ii: Exegesis 243-247

Richard Huxtable and Ruud Ter Meulen (eds), The Voices and Rooms of European Bioethics

Citizenship education through an ability expectation and ableism lens: The challenge of science and technology and disabled people

Val Plumwood's Philosophical Animism: attentive interactions in the sentient world


Media Notes

Long-term care and a good quality of life: Bringing them closer together

Came Men on Horses: The Conquistador Expeditions of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and Don Juan de Oñate by Stan Hoig

Walking in American History: How Long Distance Foot Travel Shaped Views of Nature and Society in Early Modern America

Lead isotope analysis as a new method for identifying material culture belonging to the Vázquez de Coronado expedition

The Spanish Frontier in North America

Economic valuation of the environment

The killing fields of inequality

Cody's Last Stand: Masculine Anxiety, the Custer Myth, and the Frontier of Domesticity in Buffalo Bill's Wild West

Designing game-based learning environments for elementary science education: A narrative-centered learning perspective

Asteroidal resource opportunities suggested by meteorite data

Conservatism: Burke, Nozick, Bush, Blair

An inquiry into the state's role in marriage

The Housing Act 2004-A Practical Guide

The use and abuse of intellectual property rights in EC law: including a case study of the EC spare parts debate

Doulas as childbirth paraprofessionals: results from a national survey

Modelling of heat and carbon monoxide emitted from moving cars in an underground car park

Pack Horse Librarian

Doctor, I want to die. Will you help me

Multiculturalisme ou discours néocolonial dans Québécité de George Elliott Clarke

A sea of good intentions: Native Americans in books for children

Paradigm shift in German pension policy: Measures aiming at a new public-private mix and their effects

Paradigm shift in German pension policy: Measures aiming at a new public-private mix and their effects

Living On the Edge: A Study on Cultural Memory in Narratives from Medieval English Literature Before and After the Black Death

The Northern Adriatic

Worlds in collision: terror and the future of global order

Gender, epistemology and cooking: Rethinking Encarnación Pinedo's El cocinero español

Recent Books on Midwestern Foodways

The thief's journal

Utterly, insurmountably, unsaleable: Collected Editions, Prefaces, and the Failure of Henry James's New York Edition

Adverse neonatal outcomes: examining the risks between preterm, late preterm, and term infants

The Question of Sign-language and the Utility of Signs in the Instruction of the Deaf: Two Papers

Introduction to wildland fire. Fire management in the United States

An experimental study of charcoal degradation in a boreal forest

Journey through Darkness: The Writing of VS Naipaul

The third wave

The authoritarian personality

Citation indexing: Its theory and application in science, technology, and humanities

University of Illinois Press

A new era of minimal effects? The changing foundations of political communication

What will it take to end homelessness

Transport and social exclusion in London

The people who spell: The last students from the mexican national school for the deaf

Laboratory techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology. Volume 1

Molecular evolution

The Victorian Auntly Narrative Voice and Mrs. Molesworth's Cuckoo Clock

Storytelling of Taiwanese Aboriginal Plays Baleng and Snake, Flying Fish Fishers, and Hawk Sisters

Polarization coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy

Biosilicate analysis of residue in Maya dedicatory cache vessels from Blue Creek, Belize

Make It New (Again

The measurement of marine species diversity, with an application to the benthic fauna of the Norwegian continental shelf

Learning to Live With Ghosts: Postcolonial Haunting and Mid-Mourning in David Dabydeen's Turner and Fred D'Aguiar's Feeding the Ghosts

Political constitutionalism: a republican defence of the constitutionality of democracy

Getting health reform right: a guide to improving performance and equity

Legal Problems of International Economic Relations: Cases Materials and Text on the National and International Regulation of Transnational Economic Relations

Environment and economy: property rights and public policy

Environmental regulation and the productivity of Japanese manufacturing industries

Calibration of the difference between actual and hypothetical valuations in a field experiment

Dancing for the dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan:(an ethnographic film):[film review

Repeated intravaginal inoculation with cell-associated simian immunodeficiency virus results in persistent infection of nonhuman primates

Materialism and the modern US Christmas

Markets and Fairs in Roman Italy: Their Importance from the Second Century BC to the Third Century

Performing arts-the economic dilemma: a study of problems common to theater, opera, music and dance

An Interview with Alison Bechdel

Evolution of the brain and intelligence

Primate culture and social learning

First observation of tool use in wild gorillas

Object manipulation, tool use and sensorimotor intelligence as feeding adaptations in Cebus monkeys and great apes

Technology assessment and the sociopolitics of health technologies

Beyond budgeting or budgeting reconsidered? A survey of North-American budgeting practice

A survey of budget-related planning and control policies and procedures

Housing is the business cycle

Challenging Baedeker Through the Art of Sexual Science: an Exploration of Gay and Lesbian Subcultures in Curt Moreck's Guide to 'Depraved' Berlin (1931

Egypt, Handbook for Travellers

The grand tour: A key phase in the history of tourism

the entire wiki with video and photo galleries find something interesting to watch in seconds


Marketing the regions of France: a creative advertising plan: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

War and thanatourism: Waterloo 1815-1914


England and German Christmas Festlichkeit, c.1800-1914

Introduction: Experiential Scholarship/Learning

Vibrations of bells


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormon Children's Music: Its History, Transmission, and Place in Children's Cognitive Development

Nineteenth-Century British Children's Hymnody: Re-Tuning the History of Childhood with Chords and Verses

A Graduate Recital Report

Apophatic bodies: Negative theology, incarnation, and relationality


Assessing language ability in the classroom

Cold hearths and barren slopes: the woodfuel crisis in the third world

The book in the Renaissance

If I were an English teacher

Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing

Statistical analysis and forecasts of long-term sandbank evolution at Great Yarmouth, UK

Statistical analysis and forecasts of long-term sandbank evolution at Great Yarmouth, UK

Stars, crows, and doji: The use of candlesticks in stock selection

What's it like? The science of scientific analogies: a review of Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking by Douglas Hofstadter and Emmanuel

Your brain as the source of free will worth wanting: Understanding free will in the age of neuroscience

Arts, humanities, sciences, uses

Hare brain, tortoise mind: How intelligence increases when you think less


Map focus: A way to reconcile reactivity and deliberation in multirobot systems

Implicit learning as a design strategy for learning games: Alert Hockey

Mobility and Modern Consciousness in George Egerton's and Charlotte Mew's Yellow Book Stories

Developing a Culture of Reclamation: Integrating History, Poetry and Video

Uniform prices for differentiated goods: The case of the movie-theater industry

Do living wage ordinances reduce urban poverty

War and memory in the twentieth century

Check for Class Listing Below

Adverse events following influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, October 1, 2009

Main street amusements: movies and commercial entertainment in a southern city, 1896-1930

Stationarity is dead: Whither water management

Biology of insect eggs. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III

The Tiger and the Dragon-Development Models and Perspectives of India and China

The complex reality of biodiversity conservation through Natural Protected Area policy: three cases from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Speaking the language of love: On whether Chapman's (1992) claims stand up to empirical testing

Challenges in integrating the concept of ecosystem services and values in landscape planning, management and decision making

Often seen-but seldom felt: Emily Dickinson's Reluctant Ecology of Place

Book as Mirror, Mirror as Book: The Significance of the Looking-glass in Contemporary Revisions of Fairy Tales

Book as Mirror, Mirror as Book: The Significance of the Looking-glass in Contemporary Revisions of Fairy Tales

Psalms 2: A commentary on Psalms 51-100

Here we Are, Amazingly Alive: Holding Ourselves Together with an Ethic of Social Justice in Community Work

From After

Religiosity in 5-D: An empirical analysis

Forgiveness in health research and medical practice

Royal College of General Practitioners/Norwegian Course

Tree leaf talk: a Heideggerian anthropology

Galactic civilizations: Population dynamics and interstellar diffusion

El Poder/The Power: Latino/a Literature Inclusion in the Florida High School Language Arts Classroom as a Contributing Deterrent to the Latino/a Dropout Rate

President's Address: The 1975 Bermuda Triangle—Historical, Clinical and Climatological Highlights

Dating sediment burial with in situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides: theory, techniques, and limitations

Re-Contextualizing Viktor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis within Twentieth-Century German Opera

Binêre opposisies en perspektiewe op die'ander'in Pieternella van die Kaap deur Dalene Matthee

Red and white meat of tuna (Euthynnus affinis) their biochemical role and nutritional quality

Hermit arthropods 500 million years ago

The new European economy revisited

Gramsci's political thought: hegemony, consciousness, and the revolutionary process

Questioning airport expansion—A case study of Canberra International Airport

Corruption in public service delivery: experience from South Asia's water and sanitation sector

Water resources systems planning and management: an introduction to methods, models and applications

Asymptotic optimal inference for a class of nonlinear time series models

Estimation and inference in econometrics

Sequence comparisons using multiple sequences detect three times as many remote homologues as pairwise methods1

Nonparametric statistical methods

The nurse in family practice: practice nurses and nurse practitioners in primary health care

Game efficiency of wheelchair rugby athletes at the 2008 Paralympic Games with regard to player classification

The young athlete with physical challenges

Field test evaluation of aerobic, anaerobic, and wheelchair basketball skill performances

The sport studies reader

Do high school sports build character? A quasi-experiment on a national sample

Valorisation of a local asset: The case of olive oil on Lesvos Island, Greece

A taste of home

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The Dominion Home Cook-Book, Adam Miller, 1868, 133 pages

English book clubs and their role in social history

Code Orange

Children's Choices for 2008: A project of the International Reading Association and The Children's Book Council

Dying to Know You

The everyday



Make the World Your Salon': Poetry and Community at the Arensberg Apartment

Etherial Bride and Mechanical Bachelors: Science and Allegory in Marcel Duchamp's Large Glass

Marcel Duchamp and New Zealand Art, 1965-2007 By Means of Duchamp's Peripheral Vision: Case Studies in a History of Reception

Squatted Social Centers in London: Temporary Nodes of Resistance to Capitalism

Who's who? AB&P meets DBC

Penguin by design: a cover story 1935-2005

Imagining nation: Music and identity in pre-confederation Newfoundland

Stereotype Busters: Literature Featuring Individuals with Disabilities

Álbum de familia. La imagen de nosotros mismos

Purification of the Escherichia coli integration host factor (IHF) in one chromatographie step

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Other Excremental Visions

Trends in camping and outdoor hospitality—An international review

A corpus comparison of the use of I don't know by British and New Zealand speakers

A history of New Zealand

Managing professional intellect: making the most of the best

The structuration of legitimate performance measures and management: day-to-day contests of accountability in a UK restaurant chain

The agile supply chain: competing in volatile markets

Tracking the evolution of the services marketing literature

Methods for study-ing the ecology of soil micro-organisms

High-impact learning: Building and diffusing learning capability

Book Excerpt: The Guns of Normandy: A Soldier's Eye View of France

A novel technique for treating auricular hematomas in mixed martial artists (ultimate fighters

Viktor Pelevin and Literary Postmodernism in Post-Soviet Russia

Being healed by an indigenous traditional healer: sacred healing stories of Native Americans. Part II

Protocol Weaning of Mechanical Ventilation in Medical and Surgical Patients by RespiratoryCare Practitioners and Nurses: Effect on Weaning Time and Incidence of

Mindful practice

Adaptive management of renewable resources

Dynamics of human gait

Computer mediated communication and the online classroom: distance learning

Systems thinking and practices in the education of agriculturalists

Stress management for wellness

A long neglected world malaria map: Plasmodium vivax endemicity in 2010

The Case of Ben: A Flexible, Holistic Application of Multimodal Therapy

Evaluation of the nitrate drinking water standard with reference to infant methemoglobinemia and potential reproductive toxicity

Community economics: linking theory and practice

Land, power, and poverty: agrarian transformation and political conflict in Central America

Community action for sustainable housing: Building a low-carbon future

Playing colonial: cowgirls, cowboys, and Indians in Australia and North America

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Textures of Time: Writing History in South India

Children of AIDS. Africas orphan crisis

Ain't IA woman? Revisiting intersectionality

Modeling primary school pre-service teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) for meaningful learning with information and communication

Advancing the Africentric paradigm shift discourse: Building toward evidence-based Africentric interventions in social work practice with African Americans

Little science, big science... and beyond

Does deposit insurance increase banking system stability? An empirical investigation

Is federalism the reason for policy failure in Hurricane Katrina

The killing fields of inequality

Little Red and Black Books: Black's and Murray's Guidebooks to Scotland, 1850-1914

Two Johnstons on Glasgow: examples of Scottish Neo-Latin encomia urbis

The early developmental history of concrete block in America

Robert Burns's First Printer: John Wilson of Kilmarnock; Part 1: The Book Market in Burns's Ayrshire

Sport and the maintenance of masculine hegemony

eBooks: Tipping or vanishing point

Postcard from Spitzer: weather on 2M2228 is hot and cloudy

Minnesota Weather Almanac: Completely Updated for the New Normals

Market devices

Little science, big science... and beyond

Critical factors for active transportation to school among low-income and minority students: evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey

Henry VIII: a European court in England

Power electronics and AC drives

Power electronics and AC drives

The virtual corporation: Structuring and revitalizing the corporation for the 21st century

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Do the electronic books reinforce the dynamics of book supply chain market?-A theoretical analysis

Mudrooroo's wildcat trilogy and the tracks of a young urban aborigine system of power relations

Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature

The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark

Apuleius: rhetorical works

Endemic bird areas of the world: priorities for biodiversity conservation

A 'time-space odyssey': management control systems in two multinational organisations

Global workspace theory of consciousness: toward a cognitive neuroscience of human experience

Human Resource Management in SMEs: Action Referential Definition

A DBT skills training group for family caregivers of persons with dementia

The science of well-being: an integrated approach to mental health and its disorders

At the interface of the affective, behavioral, and cognitive neurosciences: Decoding the emotional feelings of the brain

Person Page

Agrarian reform and peasant revolution in Spain. Origins of the Civil War

Racism, sexism, and social class: implications for studies of health, disease, and well-being

Integrated support for Aboriginal tertiary students in health-related courses: the Pika Wiya Learning Centre

Capital structure in small and medium-sized enterprises: the case of Vietnam

The Tufts University guide to total nutrition: Stanley Gershoff, with Catherine Whitney, and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Tufts University diet and nutrition

Promoting health and wellness in the workplace: a unique opportunity to establish primary and extended secondary cardiovascular risk reduction programs

Resource partitioning in ecological communities

Exploring the crime of identity theft: Prevalence, clearance rates, and victim/offender characteristics

Fighting identity theft: The coping perspective

Possessions and the extended self

Social identity and the dynamics of leadership: Leaders and followers as collaborative agents in the transformation of social reality

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Becoming the fat girl: Acquisition of an unfit identity

Thigh and knee circumference, knee-extension strength, and functional performance after fast-track total hip arthroplasty

African American literature: Books to stoke dreams

Effects of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy for early breast cancer on recurrence and 15-year survival: an overview of the randomised trials

Relative performance evaluation and the turnover of provincial leaders in China

MUSEUM magazine, Number 51 (2007 Fall

Anatomy of a mobilized lesson: Learning my way

Obstructive sleep apnoea and its cardiovascular consequences

A field guide to forest trees of northern Thailand

Ecosystem management decision support for federal forests in the United States: a review12

Vegetation dynamics after a prescribed fire in the southern Appalachians

Restoration of landscape function: reserves or active management

The 1958 Wandilo Forest fire tragedy revisited

The joy of running

Enhancing campus climates for racial/ethnic diversity: Educational policy and practice

I was my momma baby. I was my daddy gal: Strategic stories of success

Cross-channel marriage and royal succession in the age of Charles the Simple and Athelstan (c. 916-936

Atheism from the Reformation to the Enlightenment

Discrepant modernities and their discontents

Wilde women and The yellow book: The sexual politics of aestheticism and decadence

books 1985/1995 [Series of five parts]: Part 1: Overview. Part 2: Publishing trends. Part 3: Trends in the shape and style of the book. Part 4: Awards, competitions and

Primary radical pair in the photosystem II reaction centre

Effect of coal type on the flash pyrolysis of various coals

Transverse coherence in rapid FLASH NMR imaging

Transverse coherence in rapid FLASH NMR imaging

Transverse coherence in rapid FLASH NMR imaging

The LivePaper system: augmenting paper on an enhanced tabletop

Research Pathfinder for Horror Genre Fiction

Discourse in early Buddhist art: Visual narratives of India

The monkey's bridge: mysteries of evolution in Central America

Gallinippers & Glory: The Links between Mosquito-borne Disease and US Civil War Operations and Strategy, 1862

Tay Road Bridge: analysis of chloride ingress variability & prediction of long term deterioration

Migration of contaminants in groundwater at a landfill: A case study: 2. Groundwater monitoring devices

Comparative study of damage identification algorithms applied to a bridge: I. Experiment

Vibration, control and monitoring of long-span bridges—recent research, developments and practice in Japan

Modeling and pricing of swaps for financial and energy markets with stochastic volatilities

My body, my closet: Invisible disability and the limits of coming-out discourse

The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney

Coherent J/ψ photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions at sNN= 2.76 TeV

Development and risk factors of juvenile antisocial behavior and delinquency

Development and risk factors of juvenile antisocial behavior and delinquency

A meta-analysis of behavioral treatments for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Psychiatric illness in the families of hyperactive children

Emplacing, re-imaging and transforming 'missing'life-events: a feminine sublime approach to the creation of socially engaged scenography in site-specific walking

Imperial Gothic: Atavism and the occult in the British adventure novel, 1880-1914

In the Service of Empire: Imperialism and the British Spy Thriller, 1901-1914

促成中の夜温, 日長, 光度および光の種類が生育, 開花に及ぼす影響

CAI 策略對高職學生視聽電子丙級檢定課程學習成效之研究

An Interpretation of Jack London's> Sea-wolf< 杰克• 伦敦《 海狼》 的异化解读 [application of Fromm's theories to art


The Markan and Matthean) Jesus' appropriation and criticism of the Torah: The question of divorce

Marriage and divorce in Islamic South-East Asia

Using the Bible in Christian ethics

A Theology of Divorce

What Is the Range of Current Teaching on Sanctification and What Ought a Wesleyan to Believe on this Doctrine

Marriage and divorce in Islamic South-East Asia

MCG Today [1978 Vol. 7 No. 1

Encyclopedia of geochemistry

Fourth Ezra: A Commentary on the Books of Fourth Ezra

Adverse events following influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, October 1, 2009

Adverse events following influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, October 1, 2009

Adverse events following influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, October 1, 2009

Regional or global WEEE recycling. Where to go

Regional or global WEEE recycling. Where to go

Advanced accounting

Advanced accounting

Contemporary commercial voice pedagogy applied to the choral ensemble: An interview with Jeannette LoVetri

The sublime figure of history: Aesthetics and politics in twentieth-century China

The battle to define the future of the book in the digital world

Some notes on the origins of new music-theater


The star guide: learn how to read the night sky star by star


Paradigm lost: Yugoslav self-management and the economics of disaster

Social capital: Implications for development theory, research, and policy

Economics of development

Ecology and Evolution of Flowers.—Lawrence D. Harder and Spencer CH Barrett (editors). 2007. Oxford University Press, New York. 392 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-857085

Plant life of Western Australia

Globalization and poverty

Introduction to nutrition, exercise, and health: student study guide and workbook

The Families and Genera of Living Rodents. With a List of Named Forms

Affective, continuance, and normative commitment to the organization: A meta-analysis of antecedents, correlates, and consequences

Arbeitnehmerseitige Rechte auf Veränderung der Arbeitszeit

The law of trusts

Disciplining domestic regulation: the World Trade Organization and the market for professional services

The Italian way to functional separation: An assessment of background and criticalities

Using ICTs to create a culture of transparency: E-government and social media as openness and anti-corruption tools for societies

The whiteness of South African english radio drama: a postcolonial study of the rise, decline and demise of a dramatic sub-genre

Battleground of Cultures:«Politics of Identities» and the National Question in Alsace under German Imperial Rule (1870-1914

Playing the fame game: bibliography, celebrity, and primacy in late antique Spain

The black church revisited: Toward a new millennium Duboisian mode of inquiry

The portrayal of religion in Europe: The media and the arts

Class and Conflict: A Study of Indian Contemporary Society in Rupa Bajwa's The Sari Shop

Dorothy Arzner's trousers

A study of western pharmaceuticals contained within samples of Chinese herbal/patent medicines collected from New York City's Chinatown

Discrete and continuum spectra in the unified shell model approach

Introduction to quantum mechanics: a time-dependent perspective

Painlevé equations—nonlinear special functions

Inter-organizational controls and organizational competencies: episodes around target cost management/functional analysis and open book accounting

Electrons in disordered systems and the theory of localization

Biology of insect eggs. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III

Biology of insect eggs. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III

Biology of insect eggs. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III

The mystery of the aleph

Astrology: Between religion and the empirical

Ritual abuse, hot air, and missed opportunities

Does the Great Valley Group contain Jurassic strata? Reevaluation of the age and early evolution of a classic forearc basin

Jurassic Park technology in the bioinformatics economy: how cloning narratives negotiate the telos of DNA

Epidemic Influenza. A Survey

Clinical follow-up of horses treated with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells for musculoskeletal lesions

History and future of food irradiation

Informal politics of integration: Christian Democratic and Transatlantic networks in the creation of ECSC core Europe

The virtual corporation: Structuring and revitalizing the corporation for the 21st century

Fascism: Comparison and definition

Encyclopedia of modern China

Comrades: Portraits from the Spanish Civil War

Producing Himalayan Darjeeling: Mobile people and mountain encounters

Preschoolers dive in for authentic learning of marine science

American Seashells; The Marine Molluska of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of North America

Peacekeeping, Politics, and the 1994 US Intervention in Haiti

Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues

The Critical Response to Gloria Naylor

Discovering sites unseen

Discussing religious and spiritual issues at the end of life: a practical guide for physicians

Career decisions of immigrants: Role of identity and social embeddedness

The technical writer's handbook: writing with style and clarity

Interactional justice

Protection for exporters: Power and discrimination in transatlantic trade relations, 1930-2010

Data mining techniques for customer relationship management

Sitting biomechanics, part II: optimal car driver's seat and optimal driver's spinal model

Romancing the plot: The real beast of Disney's beauty and the beast

A theory of legal argumentation: The theory of rational discourse as theory of legal justification

Developing multi-dimensional evaluation criteria for English learning websites with university students and professors

The historical Jesus: The life of a Mediterranean Jewish peasant

Intellectual capital: realizing your company\'s true value by finding its hidden brainpower

Slavery in the greater lower Columbia region

A prospective study comparing human metapneumovirus with other respiratory viruses in adults with hematologic malignancies and respiratory tract infections

This Great National Object: Building the Nineteenth-Century Welland Canals by Roberta M. Styran, Robert R. Taylor

Literary Problems in the Book of Mormon involving 1 Corinthians 12, 13, and Other New Testament Books

Defining spiritual growth: Congregations, community, and connectedness

Harmful to minors: The perils of protecting children from sex

Still relevant? Vatican II Forty Years On

The Info Market: Transformation of the Harare City Library

How do you feel--now? The anterior insula and human awareness

Small, Not Insignificant: a Specification for a Conservation Pamphlet Binding Structure

Terra Incognita: Toward a Historiography of Book Fastenings and Book Furniture

The aura of the analogue in a digital age: Women's crafts, creative markets and home-based labour after Etsy

The mode of information

An Interview with Jean Laplanche

Essays on otherness

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Engendering gay and lesbian rights: The equality clause in the South African Constitution

Linguistic imperialism: African perspectives

I had to go out and get myself a book on grammar': a study of pre-service teachers' knowledge about language

Dignity and health: a review

The ANC and South Africa's negotiated transition to democracy and peace

Shades of dark tourism: Alcatraz and Robben Island

Policy is personal: Sex, gender and informal care

Teaching reforms required for Ayurveda

The early history of biochemistry in Israel

The effect of graphing calculator use in Algebra One

Netrin-1 is required for commissural axon guidance in the developing vertebrate nervous system

Real-world cognitive—and metacognitive—dysfunction in schizophrenia: a new approach for measuring (and remediating) more right stuff

Strategies to attract psychiatrists to state mental hospital work: Results from a survey of potential employees

Stratigraphy and chronology of Quaternary deposits of the Puget Lowland and Olympic Mountains of Washington and the Cascade Mountains of Washington and

Classification and properties of organic soils

Political Sermons of the American Founding Era 1730-1805: In Two Volumes

Beyond therapy: Music, spirituality, and health in human experience: A review of literature

The library is a social institution

Social risk in female entrepreneurship

Bungalow and ranch house: The architectural backwash of California

Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management

Connections with Hawaiki: the evidence of a shell tool from Wairau Bar, Marlborough, New Zealand

Permanence in book papers: investigation of deterioration in modern papers suggests a practical basis for remedy

Adaptive business intelligence based on evolution strategies: some application examples of self-adaptive software

Mega-sports events as municipal investments: a critique of impact analysis

Responses of Plants to Environmental Stress, Volume 1: Chilling, Freezing, and High Temperature Stresses

Present state of geodynamic properties of Kalabsha area, nortwest of Aswan Lake, Egypt

Ancestry and pathology in King Tutankhamun's family

Of marks and men: the functional and historical context of the workmen's marks of the Royal Theban Necropolis

The Most Beautiful Man in Existence: The Scandalous Life of Alexander Lesassier

The Wheel Garden: Project Based Learning for Cross Curriculum Education

The Anatomy Murders: Being the True and Spectacular History of Edinburgh's Notorious Burke and Hare and of the Man of Science Who Abetted Them in the

Stories to Live by and get Through: The Healing Fiction of Autobiography

Experiencing Reality through Cookbooks: How Cookbooks Shape and Reveal Our Identities

Sous vide cooking: A review

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou beside me in the kitchen

TV cook shows: Gendered cooking

The sacred and the profane in consumer behavior: Theodicy on the odyssey

The saving and spending habits of young people

Kids as collectors: a phenomenological study of first and fifth graders

Deep Lies the Sea-Longing: Inklings of Home

The Books of Lost Tales: Tolkien as Metafictionist

Heaven and Other Perilous Realms

The Children of Húrin, Narn i Chîn Húrin: The Tale of the Children of Húrin

A Kind of Elvish Craft: Tolkien as Literary Craftsman

Orchestrating Community Change through Music and Heritage: Soulsville USA

Industrial workers' worlds: A study of the central life interests of industrial workers

The Bible and the emergence of modern science

Famous Americans: The changing pantheon of American heroes

Our Poets, and A Novel

Instability of the DSM-IV subtypes of ADHD from preschool through elementary school

Too many monkeys jumping in their heads: Animal lessons within young children's media

Breeding dogs for beauty and behaviour: Why scientists need to do more to develop valid and reliable behaviour assessments for dogs kept as companions

Evaluation of oxidative stress in hunting dogs during exercise

Deafness in the dog and cat

Canine prostatic disease: a review of anatomy, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment

A Step in the Positive Direction: Integrating a Computer Laboratory Component into Developmental Algebra Courses

The use of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to detect the IgM and IgG antibody response to Leptospira interrogans serovars hardjo, pomona and

Cholera in the Time of Gold: American Medicine and the California Fevers, 1830-1850

Control of colloid stability through zeta potential

Reproductive losses caused by bovine viral diarrhea virus and leptospirosis

Exiled from glory: Anglo-Indian settlement in nineteenth-century Britain, with special reference to Cheltenham

The Emperor of Russia and the Royal Humane Society

The Man Who Loved Women: Aspects of the Feminine in Eddison's Zimiamvia

Community policing

Alcohol book fails to declare an interest

Pharmacological Screening of Plants Recommended by Folk Medicine as Snake Venom Antidotes; IV. Protection against Jararaca Venom by Isolated Constituents1

The Book of Daniel offers a view of humanity's history that is as current as this morning's newspaper

The information literacy debate

The Domino Method of General Integer Nonlinear Programming Applied to Problem 2 of Lawler and Bell

Charles Brockden Brown's Biloquial Nation: National Culture and White Settler Colonialism in Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist

Charles Brockden Brown's Biloquial Nation: National Culture and White Settler Colonialism in Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist

Charles Brockden Brown's Biloquial Nation: National Culture and White Settler Colonialism in Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist

The Gender Politics in the Management of Property and the Authorial Control over Writing in Charles Brockden Brown's Ormond; or, The Secret Witness

Arthur Mervyn's Revolutions

Rhapsodist in the wilderness: Brown's romantic quest in Edgar Huntly

Rhapsodist in the wilderness: Brown's romantic quest in Edgar Huntly

A Soviet Heretic

Caffeine ingestion prior to incremental cycling to exhaustion in recreational cyclists

Daniel: A commentary on the book of Daniel

Environmental modeling: fate and transport of pollutants in water, air, and soil

Human and physical infrastructure: Public investment and pricing policies in developing countries

Principles of transport economics

Basic economic principles of road pricing: From theory to applications

Women-headed households and household welfare: An empirical deconstruction for Uganda

Property tax limits, local fiscal behavior, and property values: Evidence from Massachusetts under Proposition 212

A new network representation of a classic school districting problem

Shop the World's Premier

Prototype development of 352.2 MHz, 3 MeV RFQ structure

Deciding together: bioethics and moral consensus

A review of leadership theories, principles and styles and their relevance to educational management

Constructing transmitting interface of running parameters of small-scaled wind-power electricity generator with WSN modules

Mass digitization: implications for preserving the scholarly record

American English, Italian Chocolate


How to lose a war

The Martial as the Mystical: Taekwondo as Orthodox Christian Contemplative Practice

Anaerobic capacity of elite Taiwanese Taekwondo athletes

Does Taekwondo training improve physical fitness

Taekwondo training improves sensory organization and balance control in children with developmental coordination disorder: A randomized controlled trial

Chiropractic Researchers

Historia y periodismo en las novelas de Silvia Galvis

Not on the same page: Undergraduates' information retrieval in electronic and print books

Foreign Law in Civil Litigation: A Comparative Survey

La infografía digital en el ciberperiodismo

Design history and the history of toys: defining a discipline for the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

Do executive deficits and delay aversion make independent contributions to preschool attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms

First pictures, early concepts: Early concept books

A toy story: Association between young children's knowledge of fast food toy premiums and their fast food consumption

The role of possessions in constructing and maintaining a sense of past

Kids as collectors: a phenomenological study of first and fifth graders

The price of a dream. The story of the Grameen Bank and the idea that is helping the poor to change their lives

Handfuls of heroes on desperate ventures: When do Special Operations succeed

Private security and public policing

Nodes, paths and edges: Considerations on the complexity of crime and the physical environment

Looking forward but learning from our past: Potential challenges to developing authentic leadership theory and authentic leaders

Selected Bibliography from the Special Collections Department of The College of The Bahamas Library

Persistent culinary traditions in rural Southern West Virginia

Impact of a school-based interdisciplinary intervention on diet and physical activity among urban primary school children: eat well and keep moving

Electrostimulation of cell metabolism by low frequency electric and electromagnetic fields

Tennyson, the weird seizures in The Princess, and epilepsy

Power electronics and AC drives

Power electronics and AC drives

Detection of U (VI) on the surface of altered depleted uranium by time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (TRLFS

Racial/ethnic diversity in doctoral programs of psychology: Challenges for the twenty-first century

Adventures in the marketplace: Yugoslav travel writing and tourism in the 1950s-1960s

Enlightenment and nuclear order

Social identity and social emotions: Toward new conceptualizations of prejudice

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Lessons From my Life's Work

Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, David W. Mount. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2004, 692 pp., $75.00, paperback

Helping language learners think about learning

In Search of The Word of the Other: Aboriginal Sign Systems and the History of the Book in Canada

Leonardo da Vinci: the search for the soul

The birth of the psychoanalytic hero: Freud's Platonic Leonardo

Biological shape and visual science (Part I

The new cultural history


Effects on early numeracy of a program using number books and games

Terrorism from Above and Below in the Age of Globalization

Utilization of selected hospitals, health centres and health stations in central, southern and western Ethiopia

Economics and Development

Activated carbon produced from paulownia sawdust for high-performance CO2 sorbents

Design and natural science research on information technology

Take action to prevent diabetes-the IMAGE toolkit for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in Europe

Knowledge capitalism: Business, work, and learning in the new economy

Business information management: improving performance using information systems

UF Business Library: UF MBA Business Library Guide: Databases AZ

Corporate governance in the Asian financial crisis

Board leadership, outside directors' expertise and voluntary corporate disclosures

The stakeholder corporation: A business philosophy for the information age

Corporate governance, chief executive officer compensation, and firm performance1

Home-centered health care

Alternative accounts of lives: an argument for epistemological relativism

Appropriating the Past: Pageants, Politics, and the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation

Unilateral neglect of representational space

Overuse injuries and piano technique: A biomechanical approach

Pedaling the piano: A brief survey from the eighteenth century to the present

Texture in Brahms' Op. 116 with an identification of performance problems and teaching suggestions

Analysis and performance aspects of György Ligeti's Études pour piano: Fanfares and Arc-en-ciel

Dancing in the distraction factory: Music television and popular culture

Disintegration of and

Muon physics

Sintering, consolidation, reaction and crystal growth by the spark plasma system (SPS

Hadronic interactions of high energy cosmic-ray observed by emulsion chambers

of Synemon plana Walker (Castniidae) and Brachodes appendiculata (Esper)(Brachodidae), with notes on phylogenetic relationships of tortricoid-grade moth families

2-butyl 2-dodecenoate, a new sex attractant for Jordanita (Tremewania) notata (Zeller, 1847) and some other Procridinae species (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae

Occurrence of psocids and natural predators on organic rice in Calasparra (Murcia, Spain

The Hypothetical Ground Plan of the Zygaenidae, with a Review of the Possible Autapomorphies of the Procridinae and the Description of the Inouelinae Subfam. nov

No Child Left Behind and the assault on teachers' professional practices and identities

The effects of non-contingent free bus tickets and personal commitment on urban bus ridership

The Severed Head and the Grafted Tongue: Literature, Translation, and Violence in Early Modern Ireland by Patricia Palmer

Fragments: The Grammar of Charles Fort

Richard E. Grant

From pulp hero to superhero: Culture, race, and identity in American popular culture, 1900-1940

Guide to GPS positioning

From pulp hero to superhero: Culture, race, and identity in American popular culture, 1900-1940

The lexical approach

From traditional tools and local spirits to digital tools and new interpretations: reflections on artistic practice in Nagaland

Transport shaping space: differential collapse in time-space

Patterns in game design (game development series

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Formation of deep incisions into tide-dominated river deltas: implications for the stratigraphy of the Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah, USA

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Halliday & Resnick Fundamentals of Physics

Realism, Rationalism and Scientific Method: Volume 1: Philosophical Papers

Realism, Rationalism and Scientific Method: Volume 1: Philosophical Papers

Heroes and Revolution in Vietnam, 1948-1964

The 'National System of Innovation'in historical perspective

From the forgotten region to the great game region: On the development of geopolitics in Central Asia

East Asian latecomer firms: learning the technology of electronics

Firearm-related deaths in the United States and 35 other high-and upper-middle-income countries

The early history of the noh play: Literacy, authorship, and scriptedness

Usefulness of radial recurrent artery in transplant of radial forearm flap: an anatomical and clinical study

Microwave processing of ceramics

Edo Kabuki in Transition: From the Worlds of the Samurai to the Vengeful Female Ghost by Satoko Shimazaki, and: Onnagata: A Labyrinth of Gendering in Kabuki

American Film Adaptations of The Secret Garden: Reflections of Sociological and Historical Change

Kingdom, Civitas, and County-appendices and expanded bibliography

Correlating archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records using a Bayesian approach: a case study from Sutton Common, South Yorkshire, England

Cultural Authenticity in Susan Fletcher's Shadow Spinner

Mind and nature: A necessary unity

The silent partner: News agencies and 21st century news

Not only size matters: acorn selection by the European jay (Garrulus glandarius

All That We Have

Adversaries of consumption: Consumer movements, activism, and ideology

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Evaluating the power investment options with uncertainty in climate policy

The rules of beeping: exchanging messages via intentional missed calls on mobile phones

Professional ethics and the denial of Armenian genocide

So what is strategy

Introduction: the study and history of genocide

Yugoslavia is dead: long live the Yugosphere good news from the Western Balkans

Colorful Language of the Rural Midwest, with special emphasis on Missouri and Missourians

Direct nuclear reactions

Environmental impacts of biogas deployment-Part II: life cycle assessment of multiple production and utilization pathways

Why the Soviet Union thinks it could fight and win a nuclear war

Radionuclide distribution and transport in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. A critical review of data. Volume 3

Radioactivity: From the Curies to the Atomic Age

The radiation control program

Nuclear radiation in warfare

The Entomological Institute of the Waffen-SS: evidence for offensive biological warfare research in the third Reich

Regiments of the Theatre: Reenactment in Theatre and Military Culture

Survival in posttraumatic hypotension

Because knowledge is the key to making informed decisions for your family


Soluble oligomers of β amyloid (1-42) inhibit long-term potentiation but not long-term depression in rat dentate gyrus

Snapshot versions of life

Fisheries handbook of engineering requirements and biological criteria

Trolling is not just a art. it is an science: The role of automated affective content screening in regulating digital media and reducing risk of trauma

Changes in stocking strategies for Atlantic salmon restoration and rehabilitation in Maine, 1871-1993

The role of Puget Sound and Washington coastal estuaries in the life history of Pacific salmon: an unappreciated function

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Making Love, Making Friends: Affiliation and Repair in James Baldwin's Another Country

Desolation Road

My American Uncle, America Cries Uncle, and Other Fantastic Tales from France: Iegor Gran's Jeanne d'Arc fait tic-tac

Building the biomarker tree of life

The Literature of Living Water: Literary Environmentalism in the American Southwest in the Wake of World War II

Hideous progeny and reproductive futurity

Memory, Memoir, and Memorabilia: A Generative Exercise


Surgical management of an aberrant left subclavian artery originating from a left patent ductus arteriosus in a dog with a right aortic arch and abnormal branching

Biological shape and visual science (Part I

Powering the mantle of safety

Fiction access points across computer-mediated book information sources: A comparison of online bookstores, reader advisory databases, and public library catalogs

The lean toolbox for service systems

University of Illinois Press

Research and methodological foundations of transaction log analysis

Directory of important world honey sources

Dissolution of olivine during natural weathering

The Ripening Light: Selected Poems 1977-1987 by Lucile Adler

The Mocking Mermaid: Maps And Mapping In Kenneth Slessor's Poetic Sequence The Atlas, Part Four

Out of control': Excess, desire and agency in female drug writing

Identity, immigration, and liberal democracy

The political theory of possessive individualism: Hobbes to Locke

Lessons from innovation empirical studies in the manufacturing sector: A systematic review of the literature from 1993-2003

The effects of vertical integration between cable television systems and pay cable networks

Doctoral Research Proposal

The European Union in the light of comparative politics

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

What is existential positive psychology

L-theanine—a unique amino acid of green tea and its relaxation effect in humans

Generalized anxiety disorder: A review of clinical features and theoretical concepts

The wound, the knot, and the book: Marie de France and literary traditions of love in the Lais

Donaldson as Heir to Tolkien

Our Kind of People: Inside America\'s Black Upper Class

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Evolutionary parasitologythe integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics

Ecosystem restoration with teeth: what role for predators

Predicting the impact of an electronic health record on practice patterns using computational modeling and simulation

The Age of the gods

My fear is to fall in love again 'How HIV-positive African women survive in London

Wings of the Wind

A Portrait of the Artist as a Little Woman

Outdoor Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand: an annotated bibliography

Alcohol and public health

Next-generation digital information storage in DNA

How languages are learned

Developing legal writing materials for English second language learners: Problems and perspectives

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays


Food safety

街頭服飾潮流品牌化設計創作研究-以 Demarcolab 品牌為例

The principles of uncertainty

The visual fields of the frog and toad: a comparative study

Exploring learner to content interaction as a success factor in online courses

Mobile learning: Two case studies of supporting inquiry learning in informal and semiformal settings

Picturing rural America: An analysis of the representation of contemporary rural America in picture books for children

The classic Chinese novel: a critical introduction

The Bakhtin reader: selected writings of Bakhtin, Medvedev, and Voloshinov

Study behaviours in an increasingly digital world: Learning habits, top tips and'study hacks' questionnaire survey

Internet plagiarism: A teacher's combat guide

Stress experienced by the female participants in the primary and secondary educational milieus

The current status and evolution of industrial relations in Sri Lanka

Book review: Tragedy at Second Narrows


The Kerr spacetime: Rotating black holes in general relativity

Performance test and analysis for an adaptive load balancing mechanism on distributed server cluster systems

The development of marketing thought

Societies in Eclipse: Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands Indians, AD 1400-1700

Reason and religious belief: An introduction to the philosophy of religion

from the ends of the earth we hear songs': Music as an Indicator of New Zealand Pentecostal Spirituality and Theology

A review of beginning band method books for inclusion of comprehensive musicianship and adherence to the national standards for music education

An analysis of select beginning band method books and the level to which they address the national standards for music education

Police Reform-the Need of the Hour

United in diversity? Asymmetry in Indian federalism

The political economy of public goods: Some evidence from India

The Sole Guardians of the Art Inheritance of Asia: Japan at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Telling Tales: The Impact of Germany on English Children's Books 1780-1918

Islands under siege: national parks and the politics of external threats

The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area seagrasses: managing this iconic Australian ecosystem resource for the future

Use of assemblages derived from different taxonomic levels to select areas for conserving marine biodiversity

At sea movement of Macquarie Island giant petrels: relationships with marine protected areas and regional fisheries management organisations

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Activity Theory as a conceptual framework for understanding teacher approaches to Information and Communication Technologies

Digital fabrication in architecture

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The study of life-satisfaction

Writings for a democratic society: The Tom Hayden reader

Cheeky Behavior: The Meaning and Function of 'Fartlore'in Childhood and Adolescene

The meaning of folklore

E-books in higher education: nearing the end of the era of hype

Long term outcomes of losing a child through adoption: The impact of disenfranchised grief

Sentimental modernism: women writers and the revolution of the word

Elements of literature: Essay, fiction, poetry, drama, film

Tag Archives: ee cummings

Green spot of passion fruit, a possible viral disease associated with infestation by the mite Brevipalpus phoenicis

Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court: From Brandeis to Kagan by David G. Dalin


Comparing presidents, senators, and justices: interinstitutional preference estimation

Establishing the Conservative Genre: The Beginning of Political Censorship or Business as Usual

Investment science

Secure computer systems: Mathematical foundations

Conceptual analysis of mathematical ideas: Some spadework at the foundation of mathematics education

Transformative Islamic Ecology-Beliefs and Practices of Muslims for Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture

Parental influence on child interest in shared picture book reading☆

Peso problem explanations for term structure anomalies

An Analysis of the Ideologies, Strategies and Applications of Chess and Martial Arts With Respect to Transferable Skills

Engineering applications of correlation and spectral analysis

Fractional calculus in bioengineering

At the desert's edge: oral histories from the Sahel

Design methodology and the nature of technical artefacts

Just Looking (Routledge Revivals): Consumer Culture in Dreiser, Gissing and Zola

Imagining the good indigenous citizen: Race war and the pathology of patriarchal white sovereignty

An introduction to wall inscriptions from Pompeii and Herculaneum

Afterschool Matters

Improving Made-in-China management research

The new silver bullets of leadership: The importance of self-and shared leadership in knowledge work

Leadership and you

The Forgotten Sky: A Guide to Astrology in English Literature

The role of herbs and spices in cancer prevention

Growing at-risk medicinal herbs: cultivation, conservation and ecology

The Art of Vaisnava Vegetarian Cooking: The Manifestation of Cultural Identity Through the Culinary Craft

Investigating cultural evolution through biological phylogenetic analyses of Turkmen textiles


Handbook of genetic algorithms

High Style and Cleanliness: Oriental Rugs in Toronto Homes 1880-1940

Die orientalischen Knüpfteppiche im MAK

Andre Michaux, a biographical sketch

American synecdoche: Thomas Jefferson as image, icon, character, and self

Resource development and conservation history along the Ohio River

Tertiary stratigraphy, structure, and geologic history, Jefferson Basin, Montana


Lincoln and Shakespeare

Towards a Programme for training Actor-Students to perform on the Open (Globe) Stage

Romeo and Juliet

Rhythm and Meaning in Shakespeare: A Guide for Readers and Actors

Atlas of avian hematology

The Internal Parasites of Domestic Animals. A Manual for Veterinary Surgeons

Veterinary clinical parasitology

Atlas of clinical fungi

Occurrence of Caecal Coccidiosis Among Broilers in Gaza strip

Textbook of Parasitology

New findings on secular trends in nutrition and mortality: some implications for population theory

Jean-Louis Brachet (1789-1858). A forgotten contributor to early 19th century neurology

Observations on reversionary payments

You can judge a (good) book by its cover

Improving marital satisfaction using a structured facilitation program in three southern Maine Congregations

Welfare effects on the United States of a significant multilateral tariff reduction

You can judge a (good) book by its cover

Long-range angular correlations on the near and away side in p-Pb collisions at

Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, David W. Mount. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2004, 692 pp., $75.00, paperback

A toxicologist guide to the diagnostic interpretation of hepatic biochemical parameters

Veterinary clinical pathology

Guidelines for the verification and validation of expert system software and conventional software: Bibliography. Volume 8

Creativity: A philosophical exploration

Real freedom for all: What (if anything) can justify capitalism

Theatrical Jazz: Performance, Àṣẹ, and the Power of the Present Moment

Is the impact of central planning on the level of foreign trade really negative

Functions of nature: evaluation of nature in environmental planning, management and decision making

WHO child growth standards: length/height for age, weight-for-age, weight-for-length, weight-for-height and body mass index-for-age, methods and

State and society in Iraq ten years after regime change: the rise of a new authoritarianism

Improving Strategic Competence: Lessons from 13 Years of War

We Can't Spy If We Can't Buy!': The Privatization of Intelligence and the Limits of Outsourcing 'Inherently Governmental Functions

and Conflict Transitions: Background and Congressional Action on the Civilian Response/Reserve Corps and other Civilian Stabilization and Reconstruction

Corruption perceptions vs. corruption reality

Food security and global environmental change: emerging challenges

Nature itself as our guide: A resilience perspective on permaculture and an empirical investigation of its use in three case studies in British Columbia, Canada

Jaques Avenue Bioshelter Report: An Assessment of Needs, Potential Uses and Partnerships in Worcester, MA

A history of the organic agriculture movement in Australia

Certified organic agriculture in Mexico: Market connections and certification practices in large and small producers

Socioeconomic obstacles to establishing a participatory plant breeding program for organic growers in the United States

Small can be beautiful for organic market gardens: an exploration of the economic viability of French microfarms using MERLIN

Reexamining Socrates in the Apology

An introduction to Plato's Republic

Aristotle on the perfect life

Aristotle's Metaphysics Alpha: Symposium Aristotelicum

IX—Multiplicity and Unity of being in Aristotle

An impossible quid pro quo: Representations of Tomás de Torquemada

The uncanonical Dante: The divine comedy and Islamic philosophy

Vasovagal syncope in the Canon of Avicenna: the first mention of carotid artery hypersensitivity

The uncanonical Dante: The divine comedy and Islamic philosophy

Vasovagal syncope in the Canon of Avicenna: the first mention of carotid artery hypersensitivity

The uncanonical Dante: The divine comedy and Islamic philosophy

Vasovagal syncope in the Canon of Avicenna: the first mention of carotid artery hypersensitivity

Philosophical essays: From ancient creed to technological man

Animated multimedia 'talking books' can promote phonological awareness in children beginning to read

Rethinking the role of reading in teaching a foreingn language to young learners

Why did the 5th Earl of Derby die

The Bretons

50 years of Pierre Gy's Theory of Sampling—WCSB1: a tribute

Sub: Real life on board with the hidden heroes of the Royal Navy's silent service [Book Review

Organized projection of the goldfish saccular nerve onto the Mauthner cell lateral dendrite

Reconstruction: the historiographical issues

The escapist: Fantasy, folklore, and the pleasures of the comic book in recent Jewish American holocaust fiction

Evaluation of a clinic-based program to promote book sharing and bedtime routines among low-income urban families with young children

1 Enoch 2: a commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch, chapters 37-82

Does submission to a deity relieve depression? Illustrations from the book of Job and the Bhagavad Gita

Language and Culture: a Translator's Perspective

Emerson, John Brown, and Arjuna: Translating the Bhagavad Gita in a Time of War

Walter Crane and the decorative illustration of books

The Second International Conference for Creative Pattern Cutting Abstracts

Short Cuts in Sewing

Why We Need a Cultural Red Book for Endangered Cultures, NOW: How Social Scientists and Lawyers/Rights Activists Need to Join Forces

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Age-related macular degeneration

The medical history of waters and spas. Introduction

Attachment, information processing, and psychiatric disorder

Little science, big science... and beyond

Ford Madox Ford's Fairy Tales

Treasure Seekers and Invaders: E. Nesbit's Cross-Writing of the Bastables

Joseph McKeen and the soul of Bowdoin College: an analysis of the chapel sermons of Rev. Joseph McKeen, first president of Bowdoin College, as they relate to his

Mines and underwater IEDS in US ports and waterways: context, threats, challenges, and solutions

Mines and underwater IEDS in US ports and waterways: context, threats, challenges, and solutions

The German spring reprisals of 1917: Prisoners of war and the violence of the Western Front

The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 80, Number 4, July-August 1937

The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 74, Number 6, September-October 1931

Wastelanding: Legacies of uranium mining in Navajo country

Maritime strategy in a globalizing world

Children's hearings in Scotland

Seduced by the City: Gay's Trivia and Hogarth

The myth is with us: Star Wars, Jung's archetypes, and the journey of the mythic hero

Japanese Mythology: From Traditional Theatre Forms to Contemporary Popular Cinema

Reading outside the Book

War and thanatourism: Waterloo 1815-1914

Remembering and restoring the republic: Star Wars and Rome

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Shell worlds

The Holographic Self: Self-Representation and Logics of Digitality in Three Contemporary Narratives of Cosmopolitanism

Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, David W. Mount. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2004, 692 pp., $75.00, paperback

Krista A. Murchison, University of Ottawa

Quality risk in offshore manufacturing: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry

A prospective study of maturity-onset diabetes mellitus and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke in women

Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines (Writing Committee to Update the 2001 Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Heart Failure

Transplantation of endothelial progenitor cells for therapeutic neovascularization

Mesenchymal stem cells: building blocks for molecular medicine in the 21st century

The effect of statins on the occurrence of peptic ulcer

Constructions of masculinity and their influence on men's well-being: a theory of gender and health

A dance between the reduction and reflexivity: Explicating the phenomenological psychological attitude

Husserl at the Limits of Phenomenology

What is an authentic learning environment

Family caregiving of persons with dementia: prevalence, health effects, and support strategies

Energy conversion in the functional membrane of photosynthesis. Analysis by light pulse and electric pulse methods: The central role of the electric field

Energy conversion in the functional membrane of photosynthesis. Analysis by light pulse and electric pulse methods: The central role of the electric field

Changes in chlorophyll fluorescence in relation to light-dependent cation transfer across thylakoid membranes

The signature of hip hop: A sociological perspective

On the empirical relationship between market value and residual income in the UK

Thomas Hardy from serial to novel

Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy from serial to novel

A review on the application of horizontal heat pipe heat exchangers in air conditioning systems in the tropics

Introduction to error analysis, the study of uncertainties in physical measurements

Manufacturing engineering and technology

Manufacturing engineering and technology

narratives, data visualization, collaborative news engagement and new media business models: how the world's first academic journalism library enables digital

The Crucible of War, 1939-1945: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force, vol. 3, by Brereton Greenhous, et al

The Australian broadcast journalism manual

Crisis? What crisis? Some research-based reflections on police-press relations

Affective news and networked publics: The rhythms of news storytelling on# Egypt

Ways of the hand: A rewritten account

The grammar book: An ESL/EFL teacher's course

A handbook of logic

Two in the bush: the environmental philosophy of Val Routley/Plumwood and Richard Routley/Sylvan

Ion transport membrane technology for oxygen separation and syngas production

Recent applications of pulsed lasers in advanced materials processing

Solar cells: operating principles, technology, and system applications

Dye-sensitized solar cells

Current status of research on optimum sizing of stand-alone hybrid solar-wind power generation systems

Solar cells: operating principles, technology, and system applications

Nanostructured photoelectrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells

Margaret Chan~ Recommendations~

Chinese literature on ore deposits in the period of transition

Music, the brain, and ecstasy: How music captures our imagination

Age-related differences in the organization of parent-infant interactions during picture-book reading

Chinese thought, from Confucius to Mao Tse-tung

China's Contested Capital: Architecture, Ritual, and Response in Nanjing

Collected Works, Volume I, Publications 1929-1936

The conclusive scene: Mao and the Red Guards in July 1968

Selected works

Mao's Road to Power: Revolutionary Writings, 1912-1949. Volume 1, The Pre-Marxist Period, 1912-1920

Personal voice/feminist voice

Late Sophocles: The Hero's Evolution in Electra, Philoctetes, and Oedipus at Colonus by Thomas Van Nortwick

Acts of the Apostles

Social thought from lore to science

The function of digressions in the Iliad

Gods and Other Odd Creatures

Successful NCAA Division I Baseball Coaches' Understandings of their Roles and Responsibilities as Leaders in a Higher Education Context

The Glasgow Corporation Milk Depot 1904-1910 and its role in infant welfare: an end or a means

Sunday Times Books LIVE

Technological change in the Norwegian whaling industry: A case-study in the use of patent-statistics as a technology indicator

Multi-agent systems: an introduction to distributed artificial intelligence

Linking teacher and student learning to improve professional development in systemic reform

The social shaping of the national science base

Professional development: A key to Kentucky's educational reform effort

Data mining in course management systems: Moodle case study and tutorial

Investigating the links to improved student learning: Executive summary of research findings

Teaching culture: Beyond language

Anthropic explanations in cosmology

Adventures in Music Translation: Italian Songs and Arias (aka The Yellow Book) and Me

Tonal Structures in Bellini

Investigation of mass, charge and energy of 241Pu (nth, f) fragments with the Cosi-Fan-Tutte spectrometer


Tonal Structures in Bellini

Mozart and Beethoven: The Concept of Love in Their Operas

Gender differences in blood thrombogenicity in hyperlipidemic patients and response to pravastatin

Burden and consequences of child maltreatment in high-income countries

The politics and mythology of organized crime: a Philadelphia case-study

Urban air pollution source apportionment using a combination of aerosol and gas monitoring techniques

Health risks of NO2, SPM and SO2 in Delhi (India

Coaxial impact-collision ion scattering spectroscopy (CAICISS): A novel method for surface structure analysis

A Perspective on Books on Mass Spectrometry in Chemistry

The primitive world and its transformations

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Til Death Do Us Part?'The Nurse's Role in the Care of the Dead: A Historical Perspective: 1850-2004

Rupture of rectus abdominis as a complication of pregnancy

The child sexual abuse accomodation syndrome

Reviewer's Bookwatch

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The artful universe

Delta-front hyperpycnal bed geometry and implications for reservoir modeling: Cretaceous Panther Tongue delta, Book Cliffs, Utah

An empirical analysis of voluntary payments for information goods on the Internet

A short history of philosophy

Anthropology, Pentecostalism, and the New Paul: Conversion, event, and social transformation

The measure of American religion: Toward improving the state of the art

The Word in the World: Evangelical Writing, Publishing, and Reading in America, 1789-1880. By Candy Gunther Brown.(Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina

America. Storia e istituzioni

Loose Connections: Joining Together in America\'s Fragmented Communities

Parent care as a normative family stress

Popular and highbrow literature: A comparative view

Internal orientalism in America: WJ Cash's The Mind of the South and the spatial construction of American national identity

Nonlinear regression analysis and its applications

The Roman Imperial Quarries: Survey and Excavation at Mons Porphyrites 1994-1998 Volume 2 The Excavations

Give and take in families: studies in resource distribution

Efficiency in legal transplants: An essay in comparative law and economics

The importance of intrinsic motivation for high and low ability readers' reading comprehension performance

Tragedy as An Augury of a Happy Life

The people of Aristophanes


Every Shut Eye Ain't Asleep: An Anthology of Poetry by African-Americans Since 1945

Subjectivity as skopos: on translating a Dutch novel

EGF receptor activation: push comes to shove

Canada's creeping economic apartheid


Spasmus nutans: a mistaken identity

Dominated consumer acculturation: The social construction of poor migrant women's consumer identity projects in a Turkish squatter

The definition of atheism

The independent partitive as an Eastern Circum-Baltic isogloss

Morphology of protein-protein interfaces

Processing local transitions versus long-distance syntactic hierarchies

Irina Nikolaeva, ed. Finiteness. Theoretical and empirical foundations

Positive psychological capital: Beyond human and social capital

Government investment and fiscal stimulus

The 'National System of Innovation'in historical perspective

From the Wilderness Act to the Monkey Wrench Gang: Seeking Wild Nature in American Environmental Writing, 1964-1975

The Structure and Unity of Desert Solitaire

Límite. Ideación y postproducción de una serie de ciencia ficción fantástica para televisión

Serial Sacrifices: a Semiotic Analysis of Downton Abbey ideology

Infinite in all directions: Gifford lectures given at Aberdeen, Scotland, April-November 1985

Women in History--Marian Wright Edelman: Crusader for Civil and Children's Rights

Black cultural capital, status positioning, and schooling conflicts for low-income African American youth

Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the social determinants of health

Contradictions of the welfare state

Sexual abuse of deaf youth

A direct comparison of the defense mechanisms of nondepressed people and depressed psychiatric inpatients

Evolutionary parasitologythe integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics

Bret Harte, Popular Fiction, and the Local Color Movement

Hibernation of the plum curculio and its spring migration to host trees

Aestheticism & Secularization

Books as therapy for children of alcoholics

Synthesis and characterization of metallo-supramolecular polymers

Enhancing health among drug users in prison

Evaluation of existing resources (study/analysis

Big math for little kids

On time, tense, and aspect: An essay in English metaphysics

The International linear collider technical design report-volume 2: physics

The Awareness of Conservation Reasons for Reorientation in Library Training

The Scandal of the Season by Sophie Gee

The National Defense Stockpile: An Organizational Perspective

Legal Thesauri Reuse

United States synthetic fuels corporation: its rise and demise

What happened to the oil price-macroeconomy relationship

Econometric methods for modeling producer behavior

Oil Price Uncertainty

Modelling nonlinear economic time series

Framing abuse: Media influence and public understanding of sexual violence against children

Fables of responsibility: Aberrations and predicaments in ethics and politics

Disruptions in the Dream City: Unsettled Ideologies at the 1905 World's Fair in Portland, Oregon

Alister E. McGrath: Justification and the Reformation. The Significance of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith to Sixteenth Century Urban Communities.. 5 Michael B

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Urban tourism: attracting visitors to large cities

A meta-analysis and critical review of the effects of conventional neuroleptic treatment on cognition in schizophrenia: opening a closed book

Peasants and strangers

An analysis of the payrolls of the Point St. Charles Shops of the Grand Trunk Railway

A Small Incisive Shock: Modern Forms, Postmodern Politics, and the Role of the Avant-Garde in Underworld

Raids on the Conscious: Pynchon's Legacy of Paranoia and the Terrorism of Uncertainty in Don DeLillo's Ratner's Star

RATTLE Conversations

Prehistoric digital poetry: an archaeology of forms, 1959-1995

A role for poetry in consumer research

Tsai Ming-liang and a Cinema of Slowness

The collected poems of Wendell Berry, 1957-1982

Category Archives

Health and the holy in African and Afro-American spirit possession

Anthropology and government in Ghana

Wikia: Between Documentary Simulacra and Documented Fictions

Psychological aspects of the alien contact experience

Positive ion composition and electron density in a combined auroral and NLC event

A biblical view of library administration

The epidemic of antibiotic-resistant infections: a call to action for the medical community from the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Integrating drivers influencing the detection of plant pests carried in the international cut flower trade

Subaltern studies and postcolonial historiography

Economics of development

Gandhi's Leadership: The Oceanic Circle Beyond Time and Geography

The divorce revolution: The unexpected social and economic consequences for women and children in America

Public Choice, Public Opinion, and the Fuller Court

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (Cambridge Series on Information and the Natural Sciences


Community, joining, and specialization in open source software innovation: a case study

Distinguishing attacks on stream ciphers using the Book Stack test

Cryptanalysis of a new substitution-diffusion based image cipher

Information hiding techniques for steganography and digital watermarking

World watch list for domestic animal diversity

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Mortality in the catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome: causes of death and prognostic factors

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Race, Creole, and National Identities in Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea and Phillips's Cambridge

The growth of the Mexican wine industry

Viticulture and winemaking terminology and terminography: A review of resources

The lion king

Picture book reading with young children: A conceptual framework

Baring-Gould's Mehalah and Red Spider: Sources for Hardy's Tess

Il calcestruzzo secondo Uncini, Smithson e Kiefer: arte del costruire, natura geologica, materia in rovina

Pronóstico del riego en tiempo real

Against wisdom: the social politics of anger and aging


The Killing: Urban topographies of a crime

The Theory of Economic Development: An Inquiry into Profits, Capital, Credit, Interest, and the Business Cycle (1912/1934

Current Jewish spiritualities in Israel: A new age

Democracy and economic change in India

The Handbook of International Migration: The American Experience

Statistical theory of reliability and life testing: probability models

Shapes for sounds

What does the teacher do?: Constructivist pedagogies and prospective teachers' beliefs about the role of a teacher

Leisure and Acculturation in the Jewish Community of Dresden, 1833-1837

Localized in vivo proton spectroscopy of the bone marrow in patients with leukemia

George Eliot and the Jewish Question

American garden books transplanted and native, before 1807

Towards Active Citizens: Landscape, Nationalism and Politics in 20th Century British and Australian Children's Literature

Evolutionary psychology: Resistance is futile

Endangered species, threatened convention: the past, present and future of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild

Hey, Presto

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Birding and sustainability at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary: A folkloric analysis

Extinction of birds in eastern Polynesia: a review of the record, and comparisons with other Pacific island groups

Staging Ideology and Love in Good Bye, Lenin

Because of Mr. Terupt

Twelve tips for reviewers

InGaP HBT technology for RF and microwave instrumentation

Computer-aided design of RF and microwave circuits and systems

Computer-aided design of RF and microwave circuits and systems

Computer-aided design of RF and microwave circuits and systems

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Some Insights in the Development of Islamic Economic Thought During Medieval Times

KH Abdul Halim dan Gagasan Pendidikan Ekonomi Berbasis Pesantren

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Adoption of Library 2.0 functionalities by academic libraries and users: a knowledge management perspective

Knowledge and practice of sleep hygiene techniques in insomniacs and good sleepers

Tractical haematology

On hybrid political orders and emerging states: state formation in the context of 'fragility

The appropriateness of recommendations for hysterectomy12

Ecological dynamics

The greening of Machiavelli: the evolution of international environmental politics

Planetary boundaries'—exploring the challenges for global environmental governance

Online religion as lived religion. Methodological issues in the study of religious participation on the internet

Flagships, umbrellas, and keystones: is single-species management passé in the landscape era

Gender and leadership style: Transformational and transactional leadership in the Roman Catholic Church

Spirituality, mindfulness and substance abuse

Leading With The Heart: Coach K'S Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business and Life

Living in the townships: An appraisal of Pentecostal social ministry in Tshwane

Antonfrancesco Grazzini 'Il Lasca'(1505-1584) and the Burlesque. Poetry, Performance and Academic Practice in Sixteenth-Century Florence

Acquired pendular nystagmus

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Thoreau among his heroes

Immortal engines: Life extension and immortality in science fiction and fantasy

The Oxford book of money

Economics and the law: From Posner to postmodernism and beyond

Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management

Economics and the law: From Posner to postmodernism and beyond

Services marketing: Integrating customer focus across the firm

Nature and Geography: Tragic Voids within Marketing Textbooks and the External Business Environment

Understanding the complexities of student motivations in mathematics learning

Local sequential patterns: The structure of lynching in the Deep South, 1882-1930

On the edge: Balancing health, participation, and autonomy to maintain active independent living in two retirement facilities

Clarifying creative nonfiction through the personal essay

Why dialogues? Plato's serious play

Inner and Outer Landscapes

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flight Dreams: A Life in the Midwestern Landscape

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Nursing ethics through the life span

Nursing ethics through the life span

Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 5 Volume Set

Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies 1q22 as a susceptibility locus for intracerebral hemorrhage

Bridging the Gap between the Sacred and the Secular in the History of American Foreign Relations

III Light Beating Spectroscopy

Towards a conceptual framework for wildlife tourism

The reform of military education: Twenty-five years later

The Enemy's Access Denial System: Potential Competitor Exploitation of US Military Vulnerabilities

Phase IV'Operations in the War on Terror: Comparing Iraq and Afghanistan

The myth of global ethnic conflict

Who distributes? Presidents, congress, governors, and the politics of distribution in argentina and brazil

Jesuit Student Groups, the Universidad Iberoamericana, and Political Resistance in Mexico, 1913-1979 by David Espinosa

The Vodou Ethic and the Spirit of Communism: The Practical Consciousness of the African People of Haiti by Paul C. Mocombe

Gramsci's political thought: hegemony, consciousness, and the revolutionary process

Post-secular geographies and the problem of pluralism: Religion and everyday life in Istanbul, Turkey

Theology and film: Challenging the sacred/secular divide

Making things public


Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Acordo Coletivo com propósito específico eo projeto de lei 4193/2012: as convergências em torno de uma pretensa desregulamentação trabalhista via negociação

Are identity styles important for psychological well-being

You say you want a revolution? Hypertext and the laws of media

Is conservation triage just smart decision making

Before the beginning: our universe and others

Chloroplast redox imbalance governs phenotypic plasticity: the grand design of photosynthesis revisited

Boole's revolution

Living Science: Three years in the Galapagos Islands

Chicanos in Oregon: An historical overview

The sources of democratic responsiveness in Mexico

Why Christianity works: An emotions-focused phenomenological account

The postcolonial crescent: Islam's impact on contemporary literature

Re: Psychiatry in the Nazi Era

How to approach feeding difficulties in young children

Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy for Adult Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I'm totally smart and a feminist and yet I want to be a waif': Exploring ambivalence towards the thin ideal within the fat acceptance movement

Bayesian methodology incorporating expert judgment for ranking countermeasure effectiveness under uncertainty: Example applied to at grade railroad crossings in

Mandated server training and reduced alcohol-involved traffic crashes: a time series analysis of the Oregon experience

A real-time traffic signal control system: architecture, algorithms, and analysis


Making the move to K-12 online teaching

The one best way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the enigma of efficiency

Halliday & Resnick Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday & Resnick Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday & Resnick Fundamentals of Physics

Doctor Rush's eye water and the opening of the American west

Self to Cosmic Consciousness: Transformative Journey of Shiva in The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of Nagas

Leadership in Crisis: A Historical Analysis of Two College Presidencies in Reconstruction Virginia

The CALLA handbook: Implementing the cognitive academic language learning approach

The economics and politics of cost sharing in higher education: comparative perspectives

Curriculum reform and 'quality education'in China: An overview

Principals and student outcomes: Evidence from US high schools

Theurgy and the soul: The neoplatonism of Iamblichus

Spiritual well-being: A predictor of hardiness in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Healing the City: Sufi Prayers in Berlin's Towers

Philosophy of mind: Classical and contemporary readings

Introduction to applied mathematics

Bayesian theory

Improving math education in elementary schools: A short book for teachers

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Econometrics

Productivity and the density of economic activity

Geocomputation: a primer

The battle to define the future of the book in the digital world

The Analysis of Learning Objectives in Iranian Junior High School English Text books based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

The Modern World System I. Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World Economy in the Sixteenth Century. With a New Prologue

The Angela Y. Davis Reader

Utilization of hazelnut pellicle in low-fat beef burgers

Health information seeking, receipt, and use in diabetes self-management

In the Breaking of the Bread: holy and secular communion in Big Two-Hearted River

Qualitative methods: beyond the cookbook

Tag Archives: Hill Street Blues

Towards a Theory of the Fairy-tale Film: The case of Pinocchio

DeMille and Danger: Seven Heuristic Taxonomic Categories of His Hollywood (Mis) Adventures

Book of Mormon

The age of deficits: Presidents and unbalanced budgets from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush

DNA and the Book of Mormon: A phylogenetic perspective

Archaeology, Relics, and Book of Mormon Belief

Material values in the book of mormon

The Mormons: Looking forward and outward

Traditional accountants and business professionals: Portraying the accounting profession after Enron

A perspective on a management information systems (MIS) program review

Stagnant Supers: Amplifying the Superhero Genre Through Novelistic Maturity

Ezekiel 1: A commentary on the book of the Prophet Ezekiel, chapters 1-24

The significance of coral disease epizootiology for coral reef conservation

The Scriene and the Channel: England and Spain in Book V of The Faerie Queene

Plasmodium vivax in Africa: hidden in plain sight

Journey to the vanished city: The search for a lost tribe of Israel

Porovnání rozdílů britské a americké angličtiny v novinových článcích

Poetry translators and regional vernacular voice: Belli's Romanesco sonnets in English and Scots

A review of recent results on electrochemical determination of the density of electronic states of nanostructured metal-oxide semiconductors and organic hole

Pictish Progress: new studies on northern Britain in the early Middle Ages

Cloaking and Hiding: Dressing up in Robert Louis Stevenson's The Master of Ballantrae

Factory music: How the industrial geography and working-class environment of post-war Birmingham fostered the birth of heavy metal

Factory music: How the industrial geography and working-class environment of post-war Birmingham fostered the birth of heavy metal

Power, borders, security, wealth: Lessons of violence and desire from September 11

Heavy metal: controversies and countercultures

Self, other, and jump rope community: The triumphs of African American Women

Self, other, and jump rope community: The triumphs of African American Women

UCF101: A dataset of 101 human actions classes from videos in the wild

Competition between networks: A study of the market for yellow pages

The General and the Maid: Mark Twain on Ulysses S. Grant and Joan of Arc

María Amparo Ruiz de Burton: critical and pedagogical perspectives

Household catastrophic health expenditure: a multicountry analysis

The world report on violence and health

History of beauty

Battlefield Cemeteries, Pilgrimage, and Literature after the First World War: The Burial of the Dead

Numerical study of flow characteristics of the high speed train entering into a tunnel

La salud en Costa Rica

Valoración de la carga postural y riesgo musculoesqueletico en trabajadores de una empresa metalmecanica

Materia médica: rareza, singularidad y accidente en la España temprano-moderna

Modelación de dispersión de H2S y ruido en un campo geotérmico

The influence of fluid loading on the radiation from orthotropic plates

Radiografía de las asimetrías en la defensa de los derechos humanos

Mejora de la política de protección ambiental mediante la aplicación de la evaluación de riesgos (Rusia

Factores y riesgos laborales psicosociales: conceptualización, historia y cambios actuales

Encyclopedia> MaNga

History of beauty

World and variation: The reproduction and consumption of narrative

The Magic of Believing: False Memory Effect of Product Placement in Idol Dramas

Aleister Crowley: His Story and Legacy

Functional outcomes after limb-salvage surgery and endoprosthetic reconstruction with an expandable prosthesis: a report of 4 cases

Governing finance: East Asia's adoption of international standards

The theory of corporate finance

Extending the theory to meet the practice of insurance

Evaluating the performance of value versus glamour stocks The impact of selection bias

Cultivating creative mentalities: A framework for education

Growing-up in the countryside: children and the rural idyll

Physicians' attitudes toward using deception to resolve difficult ethical problems


Egypt's Liberation the Philosophy of the Revolution

Missiology as global conversation of (contextual) theologies

Ecodomy in mission: The ecological crisis in the light of recent ecumenical statements

The new internationalists: World Vision and the revival of American evangelical humanitarianism, 1950-2010

Missio Inter Gentes: Towards a New Paradigm in the Mission Theology of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC

Lacan, Irigaray, and Beyond: Antigones and the Politics of Psychoanalysis

Sophocles' Philoctetes and the Interpretation of Iliad 9

The fragments of Sophocles

Horses of the world. An illustrated survey, with over 320 photographs of breeds of horses and ponies

Business models, business strategy and innovation

Climate change and the Great Barrier Reef: a vulnerability assessment

Nutrient and temperature controls on modern carbonate production: an example from the Gulf of California, Mexico

Guide to the geology of reefs of the Capricorn and Bunker Groups, Great Barrier Reef Province, with special reference to Heron Reef

Trapped in mirror-images: The rhetoric of maps in Israel/Palestine

Rethinking project management education: Social twists and knowledge co-production

Ethnicity, ethics, and the deaf-world

Urban multilingualism in Europe: Mapping linguistic diversity in multicultural cities

Introduction to California soils and plants: serpentine, vernal pools, and other geobotanical wonders

Obesity and the heart

A balanced lipid emulsion—A new concept in parenteral nutrition

To know as we are known: Education as a spiritual journey

The Messiah Who Comes and Goes: Franz Kafka on Redemption, Conspiracy and Community

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The readie & easie way to establish a free commonwealth

Mushrooms and Toadstools. A field guide

Acetylation in histone H3 globular domain regulates gene expression in yeast

Deep and Deeper

Advertising and Christmas

Chinese myths and legends for Tianchi Volcano eruptions

His terrible masterpiece: a study of Peter Pan, its reception and its creator

New literacies: Everyday practices and classroom learning

From Christian Worldview to Kingdom Formation: Theological Education as Mission in the Former Soviet Union

A bitter truth: Avant-garde art and the Great War

Kinetic equations and time correlation functions of critical fluctuations

Applied mechanics in science and engineering

Introduction to modern statistical mechanics

Quantum field theory and critical phenomena

Two-dimensional periodic frustrated Ising models in a transverse field

In vitro degradation of a poly (propylene fumarate)-based composite material

A literature survey on fatigue analysis approaches for rubber

The Lost Songs

A Bus Called Heaven

Evolutionary history of the symbiosis between fungus-growing ants and their fungi

The disability paradox: high quality of life against all odds

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Twenty years of seed research

Principles of Christian theology

John 14: 17 and the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John

Israelology: The missing link in systematic theology

Systematic Theology, Vol. 1: Prolegomena

Unequal chances: Ethnic minorities in Western labour markets

A new nonparametric approach to galaxy morphological classification

Forming the Text, Performing the Work-Aspects of media, navigation, and linking

Flora of New Mexico

Changing the terms: Translating in the postcolonial era

Indian Painting

Arboriculture: integrated management of landscape trees, shrubs, and vines

The microbiology of the atmosphere

Ethnobotanical review of wild edible plants of Slovakia

Three American tragedies: chestnut blight, butternut canker, and Dutch elm disease

Robustness in the strategy of scientific model building

Compendium of wheat diseases

Updated distribution and biogeography of amphibians and reptiles of Europe

Suppressing soil-borne diseases with residue management and organic amendments

A hip joint simulator study of the performance of metal-on-metal joints: Part II: design

The new life stage of emerging adulthood at ages 18-29 years: implications for mental health

International multilateral negotiation: Approaches to the management of complexity

Evaluation of the accuracy of Gran plots by means of computer calculations: Application to the potentiometric titration of the total alkalinity and carbonate content in sea

Interpretation of carbon-13 NMR spectra

Elastic constants and structure of the vitreous system Co3O4 P2O5

d-and f-Block Chemistry

Building enterprise information architectures: reengineering information systems

Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

The Japanese main bank system: Its relevance for developing and transforming economies

On the economic consequences of civil war

Grazing pressure and the measurement of pasture production

Environmental studies: from crisis to cure

There Was Nothing in Sight but Nature, Nothing...: Nineteenth-Century Gendered Perceptions of the Overland Trail

A journey through times and cultures? Ancient Greek forms in American nineteenth-century architecture: an archaeological view

Six years of teaching human bioscience, pathophysiology and pharmacology: A journey of reflective practice

The story of art

An 11 000-year-long record of fire and vegetation history at Beaver Lake, Oregon, central Willamette Valley

Monthly Archives: February 2010

Beyond the apron: Archetypes, stereotypes, and alternative portrayals of mothers in children's literature

Real or perceived impediments to minimum pricing of alcohol in Australia: public opinion, the industry and the law

Business models, business strategy and innovation

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Changes in the value-relevance of earnings and book values over the past forty years

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Defensive chemistry of Navanax and related opisthobranch molluscs

Securing 'supportive environments' for health in the face of ecosystem collapse: meeting the triple threat with a sociology of creative transformation

Engaged museums

roduct news

An Inquiry Relating to Girls Undergoing Training as Seamstresses, Laundry-Maids and Dressmakers

Discovering constructivism: How a project-oriented activity-based media production course effectively employed constructivist teaching principles

Incorruptible Bodies: Christology, Society, and Authority in Late Antiquity. By Yonatan Moss

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Racial and community factors influencing coronary artery bypass graft surgery rates for all 1986 Medicare patients

The new perspective on Paul

The Baptismal Revolution in the American Episcopal Church: Baptismal Ecclesiology and the Baptismal Covenant

Tattoo history: A source book

Rediscovering the teaching of Jesus

Battling the dragons: the heroic journeys of the ladies of Avalon in Marion Zimmer Bradley's The mists of Avalon

From the inside out: Radical gender transformation, FTM and beyond

Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss: How an Unlikely Couple Found Love, Dodged the FBI, and Transformed Children's Literature by Philip Nel

Left Out: The Forgotten Tradition of Radical Publishing for Children in Britain 1910-1949 by Kimberley Reynolds

Apuleius and Plutarch

Man-of-action heroes: The pursuit of heroic masculinity in everyday consumption

The relationship between different work-related sources of social support and burnout among registered and assistant nurses in Sweden: a questionnaire survey

Qualitative case study methodology: Study design and implementation for novice researchers

The impact of evidence-based practice in nursing and the next big ideas

Design review and public preferences: effects of geographical location, public consensus, sensation seeking, and architectural styles

The contributions of James Lyke to piano pedagogy


A bastard Gaelic man': reconsidering the highland roots of Adam Ferguson

Artificial intelligence: a modern approach

Predisplacement and postdisplacement factors associated with mental health of refugees and internally displaced persons: a meta-analysis

Biosphere Politics a New Consciousness for a New Century

Words on fire: The unfinished story of Yiddish

Making progress in schizophrenia research

The 'first to perish': Child euthanasia in the Third Reich

Anatomy in the Third Reich-the Anatomical Institute of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg and the deliveries of dead bodies

A Tradition of Honor, Hospitality and Blood Feuds: Exploring the Kanun Customary Law in Contemporary Albania

What is art for

The Thoughts of Official Moralities in Zhenguan Main Points of Administration [J

Journey to the vanished city: The search for a lost tribe of Israel

World-volume supersymmetry from spacetime supersymmetry of the four-dimensional supermembrane

Vulnerable to possibilities: A journey of self-knowing through personal narrative

No Taste for Health: How Tastes are Being Manipulated to Favour Foods that are not Conducive to Health and Wellbeing

Literature in the EFL class: A study of goal-achievement incongruence

Madhyamaka and Yogācāra: Allies or Rivals? eds. by Jay L. Garfield and Jan Westerhoff

Discourse, authority, demand: the politics of early English publications on Buddhism

The promise of India's secular democracy

Liquid life: abortion and Buddhism in Japan

An introduction to Chinese philosophy: From ancient philosophy to Chinese Buddhism

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Using wordless picture books to promote second language learning

Intuitive eating: a recovery book for the chronic dieter: rediscover the pleasures of eating and rebuild your body image

Between existentialism and Marxism

A Bibliographical Description of Books and Pamphlets of American Verse Printed from 1610 through 1820. By Roger E. Stoddard; ed. by David R. Whitesell

Enhancing parent-teacher communication using technology: a reading improvement clinic example with beginning teachers

Is a communicative approach practical for teaching English in China? Pros and cons

Just business: Business ethics in action

Cruise ship industry—patterns in the Caribbean 1880-1986

From silence to a whisper to active participation: Using literature circles with ELL students

Bread, beer and wine: yeast domestication in the Saccharomyces sensu stricto complex

and isolation stress and epidural blockade on endocrine and blood metabolite status, muscle glycogen metabolism, and incidence of dark-cutting longissimus muscle

Cementing mechanism of potassium phosphate based magnesium phosphate cement

Seasonal Color Theory

Behold the corpse: Violent images and the case of Emmett Till

Sophomores and Other Oxymorons by David Lubar

The life mission theory III. Theory of talent

Gender-specific reading motivation: considering reading from the perspective of five ethnically diverse fifth grade boys

BEYOND EARTH THE FUTURE OF HUMANS IN SPACE Bob Krone Ph D Editor Foreword by Edgar Mitchell Sc D Captain USN (Ret) Apollo 14 Lunar Module

Rethinking secularization: A global comparative perspective

A quoi tient le succès des innovations? 1: L'art de l'intéressement; 2: Le choix des porte-parole

Women Poets and Improvisers: Cultural Assumptions and Literary Values in Arcadia

Omens of millennium: The gnosis of angels, dreams, and resurrection

Atomic and laser spectroscopy

Life in a dual system revisited: urban-rural ties in Enugu, Nigeria, 1961-87

Langage et politique: les mots de la démocratie dans les pays du Sud de l'espace francophone

Law, legitimacy and European governance: functional participation in social regulation

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Open Society and its Enemies. Volume 2: The High Tide of Prophecy: Hegel, Marx, and the Aftermath

Worldview, the Orichas, and Santería: Africa to Cuba and Beyond

Creative and playful learning: Learning through game co-creation and games in a playful learning environment

Dark Mirrors: Azazel and Satanael in Early Jewish Demonology

The drinking of earlier and more recent Russian immigrants to Israel: comparison to other Israelis

Latest News

Heiner Müller: the despair and the hope

An introduction to children's literature

Plants in space

The impact of gravity on life

International handbook of urban systems

Nanotechnology: convergence with modern biology and medicine

More brilliant than the sun: Adventures in sonic fiction

Some aspects of measurement error in linear regression of astronomical data

Maintenance, reliability and policies for orbital space station life support systems

Business models, business strategy and innovation

Management control systems design within its organizational context: findings from contingency-based research and directions for the future

Performance management: a framework for management control systems research

What is neuromodulation

The mathematical theory of infectious diseases and its applications

Blackout! unpacking the black box of the game event

Self-portrayal in a simulated life: Projecting personality and values in The Sims 2

PID controller frequency-domain tuning for stable, integrating and unstable processes, including dead-time

Active ageing with music: Supporting wellbeing in the Third and Fourth Ages

Using focus groups to explore the stressful life events of Black college men

Politics of Latin America: the power game

School climate factors relating to teacher burnout: A mediator model

The exaggerated death of geography: learning, proximity and territorial innovation systems


Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

The forgetfulness of sex: devotion and desire in the courtship Letters of Angelina Grimke and Theodore Dwight Weld

Ends, Means, and Attitudes: Black-White Conflict in the Antislavery Movement

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Technology transfer from higher education institutions to industry in China: nature and implications

Thermal degradation/hydrogenation of commodity plastics and characterization of their liquefaction products

Governing finance: East Asia's adoption of international standards

The trajectories of European cities, 1960-2005

Discretionary disclosure and stock-based incentives

Bargaining and markets

An investigation into the mechanisms causing antipodean strabismus

Creating a legal framework for economic development

What makes women sick: Gender and the political economy of health

Comprehensive greenspace planning based on landscape ecology principles in compact Nanjing city, China

Examining the first stages of market performance: a test for evolving market efficiency

The Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii De Wild

Historical Dictionary of Taiwan

A review of e-learning in Canada: A rough sketch of the evidence, gaps and promising directions

Guides to understanding the aeromagnetic expression of faults in sedimentary basins: Lessons learned from the central Rio Grande rift, New Mexico

Herd immunity: a rough guide

Information, poetry and drama

Explorer's rough guide to Tempranillo

LibGuides: Asian American Studies Research Guide: Find Books

Design a mobile augmented reality system to facilitate users' companionship needs

Nutrition almanac

Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 14 The British Indian Department and the Frontier in North America, 1755-1830

Performance of small scale livestock/crop demonstration-cum-training farms in Sri Lanka

Advances in the science and technology of carbon nanotubes and their composites: a review

A thermomechanical constitutive theory for elastic composites with distributed damage—I. Theoretical development

A review of the tensile, compressive, flexural and shear properties of hybrid fibre-reinforced plastics

Designing adhesive joints for fatigue and creep load conditions

Preparation and mechanical properties of polylactic acid composites containing hydroxyapatite fibers

L. Blower, and: Whose Spain? Negotiating Spanish Music in Paris, 1908-1929 by Samuel Llano, and: Twilight of the Belle Epoque: The Paris of Picasso, Stravinsky

Haiti, Free Soil, and Antislavery in the Revolutionary Atlantic

France and the Spanish Civil War: Cultural Representations of the War Next Door, 1936-1945 France Divided: The French and the Civil War in Spain

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Résistances Quichottesques aux XX e et XXI e Siècles

The Rzhev Slaughterhouse: The Red Army's forgotten 15-month campaign against Army Group Center, 1942-1943 [Book Review

Newspapers in presidential campaigns

Rapid specification and automated generation of prompting systems to assist people with dementia

Public relations in the Jackson White House

Addressing the State of the Union: The Evolution And Impact of the Presidents's Big Speech

The Jacksonian Economy

Friends of the American Revolution

Comprehensive multicultural education: Theory and practice

What is cholesterol

The MD Anderson manual of medical oncology

Mechanisms of prescription drug diversion among drug-involved club-and street-based populations

Futility: clinical decisions at the end-of-life in women with ovarian cancer

Neuroethics: a modern context for ethics in neuroscience

The Rise of the House of Leisure: Outdoor Guides, Practical Knowledge, and Industrialization

01. Contents and Preliminary Chapter (Binney, T., Lights and Shadows on Church Life in Australia, 1860

The Reckoning: The Triumph of Order on the Texas Outlaw Frontier by Peter R. Rose, foreword by TR Fehrenbach

The course of inflammatory bowel disease during pregnancy and postpartum

Microbial ecology to manage processes in environmental biotechnology

Evolutionary parasitologythe integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics

Nga Maumahara: Memory of Loss

Open Society and its Enemies. Volume 2: The High Tide of Prophecy: Hegel, Marx, and the Aftermath

Gendering resistance: British colonial narratives of wartime New Zealand

Bringing our languages home

Fromsustainable rural communities' tosocial sustainability': giving voice to diversity in Mangakahia Valley, New Zealand

The deepening darkness: Patriarchy, resistance, and democracy's future

Myth and society in ancient Greece

Radon transport in fractured porous media—experimental study in caves

Monitoring and modelling walking track impacts in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Australia

Active metamorphism of upper Cenozoic sediments in the Salton Sea geothermal field and the Salton Trough, southeastern California

Moths of western north america

Insects on plants. Community patterns and mechanisms

The outflow speed of the coma of Halley's comet

The mode of information

Insects on plants. Community patterns and mechanisms

Cost-utility analysis of ranibizumab (lucentis) in wet-AMD based on real-life data collected in the HELIOS study after ranibizumab reimbursement in Belgium

The idiom in photography as the truth in painting

A role for poetry in consumer research

Advanced field theory: Micro, macro, and thermal physics

Introduction to thermodynamics

Thermal vibrational convection

Thermodynamics-an advanced treatment for chemists and physicists

The concepts of classical thermodynamics

Mai Lepera: Disease and Displacement in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Effects of steel fiber reinforcement on surface wear resistance of self-compacting repair mortars

Mauser C96

Firearms injury research: The role of the practicing pathologist

Knowledge modeling and the creation of El-Tech: a performance support and training system for electronic technicians

Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses

The effects of radiation on electronic systems

Policy adoption in North Carolina and Tennessee: A comparative case study of lottery beneficiaries

Partnership in higher education in Africa: Communications implications beyond the 2000s

Stronger legislatures, stronger democracies

First Things First: Rediscovering the States' Bills of Rights

Institutional theory and accounting rule choice: an analysis of four US state governments' decisions to adopt generally accepted accounting principles

Northern naval superiority and the economics of the American Civil War

The missing feminist revolution in sociology

Thaw: A Memoir

Through the Past and Into the Future: Irish Theater in 2014

Pride and Prejudice: An Informal History of the Garson-Olivier Motion Picture

Implementing precision agriculture in the 21st century

A system for the rapid collection, analysis and dissemination of aphid-monitoring data from suction traps

Implementing precision agriculture in the 21st century

Implementing precision agriculture in the 21st century

Keeping the stress off the sheep? Agricultural intensification, neoliberalism, and 'good'farming in New Zealand

Microbial disease and the coral holobiont

Microwave power, temperature, atmospheric and light dependence of intrinsic defects in ZnO nanoparticles: A study of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR

New Labour's Old Roots

Internet-based bilateral teleoperation based on wave variable with adaptive predictor and direct drift control

Recent history of fractional calculus

Getting there from here. Remembering the future of digital humanities: Roberto Busa Award lecture 2013

Modelling, simulation and control design for large and heavy manipulators

The inertial characteristics of dynamic robot models

A case study on the management of the development of a large-scale power plant project in East Asia based on design-build arrangement

Modelling risk allocation decision in construction contracts

A project management quality cost information system for the construction industry

Benefits of the NEC ECC form of contract: A New Zealand case study

A Comparative Study of Construction Cost and Commercial Management Services in the UK and China

Relative efficacy of parent and teacher involvement in a shared-reading intervention for preschool children from low-income backgrounds

The Musilian Paradigm: Foucault as the Man without Qualities

Why John Brown Matters

Daddy's Choice

Tag: 2 Peter and Jude used common source

Interior Decoration and Haute Couture: Links between the Developments of the Two Professions in France and the USA in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth

Rivaroxaban compared with warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation and previous stroke or transient ischaemic attack: a subgroup analysis of ROCKET AF

A hero on the sidelines: the role of a morally ambivalent supporting character in young adult fantasy series

Oh... oh... Frodo!: Readings of Male Intimacy in The Lord of the Rings

An analysis of linkage in quantitative inheritance

Radical moral authority and desire: the image of the male romantic poet in frontispiece portraits of Byron and Shelley

The Indian in the Museum: Henry David Thoreau, Okah Tubbee, and Authentic Manhood

On the Completion Time of the Book Popular Historical Romance of the Three Kingdoms from the Angle of Propagation [J

Teoría de la traducción

Black Inventors in the Age of Segregation: Granville T. Woods, Lewis H. Latimer, and Shelby J. Davidson

Caregiving: The spiritual journey of love, loss, and renewal

Caregiving: The spiritual journey of love, loss, and renewal

The numerical Laplace transform: An accurate technique for analyzing electromagnetic transients on power system devices

Cohort profile: the Australian longitudinal study on women's health

Subjecting verses: Latin love elegy and the emergence of the real

Delighting in the Torah: The affective dimension of Psalm 1

Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan, and: Glottal Stop: 101 Poems by Paul Celan

Lessons for Children and Teaching Mothers: Mrs. Barbauld's Primer for the Textual Construction of Middle-Class Domestic Pedagogy

Psychopaths: cheaters or warrior-hawks

The criminological imagination

The Balloonist Dreams of Flight

Students' experience of the sketchbook/journal model in art education

Developing 4-to 6-year-old children's figural creativity using a doodle-book program

Martel Fashion

From salvation to self-realization: Advertising and the therapeutic roots of the consumer culture, 1880-1930

Literary Allusions in Robert B. Parker's Spenser Series

The role of skin color and features in the Black community: Implications for Black women and therapy

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Maman is my Muse': The Maternal as Motif and Metaphor in Édouard Vuillard's Intimisme

Museums and scientific material culture at the University of Toronto

Spent Gypsies and Fallen Venuses: Mikhail Larionov's Modernist Primitivism

The three waves of globalization: A history of a developing global consciousness

Human pituitary growth hormone: XIX. The primary structure of the hormone

Geopolitics, generals and the state in Brazil

Nondeterministic analysis of offshore structures

Random data analysis and measurement procedures

Russia and Europe

Stigma and the inappropriately stereotyped: the deadhead professional

Listening for the Secret: The Grateful Dead and the Politics of Improvisation

Some notes on the life of Jacob Cervetto

Dangers and revelations: World War II in Indigenous autobiography

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

L-Ascorbic acid and L-galactose are sources for oxalic acid and calcium oxalate in Pistia stratiotes

On Hallowed Ground: The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill

International relations theory and the second Korean war

Up on the Ridge: Charles Wright's Childhood Home in Kingsport, Tennessee

Crouching tigers, secret weapons: Military technology employed during the Sino-Japanese-Korean War, 1592-1598

Comrades in Arms: The Influence of George S. Patton on Walton H. Walker's Pusan Perimeter Defense

A high-resolution procedure for Euler and Navier-Stokes computations on unstructured grids

Control of flow separation: Energy conservation, operational efficiency, and safety

Aspects of turbulent boundary-layer separation

A method for obtaining 3-dimensional facial expressions and its standardization for use in neurocognitive studies

Patriarchy and development: Women's positions at the end of the twentieth century

Animal husbandry

Responses of estuarine salinity and transport processes to potential future sea-level rise in the Chesapeake Bay

Subsidence in the Long Beach harbor area, California

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LJ Nonfiction Reviews: June 1, 2017

Specificity of 192 IgG-saporin for NGF receptor-positive cholinergic basal forebrain neurons in the rat

The chronology and intellectual trajectory of American entrepreneurship education: 1876-1999

Quilts as Visual Texts

A first ladies' sampler: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Shipping news: the implications of electronic commerce for logistics and freight transport

Kennedy and Rose on the Law of Salvage

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Policing public houses in Victorian England

Reconciling performance: the drama of discipline in early modern Scotland, 1560-1610

If you are to be an owl

Once upon a virus: AIDS legends and vernacular risk perception

Defending Nature's Holy Shrine: Mary Butts, Englishness, and the Persephone Myth

Cutting edge: pre-intermediate: student's book: with mini-dictionary

Now You're Playing with Adverts: A Repertoire of Frames for the Historical Study of Game Culture through Marketing Discourse

Six degrees of video game narrative: a classification for narrative in video games

Literature review in games and learning

The potential and prospect for global cities in China: in the context of the world system

Modernization and legal reform in post-Mao China: the rebirth of socialist legality

Chinese contract law

Practical and theoretical geoarchaeology

Scottish Education.: Referendum

Assessing language ability in the classroom

Making content comprehensible for English learners: The SIOP model

Teaching and learning in the language classroom

Illuminating the Occult: WB Yeats in Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine Series

The most lonely places

Solution of continuity equations by the method of flux-corrected transport

Mating systems, philopatry and dispersal in birds and mammals

La photorégulation de la reproduction chez les oiseaux et les mammifères

Histological effects of trigeminal nerve radiosurgery in a primate model: implications for trigeminal neuralgia radiosurgery

The ruminant stomach. Stomach structure and feeding habits of East African game ruminants

Checklist and Atlas of Nigerian Mammals with a Foreword on Vegetation

Effect of seed passage through vertebrate frugivores' guts on germination: a review

32. English Verse Satire from Donne to Dryden. Imitation of Classical Models

Behavior-based safety management in Hong Kong's construction industry

Prostitution in the neighbourhood: Impact on residents and implications for municipal regulation

The effect of starvation and feeding on the time of production of egg masses in the boreo-arctic cirripede Balanus balanoides (L

The 100 simple secrets of happy people

Theologischer Verlag Zürich, 169 S., ISBN 978-3-290-17613-6.(Mesut Kerstin

DFT and QTAIM study of the tetra-tert-butyltetraoxa [8] circulene regioisomers structure

Coming of age in Samoa

The art of peace: Nobel peace laureates discuss human rights, conflict and reconciliation

We Are One Life, But Not of One Gender Ideology: Unity, Ambiguity, and the Promise Keepers

Life as gift: Spiritual narratives of elderly African-American women living in poverty

The Man Who Came to Dinner: Ian Watt and the Theory of Formal Realism

Silent History: Prejudice of the Past and its Projection to the Present in David Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars

On the relation between sound and meaning in Hicks' Snow Falling on Cedars

Linguistics and second language acquisition

Two oceans: a guide to the marine life of southern Africa

The natural history of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. An eight-year study of early chronic obstructive lung disease in working men in London

The broad spectrum of Trichinella hosts: from cold-to warm-blooded animals

The Heretical Revival: The Nag Hammadi Library in American Religion and Culture

When is your head at? An exploration of the factors associated with the temporal focus of the wandering mind

Evaluation of empirical methods for measuring the uniaxial compressive strength of rock

Manifestations of Shiite Thoughts in the Architecture and Decorations of Soltaniyeh Dome

Hiring the best candidate not the best resume: there are many qualified people seeking positions--from a credentials standpoint. The real challenge for successful

Group decision making in a multiple criteria environment: A case using the AHP in software selection

Deconstructing partnering in project-based organisation: Seven pillars, seven paradoxes and seven deadly sins

Systematic combining: an abductive approach to case research

Social movements as catalysts for policy change: the case of smoking and guns

Life and a Half: A Novel

Vanishing treasures of the Philippine rain forest

Leaving Her Father's House: Astell, Locke, and Clarissa's Body Politic

Boundaries of Literariness: Image of the World as a Book in the European Prose of the late 20th Century (through the example of the novel by Christoph Ransmayr

Intellectual capital: realizing your company\'s true value by finding its hidden brainpower

Clay Connections: A Thousand-Mile Journey from South Carolina to Texas

The World in Venice: Print, the City, and Early Modern Identity

Environmental Science Earth as a Living Planet 9th Edition

The genealogy of lean production

Modern microwave and millimeter-wave power electronics

Phase locked loops: design, simulation, and applications

Characterization of Navy Solid Waste and Collection and Disposal Practices

How to secure your husband's esteem. Accounting and private patriarchy in the British middle class household during the nineteenth century

Authentication delegation for subscription-based remote network services

爪哇例外處理: 模型, 重構, 與樣式

The dynamics of family controlled firms: The good and the bad news

The biological chemistry of wound healing. 1. The effect of dl-methionine on the healing of wounds in protein-depleted animals

Personality and charismatic leadership

Law, Christ, and Covenant: Paul's Theology of the Law in Romans 3: 19-20

Piloting an Intervention to Provide Tailored Feedback on Health Behaviors to Adolescents in Pediatric Primary Care

Developing your theoretical orientation in counseling and psychotherapy

Counting Cats in Zanzibar, or, Lewis and Clark Reconsidered

Is there a long cycle


Stephen H. Long's unpublished manuscript map of the United States compiled in 1820-1822

River Engineers on the Middle Mississippi: A History of the St. Louis District, US Army Corps of Engineers

Fractional calculus in bioengineering

Lie algebroid invariants for subgeometry

Francis Bacon's science of magic

Focus groups in feminist research: Power, interaction, and the co-construction of meaning

Children's Book Update for 2010-2011

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation outcome of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in low-volume versus high-volume emergency departments: an observational study and

Use of automated external defibrillators by police officers for treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

La bestia y los siete reyes de Apocalipsis 17: analizando las posiciones de Craig R. Koester y Ekkehardt Mueller

Daisy Miller Down Under: The Old World/New World Paradigm in Barbara Hanrahan

There's a Wolf at the Door: Five Classic Tales

The Philosophy of Popular Culture and the Unpopularity of Philosophy: A Medieval Love Story with Three Acts and an Unhappy Ending

Hepatocellular transport and gastrointestinal absorption of lanthanum in chronic renal failure

Implications of genetic risk information in families with a high density of bipolar disorder: an exploratory study

Will genetic testing for predisposition for disease result in fatalism? A qualitative study of parents responses to neonatal screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia

Mill, Marx, and women's liberation

Everywhere is Allah's place': Islam and the everyday life of Somali women in Melbourne, Australia

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Tools of the trade: the socio-technology of arbitrage in a Wall Street trading room

Hindu Rulers, Muslim Subjects.: Lombok and Bali in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Socio-economic value and community benefits from shark-diving tourism in Palau: a sustainable use of reef shark populations

Planning the use of fish for food security in the Pacific

A contingent valuation study of scuba diving benefits: Case study in Mu Ko Similan Marine National Park, Thailand

Impacts of intensive recreational diving on reef corals at Eilat, northern Red Sea

Socio-economic value and community benefits from shark-diving tourism in Palau: a sustainable use of reef shark populations

Blogging for beauty? A critical analysis of Operation Beautiful

Beginner's Mind: Teaching From a Position of Not Knowing

On breaking the glass ceiling: The political seasoning of powerful women executives

Exploratory analysis of global cosmetic industry: major players, technology and market trends

Physiology of long pranayamic breathing: neural respiratory elements may provide a mechanism that explains how slow deep breathing shifts the autonomic nervous

Performing Cultural Crossroads: The Subject-Making Functions of I am Declarations in Daniel David Moses's Almighty Voice and His Wife

Immigrants, imaging, and immunoblots: the emergence of neurocysticercosis as a significant public health problem

Redefining the issues of risk and public acceptance: the social viability of technology

The Ideal of Casteless Language in Pramoedya's Arok Dedes

Dharma Pātañjala: a Śaiva scripture from ancient Java: studied in the light of related old Javanese and Sanskrit texts

Dibenzotetraaza [14] annulenes: versatile ligands for transition and main group metal chemistry

Assessment of iron status

Biomimetic metal-radical reactivity: aerial oxidation of alcohols, amines, aminophenols and catechols catalyzed by transition metal complexes

Tech Talk at SSCL

Devils, demons, familiars, friends: Toward a semiotics of literary cats

Cats, a survey of their relationship to humans from their first encounter to the present day

Integrating research and grant writing in an undergraduate dietetics program

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Willows: the genus Salix

Oral literature in Africa

Macbeth/Macbett: répétition tragique et répétition comique de Shakespeare à Ionesco

Participation in the School Orchestra and String Teachers Facebook v2 group: An online community of practice

Causativization in Korean

Hits to the left, flops to the right: different emotions during listening to music are reflected in cortical lateralisation patterns

Studien zur Kirchenmusik und weltlichen Vokalmusik in Hamburg in der ersten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts

The scale-free dynamics of eukaryotic cells

Planning for contact between the generations: An effective approach

Changes in the global value of ecosystem services

Efficacy and tolerability of St. John's wort extract LI 160 versus imipramine in patients with severe depressive episodes according to ICD-10

The skipping stone

Practical and theoretical geoarchaeology

Peirce's scientific metaphysics: the philosophy of chance, law, and evolution


Accurate distance estimation using fuzzy based combined RSSI/LQI values in an indoor scenario: Experimental verification

A comparison of sift, pca-sift and surf

An analysis of the finite element method

An analysis of the finite element method

An analysis of the finite element method

The Beginnings and Development of the Collection of Historic Musical Instruments of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

The practical guide to book repair and conservation

Essays in trespassing

Life as gift: Spiritual narratives of elderly African-American women living in poverty

バギオでスマホを SIM ロックを解除できるお店を発見

Which surgical decisions should patients participate in and how? Reflections on women's recollections of discussions about variants of hysterectomy

The role of science in law

The American civil rights tradition: Anticlassification or antisubordination

The fabric of character: Aristotle's theory of virtue

Arnauld, Réflexions sur l'éloquence des Prédicateurs et GOIBAUT DU BOIS, Avertissement en tête de sa traduction des sermons de saint Augustin, Textes édités et

Minerali secondari in ambiente sotterraneo: la miniera dell'Argentiera (Sardegna nord-occidentale

Defensive chemistry of Navanax and related opisthobranch molluscs

Scientific autobiography and other papers

Playing it safe? Managerial preferences, risk, and agency conflicts

The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers ed. by Frieda Johles Forman

Les régions de production d'amphores impériales en Méditerranée orientale

What's New on Jane's Bookshelf

Good prostitutes and bad prostitutes: some unintended consequences of governmental regulation

Cricket in excelsis [Book Review

Telling tales: Helen Demidenko and the autobiographical pact & The Pact

Business and society: a reader in the history, sociology, and ethics of business

Class, religion and society in Limerick City, 1922-1939

The Common Lot: Sickness, Medical Occupations and the Urban Poor in Early Modern England

Kindergarten skills and fifth-grade achievement: Evidence from the ECLS-K

Reading outside the lines: peritext and authenticity in South African children's books

Marriages and families: Intimacy, diversity, and strengths

Social support networks and the crisis of bereavement

Impoliteness strategies in the social media comments on the Low Yat plaza incident

Honest Patriots: Loving a Country Enough to Remember its Misdeeds

Wireless sensors in agriculture and food industry—Recent development and future perspective

The many faces of cosmo-polis: Border thinking and critical cosmopolitanism


Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia

In the public domain

Silk, porcelain and lacquer: China and Japan and their trade with Western Europe and the New World, 1500-1644. A survey of documentary and material evidence

2016 ESC/EAS guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias

Party politics: The political impact of the first ladies' social role

The Open Innovation Journey: How firms dynamically implement the emerging innovation management paradigm

Queer notions: new plays and performances from Ireland

The historical Jesus: The life of a Mediterranean Jewish peasant



Neuromuscular Problems in Orthopaedics

Blessed Are They That Hunger After Justice: From Vice To Beatitude In Dante's Purgatorio

Take time to be holy: Cultivating the missional church

Blessed are the Policy Makers: Jimmy Carter's Faith-Based Approach to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Christ, Moral Absolutes, and the Good: Recent Moral Theology

The secret power of beauty

Florida public schools' integration and busing

The Changing Image of Batman in Comic Books and Movies

The Changing Image of Batman in Comic Books and Movies

The Changing Image of Batman in Comic Books and Movies

The Changing Image of Batman in Comic Books and Movies

Evolution of oak wood lignin subjected to flash hydrolysis

In-story information Alter ego

Powers and abilities far behind those of mortal men: An examination of the comic book industry and subculture through a feminist sociological perspective

Material values in the comics: A content analysis of comic books featuring themes of wealth

Negotiating the freshman year: Challenges and strategies among first-year college students

Role of student-faculty interactions in developing college students' academic self-concept, motivation, and achievement

Socioeconomic status and college: How SES affects college experiences and outcomes

Terryl N. Kinder and Roberto Cassanelli, eds., and Joyce Myerson, trans., The Cistercian Arts: The 12th to the 21st Century. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press

The evolution of white women's experience in early America

A social history of American technology

Half the battle: civilian morale in Britain during the Second World War

The Origins of the First World War: diplomatic and military documents

Sans peur et sans reproche: The Retirement, Death, and Mourning of Sir Douglas Haig, 1918-1928

Crossing boundaries: Selected writings

Combining HVAC energy conservation measures to achieve energy savings over standard requirements

Synchronized system for Design for X guidelines over the WWW

Children's Book Update for 2010-2011

Liver: structure and function

Field guide to the freshwater fishes of Australia

Are you ready for mobile learning

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Embodied selves: an anthology of psychological texts 1830-1890

Friendly Mission: The Tasmanian Journals and Papers of George Augustus Robinson, 1829-1834 [Book Review

Accounting for the management of the River Tyne in the 19th century

Una Luz Que Llego Para Quedarse: Comienzos del Alumbrado Electrico y su Introduccion en Cuba

The common sense book of baby and child care

TAM or just plain habit: A look at experienced online shoppers

Captain Underpants Is My Hero: Things Have Changed—or Have They

The development and evaluation of a small ready-reference library collection for a rural practice: a case study

Rubens´ s Triumphal Chariot of Kallo. Ancient Triumph and Antwerp festive tradition

Can History Be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past

Manliness and Friendship in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Academic writing for graduate students: Essential tasks and skills

The form and function of the opening and closing paragraphs of James and I John

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

A book reading intervention with preschool children who have limited vocabularies: The benefits of regular reading and dialogic reading

How to teach English

A Treasury of the Great Children's Book Illustrators

The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales

Greyhound Days

Historisches Deutsches Vornamenbuch

Fixed expressions in English: reference books and the teacher

Climbing Ayers Rock: relating visitor motivation, time perception and enjoyment

Role of the Atlas Mountains (northwest Africa) within the African-Eurasian plate-boundary zone

Making the Impossible Possible: An Interview with Nalo Hopkinson

The Military Ethics of General William T. Sherman: A Reassessment

The Treatment of Pneumococcic Meningitis with Penicillin. A Study of 125 Consecutive Cases, with 73% Recovery

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism: Its Fundamentals and History

Lignification in wounded wheat leaves in response to fungi and its possible role in resistance

The damping characteristics of certain steels, cast irons and other metals

Fan fiction online: Engagement, critical response and affective play through writing

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Valuing environmental and natural resources: the econometrics of non-market valuation

Jean Harlow

Volatile and sensory profiling of cocktail bitters

Sexual behaviour in context: a global perspective

The Peace Processes of Colombia and El Salvador: A Comparative Study

Invitations: Changing as teachers and learners K-12

The Nicaraguan revolution in health: from Somoza to the Sandinistas

Identifying crop plants with phytoliths (and starch grains) in Central and South America: a review and an update of the evidence

Knowledge gaps in scientific literature on maternal mortality: a systematic review

Using the school environment to promote physical activity and healthy eating

Old furnace artist residency: Art is a conjunction

Branches without roots: Genesis of the black working class in the American South, 1862-1882

Freedom and the slave landscape

The FBI: past, present, and future

The Honorable William F. Clinger, Jr. _ g

Third Progress Report on Presidents Water Policy Initiatives, May 9, 1979

複雜衝突環境中的文化構件: 知識, 覺知, 與感受

Collaboration, integration and change in children's services: Critical issues and key ingredients

The Twin Sisters in the Family of Fiction: Pirandellian Praxis and the Dramatic Narratives of

Prediction of hourly solar radiation using a novel hybrid model of ARMA and TDNN

History and reality of Chinese spices

God's Traitors: Terror & Faith in Elizabethan England by Jessie Childs

Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America. By Bradford W. Wright. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001. xxii, 336 pp. $34.95

Nurlu songs of the west Kimberleys

Analysing the impact of usability on software design

The 1965 Indonesian Killing Discourse by Generation 2000 Writers

Sayaw Filipino: A Study of contrasting representations of Philippine culture by the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group and the Bayanihan Philippine National Folkdance

Synchronic analysis of tagalog phonemes

Meat products and consumption culture in the East

Relationship between Ingredients and Cooking Methods in Menus from Your Regional Menu Guide of the Philippines

Economic analysis of environmental benefits of integrated pest management: a Philippine case study

Virtual Lab: A virtual machine management system

Future impact of nanotechnology on medicine and dentistry

Revolutions in mathematics

The management of distributed projects across cultures

Fuel cells for portable applications

Footemineite, the Mn-analog of atencioite, from the Foote mine, Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA, and its relationship with other roscherite

An unusual long-tailed pterosaur with elongated neck from western Liaoning of China

Psychopathic traits and experimentally induced deception in self-report assessment

Jacob Little Augie Orgen

Homer Meets the Coen Brothers: Memory as Artistic Pastiche in O Brother, Where Art Thou

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Hello, ruel world

Controversies in second language writing: Dilemmas and decisions in research and instruction

Parent-child joint book reading: An observational protocol for young children

The third wave

American Indian Intermarriage

Urban-rural relationships in India: A macro-scale approach using population potentials

Political agency, government responsiveness and the role of the media

Political agency, government responsiveness and the role of the media

Inventory of aerosol and sulphur dioxide emissions from India. Part II—biomass combustion

In search of factors responsible for noncompliance among tuberculosis patients in Wardha District, India

Urban sprawl: metrics, dynamics and modelling using GIS

Population and development: a survey

Population and development: a survey

Population and development: a survey

A new kind of science

Excusing crime

Superhero history: Using comic books to teach US history

The game localization handbook

A comparison of Chinese and the US police cadets' occupational attitudes


Survey review: Graded readers

Afro-regions: The dynamics of cross-border micro-regionalism in Africa

Analysis of cancer metabolism by imaging hyperpolarized nuclei: prospects for translation to clinical research

Il populismo

Mating systems, philopatry and dispersal in birds and mammals

Linking landscape and health: The recurring theme

Adaptations of traditional furniture in the contemporary home: 1959-1969

Predictors of addiction treatment providers' beliefs in the disease and choice models of addiction

An analysis of and performance guide to Lou Harrison's Suite for Piano and Kenneth Leighton's Six Studies: Study-Variations Op. 56


A War Unimagined: Food and the rank and file soldier of the First World War

Mode of action of herbicides

Organization of arts and entertainment industries

Public and private sector interests in e-government: a look at the DOE's PubSCIENCE

E-books in academic libraries: Challenges for acquisition and collection management

Sustaining creativity in the creative archetype: The case of Austin, Texas

Discontinuous control systems: State of art in theory and applications

Collective Religious Autonomy under the European Convention on Human Rights: the UK Jewish Free School Case in International Perspective

Civil Liberties and the Making of Iran's First Constitution

Refugee health: an approach to emergency situations

From emergency relief assistance to human development and back: UNRWA and the Palestinian refugees, 1950-2009

Mental health consequences of war: a brief review of research findings

Forced displacement: illusion and reality

Brutal games: Call of duty and the cultural narrative of World War II

How Robert Parker's 90+ and Ann Noble's Aroma Wheel Changed the Discourse of Wine Tasting Notes

Oil markets and prices: the Brent market and the formation of world oil prices

Education accountability as a presidential priority: No Child Left Behind and the Bush presidency

Knowledge goes pop: From conspiracy theory to gossip

The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy bibliotherapy for enhancing the psychological health of Japanese college students living abroad

The Five Power Defence Arrangements: Southeast Asia's Unknown Regional Security Organization

Modern social imaginaries

The Greatest Threat: Spiritual Decay

New Actors, Democracy, and Challenges Face Central America on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century

Red Storm Rising: Tom Clancy Novels and the Cult of National Security

John A. MacMillan: Pioneer Missionary of Spiritual Warfare and the Believer's Authority

Regaining a Prophetic Voice for the Church Today Training Leaders to Impact Postmodern Culture

Traditional medicine and health care coverage: a reader for health administrators and practitioners

Injuries of the ankle

F. Scott Fitzgerald and his contemporaries

Latino new urbanism: building on cultural preferences

Book Review: Representing the Elderly Client: Law and Practice

A model for difference: understanding competition and diversity in Greek television programming

Crowdfunding and independent screen content production in Australia: A direct economic relationship between producer and audience

From subsidizer to regulator—the changing role of Korean government

Body and character in Luke and Acts: The subversion of physiognomy in early Christianity

Instrumental methods of analysis

Cryochemistry of animal tissue: Biochemical changes in poultry muscle during freezing and storage

Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy. 2

Audible entanglements: Nation and diasporas in Trinidad's calypso music scene

DOBLINGER Wien-München

Doppelbegabung im Expressionismus-zur Beziehung von Kunst und Literatur bei Oskar Kokoschka und Ludwig Meidner

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: a tercentenary assessment

Screening for antifungal activity of essential oils and related compounds to control the biocontamination in libraries and archives storage areas

Systematic embryology of the angiosperms

Alexander Dugin: geopolitics and neo-fascism in post-Soviet Russia

Typical errors of Westerners

The resurgence of China and India: Collaboration or competition

Biomineralization of metal-containing ores and concentrates

Iris exiled: A synoptic history of wonder

Oh, Brother!: The Fraternity of Rhetoric and Philosophy in Plato's Gorgias

Episteme, etc.: essays in honour of Jonathan Barnes

The collected dialogues of Plato

Oeconomicus: A Social and Historical Commentary, with a New English Translation

Railroads and American economic growth: essays in econometric history

Negotiating the urban terrain: representations of the city of Glasgow in the visual arts

The cognitive revolution: a historical perspective

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Writing scientific papers in English. An ELSE-Ciba Foundation guide for authors

Information technology, workplace organization, and the demand for skilled labor: Firm-level evidence

Kodak's Worst Nightmare Super 8 In The Digital Age: A Cultural History Of Super 8 Filmmaking In Australia 1965-2003

Children's wonder-initiated phenomenological research: A rural primary school case study

Characterization of isolated ventricular myocytes from adult zebrafish (Danio rerio

Hybrid tabu search hopfield recurrent ann fuzzy technique to the production planning problems: a case study of crude oil in refinery industry

Cynodon dactylon and Sida acuta extracts impact on the function of the cardiovascular system in zebrafish embryos

Transtensional deformation in the Lake Tahoe region, California and Nevada, USA

The Frontier of Leisure in California and the Shaping of Modern America

Natural links: naturalistic golf courses as wildlife habitat

Golf courses and country clubs: a guide to appraisal, market analysis, development, and financing

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The conceptual framework of psychology

Finitely generated ideals in certain function algebras

Heroes and hero cults in Latin America

La verdad asediada. Discursos de y para el poder. Escritura, institucionalización y élites indígenas sur andinas. Charcas. Siglo XVI

New World Postcolonial: The Political Thought of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega

Late Paleozoic-Early Triassic magmatic activity of Argentina and the significance of new Rb Sr ages from northern Patagonia

The Incas

Los senderos de la idolatría: el viaje de Vázquez de Espinosa por los altos de Arica, 1618

Collecting rent: political culture and oil and gas fiscal policy in Alberta, Canada and Norway

American impressionism

The English People. George Orwell

Frida Kahlo

Paintings and drawings in Willa Cather's prose: a catalogue raisonne

Balancing Congressional Needs for Classified Information: A Case Study of the Strategic Defense initiative

The Dictator and the Mafia: How Rafael Trujillo Partnered with US Criminals to Extend His Power

Defense Acquisition: Observations Two Years After the Packard Commission. Volume 2. Background Papers

A qualitative study of 369 child welfare professionals' perspectives about factors contributing to employee retention and turnover

Assessing empirical research in managerial accounting: a value-based management perspective

Slug Needs a Hug

Leadership development:: A review in context

Heutagogy and lifelong learning: A review of heutagogical practice and self-determined learning

NATO and the Korean War: a Context

Highland and other haunts: Ghosts in Scottish tourism

Witchcraft continued: Popular magic in modern Europe

Confidantes or Competitors? Women, Priests, and Conflict in Post-Famine Ireland

A Deed Without a Name. The Witch in Society and History

The finds of papyri: the archaeology of papyrology

Witchcraft continued: Popular magic in modern Europe

Rising use of synthetic mesh in transvaginal pelvic reconstructive surgery: a review of the risk of vaginal erosion

Anatomy of the lymphatics

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

His and hers: male and female anatomy in anatomy texts for US medical students, 1890-1989

Influence of Failure Probability Due to Parameter and Anchor Variance of a Freeway Dip Slope Slide—A Case Study in Taiwan

Psalms 2: A commentary on Psalms 51-100

Mapping Numinous Ground

Morphodynamic responses to the deep water harbor development in the Caofeidian sea area, China's Bohai Bay

Fluid-Dynamic Lift, Practical Information on Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Lift

Upper elementary students creatively learn scientific features of animal skulls by making movable books

Manufacturing engineering and technology

The Internet Book of Life: Use the Web to Grow Richer, Smarter, Healthier, and Happier

Role of aberrant HLA-DR expression and antigen presentation in induction of endocrine autoimmunity

Clinical and genetical studies of hypodontia. I. Premolar aplasia, hyperhidrosis, and canities prematura; a new hereditary syndrome in man

Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics

Discontinous constituents in generalized categorial grammar

Manual of quantitative genetics

Workplace risk and protective factors for gambling problems among gambling industry employees

Distinguishing verbal, quantitative, and figural facets of fluid intelligence in young students

Dumb money: Mutual fund flows and the cross-section of stock returns

Spectral housing and urban cleansing: notes on millennial Mumbai

Team competition and the public goods game

Financial literacy: an essential tool for informed consumer choice

Redefining the Way Theatre is Created and Performed: The Radical Inclusion of Suzan-Lori Parks's 365 Days/365 Plays

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Fashion: the key concepts

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Predicted fire behavior in selected mountain pine beetle-infested lodgepole pine

Beryllium, cadmium, mercury, and exposures in the glass manufacturing industry

Formation of deep incisions into tide-dominated river deltas: implications for the stratigraphy of the Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah, USA

Sensitization and kindling perspectives for the course of affective illness: toward a new treatment with the anticonvulsant carbamazepine

Pornographication: A discourse for all seasons

Cultural studies and critical theory

Aspectes i innovacions pedagògics de Port Royal: la logique ou l'art de penser i la grammaire générale et raisonnée

The Babee's Book, or a «lytyl reporte» of how young people should behave (1475). Petit traité éducatif médiéval anglais des manières de table et autres

Paradigms for their sex? Women's grammars in late eighteenth-century England

Educational systems and labour markets as determinants of worklife mobility in France and West Germany: a comparison of men's career mobility, 1965-1970

An alternative model for professional development: Investigations into effective collaboration

De la grammaire anglaise baladodiffusée au portfolio grammatical électronique: vers de nouvelles pratiques adaptées à l'ère du numérique

Handbook of pharmaceutical salts: properties, selection and use

Conditions under which assessment supports students' learning

Language students as letter writers

Abbott and Costello. Louise Brooks. Gary Cooper. Laurel & Hardy. The Marx Brothers. Marlene Dietric. Humphrey Bogart. Veronica Lake. Rita Hayworth

DNA microarray analysis of human gingival fibroblasts from healthy and inflammatory gingival tissues

Lentiviral vectors: regulated gene expression


Evolution of education: From weak signals to rich imaginaries of educational futures

The mythological unconscious

Australian laboratory handbook of soil and water chemical methods

The science of entomology

Insect pests of farm, garden, and orchard

Field guide to forest insects and diseases of the prairie provinces. (softcover

A bidirectional origin of replication maps to the major noncoding region of human mitochondrial DNA

Price and volatility spillovers in Scandinavian stock markets

Correlates of self-rated successful aging among community-dwelling older adults

Entrepreneurial motivation

Effect of verbal routine contexts and expansions on gains in the mean length of utterance in children with developmental delays

An Examination of the Prosperity Gospel: A Plea for Return to Biblical Truth

A Strategic Spiritual Formation Study Based on the Book of Malachi

The tithe of plant disease

Rhetorical criticism

Baler Twine: thoughts on ravens, home, and nature poetry

Roots & Routes: A re-imagining of refugee identity constructions and the implications for schooling

A Voice Shouting in the Wilderness

Judging a business by its cover: An institutional perspective on new ventures and the business plan

An Exploratory Study to Develop Korean Food and Wine Pairing Criteria

Effects of a Nutrition Education Program Using Childrens Books on Elementary School StudentsFood Preferences and Eating Behavior

Reduction of aflatoxin B1 contamination in wheat by various cooking treatments

The Shadow of a Dream: Economic Life and Death in the South Carolina Low Country 1670-1920

Preserving and exhibiting media art

Why mammals are called mammals: gender politics in eighteenth-century natural history

The origin of recently established red fox populations in the United States: translocations or natural range expansions

Financing decisions: who issues stock

Planet of the Felinoids [Book Review

Feasts and riot: revelry, rebellion, and popular consciousness on the Swahili Coast, 1856-1888

Avengers of blood

Territorial sovereignty issues in maritime disputes: a jurisdictional dilemma for Law of the Sea tribunals

A generalization of the beta distribution with applications

A new garden, her hair supplanted, and: Plain Song, and: 101 memories of midnight miracles

Effects of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea on the lymphoid tissues and skin allograft response of Xenopus laevis

Constitutional Futures: A history of the next ten years

eBird: engaging birders in science and conservation

Second supplement to a catalogue of Australasian bird sound

Fats Waller

INT. EPPES HOUSE-LIVING ROOM-NIGHT Star authors and stellated polyhedra

Fables of responsibility: Aberrations and predicaments in ethics and politics

Videosonde observation of torrential rain during Baiu season

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Czech Nationalism in Music: A Study of Smetana's Czech Dances, Book 2 for Piano

When King Arthur is PG 13

Putting Hands Around the Flame: Reclaiming the radical tradition in state education

Determinants of economic growth: a cross-country empirical study

Breeds of Empire: The'Invention'of the Horse in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa 1500-1950

Modest proposals for improving traditional Chinese herbology education

Chinese Buddhism in the United States

Modelling fluctuating populations: reprint of first Edition (1982

Introduction to Fourier optics


Equations with unbounded delay: a survey

Introduction to ordinary differential equations with Mathematica: an integrated multimedia approach

The experience of self-discovery and mental change in female novice athletes in connection to marathon running

Landscapes and Traditions of Marathoning in the USA, 2000-2008

The experience of self-discovery and mental change in female novice athletes in connection to marathon running

New Clinic, New Year


Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone diets for weight loss and heart disease risk reduction: a randomized trial

Switching Tracks: The Place of Railroads in an Era of Economic and Environmental Reform, 1966-80

Modification of geometric models through variational geometry

Qualitative research methods in human geography

Geographical imaginations

The British population: patterns trends and processes

Mapping global cities: GIS methods in urban analysis

Inventing medieval landscapes: senses of place in Western Europe

Families, households and society

People look at us, the way we dress, and they think we're gangsters': bonds, bridges, gangs and refugees: a qualitative study of inter-cultural social capital in Glasgow


Ecological imaginations in Latin American fiction

Peter Konecny. Builders and Deserters: Students, State, and Community in Leningrad, 1917-1941. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999. Pp

To gesture or not to gesture in dog training

Microangiography of the humeral condyle in cocker spaniel and non-cocker spaniel dogs

An Osteological Analysis of 18th Century Dog Burials at the Williamsburg Public Amoury

Eros unveiled: Plato and the God of love

Racism, Oligarchy and Contentious Politics in Bermuda

Mismatched metaphor: user vs system moeel in computer-aided drafting

Digital fabrication in architecture

Digital fabrication in architecture

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Women physicians: choosing a career in academic medicine

Judging a book by it's cover: the relationship between service and safety quality in US national and regional airlines

The impact of 9/11 on business and economics: the business of terror: the day that changed everything

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Critical commentary: Social work ethics

Children's consent to surgery

What disability studies can do for children's literature

Patent pools and the direction of innovation-evidence from the 19th-century sewing machine industry

Web sites of the Fortune 500 companies: facing customers through home pages

Studying the American Indian through government documents and the National Archives

A hero on the sidelines: the role of a morally ambivalent supporting character in young adult fantasy series

Dragon-Carving and the Literary Mind

The blue revolution: land use and integrated water resources management

Perceived socioeconomic status: a new type of identity that influences adolescents' self-rated health

Rebelling against the brain: Public engagement with the 'neurological adolescent

Maternal knowledge of child development and quality of parenting among White, African-American and Hispanic mothers

Hess: The Missing Years

The Moral Imagination: From Edmund Burke to Lionel Trilling

Obesity and the risk of myocardial infarction in 27 000 participants from 52 countries: a case-control study

Burying the Black Sox: How Baseball's Cover-Up of the World Series Fix Almost Succeeded

The corporation that changed the world: how the East India Company shaped the modern multinational

A study of homographs

Les squatters de la rivière Gatineau entre 1812 et 1870

Reading capital politically

A Description of the Ten Southeastern Conference Marching Band Programs

Military Ethnomusicology: Understanding the Positive Impact of Music on the United States Military within the American Society

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: Echoes of the Bible and Book of Common Prayer

Notes toward a Definition of Romantic Nationalism

A Wind-Band in Cork in the first decade of the 1800s

America's Patriotic Hymnal-Sweet Land of Liberty, Fruited Plains, and The Coming of the Lord

A Study of Security Protocols for Wireless Local Area Network

Virtual Private Networks

Smart card based secure password authentication scheme

Rebuilding health systems to improve health and promote statebuilding in post-conflict countries: a theoretical framework and research agenda

The service organization: Human resources management is crucial

International encyclopedia of public policy and administration

Handfuls of heroes on desperate ventures: When do Special Operations succeed

Canale, Fernando. Creación, evolución y teología: Una introducción a los métodos científico y teológico. Libertador San Martín, Entre Ríos: Editorial

Cognitive and contextual factors in the emergence of diverse belief systems: Creation versus evolution

Towards a unified taxonomy and architecture of cloud frameworks

From social inequality to personal entitlement: The role of social comparisons, legitimacy appraisals, and group membership

Dion Fortune and her Inner Plane Contacts: Intermediaries in the Western Esoteric Tradition

What CS Lewis Took from E. Nesbit

Sexual Economics, Chaucer's Wife of Bath, and The Book of Margery Kempe

Healing Power of Sound

Consciousness beyond life

Comfort, cleanliness and convenience: The social organization of normality (New Technologies/New Cultures

Les amours romanesques de la fin des guerres de religion au temps de l'Astrée (1585-1628): fictions narratives et représentations culturelles

A Serious Talk

The role of ethology in round pen horse training—A review

Ventilation rates in schools and pupils' performance

Poisoning. Toxicology, symptoms, treatments

The market for genetically modified foods: consumer characteristics and policy implications

Microsystems in health care: Part 1. Learning from high-performing front-line clinical units

Teaching English Spelling: A Practical Guide

French regional planning

For better or worse: Exploring multiple dimensions of place meaning

Doctors, drug companies, and gifts

New age'healing in the US

The management of abnormalities of hemostasis in acute liver failure

Iatrogenic vertebral artery injury during anterior cervical spine surgery

Dépistage du cancer du sein: quelle imagerie pour quelles femmes

Work-life balance policy and practice: Understanding line manager attitudes and behaviors

Here for good: Western Europes new ethnic minorities

Reputation: Realizing value from the corporate image

Existentialism: A reconstruction

Talent management and HRM in multinational companies in Beijing: Definitions, differences and drivers

Hammer or crescent wrench? Stone-tool form and function in the Aurignacian of southwest Germany

The revolution that wasn't: a new interpretation of the origin of modern human behavior

Polarization transfer and spin correlation experiments in nuclear physics

Managing the flow of technology: Technology transfer and the dissemination of technological information within the R&D organization

Imagining Woodrow Wilson in Asia: Dreams of east-west harmony and the revolt against empire in 1919

No Noose Is Good News: Leadership as a Theological Problem in the Corinthian Correspondence

When'I'became ethnic: ethnogenesis and three early Puerto Rican diaspora writers

The day the dancers stayed: Expressive forms of culture in the United States

School of Theatre Arts History and Directory

The story of art

Contribution of visual art-making to the subjective well-being of women living with cancer: A qualitative study

Collage: The making of modern art

A companion to Heidegger's Phenomenology of religious life

What is appropriate practice at home and in child care?: Low-income mothers' views on preparing their children for school

Factors that influence the decision to read: An investigation of fifth grade students' out-of-school reading habits

Diversity and critical social engagement: How changing technologies enable new modes of literacy in changing circumstances

Prescribing books for immigrant children: a pilot study to promote emergent literacy among the children of Hispanic immigrants

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Semantics for the Internet of Things: early progress and back to the future

The feeling intellect: selected writings

Bounding rationality to the world

Diversity in the determinants of food choice: A psychological perspective

Intention, plans, and practical reason

Role of schemata in memory for places

The Gospel in the Regula Benedicti

The Origin of the Leicester Codex of the New Testament. By J. Rendel Harris, MA (Camb. Univ. Press. 1887. pp. 66. 4to

Políticas de empleo y la transformación de los mercados de trabajo en México

The farm family business

Determinantes del crecimiento económico con presencia de instituciones públicas en México

Wirtschaftsgeschichte: Neue Bedeutung für ein großes Fach

Small business and entrepreneurship

Speed masters throttle up: space, time and the sacred journeys of recreational motorcyclists

The ZAPU and ZANU guerrilla warfare and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe

The formation of postcolonial theory

War posters: weapons of mass communication

Picturing Havana: History, vision, and the scramble for Cuba

The information revolution and the new public management

A Citation Analysis of the Journal of Consumer Research

Banking and commerce: An overview of the public policy issues

A quantitative assessment of the decline in the US current account

The record and improvability of economic forecasting

Optimal simple and implementable monetary and fiscal rules

Growth and trade with frictions: A structural estimation framework

Joseph Butler's moral and religious thought: tercentenary essays

Reducing energy use in US freight transport

New perspectives on the innovation strategies of multinational enterprises: lessons for technology policy in Europe

International trade and industrial upgrading in the apparel commodity chain

Instrumental methods of analysis

A chemical enhancement method for the spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of arsenic

User interfaces

Unconventional ring currents in anall-metal aromatic', Al42−

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

1987. Pp. xix, 169. Photographs. $12.98/Rooke, PT and Schnell, RL No Bleeding Heart: Charlotte Whitton-A Feminist on the Right. Vancouver: University of British

Selling disaster: how the Canadian public was informed of Dieppe

The fifties in America

The Complete Poems of James Dickey ed. by Ward Bigs

African traditional medicine: a dictionary of plant use and applications. With supplement: search system for diseases

Blessings, strength, and guidance: Prayer frames in a hospital prayer book

Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle by Douglas D. Scott and Richard A. Fox, Jr

An empirical study on consumer acceptance of products in electronic markets: a transaction cost model

Managing channels of distribution in the age of electronic commerce

Distributed leadership as a unit of analysis

Optimal planning of distribution substation locations and sizes—model and algorithm

Human neutrophils incorporate arachidonic acid and saturated fatty acids into separate molecular species of phospholipids

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Hydrogen futures: toward a sustainable energy system

Vulnerable: HMS Prince of Wales in 1941

Fixed expressions in English: reference books and the teacher

Beyond 'consent'or 'terror': Wartime crises in Nazi Germany

War and the British: Gender and National Identity, 1939-1991

Mario Borello

The Falkland islands/Islas Malvinas conflict: A question of zones

Statistical mechanics of driven diffusive systems

Kinetic roughening phenomena, stochastic growth, directed polymers and all that. Aspects of multidisciplinary statistical mechanics

Study of the relationship between fractal dimension and viscosity ratio for viscous fingering with a modified DLA model

Experimental analysis of flamelet models for premixed turbulent combustion

Phylogeography: the history and formation of species

Holotransformations of bacterial colonies and genome cybernetics

The Ethics of Storytelling: A Nation's Role in Victim/Survivor Storytelling

What Do They Read

A review of spirituality as applied to nursing

Does practice make perfect? An age-matched study on grand multiparity in Flanders, Belgium

Experiencing relational depth: self-development exercises and reflections

Zulu Zion and some Swazi Zionists

Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures

Human vulnerability and the experience of being prey

Die Rezeption der Kinder-und Jugendbuchautorin Cornelia Funke im deutschen und englischen Sprachraum

Marketing places: attracting investment, industry, and tourism to cities, states, and nations

The Risk Conversation at Board Level

Why do brands cause trouble? A dialectical theory of consumer culture and branding

Toni Morrison's A Mercy and the Counterwriting of Negative Communities: A Postnational Novel


Artists, Society, and Activism: The Federation of Canadian Artists and the Social Organization of Canadian Art

Thinking with paint: Troubling settler colonialisms through early childhood art pedagogies

Stories in Bead and Buckskin, Button and Blanket

Some diseases characteristic of modern western civilization: a possible common causative factor

Competing on the edge: Strategy as structured chaos

Positive clinical psychology: A new vision and strategy for integrated research and practice

Strategic corporate social responsibility as global brand insurance

Jonah as a Philosophical Book

Dielectric parameters relevant to microwave dielectric heating

Chemical applications of spectroscopy

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The electronic spectra of aromatic molecules II: A theoretical treatment of excited states of alternant hydrocarbon molecules based on self-consistent molecular orbitals

The Starkey project: history, facilities, and data collection methods for ungulate research

Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment

Literacy and Numeracy resources

Damage to paint coatings caused by electrolyte immersion as observed in situ by scanning electrochemical microscopy

Jazz Age Josephine

Effective Strategies for Teaching Young Children Critical Thinking Through Picture Book Reading: A Case Study in the New Zealand Context

The gifts of historical fiction

Going for a Song: The Cultural Politics of Waltzing Matilda

Reflecting a new confidence: Irish historical fiction for children

Authorship attribution

Time is broken: The return of the past in the response to September 11

Air piracy and terrorism directed against US air carriers

Iran and the United States: The emerging security paradigm in the Middle East

Why do people use information technology? A critical review of the technology acceptance model

A Failure of the Imagination: Diagnosing the Post-9/11 Novel: A Response to Richard Gray

Fathers' and mothers' book selection preferences for their four year old children abstract

Mouse genetics: concepts and applications

Fair value disclosures by bank holding companies

Linking and Matching: a survey of adoption agency practice in England and Wales

Every Newborn: progress, priorities, and potential beyond survival

Expansion and contraction of the Sahara Desert from 1980 to 1990

Near death experiences in cardiac arrest: visions of a dying brain or visions of a new science of consciousness

The influence of caregiver singing and background music on vocally expressed emotions and moods in dementia care

Receiving support when older: What makes it OK

Clinical practice guidelines from the French Health High Authority: nutritional support strategy in protein-energy malnutrition in the elderly

Brandon/Hill selected list of books and journals for the small medical library

Explicit criteria for determining inappropriate medication use in nursing home residents

The burden of disease in older people and implications for health policy and practice

Theoretical perspectives concerning positive aspects of caring for elderly persons with dementia: Stress/adaptation and existentialism

Hybrid composite laminates reinforced with glass/carbon woven fabrics for lightweight load bearing structures

Flexure of simply curved composite shapes

Are natural fiber composites environmentally superior to glass fiber reinforced composites

On the use of acoustic emission to investigate damage mechanisms in glass-fibre-reinforced polypropylene

Manufacturing engineering and technology

Colonial Latin America

Fast food, race/ethnicity, and income: a geographic analysis

Thalhimers Department Store: Story, History, and Theory

Sunday Times Books LIVE Crime Beat

Ethnolinguistic identity theory: A social psychological approach to language maintenance

Breaking the silence-politics and professional autonomy

The rise and fall of the inhibitory mechanism: Toward a unified theory of cognitive development and aging

Choice-of-court agreements under the European and international instruments: the revised Brussels I Regulation, the Lugano Convention and the Hague

The sharia, Islamic family laws and international human rights law: Examining the theory and practice of polygamy and talaq

Marrying Family Law to the Nation

Separation of singing voice from music accompaniment for monaural recordings

Using ICTs to create a culture of transparency: E-government and social media as openness and anti-corruption tools for societies

The Salting Down of Gertrude: Transgression and Preservation in Three Early German Carnival Plays

Soft Subversions: Texts and Interviews 1977--1985

Neurospora: the organism behind the molecular revolution

The anti-Oedipus papers

Desiring agency: limiting metaphors and enabling constraints in Dawkins and Deleuze/Guattari

The anti-Oedipus papers

Space, time, and perversion: Essays on the politics of bodies

of grasses at successive stages of growth with reference to their partition into crude fibre and nitrogen-free extract according to the standard method for feeding stuff

Cooking pot markets: an economic model for the trade in free goods and services on the Internet (originally published in March 1998

The historical Jesus: The life of a Mediterranean Jewish peasant

PRODUCT REVIEW-Sound Intone HD30 Folding Wire Headphones

Acupuncture and Family Therapy: A Holistic Approach

the settlements under the Honourable the East India Company, on February 6th, 1819, to the transfer of the Colonial Office as part of the colonial possessions

From travelogues to guidebooks: imagining colonial Singapore, 1819-1940

Attracting tourists to Singapore's Chinatown: A case study in conservation and promotion

Benjamin Keasberry~ Recommendations~

Searching for place identity in Singapore

Verification of a logically controlled, solids transport system using symbolic model checking

The design of reliability data bases, part I: review of standard design concepts

The world is open: How web technology is revolutionizing education

Changing policy discourses: Constructing literacy inequalities

It's your badge of inclusion: The Red Hat Society as a gendered subculture of aging

Black Aesthetics Unbound

Redefining translation competence in an electronic age. In defence of a minimalist approach

The philosophy of linguistics

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Wilde women and The yellow book: The sexual politics of aestheticism and decadence

Drowned worlds

Magmatic diversity of western Mexico as a function of metamorphic transformations in the subducted oceanic plate

Can I say 'Once upon a time'?: Kindergarten children developing knowledge of information book language

Worlds in collision: terror and the future of global order

An anthropological view of the modernist crisis

The limits of limited reforms

The virtual corporation: Structuring and revitalizing the corporation for the 21st century

The Irvine-Minnesota inventory to measure built environments: development

Web accessibility design recommendations for people with cognitive disabilities

Preoperative weight loss in high-risk superobese bariatric patients: a computed tomography-based analysis

Sociology of the Arts

The effect of extensive listening on developing L2 listening fluency: Some hard evidence

Historical fantasy, speculative realism, and postrace aesthetics in contemporary American fiction

Innovation creation by online basketball communities

Learning about language assesment: Dilemmas, decisions, and directions & new ways of classroom assessment

Innovation creation by online basketball communities

Imitative suicide on the Viennese subway

In the Company of Crazies

Estertores de una década: Josefina Ludmer y Osvaldo Lamborghini en Babel a fines de los 80

Holiness Through the Ages: An Historical Reader of Christian Writers on Holiness

George Herbert, Privative Evil, and Philip Massinger's The City Madam

Fast Talking PI, and: I Can See Fiji: Poetry and Sounds

President Bush, Biblical faith, and the politics of religion

Music database Musician Frédéric Chopin

Understanding governance: Policy networks, governance, reflexivity and accountability

Environmental impacts from the solar energy technologies

An atlas of sensitivity to tuberculin, PPD-B, and histosplasmin in the United States

The public good dilemma of a non-renewable common resource: A look at the facts of artisanal gold mining

Energy-urban transition: The Mexican case

Playing at lyric's boundaries: dreaming forward in Book Two of Horace's Sermones

Comic book guy in the classroom: the educational power and potential of graphic storytelling in library instruction

How will e-health affect patient participation in the clinic? A review of e-health studies and the current evidence for changes in the relationship between medical

Not Promising a Landfall...: An Autotopographical Account of Loss of Place, Memory and Landscape

Bell's orofacial pains: the clinical management of orofacial pain

Discovery of hepatitis E: the epidemic non-A, non-B hepatitis 30 years down the memory lane

Filipino American Lives

Making Jazz French: the reception of jazz music in Paris, 1927-1934

Country life'? Rurality, folk music and 'Show of Hands

Special Mail Routes of the American Civil War: A Guide to Across-the-lines Postal History

Continuous time dynamic topic models

An analysis of the finite element method

Cancer-related fatigue:It's so much more than just being tired

The Right to Access: Citizenship and Disability, 1950-1973

Prenatal and postnatal effects of low-level lead exposure: integrated summary of a report to the US Congress on childhood lead poisoning

Multisystem skills and interventions in school social work practice

A multimethod approach to evaluate transition into community life

The economics of books

Can History Be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past

Educational Research and Experience Design of Taiwanese Traditional Pickles' Visualization

Living well at the end of life. Adapting health care to serious chronic illness in old age

The Hunt for a Reds October: Cincinnati in 1990 by Charles F. Faber and Zachariah Webb

Detroit Tigers--A Pictorial Celebration of the Greatest Players and Moments in Tiger History, and: Hello Everybody I'm George Kell, and: The Tigers of'68: Baseball's

Building dialogic relationships through the World Wide Web

The Orders of Knighthood and the Formation of the British Honours System, 1660-1760

Book review:'rebellious and contrary': the Glasgow dockers 1853-1932

Debating partition: justifications and critiques

An abstract model for integrated intrusion detection and severity analysis for clouds

The algorithmic foundations of differential privacy

Transformations in Deuteronomistic and Biblical Historiography On» Book-Finding «and other Literary Strategies

Starting from Seed

The Child as Critic

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Conscious and unconscious perception: An approach to the relations between phenomenal experience and perceptual processes

Human factors in auditory warnings

A national survey of herbal preparation use by nurse-midwives for labor stimulation: Review of the literature and recommendations for practice1

The IO-and OI-hierarchies

Deductive databases and logic programming

Carotenoid biosynthesis in flowering plants

Mabberley's plant-book: a portable dictionary of plants, their classifications and uses

Phenotypic plasticity for plant development, function and life history

A model system for comparative research: Petunia

Calvin's Use of Metaphorical Language for God: God as Enemy and God as Mother

Red wine polyphenols influence carcinogenesis, intestinal microflora, oxidative damage and gene expression profiles of colonic mucosa in F344 rats

The record of the black dragon year


Not just racial but sexual.(Writer and Reader

Life B'long Ali Drummond: A Life in the Torres Strait [Book Review

How portraits turned their eyes upon us: visual preferences and demographic change in cultural evolution

God, nature, and the concept of miracle

Diagnosis, genetics, and management of inherited bone marrow failure syndromes

Population aging and the growth of health expenditures

The constitutionalization of the World Trade Organization: legitimacy, democracy, and community in the international trading system

Energy consumption and economic growth: the case of oil exporting countries

Toward an integrative view of strategic human resource management

Managing human resources in the European tourism and hospitality industry: a strategic approach

Grumman A-6 Intruder Airplane Videos and Airplane Pictures

Identification and distribution of races C1 and C2 of Cercospora beticola from sugarbeet

A Portrait of a Folklorist as a Young Man: A Chapter in the Urban Biography of Roger D. Abrahams

The Choral Music of Robert De Cormier

Food and Judaism

Dining In (to) the World To Come

Institutional discourse

Expanding the definition of kosher


The Didascalia Apostolorum: a mishnah for the disciples of Jesus

Becker, Dan. N wrb Nb qjxyl 'tybrohw tyrboh Nyb hawwChh rps' lC Myybro twrwqm (Arabic

Minding the Good Ground: A Theology for Church Renewal

The Structure and Individual Elements of Daniel 7

The disability paradox: high quality of life against all odds

Oedipal god: the Chinese Nezha and his Indian origins

Eastern philosophy and the rise of the Aikido movement

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Microform Reviews/Feature Review

Návrh koncepce výukového materiálu letecké angličtiny pro piloty

To die, to sleep a contrastive study of metaphors for death and dying in English and Spanish

The urban experience: Economics, society, and public policy

South African red data book-birds

Theory and practice of recursive identification

Mathematical programming for natural resource management

Survey of reliability and availability evaluation of complex networks using Monte Carlo techniques

Simultaneous design and control optimisation under uncertainty

S'mores and more: 4-H outdoor cooking and living basic skills guide

Sensory and chemical investigations on the effect of oven cooking on warmed-over flavour development in chicken meat

A Literature Review of Cooking Method in [Jusiksiui] compared with [Eumsikdimibang] and [Gyuhapchongseo

Connective and adipose tissue detection by simultaneous fluorescence and reflectance measurements with an on-line meat probe

Identification of irradiated foodstuffs: a review of the recent literature

Practical pharmacology

The next big thing: the future of diplomatic history in a global age

Book: Making Use of Guidelines in Clinical Practice

Practice-based research—Blue Highways on the NIH roadmap

Evolution of the concept of self-care and implications for nurses: a literature review

Digs and Lodging Houses: Literature, Ruins, and Survival in Postwar Britain

Exploring participant perspectives on the relationship between social change theater and social change movements: a project based upon an investigation at the San

Introducing application-level replication and naming into today's Web

The staging model: The contribution of classical theatre directors to project management in development contexts

Developing organizational memory through learning histories

Resisting the plague: the French reactionary right and Artaud's theater of cruelty

Comparison of adsorption behavior of multiple inorganic ions on kaolinite and silica in the presence of humic acid using the multitracer technique

A room temperature study of the binary lithium-silicon and the ternary lithium-chromium-silicon system for use in rechargeable lithium batteries

The production and application of metal matrix composite materials

Ultra-thin fully-depleted SOI MOSFETs: Special charge properties and coupling effects

1, 1-Organoboration of alkynylsilicon,-germanium,-tin and-lead compounds

On technology and schools: A conversation with Chris Dede

The Immortal Boilermaker: Exploring the Forgotten History of Harry Guyer Leslie

Land use policy and landscape fragmentation in an urbanizing region: Assessing the impact of zoning

It takes a garden: Cultivating citizen-subjects in organized garden projects

Implications of beak morphology for the evolutionary paleoecology of the megaherbivorous dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Park Formation (upper Campanian) of Alberta

The politics of literature

The battle at Maple Bay: the dynamics of Coast Salish political organization through oral histories

United States Air Force Academy: A Bibliography 2011-2015

Unauthorized Appropriations and Expiring Authorizations

Guam in US government publications

The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered

Eco-scam: The false prophets of ecological apocalypse

Daniel: A commentary on the book of Daniel

Ezekiel 1: A commentary on the book of the Prophet Ezekiel, chapters 1-24

Toward a Theoretical Model of Inclusive Teaching Strategies â€An Action Research in an Inclusive Elementary Class

Getting stuck or stepping back: Effects of obstacles and construal level in the negotiation of creative solutions

The environmental ethics and policy book: Philosophy, ecology, economics

Nourishing 19th century Americans: the dietary advice in cookery books

Interactional justice

Responding to the linguistic reality of mainstream classrooms

A taxonomic view of illegal transfer of technologies: A case study

Inteligência empresarial: a revolução informacional da ação competitiva

The market, competition and democracy

Prairie Passage: a route to rediscovery of the North American prairie landscape, culture and history

Clayville Rural Life Center and Museum-Publications Series I-Living History Resource List# 03: Textiles and Textile Crafts

Nodular polymyositis in rheumatoid arthritis

Motivation and engagement in English, mathematics and science high school subjects: Towards an understanding of multidimensional domain specificity

The death of an American Jewish community: A tragedy of good intentions

Schopenhauer's Encounter with Indian Thought: Representation and Will and Their Indian Parallels

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Shopping mode choice: Physical store shopping versus e-shopping

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Ruling passions: Sexual violence, reputation and the law

To know as we are known: Education as a spiritual journey

LOCAL POWER & POLITICS IN INDONESIA: Decentralisation & Democratisation

Japanese Law: Legal History and Concept of Law, Public Law and Economic Law of Japan. A Review Essay of the 16 Most Important of the More Recent Books

Being and becoming Hausa: interdisciplinary perspectives

American civil society talk

An introduction to mathematical ecology

Environmental policy analysis with limited information: principles and applications of the transfer method

Introduction to plant disease epidemiology

Category Archives

Enhancement of Egyptian soft white cheese shelf life using a novel chitosan/carboxymethyl cellulose/zinc oxide bionanocomposite film

What's on your mind? Social media monopolies and noopower

East meets West: Mounted Encounters in Early and High Mediaeval Europe

385 Printed Books Of The Fifteenth To Eighteenth Centuries, Bound With Medieval Hebrew Manuscripts In The Estense Library In Modena

Rainbow of followers' attributes in a leadership process

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Mechanisms of multiple chemical sensitivity

A sojourn in Paris 1824-25: sex and sociability in the manuscript writings of Anne Lister (1791-1840

Building resilience in pre-service teachers

Leadership: Industry needs for entry-level engineering positions

Brilliant warriors

Mixing science and politics: boycott of Israeli scientists sparks debate, dissent, and subtle unexpected effects.(Profession

Nursery outbreak of scalded-skin syndrome: scarlatiniform rash due to phage group I Staphylococcus aureus

From once upon a time to happily ever after: Tracking emotions in mail and books

A brief review of the research on husband violence: Part II: The psychological effects of husband violence on battered women and their children

Stable distributions: models for heavy-tailed data

The effects of peer teaching of infant massage on general self-efficacy and mother infant attachment among mothers in a residential rehabilitation facility for drug

Parenting advice books about child sleep: cosleeping and crying it out

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative practices and breast feeding duration in a cohort of first-time mothers in Adelaide, Australia

Nonpharmacological interventions to manage common symptoms in patients receiving mechanical ventilation

Where the wild things are: Translating picture books

Migration in the Development Studies Literature: Has it come out of its marginality

Who are the greatest living artists? The view from the auction market

NMC horizon report: 2016 higher education edition

The heritage of Giotto's geometry: art and science on the eve of the scientific revolution

The art of listening

Science and the perception of nature: British landscape art in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

Semantics for the Internet of Things: early progress and back to the future

Book Launch: Down Fell the Statue of Goliath-10th May 2017

Calypso Allusions in Naipaul's Miguel Street

Linear statistical models and related methods with applications to social research

A fast and efficient response surface approach for structural reliability problems

High Power Laser Handbook

Die periodische Fresse Deutschlands

Science and the perception of nature: British landscape art in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

Band-aid pedagogy, celebrity humanitarianism, and cosmopolitan provincialism: A critical analysis of global citizenship education

Art and mathematics: The platonic solids

Language, thought, and reality: Selected writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf

Color and meaning: practice and theory in Renaissance painting

State identity, continuity, and responsibility: The Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey and the Armenian genocide: a reply to Vahagn Avedian

Polygon of Satan: Ethnic Traumas and Conflicts in the Caucasus. By Isaenko, Anatoly

The great divergence in European wages and prices from the Middle Ages to the First World War

Recent history of fractional calculus

Aging Beijing: challenges and strategies of health care for the elderly

Group work with the aged: Selected literature

Maya E Groups: calendars, astronomy, and urbanism in the early lowlands

Medieval comic tales

Immigration and Childhood Experience in Two Contemporary Andean Jewish Novels


The Victorian Internet: The remarkable story of the telegraph and the nineteenth century's online pioneers

Robotics for assisting children with physical and cognitive disabilities

The New Jersey Historical Series. Ed. by Richard M. Huber and Wheaton J. Lane. (Princeton: D. Van Nostrand, 1964. Vol. I: New Jersey from Colony to State, 1609-1789. By Richard P. McCormick. xv + 189 pp

Age-related differences in the organization of parent-infant interactions during picture-book reading

Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli Infection in Baltimore, Maryland, and New Haven, Connecticut

Gas chromatographic—mass spectrometric studies of long chain hydroxy acids—II: The hydroxy acids and fatty acids of a 5000-year-old lacustrine sediment

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Frequency of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 gene amplification in oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas and associations with clinical features and patient

Getting away from it all: Exploring freedom in tourism

Is It a Book That You Would Even Wish Your Wife or Your Servants to Read? Obscenity Law and the Politics of Reading in Modern England

Heteronormative Heroism and Queering the School Story in JK Rowling's Harry Potter Series

Reading logs: An application of reader-response theory in ELT

Capital city or spiritual center? The politics of architecture in post-1967 Jerusalem

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Joint Stock: From Colorless Company to Company of Color

Making sense of statistics in healthcare. Anna Hart.(170 pages,£ 19.95.) Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd, 2001. ISBN 1-85775-472-7

Notes towards an archive of Australian feminist activism

Introduction to Thomas Mann, On the German Republic

The singular experience of the Peirce biographer

Max Weber and Thomas Mann: Calling and the shaping of the self

Max Weber and Thomas Mann: Calling and the shaping of the self

Hydrogen's role in an uncertain energy future

Managing the Chinese environment

Phylogeography: the history and formation of species

The US presumption of quick, costless wars

The role of foreign direct investment in the development of tourism in post-communist Hungary

Ability of bed bug-detecting canines to locate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Clear as Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans, by Robert B. Olshansky and Laurie A. Johnson

A Letter Is a Joy of Earth: Emily Dickinson's Letters and Victorian Epistolary Conventions

On ethics and economics

Crowds and leisure: Thinking comparatively across the 20th century

Fast and accurate numerical method for predicting gas chromatography retention time

Recreation planning for mountain resort communities

Managing gardens for visitors in Great Britain: a story of continuity and change

Problems in Apartment Accessibility: The Rio de Janeiro Building Code

A review of Cuban herpetology

Do vertebral-line patterns in two horned lizards (Phrynosoma spp.) mimic plant-stem shadows and stem litter

Criterios políticos en La Habana durante la coyuntura entre 1807 y 1809: el papel del Marqués de Someruelos. Political criteria in Havana during the situation

The Passion of Tiger Woods: An Anthropologist Reports on Golf, Race, and Celebrity Scandal by Orin Starn

Protocell architecture: architectural design

What's New in Children's Books: Sizzling Summer Reading

Hey chico! The Latin identity in major league baseball

State of the field: Sports history and the cultural turn

Today Has Been A Historical One: Harry S Truman's Diary of the Potsdam Conference

Sympathetic listening in Frederick Douglass's The Heroic Slave and my bondage and my freedom

Understanding print: Early reading development and the contributions of home literacy experiences

Toward an understanding of the Metropolis: II. The assignment of activities to areas in urban regions

Collective intelligence: creating a prosperous world at peace

Gender differences among contributing leadership development resources

We Are One Life, But Not of One Gender Ideology: Unity, Ambiguity, and the Promise Keepers

Fitness differences among remnant populations of the endangered Sonoran topminnow

The haunted house of memory in the fiction of Stephen King

Recent advances in intergroup contact theory

Not breaking the rules. Not playing the game. International assistance to countries at war

Northern lights: the age of Scottish lighthouses

Managing the Royal Road: The London & South Western Railway 1870-1911

The influence of river discharge on tidal damping in alluvial estuaries

The colors of investors' money: The role of institutional investors around the world

An Analysis of the Role of the Textbook in the Construction of Accounting Knowledge

Translating Technology in Japan's Meiji Enlightenment, 1870-1879

Introducing Irreligious Experiences

Did Dublin's Ben Lang Ever Die?: On the revival of rhyming slang in modern Dublinese

Crime Fiction's Dublin: Reconstructing Reality in Novels by Dermot Bolger, Gene Kerrigan, and Tana French

Pengembangan E-Book Berbasis Flash Kvisoft Flipbook Pada Materi Kinematika Gerak Lurus Sebagai Sarana Belajar Siswa Sma Kelas X

Evolution of World Cup soccer final games 1966-2010: Game structure, speed and play patterns

Social Media Blogs-to-Books: Changes in Content and the Editorial Process

Assessment of principals' supervisory roles for quality assurance in secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria

Female superintendents and the professional victim syndrome: Preparing current and aspiring superintendents to cope and succeed

Marketing for nonprofit organizations

I Corinthians Commentary: Exegetical Tradition

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

What Do We Mean By Salafī? Connecting Muḥammad ʿAbduh with Egypt's Nūr Party in Islam's Contemporary Intellectual History

Pro-Israel Interest Groups and the Formulation of US Foreign Policy for the Middle East

Expulsion of the Palestinians: the concept of transfer in Zionist political thought

The 'China model'and the global crisis: from Friedrich List to a Chinese mode of governance

Diagnosis and management of rhinitis: complete guidelines of the Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

AACN essentials of critical care nursing pocket handbook

Product-services as a research field: past, present and future. Reflections from a decade of research

Food service in institutions

Research and development in hospitality accounting and financial management

Hospitality management accounting: current problems and future opportunities

Using the school environment to promote physical activity and healthy eating

Hospitality and travel marketing

The stratigraphical potential of blattodean insects from the late Carboniferous of southern Britain

The development of the cultural landscape around Diss Mere, Norfolk, UK, during the past 7000 years

Dealing with radon emissions in respect of new development: evaluation of mapping and site investigation methods for targeting areas where new

Temporal difference learning of backgammon strategy

Programming backgammon using self-teaching neural nets

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Milestones in Anglo-American Comics

Assisting people with multiple disabilities and minimal motor behavior to improve computer pointing efficiency through a mouse wheel

Thou didst betray me to a lingring book: Discovering Affliction in The Temple

Spitten image: Etymythology and fluid dynamics

Successful outcomes of a novel endoscopic treatment for GI tumors: endoscopic submucosal dissection with a mixture of high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid

Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the social determinants of health

Financial Accounting: An Introduction 3e

The influence of globalization on taxes and social policy: An empirical analysis for OECD countries

The global flat tax revolution: Lessons for policy makers

Canada's creeping economic apartheid

Luke 1: A commentary on the Gospel of Luke 1: 1-9: 50

James Krüss. Insulaner und Weltbürger

The Lotus Lovers: The Complete History of the Curious Erotic Custom of Footbinding in China

The role of context in mother-child interactions: An analysis of communicative intents expressed during toy play and book reading with 12-month-olds

Congressional Involvement and Relations

Congressional Involvement and Relations: A Guide for Department of Defense Acquisition Managers

An empirical analysis of risk components and performance on software projects

A new framework for determining critical success/failure factors in projects

Towards a conceptual reference model for project management information systems

Humor and work

Fables de La Fontaine, Tome I

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand and other animals of the Mesozoic Era

Using Young Hoosier Book Award winners to teach language arts: a curricular guide for elementary teachers: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Peru: Society and nationhood in the Andes

Managing the flow of technology: Technology transfer and the dissemination of technological information within the R&D organization

Relays in Rebellion: The Power in Lilian Ngoyi and Fannie Lou Hamer

Spatial variation of biologically available strontium isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) in an archipelagic setting: a case study from the Caribbean

Why decorate a pot? Midwestern household pottery, 200 BC-AD 600

Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago: revised edition

The London Urban Jungle & Empire

Error-control techniques for digital communication

Principles of digital and analog communications

Error-control techniques for digital communication

Digital and analog communication systems

Optimal energy growth lower bounds for a class of solutions to the vectorial Allen-Cahn equation

Non-classical symmetry and Riemann invariants

Into thin air: extreme ultrasound on Mt Everest

On the limits of liberal peace: Chiefs and democratic decentralization in post-war Sierra Leone

J. Leslie Mitchell/Lewis Grassic Gibbon and Exploration

Mercenaries of democracy: The 'Politricks' of remobilized combatants in the 2007 general elections, Sierra Leone

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

A revision of the sea snakes of subfamily Hydrophiinae. 1. Tribe Disteirini nov.(Serpentes: Hydrophiidae

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Mining and exploitation of natural mineral deposits by the desert tortoise, Gopherus agassizii

Snakes in the garden: an analysis of reptiles rescued by community-based wildlife carers

Inter-organizational controls and organizational competencies: episodes around target cost management/functional analysis and open book accounting

Behold Adam: A Reading of John 19: 5

Inscribed in the Book of the Living: Gospel of Truth and Jewish Christology

The Markan Community, Myth or Maze? Bauckham's The Gospel for All Christians Revisited

The ambiguity of Judas: On the mythicity of a new testament figure

Toward a model of business-to-business marketing communications effects

Data Quality Problems in Army Logistics, Classification, Examples, and Solutions

Issues on liberalization of air cargo services in international aviation

Magical Growth and Moral Lessons; or, How the Conduct Book Informed Victorian and Edwardian Children's Fantasy

The cassava transformation: Africas bestkept secret

Always Someone to Kill the Doves: A Life of Sheila Watson

Linear statistical models and related methods with applications to social research

Applied multivariate statistical analysis

Linear statistical models and related methods with applications to social research

Generalized linear models for insurance data

Methodology for genetic studies of twins and families

Nonlinear regression analysis and its applications

Nonlinear regression analysis and its applications

Statistical inference on variance components

The Hansel and Gretel syndrome: Survivorship fantasies and parental desertion

Curriculum connections: Linking literature and math

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Brandon/Hill selected list of print nursing books and journals

A review and a framework of handheld computer adoption in healthcare

A look at nursing informatics

Recommendations for urine drug monitoring as a component of opioid therapy in the treatment of chronic pain

Child and adolescent mental health worldwide: evidence for action

Recent business English publications

Drama education: A touch of the creative mind and communicative-expressive ability of elementary school children in Hong Kong

Performance measurement in construction logistics

Relationship-based approach to leadership: Development of leader-member exchange (LMX) theory of leadership over 25 years: Applying a multi-level multi-domain

Mabberley's plant-book: a portable dictionary of plants, their classifications and uses

Beyond Anti-Corruptionism: Sociological Imagination and Comparative Study of Corruption

Hydropolitics of the Nile valley

Design and implementation of multi-rate data exchange system for radar signal processing

On compressive sensing applied to radar

Bibliography of In-House and Contract Reports. Supplement 17

Constraining 3-D electrical resistance tomography with GPR reflection data for improved aquifer characterization

The True History of My Brother Tom's Dog: A Lost Autobiographical Tale by Catharine Parr Traill


The book of opposites: the role of the nuclear receptor co-regulators in the suppression of epidermal genes by retinoic acid and thyroid hormone receptors

How languages are learned

Toward a new paradigm

The frontiers of influence: NGO lobbying at the 1974 World Food Conference, the 1992 Earth Summit and beyond

Reforming the health sector in developing countries: the central role of policy analysis

The determinants of capital structure: evidence from the Asia Pacific region

The role of budgets in organizations facing strategic change: an exploratory study

The oligopoly of academic publishers in the digital era

Myth, Fairy Tale, Epic, and Romance: Narrative as Re-Vision in Linden Hills


Family perceptions of care in a nursing home

Can I say 'Once upon a time'?: Kindergarten children developing knowledge of information book language

Can parents choose the best schools for their children

Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals in allied health

Ghosts in the Machine

A History of the Kitchen Garden

Past, Present, and Future Perspectives of Small Ruminant Dairy Research1

The Private Lives of Systems: Rukeyser, Hayden, Middle Passage

English book clubs and their role in social history

Toward a landscape ecological aesthetic: methodologies for designers and planners

Travel agents as facilitators or inhibitors of travel: perceptions of people with disabilities

Random data analysis and measurement procedures

Female clergy as agents of religious change

Accommodation and resistance in religious fiction: Family structures and gender roles

The barrier and the stained-glass ceiling. Analyzing female careers in religious organizations

Authentic leadership development: Getting to the root of positive forms of leadership

Music as mood regulation in adolescence

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Caught in crossfire

Essays in self-criticism

Political power and the emergence of literature: Christian Jouhaud's age of Richelieu

To Use or Not to Use... The Intellectual Historian and the Isms: A Survey and a Proposal

Occult powers and hypotheses: Cartesian natural philosophy under Louis XIV

The absolutism of Louis XIV as social collaboration

Chantrey, Westmacott and casts after the Antique


14th Century Singapore: The Temasek Paradigm

The Dvaravati gap-linking prehistory and history in early Thailand

Preserving iron gall ink objects in collections in South and Central America and the Caribbean, Part 1: Assessing Preservation needs of ink-corroded materials

Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch Plans to Construct a Fort in the Straits of Singapore, ca. 1584-1625


Mixing it up: International graduate students' social interactions with American students

Indianization from the Indian Point of View: Trade and Cultural Contacts with Southeast Asia in the Early First Millennium CE

Only human: Exploring the nature of weakness in authentic leadership

Effects of coaching on teacher use of sociocultural instructional practices

Case stories of facilitating professional development

Responding to the invisible student

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Econometrics

Professional development in a culture of inquiry: PDS teachers identify the benefits of professional learning communities

Leader behaviors and the work environment for creativity: Perceived leader support

The elusive, yet critical challenge of developing global leaders

Transpersonal psychology as a scientific field

Is there a common chemical model for life in the universe

The reanimation of the Pirandellian protagonist: from spiritual sickness to mystical consciousness

based mathematics instruction versus traditional mathematics instruction: The effect on student understanding and comprehension in an eighth grade pre-algebra

The extent of team integration within construction projects

A working definition for total quality management (TQM) researchers

Understanding the Japanese as customers, competitors, and collaborators

Comics & sequential art

Fuzzy group decision-making for facility location selection

A parameter-free analysis of the utility of money for the general population under prospect theory

Estimation and inference in econometrics

Socratic method and critical philosophy

Analysis of massless elastic chains with servo controlled joints

Academic literacy and plagiarism: Conversations with international graduate students and disciplinary professors

Feminism, capitalism, and the cunning of history

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Impeccable Governesses, Rational Dames, and Moral Mothers: Mary Wollstonecraft and the Female Tradition in Georgian Children's Books

Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn'Arabī, Gender, and Sexuality

Essay-review of Sibley and Ahlquist's' Phylogeny and Classification of Birds: A Study in Molecular Evolution

Beyond the Book project: quantitative data and collateral documents

Intention, plans, and practical reason

Sentiment and Sociability the Language of Feeling in the Eighteenth Century


Universal Emancipation: The Haitian Revolution and the Radical Enlightenment

From social integration to health: Durkheim in the new millennium☆

Intellectual impostures: postmodern philosophers' abuse of science

Size-range analysis of diesel soot with ultra-small angle X-ray scattering

The gap between Gromov-vague and Gromov-Hausdorff-vague topology

Young people as competent citizens

Image repair discourse and crisis communication

2. Godwin, Thelwall, and the Means of Progress

Secular utilitarianism: social science and the critique of religion in the thought of Jeremy Bentham

Utilitarianism and distributive justice: Jeremy Bentham and the Civil Law

The Markov-modulated Poisson process (MMPP) cookbook

The Webster-Hayne debate on the nature of the union

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Interpretation: Heritage Revealed

Fire history from soil charcoal in a mixed hardwood forest on the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, USA

Developing Cultural Criminology: Theory & Practice in Papua New Guinea

On matching programmers' chunks with program structures: An empirical investigation

A framework and methodology for studying the causes of software errors in programming systems

Flow-based programming

Jean Sammet: Programming Language Contributor and Historian, and ACM President

What every programmer should know about object-oriented design

Delivery of peptide and protein drugs over the blood-brain barrier

Lipophilicity and biomimetic properties measured by HPLC to support drug discovery

Dendrimer space concept for innovative nanomedicine: a futuristic vision for medicinal chemistry

Pharmaceutical profiling in drug discovery

Adverse drug reactions: definitions, diagnosis, and management

Subject Guides: Pharmaceutical Sciences & Experimental Therapeutics: E-Books

The craft reader

Green inheritance: the World Wildlife Fund book of plants

Dreams of trespass: Tales of a harem girlhood

When good defenses make good neighbours: a transaction cost approach to trust, the absence of trust distrust

Politics and power in the Gothic drama of MG Lewis

Borderlands: comparing border security in North America and Europe

The wound, the knot, and the book: Marie de France and literary traditions of love in the Lais

Psychological health challenges of the hill-tracts region for climate change in Bangladesh

Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade. Paul Erdmann Isert s Journey to Guinea and the Carribean Islands in Columbis (178

Ladakh: crossroads of high Asia

Into the maelstrom

Of Gods and Grizzlies: The Non-Aesthetic Nature and the new Kinship of Werner Herzog and Caspar David Friedrich

Fantasy, Franchises, and Frodo Baggins: The Lord of the Rings and Modern Hollywood

The limits of medicine: women's perception of medical technology

Managing threats to self: awareness in early stage Alzheimer's disease

Behavioral sciences and medical education: the case of sociology

Whose fault is it? People's own conceptions of the reasons for health inequalities

Issues in the study of professionals in organizations: The case of scientists and engineers

Palaeoenvironmental andstratigraphic aspects of animal traces and plant remains in Spanish Permian red beds (Peña Sagra, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain

Virtual Tour Guide: A New Series Provides Visitors With Battlefield Excursions Around Chickamauga

Coconstructing heritage at the Gettysburg storyscape

The secret life of pronouns

The promised land of weight loss

Militarised natural history: Tales of the avocet's return to postwar Britain


British orientalism and representations of music in the long nineteenth century ideas of music, otherness, sexuality and gender in the popular arts

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Undoing postmodern dance history

Musculoskeletal injuries and pain in dancers: a systematic review

Rethinking 'Revival'of American Ethnic Music

Introduction: the study and history of genocide

Working memory and mathematics: A review of developmental, individual difference, and cognitive approaches

Combatting corruption around the world

Executive function and the promotion of social-emotional competence

The'supercrip; in sport media: wheelchair athletes discuss hegemony's disabled hero

Poison or placebo? Evidence on the deterrent and wealth effects of modern antitakeover measures

School-age children talking about humor: Data from focus groups

Laugh and learn: 95 ways to use humor for more effective teaching and training

Laugh and learn: 95 ways to use humor for more effective teaching and training

Total antioxidant power in sled dogs supplemented with blueberries and the comparison of blood parameters associated with exercise

The encounter of Christian faith and African religion

Linked data: The story so far

Eros unveiled: Plato and the God of love

Biblical hermeneutics

Body and character in Luke and Acts: The subversion of physiognomy in early Christianity

Earliest historical records of typhoons in China

Benefit of Self and Other: The Importance of Persons and their Self-Interest in Buddhist Ethics

Daddy, Talk!: Thoughts on Reading Early Picture Books

World conqueror and world renouncer: A study of Buddhism and polity in Thailand against a historical background

Portrait of a Dalai Lama: the life and times of the Great Thirteenth

The Mansion and the Rubbish Mounds: The Thousand and One Nights in Popular Arabic Tradition

A pilot project to increase member participation and revitalization of the Coffeyville and Independence, Kansas, Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Central States

A review of the biology and ecology of the robber crab, Birgus latro (Linnaeus, 1767)(Anomura: Coenobitidae

Popular Culture: Play It Again, Pac-Man

Living Ashura in Lebanon: Mourning transformed to sacrifice

Becoming good American schools: The struggle for civic virtue in education reform

On the conceivability of artificially created enlightenment

Social work: Themes, issues and critical debates

Wisdom reconsidered, in light of the Scrolls

The Book of Ruth and the Love of the Land

Principles of Christian theology

The Lost and the Lonely: Crisis in Three Plays by Enda Walsh

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

The Metis people of St. Laurent, Manitoba: an introductory ethnology

Driving Off Into the Sunset: The California Street-Racing and Mobile-DJ Scenes

The rainbow sign of Nelson Algren

Penguin by design: a cover story 1935-2005

Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual, Chapters 1 through 4 Offprint

Humor in American, British, and German Ads

Fire investigation and ignitable liquid residue analysis—a review: 2001-2007

Graphic Change: Design Change: Magazines for the Domestic Interior, 1890-1930

Fundamentals of motor behavior

One approach for the role of rhyming dictionaries in developing children's language proficiency and the multimedia technologies

What disability studies can do for children's literature

The Making of Dreiser's Early Short Stories: The Philosopher and the Artist

Luminous Language

Developing basic mathematics skills through the use of African-American children's literature

Day 20: Gingerbread

Factors of development of book markets in Uzbekistan

Flat Cakes, Flatter Ale: Ted Morgan's MAUGHAM

The logic of intuition: How top executives make important decisions

Valuing environmental and natural resources: the econometrics of non-market valuation

Investment science

Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Economics in a Global Economy

Information and signs: The language of images

A Sociology of Tarot

Semiotics and/as Education

Health outcomes associated with antihypertensive therapies used as first-line agents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Similitude in modern pharmacology

Legal Problems of International Economic Relations: Cases Materials and Text on the National and International Regulation of Transnational Economic Relations

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Introduction: the study and history of genocide

Asbestosis and silicosis

The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century

Social and economic drivers shaping the future of biological control: a Canadian perspective on the factors affecting the development and use of microbial

Buprenorphine substitution treatment in France: drug users' views of the doctor-user relationship

A History of the English Language in 100 Places

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Translating overactive bladder questionnaires in 14 languages

The grammar book: An ESL/EFL teacher's course

El fondo francés de la Colección paremiológica (Biblioteca Histórica Municipal de Madrid

Mécanismes d'identification linguistique et jeunesse urbaine à Port-Vila (Vanuatu): une approche anthropologique

Brain changes after learning to read and play music

The role of special collections departments in humanities undergraduate and graduate teaching: A case study

Transforming future teaching through 'Carpe Diem'learning design

Towards a literary translation of the Scriptures: With special reference to a poetic rendition

The sociolinguistics of translating canonical religious texts

Homer's Phoenicians: history, ethnography, or literary trope?[A perspective on early Orientalism

Christian Rite and Christian Drama in the Middle Ages: Essays in the Origin and Early History of Modern Drama

Authenticity and art in trauma narratives of World War I

Re-orienting desire: The gay international and the Arab world

Focus introduction: Aquatic nature religion

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Writing and identity

Threshold concepts and keys to the portal of understanding: Some examples from electrical engineering

The appendixes of the Pennsylvania Legislative Journals: A bibliography and index

The Costs of Brown: Black Teachers and School Integration

Counterfeit Kin: Kidnappers of Color, the Reverse Underground Railroad, and the Origins of Practical Abolition


The NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children Version 2.3 (DISC-2.3): Description, acceptability, prevalence rates, and performance in the MECA study

The Female Appendage: Feminine Life-Styles in America, 1820-1860

Building knowledge management into strategy: making sense of a new perspective

Principles of cellular and molecular immunology

Methods in plant physiology

Recombinant protein expression in Escherichia coli

Estimation and mapping of misclassification probabilities for thematic land cover maps

Exploratory visualization with multiple linked views

Cartography between cultures: Francesco Berlinghieri's Geographia of 1482

The un-politics of air pollution: A study of non-decision-making in the cities

Turkish village

Beyond resistance: Notes toward a new Caribbean cultural studies

Motivation: How to get started and staying motivated

Hospital Infection. Causes and Prevention

Change of Purpose in the Novels of Louis L'Amour

Size-class structure of old-growth forests in Indiana

Punishment in Australian society

The Origin, Development, and History of the Norweigian Seventh-day Adventist Church from the 1840s to 1889

The two cultures

The Jaded Traveller: John Jasper's Failed Psychic Quest in Charles Dickens's The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Portrayal of Psychic Violence in Fire on the Mountain and The Bluest Eye

SHERPA: A systematic human error reduction and prediction approach



Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Introduction to international criminal law

Terrorist crimes and international co-operation: critical remarks on the definition and inclusion of terrorism in the category of international crimes

Kraft pulping characteristics and pulp properties of warm season grasses

Magnitudes of local stress and strain along bony surfaces predict the course and type of fracture healing

Recent advances in starch, polyvinyl alcohol based polymer blends, nanocomposites and their biodegradability

Addressing the State of the Union: The Evolution And Impact of the Presidents's Big Speech

Use of radiation in biomaterials science

President of the Unites States communicated to the two Houses of Congress at the beginning of the first session of the Forty-ninth Congress [Digital Version

Multilingual Robinson: Imagining Modern Communities for Middle-Class Children

Addressing the State of the Union: The Evolution And Impact of the Presidents's Big Speech

My first book of time

Figures of invention: a history of modern patent law

The new demographics of higher education

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The Safavids under western eyes: seventeenth-century european travelers to Iran

Getting It Right: Language, Literature, and Ethics

définition-evil eye signaler un problème

The deceptive text: An introduction to covert plots

The new rhetoric of youth ministry

The lived meaning of free choice: An existential-phenomenological description of everyday consumer experiences of contemporary married women

The other authoritarian personality

Shades of dark tourism: Alcatraz and Robben Island

Client and audience cults in America

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Electronic funds transfer as a subject of study in technology, society and public policy

Rape, murder and revenge in 'slavery's pleasant homes': Lydia Maria child's antislavery fiction and the limits of genre

A new kind of science

Housing policy and slum upgrading in Ho-Chi-Minh City

Feeding the imperial appetite: imperial knowledge and Anglo-Indian discourse

Utilizing Philippine Calatrava coal-diesel oil mixture (CDOM) as alternative fuel for industrial steam generator

Fourth-order nonmarine to marine sequences, middle Castlegate Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah

Natural law, liberalism, and morality: contemporary essays

Social marketing: new imperative for public health

On the way to language

Testing models of media performance in wartime: UK TV news and the 2003 invasion of Iraq

The early bird catches the news: Nine things you should know about micro-blogging

The relationship between testosterone and aggression: a meta-analysis

Personal accounts of stroke experiences

Joint stiffness: Myth or reality

Is Socialism Liberal?: Democracy and French Socialist Ideas

Intellectual capital: realizing your company\'s true value by finding its hidden brainpower

Self-estimates of intelligence: Culture and gender difference in self and other estimates of both general (g) and multiple intelligences

Buying the Farm: Peace and War on a Sixties Commune

» Treading «in the Book of Ruth

The avocado

The hierarchy of functional loss associated with cognitive decline in older persons

A study into electronic book design and production: Hyper-book and the hyper-book builder

Historical roots of social epidemiology: socioeconomic gradients in health and contextual analysis

Rhetorical Publics: Beyond Clarity and Efficiency

The social psychology of industrial buying and selling

Categorization of customers by retail salespeople

Good tuning: A pocket guide

Midwives' support for complementary and alternative medicine: a literature review

Economic analysis of transfer programs targeted on people with disabilities

Economic analysis of transfer programs targeted on people with disabilities

Attaining self-regulation: A social cognitive perspective

Global talent management: Literature review, integrative framework, and suggestions for further research

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

A rose by any other name: Long-term memory structure and sentence processing

Introduction: the study and history of genocide

Conditions for successful field experiences: Perceptions of cooperating teachers

Designing language courses: A guide for teachers

Hearing voices: Using narrative inquiry to examine how preservice teachers experience transition from university student to student teacher

Teaching culture: Beyond language

Teachers' self-efficacy beliefs as determinants of job satisfaction and students' academic achievement: A study at the school level

The craft reader

Varieties of healing. 1: medical pluralism in the United States

Varieties of healing. 1: medical pluralism in the United States

Varieties of healing. 1: medical pluralism in the United States

Defining and assessing professional competence

Faraday effect in solids

Transformations of myth through time The wisdom ot the East

I. Allgemeines

The Merchant of Venice

Spatial characteristics of transportation hubs: centrality and intermediacy

Urban development: Theory, fact, and illusion

Cities: reimagining the urban

Platform-based product design and development: A knowledge-intensive support approach

Towards a knowledge‐based theory of the geographical cluster

Reforming the health sector in developing countries: the central role of policy analysis

Adoption of IFRS in Spain: Effect on the comparability and relevance of financial reporting

Accounting quality and the adoption of IASB standards: portuguese evidence

The Use of Facebook Fanpage as Promotional Media for the Novel Book fans by using the Model of SMCR Berlo

A new marketing paradigm-social media or web 2.0: An empirical analysis to study the awareness, key deliverables, engagement and usage of social media by small

Cultivating social resources on social network sites: Facebook relationship maintenance behaviors and their role in social capital processes

Anthropometric comparison of three-year-old Nigerian child and crash dummies

Visual storylines: Semantic visualization of movie sequence

SDP-city against a vicious circle

Energy, comfort and indoor air quality in nursery and elementary school buildings in the cold climatic zone of Greece

Cohesion and diversity in national identity: civic education in Romania

A conceptual framework for political marketing

Seduction of the Innocent

Seduction of the Innocent

Making corrupt deals: contracting in the shadow of the law

Market development and food demand in rural China

Poststructuralist lifestyle analysis: Conceptualizing the social patterning of consumption in postmodernity

Westernization of Asian diets and the transformation of food systems: Implications for research and policy

Epidemiology of colonisation of patients and environment with vancomycin-resistant enterococci

The organization and performance of the US food system

A climate-based distribution model of malaria transmission in sub-Saharan Africa

The relationship between career motivation and self-efficacy with protégé career success

Enhancing metacognition in self-directed language learning

Improving understanding, promoting social inclusion, and fostering empowerment related to epilepsy: Epilepsy Foundation public awareness campaigns—2001

Stakeholder influence on corporate reporting: An exploration of the interaction between WWF-Australia and the Australian minerals industry

A process model to estimate biodiesel production costs

Construction delay: a quantitative analysis

The search for value: measuring the company's cost of capital

Painting Past Borders

At the Zoo Caitlin Horrocks

Comparative embryology of the vertebrates

Using a guided inquiry approach in the traditional vertebrate anatomy laboratory

Guide to the dissection of the dog

Globalization, power and the politics of scale in the Philippines

Capitalist sorcery: Breaking the spell


Animated multimedia 'talking books' can promote phonological awareness in children beginning to read

The fundamentals of electrodynamics

Photons and Atoms-Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics

The Poynting vector in Laguerre-Gaussian beams and the interpretation of their angular momentum density

Photons and Atoms-Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics

Introduction to modern physics

Bringing in the 'international': the IRA ceasefire and the end of the Cold War

Sectarian demography, territoriality and political development in Northern Ireland

Martin Decoud in the Afterlife: A Dialogue with Latin American Writers

The armalite and the ballot box: Dilemmas of strategy and ideology in the Provisional IRA

Bringing in the 'international': the IRA ceasefire and the end of the Cold War

Notion and object: Aspects of late medieval epistemology

Ancient philosophy, mystery, and magic: Empedocles and Pythagorean tradition

The study of elites in late antiquity

A unified nomenclature for protein subunits of mediator complexes linking transcriptional regulators to RNA polymerase II

Thorium Research in the Manhattan Project Era

Highly available intrusion-tolerant services with proactive-reactive recovery

shops, employe. s funds, home industries, labour, and emigration

Morton Smith as M. Madiotes: Stephen Carlson's Attribution of Secret Mark to a Bald Swindler

Autobiography as Mystery

The total library: non-fiction 1922-1986

Chesterton's Ballad of the White Horse: From Conception to Critical Reception

Correlation between cup quality and chemical attributes of Brazilian coffee

Mouse genetics: concepts and applications

Rubber rampage: the era that produced vulcanized rubber

Bearing the 'Bare Facts' of Ritual. A Critique Of Jonathan Z. Smith's Study of the Bear Ceremony Based On a Study of the Ainu Iyomante

Theory and craft: a case study of the Kootenay Christmas Faire

42 Is Not Just a Number: The Odyssey of Jackie Robinson, American Hero by Doreen Rappaport

Online education as a toll good: An examination of the South Carolina virtual school program

Digital reading spaces: How expert readers handle books, the Web and electronic paper

Central and peripheral routes to advertising effectiveness: The moderating role of involvement

The relationship between elementary classroom collections and the school library resource centre program

The individual, auto/biography and history in South Africa

Introduction to fischer-tropsch technology

Curriculum reform in post-1990s sub-Saharan Africa

Cry, the Beloved Country. Produced by Anant Singh; directed by Darrell James Roodt; screenplay by Ronald Harwood. 1995; color; 109 minutes. English. Distributor

AIDS action-research with women in Kinshasa, Zaire

Storytelling and Autobiography in Jane Eyre

White Woman Witch Doctor: Tales of the African Life of Rae Graham

HOSTS―a Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

An analysis of the finite element method

Bioadhesion and the dewetting transition

Principles of plasma diagnostics

A discrete time synthesis of derivative security valuation using a term structure of futures prices

Darknet: Hollywood\'s War Against the Digital Generation

Apophatic bodies: Negative theology, incarnation, and relationality

Hindu embodiment and the internet

Gandhian utopia: Experiments with culture

Dante's poetics of the sacred word

Climate change and sustainable development: towards dialogue

Attachment as related to mother-infant interaction

Toward relationship-based child welfare services

Intimacy, loneliness and sexual offenders

Adult attachment measures: A 25-year review

Depression: a repair response to stress-induced neuronal microdamage that can grade into a chronic neuroinflammatory condition

The revitalization movement in the Catholic Church: The institutional dilemma of power

Holistic health and well-being: A psycho-spiritual/religious and theological perspective

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Omens of millennium: The gnosis of angels, dreams, and resurrection

Congressional Oversight of Intelligence: Current Structure and Alternatives

Defense acquisitions: How DoD acquires weapon systems and recent efforts to reform the process

The unified command plan and combatant commands: Background and issues for congress

Congressional Oversight of Intelligence: Current Structure and Alternatives

Adolescent bullying and personality: An adaptive approach

Which is to be master?: Language as Power in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

A rare view: Barbara Hatley's new book documents a career-long study of, and passion for performance in Central Java

How students make book choices

Building tablet PC applications

Vivekananda's Ramakrsna: an untold story of mythmaking and propaganda

Caribou, wolves and man

A Selectively Annotated Bibliography of Naval Power in the American Civil War

Sailing Mid-life's Seas: The Journeys of Voyaging Women

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The history of Makassan trepang fishing and trade

The distribution of reef-corals in the Indian Ocean with a historical review of its investigation

Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago: revised edition

Deuterium content of natural waters and other substances

The Indonesian language: Its history and role in modern society

Clinical neuroanatomy

Adams and Victor's principles of neurology

Large animal neurology: a handbook for veterinary clinicians

Neurological gait disorders in elderly people: clinical approach and classification

Reproduction and Distribution of Bald Eagles in Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, 1973-1993

The child and the picture book: Creating live circuits

Experiments with theosophical truth: Gandhi, esotericism, and global religious history

The Book That Would Not Die

An introductory guide to disease mapping

Surveillance of Employees' Electronic Communications in the Workplace: An Employers' Right to Spy or an Invasion to Privacy

Phantoms in the brain: Probing the mysteries of the human mind

Applied body composition assessment

Handbook of freshwater fishery biology: Volume 3

Colour vision of green turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchlings: Do they still prefer blue under water

From translation markets to language management: The implications of translation services

Transient techniques in NMR of solids: an introduction to theory and practice

Consoling ghosts: Stories of medicine and mourning from Southeast Asians in exile

The ecological significance of the herbaceous layer in temperate forest ecosystems

Dispersal traits as indicators of vegetation dynamics in long-term old-field succession

Species coexistence in temperate, mixed deciduous forests

Challenges in integrating the concept of ecosystem services and values in landscape planning, management and decision making

Vascular plants of the Pacific Northwest

Tools for reading and browsing hypertext

Traditional forest conservation knowledge/technologies in the Cordillera, Northern Philippines

Conceiving masculinity: Male infertility, medicine, and identity

Corporate governance: theories, principles and practice

A hollow fibre reinforced polymer composite encompassing self-healing and enhanced damage visibility

Imagine Lanark meets Something Leather, with a kind of Poor Things feel to it: The politics of rewriting in Alasdair Gray's Old Men in Love

Who benefits from transit subsidies? Recent evidence from six metropolitan areas

Energy and environmental potential of solid waste in Brazil

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Reading a book can change your mind, but only some changes last for a year: food attitude changes in readers of The Omnivore's Dilemma

Lifting lips: 28 years of experience using the direct excision approach to rejuvenating the aging mouth

Therapeutical approaches in melasma

Plastic surgery after weight loss: current concepts in massive weight loss surgery

The anatomy of the aging face: volume loss and changes in 3-dimensional topography

Rejuvenation of the periorbital complex with autologous fat transfer: current therapy

Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) on muscle tissue: performance, fatigue and repair benefited by the power of light

Asian facial cosmetic surgery

Handbook of cosmetic skin care

University physics with modern physics

Eye Tracking: A Promising Means of Tracing, Explaining, and Preventing the Effects of Display Clutter in Real Time

The Wigner distribution function applied to optical signals and systems

Integrated optical chemical and direct biochemical sensors

Behavioral treatment of the geriatric alcohol abuser: A long term follow-up study

The new competitive advantage: the renewal of American industry

Tokenism and women in the workplace: The limits of gender-neutral theory

Burying the white gods: New perspectives on the conquest of Mexico

Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn'Arabī, Gender, and Sexuality

Del teatro a la novela: el ritual del disfraz en las Novelas ejemplares de Cervantes by Eduardo Olid Guerrero

The changing of the gods

Is the importance of religion in daily life related to social trust? Cross-country and cross-state comparisons

Religious market share and Mormon Church activity

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Jesus, the Voice, and the Text: Beyond The Oral and the Written Gospels

Mining the African American Literary Tradition: James Williams's Fugitive Slave in the Gold Rush and the Contours of a Black Pacific

A study of the effectiveness of the Gifts of the Seven Directions Alcohol Prevention Model for Native Americans: Culturally sustaining education for Native American

Knowing the Heart Sūtra by heart

Covenant and Creation by Piet Schoonenberg, SJ

The historical Jesus: The life of a Mediterranean Jewish peasant

Elaine Showalter Collection Bibliography

Continuous deformation of the Tibetan Plateau from global positioning system data

Advances in atomic gyroscopes: A view from inertial navigation applications

Potential networking applications of global positioning systems (GPS

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Remarkable agaves and cacti

Germination and early seedling growth of Tehuacan Valley cacti species: the role of soils and seed ingestion by dispersers on seedling growth

Cactus and succulent plants: status survey and conservation action plan

Grazing deferment effects on forage diet quality and ewe performance following summer rangeland fire

Financing health care in Sub-Saharan Africa through user fees and insurance

Implementation of the Manual Handling Directive in the healthcare industry in the European Union for patient handling tasks

Evaluating the risks of public private partnerships for infrastructure projects

The professional risk managers' handbook: A comprehensive guide to current theory and best practices

WiUBSUgef tougher

The tourism product

Pricing, exit, and location decisions of firms: Evidence on the role of debt and operating efficiency

Bank branch operating efficiency: Evaluation with data envelopment analysis

Home and commercialized hospitality

Prevalence and risk indicators of depression in elderly nursing home patients: the AGED study

Childe and Australia: Archaeology, politics and ideas [Book Review

Catalytic Urbanism: Encouraging Urban Vitality in Spokane, Washington Through Modular Development

The age of intelligent machines

German capital ships of the second world war: The ultimate photograph album [Book Review

Schräge Musik

General Kenney Reports: A Personal History of the Pacific War

The modern magical revival

Experimental painting and painting theories in colonial Hong Kong (1940-1980): Reflections on cultural identity

Inter-organizational controls and organizational competencies: episodes around target cost management/functional analysis and open book accounting

Immunohistochemistry of matrix metalloproteinases in reperfusion injury to rat brain: activation of MMP-9 linked to stromelysin-1 and microglia in cell cultures

The ministry in historical perspectives

Travelling to work: will people move out of their cars

Healthy respect: ethics in health care

St John Ervine and the Fabian Society: Capital, Empire and Irish Home Rule

Geologic history of sea water: an attempt to state the problem

A theory of legal argumentation: The theory of rational discourse as theory of legal justification

Pragmatics and critical discourse analysis: A cross-disciplinary inquiry

Law, language, and legal determinacy

Narrative transactions-does the law need a narratology

Butter, margarine and serum lipoproteins

Who Commissioned The Little Review's In Our Time

WO 510 Worship Leadership in the Church

From kindergarten through third grade: Children's beginning school experiences

Grazing pressure and the measurement of pasture production

Polyurethane elastomers

A cultural mismatch: Independent cultural norms produce greater increases in cortisol and more negative emotions among first-generation college students

Student Voice Or Empowerment? Examining The Role Of School-Based Youth-Adult Partnerships As An Avenue Toward Focusing On Social Justice, 10 (22

Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education

A qualitative study of bullying from multiple perspectives

Charles W. Chesnutt and Uncle Julius: Black Storytellers at the Crossroads

What Is a Black Author?: A Review of Recent Charles Chesnutt Studies

Charles W. Chesnutt, The Conjure Woman, and the Racial Limits of Literary Mediation

What Is a Black Author?: A Review of Recent Charles Chesnutt Studies

Gothic passages: Racial ambiguity and the American Gothic

Lynching coverage and the American reporter-novelist


Audience perceptions of charismatic and non-charismatic oratory: The case of management gurus

Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management

Transforming health care from the inside out: advancing evidence-based practice in the 21st century

An analysis of the finite element method

outcomes of two practical simulation tools-An online medication dosage assessment and practical assessment in the style of objective structured clinical examination

Teaching English as a second or foreign language

Interaction between protonated waste biomass of Corynebacterium glutamicum and anionic dye Reactive Red 4

MCNP™ version 5

No) limits to Anglo-American accounting? Reconstructing the history of the International Accounting Standards Committee: A review article

Bourgeois Liberty and the Politics of Fear: From Absolutism to Neo-Conservatism, by Marc Mulholland

Social cubism: Six social forces of ethnoterritorial politics in Northern Ireland and Québec

A review on electrochemical double-layer capacitors

Principles of wireless communications

Over-connected? A qualitative exploration of the relationship between Australian youth and their mobile phones

Contemporary debates in aesthetics and the philosophy of art

On human conduct

Locke: His philosophical thought

Locke: His philosophical thought

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

A contemporary introduction to free will

Locke on Personal Identity: A Response to the Problems of His Predecessors

Bodily rhythms: Corporeal capacities to engage with festival spaces

Age, narrative and migration: the life course and life histories of Bengali elders in London

Aedes aegypti (L.) the yellow fever mosquito: its life history, bionomics and structure

Evaluation of the Bauer Kirby-Sherris-Turck single-disc diffusion method of antibiotic susceptibility testing

Drew Hayden Taylor: An Afternoon with Drew Hayden Taylor, Playwright

Parental attachments and psychological distress among African American college students

Roman spectacle entertainments and the technology of reality

Civil War and Public Dissent: The State Monuments of the Decentralised Roman Empire

The grammar book: An ESL/EFL teacher's course

Anniversary article. Classroom SLA research and second language teaching

Manufacturing engineering and technology

Rewriting and paraphrasing source texts in second language writing

The technical writer's handbook: writing with style and clarity

Integrating academic language, thinking, and content: Learning scaffolds for non-native speakers in the middle grades

The evolution of palliative care

Caring: nurses, women, and ethics

Effects of work hour reduction on residents' lives: a systematic review

The re-enchantment of poetry as therapy

epic2: National evidence-based guidelines for preventing healthcare-associated infections in NHS hospitals in England

A retrospective study of patients' recall of respirator treatment (1): study design and basic findings

Baum, Bakhtin, and Broadway: A Centennial Look at the Carnival of Oz

Fantasy places and imaginative belief: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Princess and the Goblin

Reputation: Realizing value from the corporate image

Tin Pan Alley Songs on Stage and Screen before World War II

Buddhism and the formation of the religious body: a Foucauldian approach

Some Contemporary Poets

Agreeing and disagreeing with assessments: Some features of preferred/dispreferred turn shaped

Learning transfer or transforming learning?: Student interns reinventing expert writing practices in the workplace

Creativity, incentive and reward

Judging a book by its cover: Publishing trends in young adult literature

Solution of eigenproblems for state-space transient analysis of transmission lines

CMOS analog circuit design

The marginalization of evangelical feminism

Environmental ethics in the Hindu Vedas and Puranas in India

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Use of comprehensive geriatric assessment in older cancer patients:: Recommendations from the task force on CGA of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology

01 The One Thing Needful: Three Evangelical Anglican Women in the Hunter Region of NSW, 1825-1850

The Serendipity Tango: Volume 1, Number 1

Abraham Lincoln, Ann Rutledge, and the Evidence of Herndon's Informants

Randolph Wren of Virginia-his parents, siblings, and extended family: correcting the record

Dark Margins: Invisibility and Obscenity in Thomas Pynchon's V., The Crying of Lot 49, and Gravity's Rainbow

Strategic Culture and American Empire

Transformations of the welfare state: Small states, big lessons

Three-Tesla magnetic resonance-guided prostate biopsy in men with increased prostate-specific antigen and repeated, negative, random, systematic, transrectal

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in multiple sclerosis

Breakdown of the blood-brain barrier precedes symptoms and other MRI signs of new lesions in multiple sclerosis: pathogenetic and clinical implications

Serial gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in medicine and biology

predict prior myocardial infarction when compared to cardiac magnetic resonance using late gadolinium enhancement? A cross-population study of noninfarct vs

Encyclopedia of the Human Brain, Four-Volume Set

An environmental management model for universities: from environmental guidelines to staff involvement

Burden assessment scale for families of the seriously mentally ill

The Highest Pleasure of Which Woman's Nature Is Capable: Breast-Feeding and the Sentimental Maternal Ideal in America, 1750-1860

Diabetic retinopathy in African Americans with type 1 diabetes: The New Jersey 725: I. Methodology, population, frequency of retinopathy, and visual

Disintegration of the Nervous System: Joseph Clover Lecture delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England on 17th March 1954

Gender, identity and the Irish Press, 1922-1937: embodying the nation

Re-presenting feminisms: Past, present, and future

Temporary migration, precarious employment and unfree labour relations: Exploring the 'continuum of exploitation'in Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The internet of things: A survey

Is where I sit, where I stand? The Ontario farm women's network, politics and difference

Approaches to accompaniment on the baroque guitar c. 1590-c. 1730

Nineteenth-Century Banjos in the Twenty-First Century: Custom and Tradition in a Modern Early Banjo Revival

Ukulele Ladies

Acoustic guitar practice and acousticity: establishing modalities of creative practice

Finding a voice in the American classical guitar vernacular: the work of Andrew York, Benjamin Verdery, Bryan Johanson, and David Leisner

Technology of Inclusion: Redefining and Gendering the 'Ukulele in Atlantic Canada

Pension funds: retirement-income security and capital markets: an international perspective

Inclusive housing in an ageing society: innovative approaches

The Ideas and the criticism of poetry in Plato's Republic, Book 10

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Food waste in a school nutrition program after implementation of new lunch program guidelines

In Search of The Word of the Other: Aboriginal Sign Systems and the History of the Book in Canada

The future of music: Manifesto for the digital music revolution

Book Review: Sisters of the Earth: An Anthology of Women's Prose and Poetry about Nature


The most southern sport on earth: NASCAR and the unions

The influence of relationships on neophobia and exploration in wolves and dogs

Preschool teachers' literal and inferential questions and children's responses during whole-class shared reading

Biogeography of Indo-Pacific larger foraminifera and scleractinian corals: a probabilistic approach to estimating taxonomic diversity, faunal similarity, and sampling


The marginalization of black executives

Festivals of Collusion? Provincial Days in the 1930s

Literature on the Margins: Russian Fiction in the Nineties

The law of storytelling: The hermeneutics of relationality in Alexis Wright's the swan book

South African Red Data Book-Reptiles and Amphibians

Parental expectations of support from healthcare providers during pediatric life-threatening illness: a secondary, qualitative analysis

Indian Summer

The organizational behavior reader

Blessings, strength, and guidance: Prayer frames in a hospital prayer book

Modeling and measuring product development cycle time across industries

Music database Musician Louis Armstrong

Coastal systems and low-lying areas

Foreign direct investment and income inequality: further evidence

Our social world

The Writer as an Old Woman

The theory of financial intermediation

The true nature of the World Bank

Navigation in Uncharted WatersIs Anesthesiology on Course for the 21st Century

IMF essays from a time of crisis: the international financial system, stabilization, and development

The three waves of globalization: A history of a developing global consciousness

Reforms of China's rural credit cooperatives and policy options

Keiretsu and relationship-specific investment: implications for market-opening trade policy

The challenge of good governance for the IMF and the World Bank themselves

Skin reactions on exposure to the pine processionary caterpillar (Thaumetopoea pityocampa

The Munchausen spectrum: borderline character features

Monophyly, divergence times, and evolution of host plant use inferred from a revised phylogeny of the Drosophila repleta species group

Phylogeography: the history and formation of species

Bell's orofacial pains: the clinical management of orofacial pain

A Wyoming bighorn sheep study


The Science and Commerce of Whisky

Food and Wine Pairing in Burgundy: The Case of Grands Crus

Handbook of environmental data on organic chemicals: Vol. 1

Investigating murder: Detective work and the police response to criminal homicide

Census of woodlands and trees 1979-82

The debate about eugenics: eugenics and social legislation in New Zealand, 1900-1939: four case studies: a thesis presented in fulfillment of the requirements for the

The Dark Side of Paradise: Explaining New Zealand's History of High Imprisonment

Public goods and private communities

A Radical's Career: Responsible government, settler colonialism and Indigenous dispossession

Deregulation, competition, and antitrust implications in the US airline industry

The Idea of Avant-garde in Art and Politics

A search for meaning: continuing the existentialist tradition in painting

The Gothic Heart of Victorian Serial Fiction

Beyond Realism: History in the Art of Thomas Eakins

Four Artists' Studios

Advances in pyrolysis GC systems: Applications to modern trace organic analysis

Application of gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O) in analysis and quality assessment of alcoholic beverages-A review

What can't be seen can be seen: Butoh politics and (body) play

Fighting Nature: Travelling Menageries, Animal Acts and War Shows

Soil microbiology: an exploratory approach

Soil microbiology: an exploratory approach

Agricultural development: an international perspective

Process heat transfer

Transport phenomena and materials processing

Climate change and the global harvest: potential impacts of the greenhouse effect on agriculture

Materials for nonlinear optics chemical perspectives

Boundary and inertia effects on flow and heat transfer in porous media

God's Century: Resurgent Religion and Global Politics

Global governance, development and human security: the challenge of poverty and inequality

Emancipating transitional justice from the bonds of the paradigmatic transition

The UNHCR and world politics: a perilous path

History of developmental psychology: Socialization and personality development through the life span

Oh, for a French wife?: Australian women and culinary francophilia in post-war Australia

Rediscovery of the magical: on fairy tales, feminism, and the new South Africa

Gift Books by Gifted Authors

Preliminary report: role of peptide YY in defence against diarrhoea

Money employment and inflation

Innovative development strategies from non-sovereign island jurisdictions? A global review of economic policy and governance practices

The aerospace-electronics industrial complex of Southern California: the formative years, 1940-1960

p. J. Lynch ireland* illustrator

Trying to find the quickest way: employed mothers' constructions of time for food

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Lsst science book, version 2.0

Expanded cinema: art, performance and film

The toxicology and biochemistry of insecticides

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Parameter constancy, mean square forecast errors, and measuring forecast performance: An exposition, extensions, and illustration

Congruent embodied representations for visually presented actions and linguistic phrases describing actions

The Graphic, the Comic, the Postmodern, and the Fantastic: A Study on Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Selective bibliography and guide for I is not for Indian: The portrayal of Native Americans in books for young people

Our lands, our selves: the postcolonial literary landscape of Maurice Gee and David Malouf

From pulp hero to superhero: Culture, race, and identity in American popular culture, 1900-1940

The book in the Renaissance

Qur'ān, Gender and Interpretive Possibilities

Guidelines on good clinical laboratory practice: bridging operations between research and clinical research laboratories

Test-retest reliability of anxiety symptoms and diagnoses with the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV: child and parent versions

treated patients with refractory advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: results from a randomised, placebo-controlled, multicentre study (Iressa Survival Evaluation in

Developing Internet-based health interventions: a guide for public health researchers and practitioners

Utilizing social media data for pharmacovigilance: a review

Dread Bodies: Doubles, Echoes, and the Skins of Sound

An adaptive control scheme for systems with unknown actuator failures

Optimal and nonlinear decoupling control of systems with sandwiched backlash

Automotive control systems: for engine, driveline, and vehicle

Model reference adaptive control of a one link flexible arm

On approximation of stable linear dynamical systems using Laguerre and Kautz functions

Research is ceremony: Indigenous research methods

The little book of semaphores

Shared book experiences in kindergarten: Helping children come to literacy

Materiales y recursos para trabajar la técnica de Phonic con alumnos/as de Educación Primaria

Dismembering the Text: The Horror of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women

Correlations between laboratory testing and distance running performance in marathoners of similar performance ability

The female collegiate cross-country runner: nutritional knowledge and attitudes

Argentina '78 World Cup and the Echoes of Mexico '68: Internationalism and Latin American Design. An Intellectual History of Design in the 1960s and 1970s: Politics

Detection of Mycoplasma genitalium by PCR amplification of the 16S rRNA gene

Association of Ureaplasma urealyticum with abnormal reactive oxygen species levels and absence of leukocytospermia

Amplification of 16S rRNA genes from culturable and nonculturable mollicutes

Intracellular DNA replication and long-term survival of pathogenic mycoplasmas

Witches' broom, a lethal mycoplasmal disease of lime trees in the sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates

Performing a complete canine semen evaluation in a small animal hospital

Understanding and facilitating the browsing of electronic text

Blood flow and vessel mechanics in a physiologically realistic model of a human carotid arterial bifurcation

On the foundations of biomechanics

An informal introduction to theoretical fluid mechanics

Heat transfer and pressure drop in fractal tree-like microchannel nets

Oscillatory flow in arteries: the constrained elastic tube as a model of arterial flow and pulse transmission

Land reform as commenced business: The evidence against stopping

Environmental perception of rural and urban pupils

The awkward class. Political sociology of peasantry in a developing society Russia 1910-1925

Agricultural restructuring and integrated rural development in Estonia

The rural-urban interface in Africa: Expansion and adaptation

Helping health workers learn: a book of methods, aids and ideas for instructors at the village level

Rural sociology and rural development. Its application in Kenya

Migration from rural areas of poor countries: the impact on rural productivity and income distribution

Rural sociology and rural development. Its application in Kenya

The Spectacle of Orphanhood: Reimagining Orphans in Postbellum Fiction

The lexical approach

The pen and the sword: recovering the disciplinary identity of physiology and anatomy before 1800: II: Old anatomy—the sword

Manual of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases, Injuries, and Causes of Death. Sixth Revision of the International Lists of Diseases and Causes of

The Digital Plateosaurus II: An Assessment of the Range of Motion of the Limbs and Vertebral Column and of Previous Reconstructions using a Digital Skeletal Mount

Helicobacter pylori infection in an Australian regional city: prevalence and risk factors

On the evolution of Thorstein Veblen's evolutionary economics

Pacemakers and activity patterns in medusae: homage to Romanes

Angels and Demons in the Book of Jubilees and Contemporary Apocalypses

Beneath Stars Long Extinct


The development hypothesis (1852

Leviathan, or, The matter, forme, & power of a common-wealth ecclesiasticall and civill

A History of Political Thought in the 16th century

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

The United States Army in the War of 1812

Encyclopedia of modern China

In the Lands of the Romanovs: An Annotated Bibliography of First-hand English-language Accounts of the Russian Empire (1613-1917

Difficult to Relinquish Territory Which Had Been Conquered: Expansionism and the War of 1812

The exaggeration of American vulnerability: the anatomy of a tradition

The American Influence on the Canadian Military, 1939-1963

Independent Indians and the US-Mexican war

André Brink and Malraux

The Enemy's House Divided

God's Grace and Man's Hope

Die condition humaine des Abendlandes

Brazil: Five centuries of change

Politicizing abortion: personal morality and professional responsibility of residents training in the United States

France Without NATO

Thực tiễn hữu ích trong việc triển khai chuẩn CMMI cho các doanh nghiệp gia công phần mềm Việt Nam: Bài học từ FPT Software



The University of Maryland Center for the Visual Arts

Models of teaching

Blood of brothers: Life and war in Nicaragua

Guatemala: the politics of landownership

Negros, mulatos, esclavos y libertos en la Costa Rica del siglo XVII

Plants, power and profit: social, economic and ethical consequences of the new biotechnologies

Introduction to Transgenic Animal Technology

Biofortified crops to alleviate micronutrient malnutrition

Dark ages and dark areas: global deforestation in the deep past

Changes in population density of moose (Alces alces) and damage to forests in Sweden

Issues in supply chain management

Challenges in integrating the concept of ecosystem services and values in landscape planning, management and decision making

Reshaping the Library Catalog: Selected Papers from the International Conference FSR2014 (Rome, February 27-28, 2014

Operations management

Literary Memory and the Moment of Modern Music

A beginner's guide to conflict data: finding and using the right dataset

Three Faces of Opera Study: Reception, Money, Performing Practice

The Pathway: Follow the Road to Health and Happiness

The experience of living with a problem gambler: Spouses and partners speak out

IT project management: 30 steps to success

Life histories and narratives of addiction

Prevalence and patterns of dual diagnosis among psychiatric inpatients

Comprehensive review of morbidity and mortality trends for rheumatic fever, streptococcal disease, and scarlet fever: the decline of rheumatic fever

The freshwater mussels of Ohio

Color atlas and synopsis of pediatric dermatology

Harrison's principles of internal medicine

Nabokov's time doubling: From The gift to Lolita

Nabokov's Cosmic Synchronization and Something Else

The 2016 WHO classification of tumours of the urinary system and male genital organs—part A: renal, penile, and testicular tumours

Cultivating Mary: The Victorian Secret Garden

Anti-Islam discourse in the United States in the decade after 9/11: The role of social conservatives and cultural politics

Whistle blowers in the federal civil service: New evidence of the public service ethic

Succession of microbial communities during hot composting as detected by PCR-single-strand-conformation polymorphism-based genetic profiles of small-subunit

Family pet ownership during childhood: Findings from a UK birth cohort and implications for public health research

Echoes of Beauty: In Memory of Pleshette DeArmitt

Chemistry of the solid-water interface: processes at the mineral-water and particle-water interface in natural systems

Matching Higher-Order Cognitive Skills (HOCS) promotion goals with problem-based laboratory practice in a freshman organic chemistry course

Matching Higher-Order Cognitive Skills (HOCS) promotion goals with problem-based laboratory practice in a freshman organic chemistry course

Organic catalysis over zeolites: a perspective on reaction paths within micropores

Stories of spiritual awakening: The nature of spirituality in recovery

Recovery in gamblers anonymous

Fear and avoidance of eye contact in social anxiety disorder

Twelve-step and mutual-help programs for addictive disorders

Is AMORC Rosicrucian

Comfort, cleanliness and convenience: The social organization of normality (New Technologies/New Cultures

Kabbalah and Secret Societies in Russia (Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries

Social death and political life in the study of slavery

The Concept Album as Visual—Sonic—Textual Spectacle: The Transmedial Storyworld of Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The Therapists' Notebook for Families: Solution-oriented Exercises for Working with Parents, Children, and Adolescents [Book Review

Books in Action: Armed Services Editions

Red Cluster, Mid-Summer

decolorization of azo dye in a small pilot-scale anaerobic baffled reactor coupled with biocatalyzed electrolysis system (ABR-BES): A design suitable for scaling-up

Our Kind of People: Inside America\'s Black Upper Class

Some Observations on the Hatinh langur, Trachypithecus laotum hatinhensis, in North Central Vietnam

Don't Laugh at Kim-Il Sung: Anecdote, Occupational Narrative and Representation in Guy Delisle's Pyongyang

Comforting an orphaned nation: Representations of international adoption and adopted Koreans in Korean popular culture

Chinese Literature

The past for the future: Seoul Design Intervention and Heritage Conservation towards an Era of U-cities

Staging the Silk Road Journey Abroad: The Case of Dunhuang Performative Arts

Identification and quantification of dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate in saliva

The story of civilization

Edith Sheffer. Burned Bridge: How East and West Germans Made the Iron Curtain


Can the controversy about the putative role of the human female orgasm in sperm transport be settled with our current physiological knowledge of coitus

Exercise physiology: Human bioenergetics and its applications

Axonal gap junctions between principal neurons: a novel source of network oscillations, and perhaps epileptogenesis

Variability of aerobic performance in the laboratory and its physiologic correlates

Disruptive technology: How Kodak missed the digital photography revolution

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Blue Notes in Black and White: Photography and Jazz

Dissemination of spindle tuber by contaminated tractor wheels and by foliage contact with diseased plants

The life and death of salt marshes in response to anthropogenic disturbance of sediment supply

Infinite unicorn paths and Gromov boundaries

From cohomology in physics to q-connectivity in social science

Transient acoustic wave in self-similar porous material having rigid frame: Low frequency domain

Plane trees and Shabat polynomials

Optimal reactor design from a geometric viewpoint—I. Universal properties of the attainable region

The atmospheric boundary layer

Interaction Cross Sections and Survival Rates for Proposed Solar System Member Planet Nine

Ship Integration of Energy Scavenging Technology for Sea Base Operations

Laminar and turbulent natural convection in an enclosed cavity

Turbulent flows

Brominated flame retardants and organochlorine pollutants in eggs of little owls (Athene noctua) from Belgium

Acoustic cavitation series: part one: Acoustic cavitation: an introduction

How to teach English

A study of critical attitude across English and Spanish academic book reviews

Evidence-based practice, response to intervention, and the prevention of reading difficulties

Digital literacy: A conceptual framework for survival skills in the digital era

Weed science: principles

Gandhi's Agrarian Legacy: Practicing Food, Justice, and Sustainability in India

The need for a systems approach to sustainable agriculture

Merleau-Ponty's philosophy of nature

The Earthscan reader in rural-urban linkages

Framing GM crops as a food security solution

Over the storm-swelled sea': early medieval ecclesiastical migration from Northern Britain to Ireland

Sami shamanism: the Arctic dimension

American reincarnations: What the many lives of past lives tell us about contemporary spiritual practice

Bounding the Mekong: The Asian Development Bank, China, and Thailand

Exploring an interdisciplinary expedition in a global history class

Opportunities in marine environmental history

New situation in quantum mechanics (wonderful potentials from the inverse problem

Trying to find the quickest way: employed mothers' constructions of time for food

The gluten-free diet: how to provide effective education and resources

Characterization of household food insecurity in Quebec: food and feelings

Sport as business

Implicit religion and the highly-identified sports fan: An ethnography of Cleveland sports fandom

Getz theater opened, deciated

Women wheelchair athletes: Competing against media stereotypes

A genomewide scan for age-related macular degeneration provides evidence for linkage to several chromosomal regions

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Regions and the world economy: the coming shape of global production, competition, and political order

Scarcity, abundance and sufficiency: Contributions to social and economic theory

Dynamic specification


The innovation decision in Soviet industry

Electricity for rural people

Cyclostationarity in communications and signal processing

A new kind of science

Combined solid-state NMR, FT-IR and computational studies on layered and porous materials

Phantoms in the brain: Probing the mysteries of the human mind

The myth of Egypt and its hieroglyphs in European tradition

Hair-cutting, Hair-wearing and Braid-cutting: Studies on a Body-Politics History of Hair and Braid in Qing Dynasty

Western black soldiers since The Buffalo Soldiers: a review of the literature

Wet and wonderful: the world's largest wetlands are conservation priorities

A consumers' republic: The politics of mass consumption in postwar America

Commercial scenarios for the web: opportunities and challenges

Marketing meets Web 2.0, social media, and creative consumers: Implications for international marketing strategy

Pelvic floor myofascial trigger points: manual therapy for interstitial cystitis and the urgency-frequency syndrome

Free Articles EDITORIAL Pearls of our Practice

Impotence following radical prostatectomy: insight into etiology and prevention

The child clinician's handbook

Hell or high water: James White's disputed passage through Grand Canyon, 1867

From Upper-class to Underclass: Working the Skies: Representations and Reality, 1930-2010

A simplified approach to compute distribution matrices for the mapping method

Atmospheric corrosion of historical organ pipes: the influence of environment and materials

The cultural matrix of organizational citizenship behavior: Some preliminary conceptual and empirical observations

The performance of music

The shear coefficient in Timoshenko's beam theory

E-government success factors: Mapping practical tools to theoretical foundations

Global journalism: Theory and practice

La inteligencia emocional y el estudio de la felicidad

The zero waste index: a performance measurement tool for waste management systems in a 'zero waste city

La unidad de Italia y el Augusto de Syme: nacionalismo, fascismo y élites en el periodo de entreguerras

La Tercera Búsqueda del Jesús histórico. Algunos libros recientes[The Third Quest of historic Jesus. Some recent books

Francis bacon

The Beginnings of Shakespearean (and Jonsonian) Forgery: Attribution and the Politics of Exposure: Part 1

Die Philosophie des Als Ob

Gespiegelte Helden

The devils from the Thousand Hills

The Uses of the Baobab Flower (Adansonia digitata L

The evil eye and the sermon on the mount

Psychoanalysis in South Africa, by Joan Raphael-Leff

Teen choice (book) awards: the red maple and white pine program of the ola

The importance of business anthropology: Its unique contributions

Build-to-order supply chain management: a literature review and framework for development

Knowledge management and intellectual capital-the new virtuous reality of competitiveness

A Better Way to Think about Business: How Values Become Virtues

General introduction: clays, clay minerals, and clay science

Ordering, metastability and phase transitions in two-dimensional systems

Bacterial metabolism

Electrical characterization of GaAs materials and devices

The analysis of steroids and derivatized steroids by high speed liquid chromatography

Synchronous fluorescence spectra of natural waters: tracing sources of dissolved organic matter

The University of Pennsylvania Today

Once upon a Time in Aframerica: The Peculiar Significance of Fairies in the Brownies' Book

The determinants and implications of corporate cash holdings

The debt boomerang: how Third World debt harms us all

The Personal Budget Project: A practical introduction to financial literacy

Ethics for Accountants & Auditors

Money and liberation: the micropolitics of alternative currency movements

Teaching financial literacy in a co-curricular service-learning model

Anthony Nielson

Near-infrared technology in the agricultural and food industries

A comparison of The Limits to Growth with 30 years of reality

The patents-based pharmaceutical development process: rationale, problems, and potential reforms

Patents: a basic guide to patenting in biotechnology

Non-verbal humor and joke performance

Separating care and cure: an analysis of historical and contemporary images of nursing and medicine

Qualitative content analysis in nursing research: concepts, procedures and measures to achieve trustworthiness

Nurse's knowledge about cancer pain: A survey of five countries

Political Scandal

Wind damage around clearcuts in the ridge and valley province of Pennsylvania

Fiscal Rules in the Europen Monetary Union: A No-Entry Clause

Reading the shards and fragments: Holocaust literature for young readers

The Oxford book of story poems

Matrix structural analysis

Matrix structural analysis

Contrasts in mathematical challenges in A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and undergraduate mathematics examinations

Greenway planning in the United States: its origins and recent case studies

Greenway planning in the United States: its origins and recent case studies

Satisfaction across a multi-day outdoor recreation event

Rearing Turkeys in Uganda

Building a bohemian boomtown: The construction of a 'creative class' in Asheville, North Carolina

The search for value: measuring the company's cost of capital

Methodologies for investment evaluation: a review and assessment

Determinants of venture capital firms' preferences regarding the industry diversity and geographic scope of their investments

Evaluating Navy's Funded Graduate Education Program. A Return-on-Investment Framework

Riding on the Moon

The art of non-conversation

The Golden Bible in the Bible's Golden Age: The Book of Mormon and Antebellum Print Culture

Protocols on safety, efficacy, standardization, and documentation of herbal medicine (IUPAC Technical Report

Historical collections for the National Digital Library: Lessons and challenges at the Library of Congress

Unilateralism as sole foreign-policy strategy?: American policy toward the UN, NATO, and the OPCW in the Clinton era


Called to Healing: Walking Life's Journey with Women Rooting Self to Self as Earth Stories Them to Wholeness

Education of children and adolescents for the prevention of dog bite injuries

Human, social, and now positive psychological capital management: Investing in people for competitive advantage

The relationship between intellectual capital and financial performance: An empirical investigation in an Iranian company

The golden age of plant hunters

Key technologies analysis of Chinese chess computer game

Environmental enrichment for indoor cats

Designing courses for significant learning: Voices of experience: New Directions in Teaching & Learning, 119

The collected poems of Wendell Berry, 1957-1982

Conceptualizing menopause and midlife: Chinese American and Chinese women in the US

Menorrhagia: A synopsis of management focusing on herbal and nutritional supplements, and chiropractic

The social construction of mental illness and its implications for the recovery model

Migration and human rights: The case of Filipino Muslim women in Sabah, Malaysia

Serious games and learning effectiveness: The case of It'sa Deal

Reader's Block: Response

Alcohol breath tests: Gross errors in current methods of measuring alveolar gas concentrations

Alcohol, drugs, and impairment in fatal traffic accidents in British Columbia

Rate-dependent effects of drugs: a review of the literature

Grazing pressure and the measurement of pasture production

Dose related risk of motor vehicle crashes after cannabis use

analysis: Understanding the differences and similarities between validation requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration, the US Pharmacopeia and the

Botulinum toxin as a biological weapon: medical and public health management

Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn'Arabī, Gender, and Sexuality

Government Handout: A Study in the Administration of the Public Lands 1875-1891. By Harold H. Dunham. (New York: Da Capo Press, 1970.), Looters of the Public Domain

Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix

Vision in autism spectrum disorders


Browning, Grief, and the Strangeness of Dramatic Verse

Intrauterine devices and pelvic inflammatory disease: an international perspective

The mechanism of action of hormonal contraceptives and intrauterine contraceptive devices

Intrauterine devices and pelvic inflammatory disease: an international perspective

Isolation and identification of drugs in Pharmaceuticals, body fluids, and post-mortem material. Vol. 2

Freshwater prawn culture: a review

Director General

Quantitative determination of butylated hydroxyanisole and n-propyl gallate in cosmetics using three-dimensional fluorescence coupled with second-order calibration

Bioinorganic chemistry

When the mountain dwarfs danced: Aboriginal traditions of Paleoseismic events along the Cascadia subduction zone of Western North America

Exeter book riddle 15: some points for the porcupine

The word made flesh: Christianity and oral culture in Anglo-Saxon verse

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Old English Poetic Diction and the Interpretation of The Wanderer, The Seafarer and The Penitent's Prayer

Performance of Rh/Al2O3 catalyst in the steam reforming of ethanol: H2 production for MCFC

The aesthetics of self-invention: Oscar Wilde to David Bowie

The unintended Reformation: How a religious revolution secularized society

Intention, plans, and practical reason

Journalism ethics: A reference handbook

Oscar Wilde, Recent Research: A Supplement to Oscar Wilde Revalued

On literature and Ethics

Gender politics and post-communism. Reflections from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

Ownership effects on audit-detected error characteristics: an empirical study in an emerging economy

A qualitative assessment of Arab culture and information technology transfer

Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systems

Bomb and Burn 'Em till They Quit: The Line Between Unjustifiable Civilian Deaths and Military Necessity During the Incendiary Bombing of Japan, 1945

Saffy looks for the entry point into digital: Simply Read Books and their first children's book app

Expert and novice fire ground command decisions

Guarding the guardians: Civilian control of nuclear weapons in the United States

Von Personennamen abgeleitete Verben

Scissors and glue: Punk fanzines and the creation of a DIY aesthetic

Les gens de cette place: Oblates and the Evolving Concept of Métis at Île-à-Crosse, 1845-1898

Arthur Penn: American Director

Sleeping with the Devil

Tacit subjects

Summer Reads [Book Review

Jay Macpherson

Between Straparola and Basile: three fairy tales from Lorenzo Selva's Della metamorfosi (1582

The role of the Odyssey in consumer behavior and in consumer research

Nonabelian algebraic topology

Quantum field theory and critical phenomena

Power electronics: a first course


Literature and the Enigma of Power: A Reading of Moby-Dick

Infrared spectra and structure of water clusters trapped in argon and krypton matrices

The Canary and the Nightingale: Performance and Virtue in Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom

Missionary Positions: Taming the Savage Girl in Louisa May Alcott's Jack and Jill

Using the Life Story Book in Treatment of Children in Placement

Layered security design for mobile ad hoc networks

A CBK for information security and critical information and communication infrastructure protection

Cynhaeaf: customs, practices and folklore associated with the traditional harvest in Wales

The history of modern science: A guide to the second scientific revolution, 1800-1950

The landscape of contemporary infrastructure

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

The history of the left from Marx to the present: Theoretical perspectives

The management of pain in sickle cell disease

Justice scalia: tenured Fox in the democratic hen-house

The demographic transition: Stages, patterns, and economic implications

Interfacial kinetic ski friction

Echoes of Benedictine Reform in an Eleventh-Century Booklist from Marchiennes

The role of woman in the sheep and goat sector

Worth the risk? Introduction of legumes can cause more harm than good: an Australian perspective

The new post-industrial state

Damned if you do: Culture, identity, privilege, and teenage childbearing in the United States

Developing the therapeutic alliance in child—adolescent psychotherapy

City cycling

Methods of surveying and measuring vegetation

Numerical taxonomy. The principles and practice of numerical classification

Elementary engineering surveying

First words in the second year: Continuity, stability, and models of concurrent and predictive correspondence in vocabulary and verbal responsiveness across age and

Impact of integrated marketing communication on consumer behaviour: effects on consumer decision-making process

Advertising: An integrated marketing communication perspective

Prescribing by numbers: drugs and the definition of disease

The Black Power Movement: A state of the field

Toward a neural basis of interactive alignment in conversation

Alexander Shulgin, MDMA & the Illuminati

McJihad: Islam in the US global order

The allocation of risk in PPP/PFI construction projects in the UK

Music therapy

The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature

Product Placement: A study of how Swedish children are exposed to product placement in Walt Disney movies

Multimodal reading: A case study of high school students in an after-school graphic novel reading group

Prom: How a High School Ritual Brought Youth Closer to Adulthood, 1890-1970

Amine functionalized MCM-41 as a green, efficient, and heterogeneous catalyst for the regioselective synthesis of 5-aryl-2-oxazolidinones, from CO2 and aziridines

Signaling via the Tgf-β type I receptor Alk5 in heart development

Competing on the edge: Strategy as structured chaos

A state-led nationalism: The patriotic education campaign in post-Tiananmen China

Folk literature of the Yamana Indians

E-government success factors: Mapping practical tools to theoretical foundations

Maps and the Internet: an introduction

Why are spatial decision support systems not used? Some experiences from the Netherlands

Darwin's more stately mansion

The breeding range of the Barrow's Goldeneye in eastern North America

Writing: Self and reflexivity

Film music and narrative agency

Healthcare outcomes management: Strategies for planning and evaluation

Ethical and legal challenges for health telematics in a global world: telehealth and the technological imperative

Identification of infanticide in archaeological sites: a case study from the Late Roman-Early Byzantine periods at Ashkelon, Israel

Carthage, Site 2: The Theodosian Wall

Statistical methodology in numismatic studies

Roman science

Roman science

Extensive reading and the development of language skills

Trends in contemporary research on shamanism

Romantic Love as Natural Right in Béroul's Romance of Tristan

Plants, people, and culture: the science of ethnobotany

Once in a Republic Can It Be Proved That Science Has No Sex: Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska (1829-1902) and the Multiple Meanings of Science in the Nineteenth

Teaching Tomorrow's Medicine Today: The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 1963-2003

Sharing Cases: The Observationes in Early Modern Medicine

Homeopathic proving symptoms: result of a local, non-local, or placebo process? A blinded, placebo-controlled pilot study

The measurement of voting power

Th2 Cytokines Increase Staphylococcus aureus Alpha Toxin-Induced Keratinocyte Death through the Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 6

Diego de Vargas' Last Will and Testament (1704): Lexical Problems

Strategies for combating dark networks

The goat in ancient civilisations: from the Fertile Crescent to the Aegean Sea

Egypt's Liberation the Philosophy of the Revolution

The politics of heroin: Cia complicity in the global drug trade, afghanistan, southeast asia, central america

Perspective on the'local style'of Hasanlu IVB: a study in receptivity

Tell me lies: Propaganda and media distortion in the attack on Iraq

Cyclostationarity in communications and signal processing

On the study of feature extraction methods for an electronic nose

Random data analysis and measurement procedures

An Analitical Extended Book Review-S. Frunza: Advertising Constructs Reality (2014

Biblical hermeneutics

Intellectual impostures: postmodern philosophers' abuse of science

Texas plants poisonous to livestock

On the prehistory of programmable machines: musical automata, looms, calculators

Guatemalan Indian children and the sociocultural effects of government-sponsored terrorisms

Yarn to Fabric: Weaving

프라 안젤리코의'성스러운 대화': 코지모 데 메디치의 사적인 기도

The heritage of Giotto's geometry: art and science on the eve of the scientific revolution

Spectral atlas of nitrogen dioxide 5530 to 6480 A

Child and adolescent anxiety disorders and early attachment

Communication interventions for minimally verbal children with autism: A sequential multiple assignment randomized trial

Reaction to punishment in extraverts and psychopaths: Implications for the impulsive behavior of disinhibited individuals

Tag Archives: nutrition

Refined food addiction: a classic substance use disorder

The third wave's final girl: Buffy the vampire slayer

Modification of rabbit head holder to increase speed and accuracy of stereotaxic surgery

Circulating plasma MiR-141 is a novel biomarker for metastatic colon cancer and predicts poor prognosis

Islam, Muslims and Arabs in the Popular Hollywood Cinema

The soft heart of the British empire: Indian radicals in Edwardian London

Philosophy of language

The Joys of Earth: Evolutionary Kinship in Victorian Atheist and Agnostic Authors

Economics of development

An analysis of the finite element method

The role of militias and other paramilitaries in African (un) civil wars

Memory frictions: Localizing the truth and reconciliation commission in Sierra Leone

The civil war and the refugee crisis in Liberia

The protean career: A quarter-century journey

Restructuring the employment relationship

Omens of millennium: The gnosis of angels, dreams, and resurrection

The gift of good land: further essays, cultural and agricultural

Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Book of Dead

Clever animals and killjoy explanations in comparative psychology

The Familiar and the Fantastic A Study of Contemporary High Fantasy in George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen

The Cambridge Introduction to Michel Foucault

Jeremiah 2: A commentary on the book of the prophet Jeremiah, Chapters 26-52

Reverse engineering social media: Software, culture, and political economy in new media capitalism

N-acetylcholinesterase-induced apoptosis in Alzheimer's disease

The third wave

Portrayal of agriculture in children's literature: Contemporary stories in picture books, traditional tales, and nonfiction

Seasons and prices. The role of the weather in English agricultural history

Philosophy of humor

Statistical theory of reliability and life testing: probability models

The structure of the collocational dictionary

If I Ever Go Looking for My Heart's Desire: Home in Baum's Oz Books

Dive patterns of tagged right whales in the Great South Channel

Late Quaternary arroyo formation and climate change in the American Southwest

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Rationality in Greek thought

Reaction engineering for catalyst design

Nutrition and involuntary weight loss: A pilot study of an educational intervention for nursing home surveyors

Making the affordable housing-historic preservation connection

Metaphoric relationships with pets

The whistleblower and the canary: rhetorical constructions of climate change

The child and the picture book: Creating live circuits

Measures of similarity between qualitative descriptions of shape, colour and size applied to mosaic assembling

Palaeoclimatic trends deduced from the hydrochemistry of a Triassic sandstone aquifer, United Kingdom

Nuclear histone acetylases and deacetylases and transcriptional regulation: HATs off to HDACs

I segreti e gli inganni dei libri di ricamo. Uomini con l'ago e donne virtuose

Moda e globalizzazione: i nuovi scenari internazionali

UVS is rare in seabirds

From birds to butterflies: animal movement patterns and stable isotopes

The Dutch famine and its long-term consequences for adult health

Irish-Australian Attitudes

Ingredients of famine analysis: availability and entitlements

Exploring more signature pedagogies: Approaches to teaching disciplinary habits of the mind

Hanging by a Thread: The Scottish Cotton Industry, c. 1850-1914

Can the Middle Ages Be Postcolonial

Using health care failure mode and effect analysis™: the VA National Center for Patient Safety's prospective risk analysis system

and implantable cardiac defibrillating leads using single sheath mechanical dilatation and multiple venous approaches: high success rate and safety in more than

Behavior change versus culture change: Divergent approaches to managing workplace safety

Managing safety in the workplace: An attribution theory analysis and model

Improving practice: Child protection as a systems problem

Part of the family: Planning for permanence in long-term family foster care

Commissioning permanent fostering placements from external providers: An exploration of current policy and practice

AHR Forum The Rise and Fall of an International Counterculture, 1960-1975

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Competing for the future: breakthrough strategies for seizing control of your industry and creating the markets of tomorrow

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

An introduction to children's literature

Facilitating efficient augmentation of transmission networks to connect renewable energy generation: the Australian experience

Is E really for everybody? Picture books for older readers in public libraries

The Faces Pain Scale for the self-assessment of the severity of pain experienced by children: development, initial validation, and preliminary investigation for ratio

Vigilance and group size in ostriches

Learning through a familiar language versus learning through a foreign language—A look into some secondary school classrooms in Tanzania

GPS estimate of relative motion between the Caribbean and South American plates, and geologic implications for Trinidad and Venezuela

The future of mobile shopping: The interaction between lead users and technological trajectories in the Japanese market

Competitive positioning

Finding information on the World Wide Web: the retrieval effectiveness of search engines

Receive Daily Updates

Age-related differences in the organization of parent-infant interactions during picture-book reading

Informal credit markets and the new institutional economics: the case of Philippine agriculture

The thief's journal

2008 National Teaching Institute Creative Solutions Abstracts

Introduction to computer graphics

Palace of Culture: Andrew Carnegie's Museums and Library in Pittsburgh

Have academic accountants and financial accounting standard setters traded places

Created from animals

Psychopathic traits and experimentally induced deception in self-report assessment

The revolution betrayed? Globalization, neoliberalism, and the post-apartheid state

The story of art

Poverty, inequality, and health: an international perspective

Patterns of dissent and the celebration of difference: Critical social theory and international relations

Linguistic imperialism: African perspectives

Jeffrey T. Richelson. The Wizards of Langley: Inside the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology. 386 pp., apps., bibl., index. Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press

Dependency: a formal theory of underdevelopment or a methodology for the analysis of concrete situations of underdevelopment

Chemistry and biochemistry of 4-hydroxynonenal, malonaldehyde and related aldehydes

Structure-based drug design: the discovery of novel nonpeptide orally active inhibitors of human renin

Against redemption: the dilemma of memoir

Table saw injuries: epidemiology and a proposal for preventive measures


Fitzpatrick's color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology

The Climax of Rome Michael Grant: The Climax of Rome: The Final Achievements of the Ancient World, AD 161-337. Pp. xvii+ 299; 100 plates, 8 maps. London

Long-term outcome for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients: mortality

al-Qaeda as Insurgency

Critical Comments on Brian Victoria's Engaged Buddhism: Skeleton in the Closet

History of psychiatry

A geographical analysis of guerrilla warfare

The British Regular Mounted Infantry 1880-1913; Cavalry of Poverty or Victorian Paradigm

The art of computer programming 1: Fundamental algorithms 2: Seminumerical algorithms 3: Sorting and searching

Gamification in Consumer Marketing-Future or Fallacy

An empirical study comparing gamification and social networking on e-learning

The use of value focused thinking and the A'WOT hybrid method in tourism management

Alternative instructional strategies for creative and critical thinking in the accounting curriculum

Measuring return on investment of outreach by community health workers

Technology in Practice. Let's Not Borrow Trouble: E-book collection development requires new considerations

Bedsharing, roomsharing, and sudden infant death syndrome in Scotland: a case-control study

Handbook of smoke control engineering

Essentials of the proper diagnoses of mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and major subtypes of dementia

International retailing

Governments, globalization, and international business

Governments, globalization, and international business

Poor die young: housing and health in Third World cities

International retailing

International business, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

International business, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Edith Penrose and the resource-based view of (international) business strategy

Governments, globalization, and international business

Fluid Currency: Money and Art in Faulkner's If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem

A Study of In-cell Television in a Closed Adult Male Prison: Governing Souls with In-cell Television

Unintended consequences: new materialist perspectives on library technologies and the digital record

Cry Redemption: The Plan of Redemption as Taught in the Book of Mormon

Equal to Life: Tove Jansson's Moomintrolls

Tove Jansson and Her Readers: No One Excluded

Organizational learning and communities of practice: Toward a unified view of working, learning, and innovation

Towards a differentiated understanding of active travel behaviour: using social theory to explore everyday commuting

Folk tales

Owner-reported behavioural characteristics of dingoes (Canis dingo) living as companion animals: A comparison to 'modern'and 'ancient'dog breeds

The Church of virgins and martyrs: Ecclesiastical identity in the sermons of Eusebius of Emesa

Examining the relationship among sense of self-efficacy, teaching experience and beliefs about classroom management: A case of Iranian EFL Teachers

Making content comprehensible for English learners: The SIOP model

An Introduction to Optimal Control Problems in Life Sciences and Economics: From Mathematical Models to Numerical Simulation with MATLAB

The First World War: An Agrarian Interpretation

Business cycles and economic growth

Economic power and the financial machine: competing conceptions of market failure in the Great Depression

Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironments of the North Pacific coast

Development and application of boundary-line release criteria

Game theory for political scientists

Life, death and transformation: education and incompleteness in Hermann Hesse's the glass bead game

Laughter Louder Than Bombs: American Anti-Nuke Satire in the Cold War, 1946-59

Jan Tödtloff Schlosser

The Influence of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer on Hermann Hesse

Michael Ende

Lost in time: Intergenerational succession, change, and failure in family business

Competencias esenciales y PYMEs familiares: Un modelo para el éxito empresarial

Control en la empresa familiar


Análisis de las motivaciones, factores de éxito y obstáculos al espíritu empresarial: estudio comparativo entre México, EEUU y Turquía (Analysis of motivations, factors

Posmodernismo, racionalidad económica y racionalidad ética

The Writing Lesson of 1381

A quiet revolution: The veil's resurgence, from the Middle East to America

A Millennium of Family Change: Feudalism to Capitalism in Northwestern Europe

Fundamental assumptions in narrative analysis: Mapping the field

Mind and nature: A necessary unity

Storia hic et nunc. La formazione dello storico del design in Italia e all'estero

Iscriversi al corso di laurea in scienze dell'educazione: La misura delle attitudini

The Cambridge companion to Locke's Essay concerning human understanding

Call of Nature: The Secret Life of Dung Richard Jones

Thermal biology of sea turtles

An assessment of the olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting population in Orissa, India

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Thirty-year recovery trend in the once depleted Hawaiian green sea turtle stock

Sea turtles as a non-consumptive tourism resource especially in Australia

Satellite tracking of manta rays highlights challenges to their conservation

An open government maturity model for social media-based public engagement

Secure e-health: managing risks to patient health data

The Word Made Text: An Exercise of Christly Reading (in)Paradise Regain'd

Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management

India: Economic development and social opportunity

Jack-in-the-Box Faith: The Religion Problem in Modern American History

Nursery outbreak of scalded-skin syndrome: scarlatiniform rash due to phage group I Staphylococcus aureus

Washington Irving's Wilderness

Guide to GPS positioning

Thinking Digitally About the Dead Sea Scrolls: Book History Before and Beyond the Book

By the book: Assessing the place of textbooks in US survey courses

By the book: Assessing the place of textbooks in US survey courses

Daughters of Isis, daughters of Demeter: When women sowed and reaped

Therapeutic landscapes: medical issues in light of the new cultural geography

New ways of war: understanding military innovation

In his Memorial to Lidice (composed in the summer of 1943) Martinů pays tribute to the complete extinction of the Czech village Lidice and its inhabitants by the Nazis

Improving garbage collection in Latin America's slums: some lessons from Machala, Ecuador

Social Media Subscribe

Photograph's role in tourism: Some unexplored relationships

Fundamentals of orchid biology

Duck in the Fridge by Jeff Mack

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Utah Jazz, A Novel

Religion, Violence and Genocide: In Narratives of Survivors from the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Mixed Bag for Science Fiction Scholarship [Book Review

A Tale of Two Roosevelts: Review Essay

Schooling the New South Pedagogy, Self, and Society in North Carolina, 1880-1920

Internal parasites and animal production

Women and social protest

Large lakes of the world

Tourism and DEVELOPMENTEvidence from Mexico

Sun, weather, and climate

LibGuides: ROMS 1108.102: Women Writing the Mediterranean (Spring 2018): Reference Sources

The Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories

Staff Skills


The seven deadly sins: Jewish, Christian, and classical reflections on human psychology

Loving Literature: A Cultural History


Optimal restoration of altered habitats

British Fiction and the Production of Social Order, 1740-1830, and: Women Writers and the English Nation in the 1790s, and: Rebellious Hearts: British Women Writers

Consumer profiling of Scotch whisky

Breast-feeding difficulties experienced by women taking part in a qualitative interview study of postnatal depression


The basics of e-book formatting and publishing

Shooting the information rapids

Share this

Frederick Douglass: freedom's voice, 1818-1845

Using Young Hoosier Book Award winners to teach language arts: a curricular guide for elementary teachers: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Evaluation of two Web-based alcohol interventions for mandated college students

A Tale of Three Hamlets or Repetition and Revenge

From stage to page: Music-theater in print

Cambridge International Examinations-Cambridge iGCSE Design and Technology Student's Book

Teaching English as a second or foreign language

Worlds in collision: terror and the future of global order

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Web 2.0, social marketing strategies and distribution channels for city destinations: Enhancing the participatory role of travelers and exploiting their collective

Collective knowledge systems: Where the social web meets the semantic web

The role of marketing in social media: How online consumer reviews evolve

Labour market areas: uses and definition

Aesthetic Extracts: Henry David Thoreau and Nineteenth-Century Maple Culture

Oeuvres et lettres

Œuvres Complètes Viii-Ix Recueil de Toutes les Réponses À Monsieur Arnauld

Infinitely small quantities in Cauchy's textbooks

Prégnance historique et modernité dans la poésie du premier Hugo

Oeuvres complètes

Oeuvres et lettres

Oeuvres et lettres

Oeuvres et lettres

Oeuvres et lettres

Oeuvres et lettres

Trust Among Strangers: Securing British Modernityby way of friendly society,'1780s-1870s

Toward desacralizing secularization theory

Microbial diversity of traditional Vietnamese alcohol fermentation starters (banh men) as determined by PCR-mediated DGGE

Legacy denied: African American gay men, AIDS, and the black church

Age, narrative and migration: the life course and life histories of Bengali elders in London

Mapping time. The calendar and its history

Reinventing Mountain Food Traditions and Small Farm Survival in Southern Appalachia

When Macaroni and Cheese Is Good Enough: Revelation in Creative Nonfiction

Angels, dancers, mermaids: the hidden history of Peckham in Muriel Spark's The Ballad of Peckham Rye

Advances phase-lock techniques

On the Water: Stories from Maritime America: National Museum of American History, Washington, DC

Republic of Palau

Fishermen on the Batinah Coast in Oman: a study from the subsistence marketplace perspective

Power electronics and AC drives

Power electronics and AC drives

Effect of late autumn sowing dates on ryegrass seed yields

Women's perceptions of iron deficiency and anemia prevention and control in eight developing countries

Further reflections on the revolution in France

The great chain of buying: Medical advertisement, the bourgeois public sphere, and the origins of the French Revolution

Efficiency in legal transplants: An essay in comparative law and economics

The great chain of buying: Medical advertisement, the bourgeois public sphere, and the origins of the French Revolution

THE LIMITS OF THE SOVEREIGN STATEStrategies of Crime Control in Contemporary Society

All at sea with animal tracks; methodological and analytical solutions for the resolution of movement

The development of a modern foraminiferal data set for sea-level reconstructions, Wakatobi Marine National Park, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Essentials of ecology

Creating Digital History

Duplication of primate and rodent B7-H3 immunoglobulin V-and C-like domains: divergent history of functional redundancy and exon loss

Informational value of museum web sites

Meredith K. Ray. Daughters of Alchemy. Women and Scientific Culture in Early Modern Italy

The tachyonic antitelephone

Financial innovation

An analytic derivation of the cost of deposit insurance and loan guarantees an application of modern option pricing theory

A Second Look at Post Crisis Pricing of Derivatives-Part I: A Note on Money Accounts

Financial innovation

Adjusting for risk:: An improved Sharpe ratio

Innovation: a guide to the literature

Beauty in Bastardy: Breytenbach on Afrikaans and the Afrikaners

The CHIPS project: a health information network to serve the consumer

Recent literature on government information

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays


Israel's Sojourn in the Wilderness and the Construction of the Book of Numbers

Generating Comics Narrative to Summarize Wearable Computer Data

The VERB™ campaign's strategy for reaching African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian children and parents

Effect of low-dose temazepam on physiological variables and performance tests following a westerly flight across five time zones

In Memoriam: Anthony (Tony) Goodwin

Practical NIR spectroscopy with applications in food and beverage analysis

SEM: A user's manual for materials science

Basic principles of organic chemistry

Numerical taxonomy. The principles and practice of numerical classification

Intermodal competition in local telecommunications markets

Handbook of freshwater fishery biology: Volume 3

Risk and return: The case of merging firms

Business process modeling in the jABC: the one-thing approach

The stationary distribution of a Markovian process arising in the theory of multiserver retrial queueing systems

Incidence and principal sources of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes contamination in processed meats and a meat processing plant

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Flow measurement engineering handbook

Asymptotic behavior of the expansion method for open finite queueing networks

Nematode faunal analysis in an aquic brown soil fertilised with slow-release urea, Northeast China

The role of possessions in constructing and maintaining a sense of past

Exterminate All the Brutes: One Man's Odyssey into the Heart of Darkness and the Origins of European Genocide

The spread of the comparative negligence rule in the United States

Nonfiction reviews [Book Review

Joys and surprises of a career studying eukaryotic gene expression

Personal space regulation in childhood autism spectrum disorders


Crucial Trends in Modem Ukrainian Embroidery

Fathers' language input during shared book activities: Links to children's kindergarten achievement

Speleothem evidence from Oman for continental pluvial events during interglacial periods

To Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Checklist of the Coleopterous Insects of Mexico, Central America the West Indies, and South America. Part 3

Endemic bird areas of the world: priorities for biodiversity conservation

Loneliness in Eternity: Infernal Existences of Mythical Heroes

Action at a Distance in Physics and Cosmology

Posthumous Presence in Richardson's Clarissa

Who solved the secretary problem

Perinatal problems. The Second Report of the 1958, British Perinatal Mortality Survey under the auspices of the National Birthday Trust Fund

What student affairs professionals need to know about student engagement

Cowards and heroes: Group loyalty in the American Civil War

The Vietnam War on Trial: The My Lai Massacre and the Court-Martial of Lieutenant Calley

Lsst science book, version 2.0

Animal models for evaluation of albumin-based therapeutics

Constance Cary Harrison, Refugitta of Richmond: A Nineteenth-century Southern Woman Writer's Critically Intriguing Antislavery Narrative Strategy

Flying Dutchmen and Drunken Irishmen: The Myths and Realities of Ethnic Civil War Soldiers

Historical review of medicinal plants' usage

Medicinal plants: historical and cross-cultural usage patterns

A clinical history of Zincum metallicum: homeopathic pathogenetic trials and case reports

Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 02, Number 1 (Fall 1989

Foodallergy management from the perspective of restaurant and food establishment personnel

Subaerial laminated crusts of the Florida Keys

HPLC determination of carotenoids in Bulgarian berries

Biology and ecology of Platypus sulcatus

Literacy Starts in the Cradle of Shoalhaven Libraries New South Wales

Biology and ecology of Platypus sulcatus

Biology and ecology of Platypus sulcatus

A Cultural Duet Zitkala Ša And The Sun Dance Opera

War and tourism: An American ethnography

Jack-in-the-Box Faith: The Religion Problem in Modern American History

Introduction: the study and history of genocide

The measure of American religion: Toward improving the state of the art

Investment treaty arbitration and public law

Flora of New Zealand. Volume I

Flora of New Zealand. Volume I

An Interactive Guide to Self-Discovery for Women

Fascism: Comparison and definition

The Cambridge Companion to Molière

Interpretation of bed sediment trace metal data: methods for dealing with the grain size effect

Who is Jillian Michaels

From Migrant Food to Lifestyle Cooking: The Career of Italian Cuisine in Europe Italian Cuisine

Promoting Healthy, Home-cooked Meals: Formative Research for a Social Marketing Program Targeting Low-income Mothers

Authenticating the Kitchen:'Poh's Kitchen'and'Jamie's Great Italian Escape


Noxious weed control on two utility rights-of-way: 10-year comparison and contrast

The Vocabulary Profile of English Short Story Books at The Library of Satya Wacana Laboratory Schools

Twin Flocks: Guiraut Riquier's Pastorelas and his Book of Songs

Beyond the Melting Pot and Back

Physics of radiology

This Fire of Contention: Factional Conflict in Salem Village after 1692

Luther Burbank: Plant breeding artist, horticulturist, and legend

Joint book-reading strategies in working-class African American and White mother-toddler dyads

Where There Is Oppression, There Is Resistance—An Analysis of the Motives of Heathcliff's Revenge

Omkāra-Māndhātā-Mukti-Dhāma: a paradise for pilgrims

What is Saiva Siddhanta? Tracing Modern Genealogies and Historicising a Classical Canon

Online statistics education: A multimedia course of study

On Love of Neighbour

Regional innovation systems, clusters, and the knowledge economy

The Justice of a Rule That Forbids the Men Smoking on Their Jobs: Workers, Managers, and Cigarettes in World War II America

The oral biography

Profits and pandemics: prevention of harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and ultra-processed food and drink industries

Paratext, Citation, and Academic Desire in Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo

Womanist propaganda, African-American great war experience, and cultural strategies of the Harlem Renaissance: plays by Alice Dunbar-Nelson and Mary P. Burrill

Where do innovations come from? Transformations in the US economy, 1970-2006

Too little or too much R&D

Regional innovation systems: Current discourse and unresolved issues

Sons of Northern Darkness: Heathen Influences in Black Metal and Neofolk Music1

Phantásiens fabelhafte Bewohner

Paper tools in experimental cultures

Blaise Without War: The War on Anarchy in Blaise Cendrars's Moravagine

The voyage of contemporary Japanese theatre

Degeneration and the Me Generation: The Decay of the Revolutionary Youth

Poetic garlands: Hellenistic epigrams in context

Old Beginnings, and: Chagall's Arabian Nights, and: Arabian Nights

Mary Jane Watson

Electric dreamland: Amusement parks, movies, and American modernity [Book Review

The mind of a novel: The heart of the book

The white stallions of Vienna

Science instruction through the visual arts in special collections

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The governance of innovation: vertical integration and collaborative arrangements in the biotechnology industry

Coming of age in Samoa

Making content comprehensible for English learners: The SIOP model

Understanding differences in the choice of college attended: The role of state public policies

The impact of computer use on children's and adolescents' development

Film, a sound art

The Secret Garden Misread: The Broadway Musical as Creative Interpretation

Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn'Arabī, Gender, and Sexuality

Canine anatomy

An introduction to the study of insects


Anatomy of the mouth and teeth of the cat

A fast algorithm for the spread of HIV in a system of prisons

Edward Gorey, Children's Literature, and Nonsense Verse

Decent Interval: Decent Interval

Techos estanque como estrategia para el ahorro de agua en climas áridos. Caso: Chihuahua, México

Three personages in one old book

Evaluación y tratamiento de la anorgasmia femenina

Three personages in one old book

El ruido de las nueces: List Arzubide y el estridentismo mexicano

Loa para el Teatro de la Cruz: dispuesta con motivo de los festejos públicos, acordados por la villa de Madrid para celebrar el feliz nacimiento de los... infantes Carlos

Brain changes after learning to read and play music

Beer tourism in Canada along the Waterloo-Wellington ale trail

A global survey of the stable isotope and chemical compositions of bottled and canned beers as a guide to authenticity

The all-American beer: a case of inferior standard (taste) prevailing

Biology: A guide to the natural world

The Philly Fan's Code: The 50 Toughest, Craziest, Most Legendary Philadelphia Athletes of the Last 50 Years

A preliminary study investigating consumer preference for cheese and beer pairings

It's complicated: The social lives of networked teens

Class, ethnicity and residential structure: the social geography of Winnipeg, 1901-1921

Can the Girl Guide Speak?: The Perils and Pleasures of Looking for Children's Voices in Archival Research

Creating moral economies: reciprocity and welfare entitlements on the Yukon mining frontier

Urban & regional planning: a systems approach

The invention of craft

The story of art

Conceptual revolutions in twentieth-century art

Jack-in-the-Box Faith: The Religion Problem in Modern American History

Applied analysis of lacquer films based on pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Assessment of intrathoracic blood volume as an indicator of cardiac preload: single transpulmonary thermodilution technique versus assessment of pressure preload

Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn'Arabī, Gender, and Sexuality

The life and works of the troubadour Raimbaut d'Orange

Emily Dickinson's Books

Armstrong Family. Wheel of the Year. Thirty Years with the Armstrong Family, Flying Fish FF 70594, CD, 1992

South African red data book-birds

Mothers of Us All: When Does Political Message Take Precedence over Art in Some Modern and Contemporary Women's Poetry

The Heart in Exile: Detachment and Desire in 1950s London

A typology of cults

Moral culture

Explosive anger as a response to human rights violations in post-conflict Timor-Leste

Women war and peace: The independent experts assessment on the impact of armed conflict on women and womens role in peace-building

Nutrition: the right way (magazine): an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Medicinal plants: historical and cross-cultural usage patterns

Dietary effects of garlic (Allium sativum) on haemato-immunological parameters, survival, growth, and disease resistance against Vibrio harveyi infection in Asian sea

Pointe Shoes

Lower Jurassic floras from Hope Bay and Botany Bay, Antarctica

A City of the Future: Gravity's Rainbow and the 1962 Seattle World's Fair

New Orleans Bibliography

Predictable books in the children's EFL classroom

Song of Victor (ia), and: Andromeda

Four good reasons to use literature in primary school ELT

Long-term cholesterol-lowering effects of 4 fat-restricted diets in hypercholesterolemic and combined hyperlipidemic men: the Dietary Alternatives Study

Chef's book of formulas, yields, and sizes

Quantifying alternate futures of religion and religions

A history and philosophy of sport and physical education: From ancient civilizations to the modern world

Words on fire: The unfinished story of Yiddish

Theories of modernity and postmodernity

Regeneration after fire in King's Park, Perth, Western Australia

Sentimental Apes, Naughty Monkeys, Erotic Lapdogs, and Canine Pilgrims

Kierkegaard in golden age Denmark

Kierkegaard's Relations to Hegel Reconsidered

Potential and possibility: rehabilitation at end of life: physiotherapy in palliative care

Søren Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers, Volume 1: AE

Finally, some light on the 'Pillar of Homeopathy

Reconciling with history: The Chinese-Canadian head tax redress

When less is better: a comparison of Bach Flower Remedies and homeopathy

The marginalization of evangelical feminism

Welt ist mein Altar: Eine sakramentale Wegbeschreibung für eine ökologische Mission La tierra entera es mi altar: Una trayectoria sacramental para una misión

Fourth Ezra: A Commentary on the Books of Fourth Ezra

Men, sport, spinal cord injury, and narratives of hope

After office hours

Making Shakespeare's Books: Assembly and Intertextuality in the Archives

The Norton Shakespeare: based on the Oxford edition

Shakespeare and the Popularity of Poetry Books in Print, 1583-1622

Shakespeare and the Popularity of Poetry Books in Print, 1583-1622

The ordering of Shakespeare's earliest comedies: new uses of old evidence

Certaine Amorous Sonnets, Betweene Venus and Adonis: Fictive Acts of Writing in The Passionate Pilgrime of 1612

Fábulas sin Moraleja y Finales Cuentos

Family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and invasive procedures: practices of critical care and emergency nurses

Seduction of the Innocent

Accounting regulation and the professionalization process: an historical essay concerning the significance of PH Abbott

The relevance of the value relevance literature for financial accounting standard setting: another view

The nature of work-related neck and upper limb musculoskeletal disorders

Visual comfort in VDT operation: Physiological resting states of the eye

Primary AIDS care

Global burden of cardiovascular diseases: part I: general considerations, the epidemiologic transition, risk factors, and impact of urbanization

The conquest of smallpox: the impact of inoculation on smallpox mortality in eighteenth century Britain

Approaches to the Ur-Mahabharata

The Amish nine patch quilt: the culture and art within

Magic carpet: digital interpretation of traditional tessellation patterns

Anthologies [Book Review

Risk creation in traveling: Backpacker adventure narration

Agriculture and structural transformation; economic strategies in late-developing countries

Aminic epoxy resin hardeners as reactive solvents for conjugated polymers: polyaniline base/epoxy composites for anticorrosion coatings

Recent developments in titanium alloy application in the energy industry

The practical handbook of corrosion control in soils

No Alcohol, Please. It's a Family Affair!: Building Community Support for a Bluegrass Festival Through Family Friendliness


Armstrong Family. Wheel of the Year. Thirty Years with the Armstrong Family, Flying Fish FF 70594, CD, 1992

Armstrong Family. Wheel of the Year. Thirty Years with the Armstrong Family, Flying Fish FF 70594, CD, 1992

Smaller twins are not at risk of neonatal morbidity compared to their larger co-twins

Bringing medieval children out of the shadows

Opening of the Symposium in Tours

What's wrong with tombstoning and what does this tell us about responsibility for health

Crises in scholarly communications: insights from forty years of the Journal of library history, 1966-2005


Behind barbed wire: internment in Australia during World War II

Using dramatic role-play to develop emotional aptitude

Finding Place: The art of Wangechi Mutu, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons and IngridMwangiRobertHutter

The Highly Favored Nation: The Bible and Canadian Meaning, 1860-1900

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Mark: A commentary

Colonizing the universe: Science fictions then, now, and in the (imagined) future

Mindfulness meditation improves cognition: Evidence of brief mental training

Utopian Enterprise: Articulating the Meanings of Star Trek's Culture of Consumption

Book review: The remembered village

Singing exile: Music in Irish emigration literature

Walter Crane and the decorative illustration of books

Experimental analysis to optimize the performance of air curtains and heat exchangers: application to refrigerated display cases


Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The structure of the follistatin: activin complex reveals antagonism of both type I and type II receptor binding

Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual

Special providence and sixteenth-century astronomical observation: some preliminary reflections

John and Mark: The Bi-Optic Gospels

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Object-oriented decision support system modelling for multicriteria decision making in natural resource management

Concept of a system for building shared expert knowledge base of vehicle repairs

The landscape of belief: Encountering the holy land in nineteenth-century American art and culture

Austen Henry Layard and the periodical press: Middle Eastern archaeology and the excavation of cultural identity in mid-nineteenth century Britain

Touch and the Experience of the Genuine

A Review of Archaeology in the 'Land of Tells and Ruins'. A History of Excavations in the Holy Land Inspired by the Photographs and Accounts of Leo Boer

American Historians on the Cold War: A Historiographical Interpretation

Dueling Visions of Rebirth: Interwar Palestine Versus Soviet Russia

The emerging post-revisionist synthesis on the origins of the Cold War

The grammar book: An ESL/EFL teacher's course

Language skills in low-SES rural Appalachian children: Normative development and individual differences, infancy to preschool

Parents' interactions with their first-grade children during storybook reading and relations with subsequent home reading activity and reading achievement

Using Manipulatives to Investigate ESOL Students' Achievement and Dispositions in Algebra

Rice in the global economy: strategic research and policy issues for food security

Transnational Security Threats and State Survival: A Role for the Military

Colombia's income from the drug trade

Bodies, pleasures, and passions: Sexual culture in contemporary Brazil

China's Caribbean in the South China Sea

Mindfulness training and neural integration: Differentiation of distinct streams of awareness and the cultivation of well-being

The religion of the market: Reflections on a decade of discussion

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The Present Moment and Giving Oneself as a Gift

The teaching of John Paul II on the Christian meaning of suffering

Divine Pedagogy and the Gnostic Teacher according to Clement of Alexandria

The First Vatican Council, Archbishop Henry Manning, and Papal Infallibility

A trajectory-based analysis of coordinated team activity in a basketball game

Triple threat: My journey as a Black lesbian athlete in search of additional Black lesbian student-athletes

T-pattern analysis for the study of temporal structure of animal and human behavior: a comprehensive review

The grand tour travel as an educational device 1600-1800

Mortality of French participants in the Tour de France (1947-2012

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Atoms and the Law

Impact of maternal immunization on influenza hospitalizations in infants

Burn, and: Black Overcoat

Sampling microbiological aerosols

Adaptation, the genre

Wizard of Oz studies—why and how

Is the future female? Troubled thoughts on contemporary feminism

Art on the move: The role of joint attention in visitors' encounters with artworks

What makes paris look like paris

Treatment outcoumes of the recurrent respiratory papillomatosis with Gardasil

The present alone is our happiness: Conversations with Jeannie Carlier and Arnold I. Davidson

Seismic-refraction measurements in the Atlantic Ocean basins, in the Mediterranean Sea, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and in the Norwegian Sea

Mary Walker Wears the Pants: The True Story of the Doctor, Reformer, and Civil War Hero by Cheryl Harness

Management of the marine environment: integrating ecosystem services and societal benefits with the DPSIR framework in a systems approach

The comparative efficacy and tolerability of CGP 56697 (artemether+ lumefantrine) versus halofantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in

General Classification Handbook for Floodplain Vegetation in Large River Systems. Chapter 1 of Book 2, Collection of Environmental Data

The virtue of Aristotle's ethics

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Aphrodite's Island: The European Discovery of Tahiti

The improbable three: Virtual history, spirituality and the meaning of May 1940

The transit of Venus. The quest to find the true distance of the Sun


In joy we prepare our lessons': reading Camus' Noces via their reception of the Eleusinian mysteries

Helter skelter, topsy-turvy and 'loonycolour': carnivalesque realism in'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Purple Violet of Oshaantu

By Her Hands: Catawba Women and Survival, Civil War through Reconstruction

définition-darth sidious

The quagga and science: what does the future hold for this extinct zebra

Geography in the Common Core: Embedded Themes Of Space, Place, and Society in Children's Literature

The religiosity of the book of Song of Songs in context

The Robber Bride, and: In Extremis: The Life of Laura Riding, and: M-80, and: There's No Such Thing as Free Speech... And It's a Good Thing, Too, and: A Frolic of His

A type of healthcare system based on intelligent wireless sensor networks

Power electronics: a first course

The Australian historic shipwreck preservation project 2012: First report on the background, reburial and'in-situ'preservation at the'Clarence'(1841-50

Comparing the attitudes of local residents, planners, and developers about preserving rural character in New England

Stress rehabilitation through garden therapy: The garden as a place in the recovery from stress

The development of English semi-detached dwellings during the nineteenth century

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John Leland and the contents of English pre-Dissolution libraries: Glastonbury abbey

Investment science

Introduction to informetrics: Quantitative methods in library, documentation and information science

A first course in probability

Introduction to applied mathematics

Applied statistical decision theory

Computer‐based examining in GCE (A level) Decision and Discrete Mathematics

Decision making and knowledge management in inquiring organizations: toward a new decision-making paradigm for DSS

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Charles S. Chihara. A Structural Account of Mathematics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Pp. xiv + 380. ISBN 0-19-926753-7

Fair valuation of life insurance liabilities: the impact of interest rate guarantees, surrender options, and bonus policies

Religious Fanatics That Became Political Heroes: The Historical Distortions of the Bulhoek Massacre

Film architecture and the transnational imagination: Set design in 1930s European cinema

From Page to Screen: A Panel Discussion

Key concepts in cinema studies

A beautiful mind (fuck): Hollywood structures of identity

Sherlock Holmes: scientific detective

Essential malariology

Proceedings of the Asia and Pacific Conference on Malaria: Practical considerations on malaria vaccines and clinical trials. April 21-27, 1985. Siddiqui, WA, editor

Identification of regulatory elements in the Plasmodium falciparum genome

Primaquine therapy for malaria

Articulated cultures: militarism and masculinities in Fiji during the mid 1990s

The 2006 military takeover in Fiji: a coup to end all coups

The 2006 military takeover in Fiji: a coup to end all coups

Confronting Fiji Futures

Fiji before the storm: Elections and the politics of development

Articulated cultures: militarism and masculinities in Fiji during the mid 1990s

The General's Goose: Fiji's Tale of Contemporary Misadventure

The 2006 military takeover in Fiji: a coup to end all coups

Seeing the visible book: How graphic novels resist reading

Effects of peer review and editing on the readability of articles published in Annals of Internal Medicine

Matthew 1-7

Energy efficiency—a critical view

Luke 2: A commentary on the Gospel of Luke 9: 51-19: 27

Acts of the Apostles

The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act at fifty: Aspirations, effects, and limitations

An introduction to a UK scheme to help small firms control health risks from chemicals

Toxic metal chemistry in marine environments

Development of a second-generation mathematical model for urban air pollution—I. Model formulation

Assessing conservation priorities in the Benguela ecosystem, South Africa: analysing predation by seals on threatened seabirds

A taste for pop: pop art, gender, and consumer culture

American cinema of the 1970s: themes and variations

A taste for pop: pop art, gender, and consumer culture

The cultural production of Asian American young adults in the novels of Marie G. Lee, An Na, and Doris Jones Yang

Watershed responses to timber harvesting disturbance

Optical fiber communications

Mechanical and thermal properties of filamentary-reinforced structural composites at cryogenic temperatures 1: Glass-reinforced composites

Application of artificial bee colony algorithms to antenna design problems for RFID applications

BISMARC: a biologically inspired system for map-based autonomous rover control

Workload perception in drone flight training simulators

Rituals of Respect: The Secret of Survival in the High Peruvian Andes

Everyday life: Theories and practices from surrealism to the present

Gambling and society: Interdisciplinary studies on the subject of gambling

Basic strategy and expectation in casino blackjack

Ulysses and the sirens: Studies in rationality and irrationality

Modeling combined fluid and stress change effects in the seismic response of a producing hydrocarbon reservoir

Protecting adolescents from harm: findings from the National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health

Pharmacotherapy of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder across the life cycle

Sertraline in children and adolescents with obsessive-compulsive disorder: a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Cognitive neuroscience of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and hyperkinetic disorder

Historical Roots of Migration in the Age of Globalization

When the Abyss Looks Back: Treatments of Human Trafficking in Superhero Comic Books

Power games between the researcher and the participant in the social inquiry

Handgun safety: what do consumers learn from gun dealers

Market performance of Chinese telecommunications: new regulatory policies

Commander-in-chief or chief economist?: The president in the eye of the public

Flora of West Tropical Africa, Volume 1, Part 1

Environmental impacts of a North American free trade agreement

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

How the concept of totalitarianism appeared in late socialist Bulgaria: the birth and life of Zheliu Zhelev's book Fascism

The End of Irish-America? Globalisation and the Irish Diaspora

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

British ascomycetes

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Deep Travel: In Thoreau's Wake on the Concord and Merrimack

Reading Dickinson: Bolts, Hounds, the Variorum, and Fascicle 39

Onomastics and river-gods in Sicily

Simulation in Cyberspace and Touch of the Flesh: Kissing, the Blush, the Hickey and the Caress

Suppression of references to sex and body functions in the Brazilian and Portuguese translations of JD Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye

Role of academic self-efficacy in moderating the relation between task importance and test anxiety

Five Biblical Portraits

Folding and enfolding walls: Statist imperatives and bureaucratic aesthetics in divided Jerusalem

Absorptive capacity: A new perspective on learning and innovation

The 'China model'and the global crisis: from Friedrich List to a Chinese mode of governance

Hunt Slonem

Quality function deployment: A literature review

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Repeated reading in readers theatre for developing reading fluency

The world in their minds: Information processing, cognition, and perception in foreign policy decisionmaking

Memory and modernity in democratic Spain: The difficulty of coming to terms with the Spanish Civil War

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Different drummer, same parade: Britain's Palestine labour department, 1942-1948

Coastal tourism development in Southeast Asia: relevance and lessons for coastal zone management

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Econometrics

A Comprehensive Listing of Dictionaries Published in the United States and Great Britain during 1978

A study of critical attitude across English and Spanish academic book reviews

Labour Legends and Russian Gold: Bolshevism and the British Left part 1

Prescribing books for immigrant children: a pilot study to promote emergent literacy among the children of Hispanic immigrants

Selective bibliography and guide for I is not for Indian: The portrayal of Native Americans in books for young people

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Teaching English as an international language: Rethinking goals and perspectives

Literature Lit by Artifice

Determination of the energy saving by daylight responsive lighting control systems with an example from Istanbul

Rushed to judgment

The Intertribal Drum of Radio: The Indians for Indians Hour and Native American Media, 1941-1951

Alienation and uses of the mass media

For a phenomenology of radio and television

Impoliteness and entertainment in the television quiz show: The Weakest Link

Assessing undesired aggression in military working dogs

Leishmaniasis, an emerging disease found in companion animals in the United States


The moral status of animals and their use in research: a philosophical review

Training for Transformation-The Movement and the Books

DEAR me: What does it take to get children reading

Silla Buddhism and the Hwarang segi Manuscripts

Dr. Jogeshwar Mahanta


International tables for crystallography

United States-Yugoslav Relations, 1961-80: The Twilight of Tito's Era and the Role of Ambassadorial Diplomacy in the Making of America's Yugoslav Policy

Pacific Gibraltar: US-Japanese Rivalry over the Annexation of Hawai'i, 1885-1898

Horror, hubris and humanity: the international engagement with Africa, 1914-2014

The American South and the Vietnam War: Belligerence, Protest, and Agony in Dixie by Joseph A. Fry

Monitoring the world economy, 1820-1992

Security Inequalities in North America: Reassessing Regional Security Complex Theory

Attracting birds to your garden

Who needs a holiday? Evaluating social tourism

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Thematic teaching in the elementary classroom including a The sound of music theme: intermediate grades: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Neoliberalism: A critical reader

Barbarians ancient and modern

The Traumatic Revision of Marvel's Spider-Man: From 1960s Dime-Store Comic Book to Post-9/11 Moody Motion Picture Franchise

London Publishing, 1640-1660: Crisis, Continuity, and Innovation

Paradise Lost and the Youthful Reader

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

English literature

Is mimetic theory in literature and art universal

Becoming in Kind: Race, Class, Gender, and Nation in Cultures of Dog Rescue and Dogfighting

Burying key evidence: the social bond between dogs and people

Trustworthy variant derivation with translation validation for safety critical product lines

Heritage recording and 3D modeling with photogrammetry and 3D scanning

A new correlation for bench-scale piloted ignition data of wood

Managing soft change projects in the public sector

Six Encounters with Lincoln: A President Confronts Democracy and Its Demons by Elizabeth Brown Pryor

The war within a war: Women nurses in the union army

Routing and scheduling of vehicles and crews: The state of the art

Trade unions and climate change: The jobs versus environment dilemma

The Making of a Counter Culture Reflections on the Technocratic Society and Its Youthful Opposition, With a new introduction

Part 2

Diversity in the Application of Music for Building or Tearing Down Communities, Organizations, and Nations

Why do kids eat healthful food? Perceived benefits of and barriers to healthful eating and physical activity among children and adolescents

Storm Runners

The effect of phonics-enhanced Big Book reading on the language and literacy skills of 6-year-old pupils of different reading ability attending lower SES

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In search of the essence of a good teacher: Towards a more holistic approach in teacher education

A terror management theory of social behavior: The psychological functions of self-esteem and cultural worldviews

Changes in sheep numbers in Britain: implications for bird populations

The effects of distributive, procedural, and interactional justice on postcomplaint behavior

Anthropology: Theoretical practice in culture and society

Overview of the SF-36 health survey and the international quality of life assessment (IQOLA) project

Impact of acceptance and commitment therapy versus education on stigma toward people with psychological disorders

Stillingfleet and the Way of Ideas

squatters, selectors and surveyors (Brisbane History Group Papers No 16) Edited by Rod Fisher and Jennifer Harrison (Brisbane: Brisbane History Group, 2000)[Book

The shape of the human being as a function of time': time, transplantation, and tolerance in Peter Brian Medawar's research, 1937-1956

High prealbumin and transferrin mRNA levels in the choroid plexus of rat brain

An Annotated Bibliography Of Cinchona• Growing From 1883 To 1943

The Dangers of Peace

The subunits and structural ribonucleic acids of Jensen sarcoma ribosomes

The Riddle of Ghost Towns in the Environmental Imagination

Portraits from memory. Recollections of a zoologist

Ping-pong amplification of a retroviral vector achieves high-level gene expression: human growth hormone production

Catecholamine excretion and heart rate as factors of psychophysical stress in table tennis

Catecholamine excretion and heart rate as factors of psychophysical stress in table tennis

Active transportation and physical activity: opportunities for collaboration on transportation and public health research

Jahn-Teller distortions in solid C20 and other fullerene structures

Girls in a goldfish bowl: Moral regulation, ritual and the use of power amongst inner city girls


Wrappings (small changes

Doesn't it ever rain in Alabama?: The Prints of Mary Wallace Kirk

Mark Tobey

Muslim countries and the democracy gap

A GIS-based spatial decision support system for tourists of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Austrian German in Teaching the German Language

Threat of a biological terrorist attack on the US food supply: the CDC perspective

Federal funding for the study of antimicrobial resistance in nosocomial pathogens: no ESKAPE

General microbiology

Ancient floods, modern hazards: principles and applications of paleoflood hydrology

Factors influencing readers' interest in new book releases: An experimental study

A history of domesticated animals

On animals: A medieval summa zoologica

Haunted Weather Music, Silence and Memory

Cognitive grammar

Paediatric triage in South Africa

A Reformed Perspective on the Ecumenical Movement

Jack-in-the-Box Faith: The Religion Problem in Modern American History

Power and poverty: Theory and practice

Antenna engineering handbook

The master


tech. eds. 2013. A technical guide for monitoring wildlife habitat

Safety, efficacy, and immunogenicity of a live, quadrivalent human-bovine reassortant rotavirus vaccine in healthy infants

Clean artisanal gold mining: a utopian approach

Origin and consumption of mercury in small-scale gold mining

Quantum phase transitions and vortex dynamics in superconducting networks

Prospect of creating a composite Fermi-Bose superfluid

QuTiP: An open-source Python framework for the dynamics of open quantum systems

Mott-Hubbard transition of cold atoms in optical lattices

Supersymmetric quantum mechanics of one-dimensional systems

Muslims: their religious beliefs and practices, by Andrew Rippin

The next threat: Western perceptions of Islam

Muslim modernity in postcolonial Nigeria: A study of the Society for the Removal of Innovation and Reinstatement of Tradition

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Lymphatics, Lymph, and Lympboid Tissue. Their Physiological and Clinical Significance

Fantastic Spiritualities: Monsters, Heroes, and the Contemporary Religious Imagination

The Golden King and the Great Pharaoh King Tut: HisRestoration Role of Ancient Egyptian's Religion (1334BC-1325BC

Conservation and sustainable use of crop wild relatives

A prioritized crop wild relative inventory to help underpin global food security

Phytochemistry and plant taxonomy—An essay on the chemotaxonomy of higher plants

The fungal dimension of biodiversity: magnitude, significance, and conservation

Mind and consciousness during sleep

Lucid dreaming: Psychophysiological studies of consciousness during REM sleep

Women, power and silence in Shakespeare's A midsummer night's dream

Piracy: past, present and future

Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life

The antecedents of Old Babylonian place notation and the early history of Babylonian mathematics

QW Tait, Papyri from Tebtunis in Egyptian and in

Sacrifice of praise: Emotion and collective participation in an African-American worship service

Proclus' Hymns: essays, translations, commentary

Training for transformation: a handbook for community workers. Book 2

Artificial intelligence: a modern approach

Osip Mandelstam and TS Eliot between Tradition and Innovation: A Comparative Study

Between ambivalence and intrusion: Politics and identity in Armenia-diaspora relations

Speech-accommodation theories: A discussion in terms of second-language acquisition

Scapegoat arm: twentieth-century cavalry in Anglophone historiography

Dogface Soldiers.: The Infantry Riflemen of the Army of the United States, and the war against Hitlers Wehrmacht in the Mediterranean and Northwestern

Whiteness studies: The new history of race in America

Union and Confederate Secretaries of the Navy. A Comparative Study of the Secretaries during the Civil War

Photoremovable protecting groups in organic synthesis

Chemical biology of dynamic combinatorial libraries

Antigen structure and genetic basis of histo-blood groups A, B and O: their changes associated with human cancer1

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: the technique and its applications

Standard line slopes as a measure of a relative matrix effect in quantitative HPLC-MS bioanalysis

The General

Music and emotion: perceptual determinants, immediacy, and isolation after brain damage

Divining the past: The linguistic reconstruction of'African'roots in diasporic ritual registers and songs

Cairo pop: youth music in contemporary Egypt

Green roof plants: a resource and planting guide

Evaluation of the emergence method in estimating seed bank composition of prairie wetlands

Comment on 'Rebalancing Keynes's contribution'by Bordiss and Padayachee

NuMex Las Cruces' Cayenne Pepper

Vitamin status and intake as primary determinants of homocysteinemia in an elderly population

Women's Sexualities. Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance

Victoria Bates, Sexual Forensics in Victorian and Edwardian England: Age, Crime and Consent in the Courts

Rationalizing the Irrational: Merlin and His Prophecies in the Modern Historical Novel

Maxine Hong Kingston's Autobiographical Strategy in The Woman Warrior

Is there a cost to faith-based investing: Evidence from FTSE Islamic indices

Rules and regulators

Studying Atomic Vibrations by Transmission Electron Microscopy

Investment science

Time, Creation, and the Continuum: theories in antiquity and the early middle ages

Culture's influence on creativity: the case of Indian spirituality

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Alzheimer's disease normative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers validated in PET amyloid-β characterized subjects from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle

Lecture notes on general relativity

Goals of the ARISE space VLBI mission1

Theories of everything: The quest for ultimate explanation

Sustainability economics: Where do we stand


The everyday

Looking Twice at Illustrated Books

Aesthetics of persuasion: global Christianity and Pentecostalism's sensational forms

Gibbon's Guides: The Scholarly Reception of Ammianus Marcellinus and Procopius of Caesarea After the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Capitalists and Christians: business leaders and the churches in Britain 1900-1960

Experimental techniques in low-temperature physics

From Mythos To Logos: the Poetics of George Seferis

The Poem is a Ladder

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel: Volume 2 by Neil Gaiman

Stationarity is dead: Whither water management

Random data analysis and measurement procedures

Applied hydrocarbon thermodynamics: Volume 2

Manufacturing engineering and technology

On steady and pulsatile flow of blood

Our Kind of People: Inside America\'s Black Upper Class

It's a Book

Illustrations of the Huttonian Theory of the Earth by John Playfair

River of Paradox: John McPhee's The Encircled River

Immune activation in brain aging and neurodegeneration: too much or too little

Human in Death: Morality and Mortality in JD Robb's Novels

English for specific purposes: A survey review of current materials

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Medicine and surgery of South American camelids: llama, alpaca, vicuna, guanaco

Managing gardens for visitors in Great Britain: a story of continuity and change

Monitoring poverty trends in Ireland: Results from the 2001 Living in Ireland Survey

Waterfalls resources for tourism

Another Way the River Has: Taut True Tales from the Northwest

Expanding the zone of reflective capacity: Taking separate journeys together

Anatomy of Exile

Spirituality and leadership: An empirical review of definitions, distinctions, and embedded assumptions

Teachers' sense-making about comprehensive school reform: The influence of emotions


Elaboración de libros, aplicando la técnica Pop-up y de ilustración dirigido a niños de 10-12 años sobre la fauna y leyenda de las islas Galápagos, con el fin de

Don de sí mismo y Comunión: una doble clave para una síntesis teológico-espiritual

Advances in factor analysis and structural equation models

Aerobics for young children: the thematic approach

Exercise physiology: Human bioenergetics and its applications

Physical activity, exercise, and physical fitness: definitions and distinctions for health-related research

Exercise physiology: Human bioenergetics and its applications

Physiology of trees

Methodology for genetic studies of twins and families

Residential care: A study of short-and long-term educational effects

Travels with the Fossil Hunters

Effects of relationship climate, control mechanism, and communications on conflict resolution behavior and performance outcomes

The Restoration of Fiscal Stability. A Public Choice Approach on the Problem of Public Debt

Before elites: the political capacities of Big Men

Charles Edward Stuart

Trick or treat? Halloween lore, passive consumerism, and the candy industry

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Oh, Golly, What a Happy Family! Trajectories of Citizenship and Agency in Three Twentieth-Century Book Series for Children

The dynamics of aggregate political popularity: Evidence from eight countries

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

The story of art

Counterfeit gentlemen: Manhood and humor in the old South

Türkçe ilk okuma yazma öğretimi

A comprehensive overview of hybrid electric vehicle: Powertrain configurations, powertrain control techniques and electronic control units

Identifying rock slope failure precursors using LiDAR for transportation corridor hazard management

Lubricating and Protective Materials

New technology and possible advances in energy storage

Oxidation and low temperature stability of vegetable oil-based lubricants

Automotive control systems: for engine, driveline, and vehicle

Excerpts from a Journal

Trust and Boundaries in Three Small Group Communities: Urban Knitting Groups and the Construction of Small Group Exclusivity

Getting Started With Knitting & Crocheting in the Library

Combination of crochet and macramé techniques for the production of interior textile artefacts

Leadership and management in China: Philosophies, theories, and practices

Information modelling for case-based construction planning of highway bridge projects

Paul, Wallin


Foundations of critical race theory in education

Hsa_circ_0001649: a circular RNA and potential novel biomarker for hepatocellular carcinoma

Writing interview protocols and conducting interviews: Tips for students new to the field of qualitative research

Our original barbarism: Man vs. nature in Thomas Jefferson's moral experience

The publicness puzzle in organization theory: A test of alternative explanations of differences between public and private organizations

Explicitness and Implicitness of Binary Coherence Relations and Translation

Evolutionary parasitologythe integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics

The Thematics of Interpretation: James's Artist Tales

Daisy Miller, Backward into the Past: A Centennial Essay

Vocational cognition: Accuracy of 3rd-, 6th-, 9th-, and 12th-grade students

Vocational cognition: Accuracy of 3rd-, 6th-, 9th-, and 12th-grade students

The shift to services employment: A review of the literature

Cognitive differentiation as a function of information type and its relation to career choice

Social dimensions of office automation

Outsourcing at will: Unjust dismissal doctrine and the growth of temporary help employment

Business start-ups by the unemployed—an econometric analysis based on firm data

ron rosenbaum. The Shakespeare Wars: Clashing Scholars, Public Fiascoes, Palace Coups

The native speaker, identity, and the authenticity hierarchy

Cloud computing—The business perspective

Social media from an integrated marketing and compliance perspective

A literature review and future agenda for B2B branding: Challenges of branding in a B2B context

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Criminal procedure: A worldwide study

Interactional justice

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

What is a political constitution

Conserving urban landscape heritage: A geographical approach

Urban open space in the 21st century

The city's countryside. Land and its management in the rural-urban fringe

The zombie

Voices on Addiction: Zombie Nation

The Madrid codex: new approaches to understanding an ancient Maya manuscript

States and anti-nuclear movements

Players and arenas: the interactive dynamics of protest

Microwave-assisted high-speed chemistry: a new technique in drug discovery

68Ga-labeled DOTA-peptides and 68Ga-labeled radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission tomography: current status of research, clinical applications, and future

Application of palladacycles in Heck type reactions

New catalytic transformations of carboxylic acids

Iodine catalyzed preparation of amidoalkyl naphthols in solution and under solvent-free conditions

Room temperature synthesis of metal-organic frameworks: MOF-5, MOF-74, MOF-177, MOF-199, and IRMOF-0

Transition metal-catalyzed couplings in process chemistry

New advances in selected transition metal-catalyzed annulations

The growing impact of click chemistry on drug discovery

New click-chemistry methods for 1, 2, 3-triazoles synthesis: recent advances and applications

Pelvic disruption: principles of management

Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Economics in a Global Economy

Exploring burnout among university faculty: incidence, performance, and demographic issues

Pregnant embodiment: Subjectivity and alienation

Abwa, D

Women and human rights

Eating disorders. Obesity, anorexia nervosa, and the person within

Recommendations for the use of common outcome measures in traumatic brain injury research

Why are alternative diets such as low carb high fat and Super healthy Family so appealing to Norwegian Food consumer

WHO classification of tumours of the digestive system

Size-dependent elastic properties of a single-walled carbon nanotube via a molecular mechanics model

A cohort approach to tobacco use and mortality: the case of Quebec

Child fostering and children's nutritional outcomes in rural Mali: The role of female status in directing child transfers

Spilled Milk: Breastfeeding Adventures and Advice From Less-than-perfect Moms

E-Commerce in China: The case of travel

Writing about the South in her own way: gender and region in the work of southern women playwrights

Strategic competence and how to teach it

Relative significance of heredity, diet and occupational stress in coronary heart disease of young adults, based on an analysis of 100 patients between the ages of 25

Traditions, tyranny, and utopias: Essays in the politics of awareness

The Faustian bargain of technological change: Evaluating the socioeconomic effects of the bow and arrow transition in the Coast Salish past

Alternative procedure for making a metal suprastructure in a milled bar implant-supported overdenture

Tensile and fracture toughness properties of MA957: implications to the development of nanocomposited ferritic alloys

Politic al Assassination Events as a Cross-cultural Form of Alternative Justice1

From modernism to postmodernism: An anthology expanded

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Proceedings, Ninety-Fourth Annual Meeting Medical Library Association, Inc. San Antonio, Texas May 13-19, 1994

Environmental impacts of a North American free trade agreement

There are no technology shortcuts to good education

Performance evaluation of 3D printed miniature electromagnetic energy harvesters driven by air flow

New HLA antigenic determinant shared by A2 and a subtype of Bw16 molecules detected by a monoclonal antibody

Nuns and Sisters-a Question of Historical Evolution

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Effect of artificial dyeing on ornamental value and vase life in cut flower of Rosa hybrida cv. Taeinhe

Batik: design, style & history

More status or more children? Social status, fertility reduction, and long-term fitness

Kinship as a basis for alliance formation between male bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the Bahamas

Strange sounds: Music, technology and culture

The Miltenberger subsystem: is it obsolescent

A New Deal for Writers: The Alabama Writers' Project and Its Contributions to American History

Music and cognitive abilities

Now I Know Love: Hallie Flanagan and Euripides' Hippolytus

Prolegomena to the History of Corpus and Quantitative Linguistics. Greek Antiquity

Van Gogh's Ghost Paintings: Chapters 1-3

Literary places, tourism and the heritage experience

Studies on the in vitro and in vivo hypoglycemic activities of some medicinal plants used in treatment of diabetes in Jordanian traditional medicine

An evaluation of volatility forecasting techniques

New Studies in Medieval Law and Conflict Resolution

Case research as a methodology for industrial networks: a realist apologia

Reconceiving the Paradigms of Old Testament Theology in the Post-Shoah Period1

The impact of type of approach (CLIL versus EFL) and methodology (book-based versus project work) on motivation

Dolores Thion Soriano-Mollá (ed.), El costumbrismo, nuevas luces. PUPPA, Presses de l'Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, Pau, 2013

La creación del mundo supralunar según Abraham Ibn Ezra: un estudio comparativo de sus dos comentarios a Génesis 1, 14

The utilization and integration of ICT tools in promoting English language teaching and learning: Reflections from English option teachers in Kuala Langat District

Políticas macro y problemas del empleo en América Latina

Acerca de una modalidad editorial espuria

My first english book; i learn english in my school: a textbook for students of seventh year of elementary school

Nueva España, la crisis del siglo XVII y la modernidad barroca en Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

La efectividad de un modelo metodológico mixto para la enseñanza-aprendizaje de español como lengua extranjera

Before school [Book Review

A comparative study of the fungal flora present in medieval wall paintings in the chapel of the castle Herberstein and in the parish church of St Georgen in Styria

Hot Breads for the Unexpected Guests

Medium. Ed. by Kathryn E. Piquette and Ruth D. Woodhouse. A Lakota War Book from the Little Big Horn: The Pictographic Autobiography of Half Moon. Ed. by Castle

Cross-country determinants of mergers and acquisitions

Rock-avalanche elements of the Shadow Valley basin, eastern Mojave Desert, California; processes and problems

The enlightenment and the shadows [Book Review

The Loouvre from China: A Critical Study of CT Loo and the Framing of Chinese Art in the United States, 1915-1950

Military Need for Research and Development of a Malaria Vaccine

Weakness of will

E-government research: Reviewing the literature, limitations, and ways forward

Disseminating innovations in health care

Internalizing mastery: Jean Rhys, Ford Madox Ford, and the fiction of autobiography

Caregiving and the stress process: An overview of concepts and their measures

Ruin and Beauty: New and Selected Poems

Hating'The Korean Wave' comic books: a sign of new nationalism in Japan

Jews and Judaism in Classical Sufi Literature

On the 'War on War'in Modern Geopolitics

Ritual dynamic structure

بررسی تطبیقی ترجمه های مثنوی‎

Asian American evangelicals in multiracial church ministry

Food and man

Oscar Wilde's Aesthetic Gothic: Walter Pater, Dark Enlightenment, and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Corporate Governance in the UK: A Time for Reflection

Labour law and industrial relations in Canada

Gender and justice in economic development

The family, law and society

A model for sustainable short-term international medical trips

Faithful Innovation and Mission Drift in Christian Parachurch Student Organizations

Geographical imaginations

Guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation: the Task Force for the Management of Atrial Fibrillation of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC

Religion, democracy, and the twin tolerations

Pentecostals and the hermeneutics of dispensationalism: The anatomy of an uneasy relationship

Anthroposophic health care in Sweden-a patient evaluation

A note on Herbert's Easter and the Sidneian Psalms

Information quality and its interpretative reconfiguration as a premise of knowledge management in virtual organizations

THE RIGHT TO HOPE. Text: Romans 4, 18:» In hope he believed against hope «

Forest ecosystems. Concepts and management

The Caribbean: The genesis of a fragmented nationalism

Entrepreneurial orientation as a basis for classification within a service industry: the case of retail pharmacy industry

Light Sweet Crude

Balancing the books: An assessment of financial stress associated with social work and human service student placements

The corporation as a 'community': an oxymoron? Can business schools re-invent themselves?': The Inaugural Dean F. Berry Memorial Lecture

The purchasing of full-service contracts:: An exploratory study within the industrial maintenance market

The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse: A Novel

Deconstructing and reconstructing Cinderella: Theoretical defense of critical literacy for young children

Tribology and total hip joint replacement: current concepts in mechanical simulation

Dimensions of choice: A qualitative approach to recreation, parks, and leisure research

Invitation to fixed-parameter algorithms

Excerpt from Zoot Suit: The Enigmatic Career of an Extreme Style

Death by nostalgia: A diagnosis of context-specific cases

The popularity of jazz-an unpopular problem: the significance of'Swing when you're winning

Interpreting the clinical importance of treatment outcomes in chronic pain clinical trials: IMMPACT recommendations

Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in the United States, and thoughts on the origin of this species and five other exotic lady beetles in eastern North America

Simone de Beauvoir

GLUT1 and GLUT9 as major contributors to glucose influx in HepG2 cells identified by a high sensitivity intramolecular FRET glucose sensor

Prenuptial agreements in the United States: a need for closer control

Promoting Cultural Tourism

Down East Bookshelf. Review of Maine travel books Michelin Green Guide to Ne

Beyond markets and hierarchies: Toward a new synthesis of American business history


Behind global spectacle and national image making

Strategies to avoid the loss of developmental potential in more than 200 million children in the developing world

A handbook for deterring plagiarism in higher education

Deviation ManagementKey Management Subsystem Driver of Knowledge-Based Continuous Improvement in the Henry Ford Production System

Due process and fair procedures: a study of administrative procedures

From soil to cave: transport of trace metals by natural organic matter in karst dripwaters

The multinational corporation and the law of uneven development

Paradoxes of modernity: Culture and conduct in the theory of Max Weber

Modern Buddhist conjunctures in Myanmar: cultural narratives, colonial legacies, and civil society

Socratic citizenship

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Expertise in chess

Expertise in chess

Admissibility in opponent-model search

Player behavioural modelling for video games

Algorithms for a minimal chess player: A blitz player

The mind's eye in chess

Physiological changes of pregnancy and monitoring

Social competence with peers in young children: Developmental sequences

From communication to language—A psychological perspective

Friendship and peer culture in the early years

Beasts Within and Beasts Without: Colonial Themes in Lothar Meggendorfer's Children's Books

America in World War II: An Analysis of History Textbooks from England, Japan, Sweden, and the United States

Breaking Japanese Diplomatic Codes: David Sissons and D Special Section During the Second World War

Spies in the Vatican: Espionage and Intrigue from Napoleon to the Holocaust

Military loyalty in the colonial context: A case study of the Indian army during World War II

Angel of Empire: The Cawnpore Memorial Well as a British Site of Imperial Remembrance

From Bakunin to Lacan: Anti-Authoritarianism and the Dislocation of Power

The personality of Britain: its influence on inhabitant and invader in prehistoric and early historic times

Dating Scotland's Neolithic non-megalithic round mounds: new dates, problems and potential

Ancient woodland, its history, vegetation and uses in England

Haiti: a narrative analysis of the 2010 Haiti earthquake in the conservative and mainstream media

Internet of Things (IoT): A vision, architectural elements, and future directions

Spanish Naval Power, 1589-1665: Reconstruction and Defeat

Deng Xiaoping: portrait of a Chinese statesman

Fighting Inequality in Hong Kong: Lessons Learned from Occupy Hong Kong

Reaching for the cloud: How SMEs can manage

Developing a Job Portal in Sugar CRM Using Agile Methodology

Agile service-oriented E-Business in a collaborative networked environment

The Effectiveness of Teaching Methodologies in Computer Programming

An Empirical Study of Factors Affecting the Rate of Spam

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Plain & Simple

Advances in sintering of hard metals

Materials selection in mechanical design

Quantitative stereology of synapses: a critical investigation

Mechanical behavior of materials: engineering methods for deformation, fracture, and fatigue

Modern magnetic materials: principles and applications

Mark Twain's Chuck-Wagon Specialties

Why vegetable recipes are not very spicy

Jazz and the 'art'of medicine: improvisation in the medical encounter

Lee Morgan: his life, music and culture

Before Motown: A History of Jazz in Detroit, 1920-1960

Resistance, a Facet of Post-colonialism in Women Characters of Khaled Hosseini'sa Thousand Splendid Suns

Ethnomedicinal plant resources of Jaunsari tribe of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttaranchal

The relationship of attitudes to computer utilization: New evidence from a developing nation

Software process simulation modeling: why? what? how

Roles as a coordination construct: Introducing powerJava

An encounter with grounded theory: Tackling the practical and philosophical issues

Cultural scripts for a good death in Japan and the United States: similarities and differences

Social work research and evaluation: Quantitative and qualitative approaches

A book review of Laura Ellingson's engaging crystallization in qualitative research: An introduction

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Nepal biodiversity resource book: protected areas, Ramsar sites, and World Heritage sites

Written for children: two eighteenth-century English fairy tales

The Central European counter-revolution: paramilitary violence in Germany, Austria and Hungary after the Great War

g: Artifact or reality

Manipulation in digital word-of-mouth: A reality check for book reviews

Hierarchy of lifetimes of charmed and beautiful hadrons

Kill Me Softly

Dog Star by Harold Enrico

Lucy's Knee: The Story of Man and the Story of His Story

Keepsake 2005—Dreams within Reach, A Guide for Minority Science Students

Financial modeling in medicine: cash flow, basic metrics, the time value of money, discount rates, and internal rate of return

UF Business Library: Best Finance & Investment Books: Home

Market efficiency, long-term returns, and behavioral finance1

Potential foreign competition in US manufacturing

From civil rights to civic engagement? Concerns of two older critical gerontologists about a new social movement and what it portends

Sectoral shocks and structural unemployment: An empirical analysis

Growth, governance, and fiscal policy transmission channels in low-income countries

Computable general equilibrium models for trade policy analysis in developing countries: A survey

Toward an integrative view of strategic human resource management

Toward an integrative view of strategic human resource management

Expatriate assignment versus overseas experience: Contrasting models of international human resource development

Developing a capacity for organizational resilience through strategic human resource management

What About Murder? 1981-1991: A Guide to Books About Mystery and Detective Fiction

Adolescent suicide

Near-death experiences in cardiac arrest survivors


The history of the countryside: the classic history of Britain's landscape, flora and fauna

Flexible conservation measures on working land: What challenges lie ahead

British upper Cretaceous stratigraphy

G protein-coupled receptor adaptation mechanisms

Quantitative densitometry of neurotransmitter receptors

Role of cholecystokinin in regulation of gastrointestinal motor functions

Characterisation of an ATP receptor mediating mitogenesis in vascular smooth muscle cells

Harrison's principles of internal medicine

Two-component signal transduction systems: structure-function relationships and mechanisms of catalysis

The discovery of endothelin: the power of bioassay and the role of serendipity in the discovery of endothelium-derived vasocative substances

Oppressed by Nostalgia: Was Ceausescu Right

The Norton Shakespeare: based on the Oxford edition

Intersectionality and quare theory: Fantasizing African American male same-sex relationships in Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom

Fatigue, Indolence And The There Is, Or, The Temporal Logic Of Collage In Donald Barthelme's Snow White

The culture of the wild: An exploration of the meanings and values associated with wilderness recreation in New Zealand

Invasive potential of Kappaphycus alvarezii off the south coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil: a contribution to environmentally secure cultivation in the tropics

Gold-Resistant Bacteria: Excretion of a Cystine-Rich Protein by Pseudomonascepacia Induced by an Antiarthritic Drug

A common criteria based security requirements engineering process for the development of secure information systems

The Requirement Model of a Ploughing Incentive Information System

Use case driven object modeling with UML

Business process modelling: Review and framework

Eat not this flesh: Food avoidances in the Old World

Risk factors for domestic violence: findings from a South African cross-sectional study

Historical review of medicinal plants' usage

An Automatic Drag-and-Drop Assistive Program developed to assistive people with developmental disabilities to improve drag-and-drop efficiency

An Unspoken Prologue to a Public Lecture at St. John's:[In Honor of Jacob Klein, 1899-1978

The Impotence Epidemic: Men's Medicine and Sexual Desire in Contemporary China by Everett Yuehong Zhang

A Movement for Authenticity: American Indian Representations in Film, 1990 to Present

Japanese society at war: death, memory and the Russo-Japanese War

The scarlet letter: 1850

Adolphe Quetelet (1796-1874)—the average man and indices of obesity

An introduction to the social history of medicine: Europe since 1500

The craft reader

The effect of bonus schemes on accounting decisions

Business cycles and economic growth

histories: Black stories from Victoria river downs, Humbert River and wave hill stations; Dingo makes us human: Life and land in an aboriginal Australian culture [Book

Foreign Correspondence: ELT Authors in France and Other European Countries

Blocked by caste: economic discrimination in modern India

Risk, crisis and security management

Motivation of Antarctic adventurers: knowledge transfer to motivational interventions

Teens today don't read books anymore: a study of differences in comprehension and interest across formats

Evaluation of the Bauer Kirby-Sherris-Turck single-disc diffusion method of antibiotic susceptibility testing

Biological flora of Central Europe: Cyperus esculentus L

Ugly feelings

Fabricating heritage

The burden of educational exclusion: Understanding and challenging early school leaving in Africa

Cosmopolitan: A tale of identity from Ottoman Alexandria


Plenary Paper: The Magic Circle of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ion beam synthesis of epitaxial silicides: fabrication, characterization and applications

Surface color from boundaries: a new 'watercolor'illusion

A case of the isolation of the language function

The Discursive Mode: Kenneth Rexroth, the California State Guide, and Nature Poetry in the 1930s

Acrylics, oils and encaustic: Experiences and opinions of an artist-chemical engineer

George Bellows eds. by Charles Brock, et al

Palette-based image decomposition, harmonization, and color transfer

Heat storage and distribution inside passive solar buildings

Dworkin Indicts Porn

Andersonville Goes to Hollywood—Courtesy of Ted Turner

Raid, retreat, defend (repeat): the archaeology and ethnohistory of warfare on the North Pacific Rim


The gospel of Christian atheism

The definition of atheism

The neuroanatomy of Alzheimer's disease

Plasticity of adult stem cells

Kynurenines and the respiratory parameters on rat heart mitochondria

Molecular brain imaging and the neurobiology and genetics of schizophrenia

The development of spatial representations of large-scale environments

Inside Out: What Makes the Person with Social-cognitive Deficits Tick

Tis the season to read

What makes mainstream media mainstream

Unpacking my library: stories of how we understood the world

Performance ethnography: The role of embodiment in cultural authenticity

Words on fire: The unfinished story of Yiddish

Psoriasis causes as much disability as other major medical diseases

The Younghusband-Waddell Collection and Its People: the Social Life of Tibetan Books Gathered in a Late-colonial Enterprise

Statistical analysis of regional yield trials: AMMI analysis of factorial designs

Life changes: Do people really remember

Re-envisioning a Discipline: Martin Wickramasinghe's Contribution to Comparative Literature

Life, Writing, and Peace: Reading Maxine Hong Kingston's The Fifth Book of Peace

Pragmatism: A reader

A Naturalistic Theory of Justice: Critical Commentary on, and Selected Readings from CI Lewis' Ethics

Understanding tax evasion

Catching the knowledge wave?: The knowledge society and the future of education

Feminist social epistemology

Moneyball: A Business Perspective

Internet integration into the industrial selling process: A step-by-step approach

But marriage itself is no party: Angela Carter's Translation of Charles Perrault's La Belle au bois dormant; or, Pitting the Politics of Experience against the Sleeping

Imagining Girlhood in Seventeenth-Century Female-Authored Fairytales

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Telling Tales: The Impact of Germany on English Children's Books 1780-1918

Planet earth

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

SY Agnon: word systems and translation

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works


Knowledge Base Applications to Adaptive Space-Time Processing, Volume 5: Knowledge-Based Tracker Rule Book

L'évolution de l'imaginaire dans les sociétés Barbadienne et Trinidadienne de 1995 à nos jours: La musique, la danse et le contexte carnavalesque

Projective geometry for machine vision

La teoría de la maldición de los recursos: Una aplicación para el caso de Venezuela

Resultados de la aplicación del método de combinación de oraciones como factor de incremento de la madurez sintáctica para redactar

Public economics in action: the basic income/flat tax proposal

Jungles and gardens: the evolution of knowledge management at JD Edwards

Implementation of interactive learning capabilities via electronic story book and communicative blogs

Development of multi-cluster cortical networks by time windows for spatial growth

Delivery of CCNA as part of a distance degree programme

Extension-ladder safety: solutions and knowledge gaps

Reorganization of neocortical representations after brain injury: a neurophysiological model of the bases of recovery from stroke

Paul's Reversal of Jews Calling Gentiles' Dogs'(Philippians 3: 2): 1600 Years of an Ideological Tale Wagging an Exegetical Dog


Military images in Paul's letter to the Philippians

Schooling Sex: Libertine Literature and Erotic Education in Italy, France, and England 1534-1685

Male teachers and the boy problem: An issue of recuperative masculinity politics

Art education and disability studies

How to raise boys' achievement

Statistics: difficult concepts, understandable explanations

Etymological information: can it help our students

The Foundations Prep Course for Low Proficiency Students at Brigham Young University's English Language Center

Kings, Lords and Men in Scotland and Britain, 1300-1625: Essays in Honour of Jenny Wormald, ed. Steve Boardman and Julian Goodare

A Scottish Anti-Catholic Satire Crossing the Border:'Ane bull of our haly fader the paip, quhairby it is leesum to everie man to haif tua wyffis' and the Redeswyre Raid of

Rethinking the Scottish Revolution: Covenanted Scotland, 1637-1651, by Laura AM Stewart

The Beaton panels: Scottish carvings of the 1520s or 1530s

Evolution and devolution: Citizenship, institutions, and public policy

Einführung in die Informatik: Skriptum Informatik I, II. 3

Computability Computable Functions, Logic, and the Foundations of Mathematics

Paradise Lost and the Concept of Creation

An extended empirical valence bond model for describing proton transfer in H+ (H2O) n clusters and liquid water

Is the universe a vast, consciousness-created virtual reality simulation

Joint book-reading strategies in working-class African American and White mother-toddler dyads

Leaving Little Havana

Art Education-Volume 1 Demo

Who's Your Daddy

Assessing vegetation change over a century using repeat photography

I wish things were different: expressing wishes in response to loss, futility, and unrealistic hopes

The natural history of pollination

Iron horses: Leland Stanford, Eadweard Muybridge, and the industrialised eye

Social media in education: A beginner's guide for implementation

Polarization coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy

The scintigraphic evaluation of the pulmonary perfusion pattern of dogs hospitalised with babesiosis

Intentional and unintentional medication non-adherence: a comprehensive framework for clinical research and practice? A discussion paper

An introduction to medical mycology

Auckland-New Zealand

E-book use by students: Undergraduates in economics, literature, and nursing

A qualitative assessment of a community pharmacy cognitive pharmaceutical services program, using a work system approach

Psychedelic music in San Francisco: style, context, and evolution

Listening for Willie Mae Big Mama Thornton's voice: the sound of race and gender transgressions in rock and roll

The Book And The Nature Of Knowledge In Muslim Northern Nigeria, 1457-2007

Modification of polysulfone membranes via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization

He adored New York. He idolized it out of proportion

Coco Chanel

The intrinsic and extrinsic connection of reading towards academic success

Depressed mood in breast cancer survivors: associations with physical activity, cancer-related fatigue, quality of life, and fitness level

Outdoor and environmental studies: More challenges to its place in the curriculum

Deconstructing and reconstructing the future: Predictive, cultural and critical epistemologies

Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Political Data Handbook. OECD Countries

Formation of deep incisions into tide-dominated river deltas: implications for the stratigraphy of the Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah, USA

Women of a lesser cost: female labour foreign exchange and Philippine development

The Globalization of American Advertising and Brand Management: A Brief History of the J. Walter Thompson Company, Procter and Gamble, and US Foreign Policy

The business case for corporate social responsibility

Industry builds the city: The suburbanization of manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1850-1940

Parties and Accountability in the Philippines

Life on the Edge of the DMZ

The development and beta-test of a computer-therapy program for anxiety and depression: hurdles and lessons

Feasibility of guided cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) self‐help for childhood anxiety disorders in primary care

The cognitive-behavioural treatment of low self-esteem in psychotic patients: a pilot study

Organizational citizenship behavior and objective productivity as determinants of managerial evaluations of salespersons' performance

When all you have is a hammer : RCTs and hegemony in science


Forest inventory and analysis: a national inventory and monitoring program

Saving normal: An insider's revolt against out-of-control psychiatric diagnosis, DSM-5, big pharma and the medicalization of ordinary life

A Dictionary of Epidemiology, -Edited by John M. Last, Robert A. Spasoff, and Susan S. Harris

Mathematical aspects of mixing times in Markov chains

Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome and the Question of Meaning

The growth of the industrial city and inner Toronto's vanished church buildings

Canadian Countercultures and the Environment

Medicalization and regulation of alcohol and alcoholism: The professions and disciplinary measures

Liddell Hartis Sherman: Propaganda as History

Culture specific and cross-culturally generalizable implicit leadership theories: Are attributes of charismatic/transformational leadership universally endorsed? 1

Understanding Suicide: A Brief Psychological Autopsy of Robert E. Howard

Teaching the Short-Story Cycle, Teaching American Literature

New data sources for research on small business finance

The art of listening

The gothic in children's literature. Haunting the borders

Green roofs; building energy savings and the potential for retrofit

HVAC pump handbook

Putting pinot alongside merino in Cromwell District, Central Otago, New Zealand: Rural amenity and the making of the global countryside

Life is for Living

Risk factors and child sexual abuse among secondary school students in the Northern Province (South Africa

The sea is history

The Oxford Harriet Beecher Stowe Reader

Wireless sensors in agriculture and food industry—Recent development and future perspective

Multicast networking and applications

Co-evolutionary policy processes: Understanding innovative economies and future resilience

Restructuring the new middle class in liberalizing India

Paphiopedilum spicerianum: unravelling some of the mystery

The impact of aid on education policy in India

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

East Meets West under the Mongols

The Imperial Metropolis Deconstructed: Dickens's Diverse Views of Victorian London

Biology reveals new ways to hold on tight

Tangible Expressions of God's Kingdom [Book Review

The wounds of faith and medicine, and the balm of paradox

Prospective teachers' conceptions of teaching and learning revealed through metaphor analysis

Cinderella Smith

Perceived organizational fit: Nurturing the minds, hearts, and personal ambitions of university faculty

Implementation of Multiplatform Game Application for Decorating The Lab

Evaluation of Sprite Kit for iOS game development

Adobe Flash Professional for iOS Game Development: A Feasible and Viable Alternative to Xcode

Breaking and fixing origin-based access control in hybrid web/mobile application frameworks

Cross platform Mobile Applications Development: Mobile Apps Mobility

Mouse melanocortin-4 receptor gene 5′-flanking region imparts cell specific expression in vitro

Personal names in the Nabataean realm: a review article

Bitter Witness: Otto Dix and the Great War

Voicing our visions: Writings by women artists

Pamela: Domestic Servitude, Marriage, and the Novel

Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, David W. Mount. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2004, 692 pp., $75.00, paperback

Artificial intelligence: a modern approach

The book in the Renaissance

Colour Forecasting and its managerial implications

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Evictions: Art and spatial politics

Renowned and unknown'Calouste Gulbenkian as collector of paintings

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

eROSITA science book: mapping the structure of the energetic universe

Sertraline or mirtazapine for depression in dementia (HTA-SADD): a randomised, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Review of CBIR Related with Low Level and High Level Features

Froi of the Exiles

Children's Books Published by William Darton and His Sons

Dodging the Fantasy Police: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Students' perspectives on their high school experience

Religion and regionalism: congregants, culture and city-county consolidation in Louisville, Kentucky

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Urban development: Theory, fact, and illusion

Four chapters on freedom: Commentary on the yoga sutras of Patanjali

Daoist Methods of Dissolving the Heart-Mind

Influence of evolutionary biology in the early development of experimental psychology in Argentina (1891-1930

Toward a 21st century library catalog

Auguste comte

Reading the Hyphen in Poetry

Notions of Duty

Slavery, empathy and pornography

Noiseless, Automatic Service: The History of Domestic Servant Call Bell Systems in Charleston, South Carolina, 1740-1900

Wealth, elites and the class structure of modern Britain

Are science lectures a relic of the past

Adaptation studies at a crossroads

National observational study of prescription dispensing accuracy and safety in 50 pharmacies

The value of corporate accounting reports: arguments for a political economy of accounting

Relative valuation roles of equity book value and net income as a function of financial health

Library Education in South Asia

Bringing government to the people': women, local governance and community participation in South Africa

A completions guide book to shale-play development: A review of successful approaches toward shale-play stimulation in the last two decades

Sleep-disordered breathing in men with coronary artery disease

Negotiating Academic and Personal Selves (Chapter 4 of the book Between Gay and Straight: Understanding Friendship Across Sexual Orientation

Drama [Book Review

Popular fiction: The logics and practices of a literary field

What is happening to China's GDP statistics

Wellington After Waterloo

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Wellington studies IV

Investment science

Architectures in context: on the evolution of business, application software, and ICT platform architectures

The role of cognitive theory in human-computer interface

A short history of nearly everything

Finding without seeking: the information encounter in the context of reading for pleasure

Culinary Ephemera: An Illustrated History

Typology of Business Model Innovations for Delivering Zero Carbon Buildings


Disraeli and the Eastern Question

Designing effective mathematics instruction: A direct instruction approach

First words and second thoughts: Margaret Cavendish, Humphrey Moseley, and the Book

A book reading intervention with preschool children who have limited vocabularies: The benefits of regular reading and dialogic reading

Between Chaos and Light: Calvin, Card Playing, Comic Books, Sex, God, and Dancing

Language, thought, and reality: Selected writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Clinical holistic medicine: a psychological theory of dependency to improve quality of life

Macroeconomics beyond the NAIRU

Roads from unemployment: Institutional complementarities in product and labor markets

Regulation or deregulation of the labour market: Policy regimes for the recruitment and dismissal of employees in the industrialised countries

Combining micro and macro unemployment duration data

Minimum wages and employment: A case study of the fast food industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Scapegoats or responsive entrepreneurs: Canadian manufacturers, 1907-1990

Waiting on God

Information literacy learning outcomes and student success

Teens are from Neptune, librarians are from Pluto: An analysis of online reference transactions

Citation indexing: Its theory and application in science, technology, and humanities

Integrating information literacy into the higher education curriculum: Practical models for transformation

Setting the rules: private power, political underpinnings, and legitimacy in global monetary and financial governance

Making Art Panamerican: Cultural Policy and the Cold War

When the weak bargain with the strong: negotiations in the World Trade Organization

An examination of foreign exchange risk under fixed and floating rate regimes

Municipalities and the new internationalism: Cautionary notes from Canada

Regionalism in the Asia Pacific/East Asia: a frustrated regionalism

Intellectual Property: Cases and Materials

Australian civil procedure

Australian civil procedure

Litigation: Evidence and procedure

Evidence of ethnic discrimination in the Swedish labor market using experimental data

Darius Milhaud: modality & structure in music of the 1920s

Darius Milhaud: modality & structure in music of the 1920s

A dialogue begins: Nadia Boulanger, Igor Stravinsky, and the Symphonie de psaumes

Composing the Citizen: Music as Public Utility in Third Republic France

Poétique musicale

People, places, and questions: An investigation of the everyday life information-seeking behaviors of urban young adults

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Development of a passive damper device with high damping rubber for wooden houses

Tomorrow is another problem: The experiences of youth in foster care during their transition into adulthood

A comparison of preschool and kindergarten teacher expectations for school readiness

Archive for the 'music, therapy, medicinal music, Melodic Intonation The'Category

From wooden cyborgs to celluloid souls: Mechanical bodies in anime and Japanese puppet theater

Harold Macmillan and the golden days of Anglo-American relations revisited, 1957-63

Bede's Ecclesiastical history of the English people: a historical commentary

Fourth Ezra: A Commentary on the Books of Fourth Ezra

Ruler autonomy and war in early modern Western Europe

Magnetic survey of the Late Period grate temple enclosure in Tell el-Balamun, Egypt

A Selection of News from the Institute

Where Is The Temple Site Of Onias IV In Egypt

Postcolonial theory: Contexts, practices, politics

The sea is history

My Paper, My Paper: Reflections on the embodied production of postcolonial geographical responsibility in academic writing

The Word in the World: Evangelical Writing, Publishing, and Reading in America, 1789-1880. By Candy Gunther Brown.(Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina

Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak's Early Illustration

Folk beliefs of cultural changes in China

Ending One-Party Dominance: Korea, Taiwan, Mexico

Toward democratic consolidation

The Cambridge illustrated history of astronomy

The Sequencing Fallacy

School sport following London 2012: no more political football third report of session 2013-14: Vol. 1 Report, together with formal minutes

Increasing reading motivation and achievement in the intermediate classroom through independent reading time, interactive book talks, and cooperative book

Session 2009/2010 Third Report Committee for Finance and Personnel Report on the Preliminary Inquiry into Public Sector Efficiencies Together with the

A geographical political economy of banking crises: a peripheral region perspective on organisational concentration and spatial centralisation in Britain

Native and non-native teachers in the classroom

Percolation, quantum tunnelling and the integer Hall effect

Manifestations of Berry's phase in molecules and condensed matter

Attack and defense in rodents as ethoexperimental models for the study of emotion

Neuropsychological correlates of hair arsenic, manganese, and cadmium levels in school-age children residing near a hazardous waste site

Autism: a novel form of mercury poisoning

On the nature of the verbal memory deficit in Alzheimer's disease

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Gathering the spirit at First Baptist Church: Spirituality as a protective factor in the lives of African American children

A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown

18 chapters in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown

A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown

A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown

The History of the Pleas of the Crown

A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown

The geography of biography, the biography of geography: rewriting the Dictionary of National Biography

Authentication: Hot and cool

You are what you can access: Sharing and collaborative consumption online

Marine debris surveys at Volunteer Beach, Falkland Islands, during the summer of 2001/02

Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, 1906

Cosmogenesis-Library of Akbar Ra in Alexandria Thuban

Again! by Emily Gravett

Short-term tests for carcinogens and mutagens

Palter & Prescience-On David Mitchell and Ghostwritten

Motion and mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

Monks, Rulers, and Literati: The Political Ascendancy of Chan Buddhism

Shoes outside the door: Desire, devotion, and excess at San Francisco Zen Center

Exploring the geospatial semantic web with dbpedia mobile

The politics of heroin: Cia complicity in the global drug trade, afghanistan, southeast asia, central america

Long-term follow-up results of a randomized drug abuse prevention trial in a white middle-class population

Preventing drug abuse in schools: Social and competence enhancement approaches targeting individual-level etiologic factors

Pedagogy and possibility thinking in the early years

Brief physician advice for problem alcohol drinkers: a randomized controlled trial in community-based primary care practices

An experiment in role reversal: teachers as language learners

Refashioning the Past: Technology, Nostalgia, and (Neo-) Victorian Knitting Practices

Hungarian Roma and African American autobiographies in comparative perspective: Lakatos, Peline Nyari, Wright, and Hurston

Retratos de la monja alférez doña Catalina de Erauso

Construcción y validación de la Escala de Violencia en la Niñez EViN en escolares de 8 a 12 años de Lima Este

Las hijas de Ana Frank. Diarios íntimos y adolescencia

Factores de riesgo causales del bajo peso del recién nacido en el servicio de neonatología del Centro Materno Perinatal Simón Bolívar. 2015-Cajamarca

Brillarán como diamantes. Un programa de resiliencia budista en arte

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Effect of indomethacin on alcohol-induced morphological anomalies in mice

Michel Cavillac, Gueux et marchands dans le «Guzmán de Alfarache»(1599-1604): Roman picaresque et mentalité bourgeoise dans l'Espagne du Siècle d'Or

Cuatro preguntas en torno a Ibn Hafsun

Frenesi por el optimismo y la superación; estudio objetivo del libro de Rhonda Byrne y el género de autoayuda

Dispelling five myths about e-books

Measurement of water flow rate in microchannels based on the microfluidic particle image velocimetry

Analysis of participatory processes for sustainability indicator identification as a pathway to community empowerment and sustainable environmental management

Transnational Conflicts: Central America, Social Change, and Globalization

Sustainable community tourism development revisited

The interconnected challenges for food security from a food regimes perspective: Energy, climate and malconsumption

Feminism meets the new epidemiologies: toward an appraisal of antifeminist biases in epidemiological research on women's health

Adding value through information and consultation

Edo Print Art and Its Western Interpretations

Zen and Japanese culture

An analysis and design method for linear systems subject to actuator saturation and disturbance

Proper orthogonal decomposition and its applications—Part I: Theory

Truncated predictor feedback for linear systems with long time-varying input delays

of volumetric and geometric changes occurring during fractionated radiotherapy for head-and-neck cancer using an integrated CT/linear accelerator system

Sensorless vector and direct torque control


An analysis and design method for linear systems subject to actuator saturation and disturbance

An analysis and design method for linear systems subject to actuator saturation and disturbance

Stages of Transformation: Folklore Elements in Children's Novels

Machiavellian intelligence: social expertise and the evolution of intellect in monkeys, apes, and humans (oxford science publications

Interview with the southern vampire: reviving a haunted history in contemporary film and television

Making the Prude in Charlotte Brontë's Villette

American Headway: Starter: Student Book

ESL/EFL teaching: Principles for success

Discourse, consciousness, and time

Improving Web information systems with navigational patterns

Eugene Manlove Rhodes: Ken Kesey Passed by Here

Nationalism, democracy and development: state and politics in India

The virtuous journalist

Non-traditional book publishing

Non-traditional book publishing

The Historical Relationship between Triestine Sign Language and Austrian Sign Language

The smartphone in medicine: a review of current and potential use among physicians and students

Toward a comprehensive view of the skills involved in word reading in Grades 4, 6, and 8

Effectiveness of a wheelchair skills training program for powered wheelchair users: a randomized controlled trial

Reading electronic books as a support for vocabulary, story comprehension and word reading in kindergarten and first grade

Adult attachment measures: A 25-year review

The Kallikak family: A study in the heredity of feeble-mindedness

Poesía y melancolía: Representaciones del sujeto imaginario melancólico en la poesía argentina del siglo XX

In Deadly Combat: A German Soldier's Memoir of the Eastern Front

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Mabberley's plant-book: a portable dictionary of plants, their classifications and uses

Hydride formation during cathodicpolarization of Ti—I. Effect of current density on kinetics of growth and composition of hydride

Methane steam reforming over Ni/Ce-ZrO2 catalyst: Influences of Ce-ZrO2 support on reactivity, resistance toward carbon formation, and intrinsic reaction kinetics

4-Amino-3-butyl-5-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazole: a new corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sulphuric acid

Early lime plaster technology in the Near East: experimental work at the Lemba Experimental Village, Cyprus

Grazing pressure and the measurement of pasture production

Capacity fade mechanisms and side reactions in lithium‐ion batteries

Introduction: Toward a history of Gothic and modernism: Dark modernity from Bram Stoker to Samuel Beckett

Flowering Plants of the Seychelles (An Annotated Check List of Angiosperms and Gymnosperms with Line Drawings); The Herbarium Handbook; Trees of Nigeria; A

Amphibians and reptiles of Madagascar and the Mascarene, Seychelles, and Comoro Islands

Flowering plants of Seychelles

Herbal medicine on Mauritius

Ecological footprint analysis as a tool to assess tourism sustainability

Flowering plants of Seychelles

insights intoafrica

MIM Publication Series Vol. 3. Standard directory record structure for organizations, individuals and their research interests

Harry Potter and the Extraordinariness of the Ordinary

Heroes and hero cults in Latin America

Computer game studies, year one

Gene expression as a good indicator of aflatoxin contamination in dry-cured ham

Lyric poetry: the pain and the pleasure of words

Poetry summons us to life: a conversation with Adam Zagajewski

Mind and nature: A necessary unity

Chasing wolves: an engineer's view of the Battle of the Atlantic

Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz: Last President of a United Germany

The Enchanted Hunters and the Hunted Enchanters: the dizzying effects of embedded structures and meta-artistic devices in Lolita, novel and film

Always good turing: Asymptotically optimal probability estimation

Asdics at war

The Second World War: a people's history

An incident at sea: The historic combat between US Navy Blimp K-74 and U-Boat 134

Entwurf eines Modells zur serviceorientierten Gestaltung von kleinen IT-Organisationen in Forschungseinrichtungen: Theoretische Überlegungen und methodische

Entwurf eines Modells zur serviceorientierten Gestaltung von kleinen IT-Organisationen in Forschungseinrichtungen: Theoretische Überlegungen und methodische

Entwurf eines Modells zur serviceorientierten Gestaltung von kleinen IT-Organisationen in Forschungseinrichtungen: Theoretische Überlegungen und methodische

3 Geschlossenes Abonnentenmodell

Archbishop Michael Ramsey and evangelicals in the Church of England

20th Century Regicide: The Controversial Nature of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

An evidence-based approach to vitamins and minerals health benefits and intake recommendations

Howard Markel. When Germs Travel: Six Major Epidemics that Have Invaded America and the Fears They Have Unleashed. New York, Vintage Books, 2005. xiv, 263

Portrayals of bullying in children's picture books and implications for bibliotherapy

The Words Of The Prophecy Of This Book: Playing With Scriptural Authority In The Book Of Revelation

Superfoods For a Healthy Mood: The 10 Most Effective Foods for Fighting Depression with Diet and Nutrition

Ecological citizenship and sustainable consumption: Examining local organic food networks

A Primer on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Adolescents' views of food and eating: Identifying barriers to healthy eating

Fat in Contemporary Autobiographical Writing and Publishing

Food discourses in Cape Breton: Community, economy, and ecological food practices

Nourishing 19th century Americans: the dietary advice in cookery books

The beginnings of numerical weather prediction and general circulation modeling: early recollections

The Calcium Wars: Magnesium deficiency causes heart disease

Sylvester Stallone,(683

The biology of lichens

The Making of a Munshi

Introduction: Genre, Witness, And Time In The 'Book'Of Travels

Iran: an economic profile

Adapting early childhood curricula for children with special needs

The bloodiest record in the book of time: Amy Horne and the Indian uprising of 1857, in fact and fiction

Blessings, strength, and guidance: Prayer frames in a hospital prayer book

Alaskan brown bears, humans, and habituation

Bronx Faces and Voices: Sixteen Stories of Courage and Community

Vector Doppler imaging of a spinning disc ultrasound Doppler phantom

bottom sediment, and biota associated with irrigation drainage in Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge and adjacent areas of the Milk River Basin, northeastern Montana

Boundaries of beauty: tattooed secrets of women's history in Magude District, Southern Mozambique

Marine catalogue of concern

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

The Great Pioneer of National Socialist Philosophy?: Carlyle and Twentieth-Century Totalitarianism

Cell death in health and disease: the biology and regulation of apoptosis

Does subsidised temporary employment get the unemployed back to work? Aneconometric analysis of two different schemes

Marketing films to the American Conservative Christians: The case of The Chronicles of Narnia

Choosing a dangerous limit for climate change: Public representations of the decision making process

New Book Notes

Using autumn hawk watch to track raptor migration and to monitor populations of North American birds of prey

Recreational impacts on the distribution of ghost crabs Ocypode quadrata Fab

Invasive plants: changing the landscape of America

Sedimentary facies and intertonguing in the Upper Cretaceous of the Book Cliffs, Utah-Colorado

Info/information theory: Speakers choose shorter words in predictive contexts

Infants′ detection of the sound patterns of words in fluent speech

Developing pragmatic awareness: Closing the conversation

Optical coherence tomography in the gastrointestinal tract

Research and development on aspects of daylighting fundamentals

A. Leo Oppenheim, 1904-1974

The roots of linguistic organization in a new language

Salvador Dalí or the Persistence of Memories-True and False

Nostalgie di un esule. Note su Giacomo Castelvetro (1546-1616

Are universes thicker than blackberries

Capitalist sorcery: Breaking the spell

Improving efficiency and access to mental health care: combining integrated care and advanced access

The Vision of Reality as a Paradox: Salvador Dali's Creative Process from 1927 to 1939

The myth of mental illness

Salvador Dalí or the Persistence of Memories-True and False

Punk, Politics and British (fan) zines, 1976-84:'While the world was dying, did you wonder why

Medieval Reimaginings: Female Knights in Children's Television

The Buddhist path to awakening: A study of the Bodhi-Pakkhiya Dhamma

The Buddhist path to awakening: A study of the Bodhi-Pakkhiya Dhamma

Life-cycle assessment of electricity generation options: The status of research in year 2001

Infinite resources: the ultimate strategy

The Stories We Will Tell: An Exploration of Family History through Autobiography and Record Analysis

on Packaged Foods' and Other Lessons: Gendered Education in the Canadian National Exhibition's Women's Division during the Kate Aitken Era, 1920s-1950s 1

Cottonwood in Cotton Candy

Frederick Lock's Scrapbook: Patterns in the Pictures and Writing in the Margins

Lopapeysa: the significance of patterns in the Icelandic sweater

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Touchstone for ethics, 1893-1943

Evolution is religion, not science

Scientist in Russia

Ecologies without Borders? Remapping & Remaking Conservation in the Okavango-Zambezi Basin

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Beyond the Stream: Islam and society in a West African town

AHRQ series paper 1: comparing medical interventions: AHRQ and the effective health-care program

Interpreting protest in modern China

Sorting of Puccinia recondita: Triticum infection-type data sets toward the gene-for-gene model

Giant squid Thysanoteuthis rhombus caught by jigs in Calauag Bay, southeastern Luzon

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Can I Get in on the Joke, Too?: Analysing Racial Humor within the Public/Private Realm of the Internet

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The judicious use and management of humor in the workplace

Linking diversity with the educational and civic missions of higher education

Covering immigration: Popular images and the politics of the nation

South Africa: entering the post-Mandela era

Toward consolidated democracies

Election observation and democratization in Africa

At the edge of the world: Boundaries, territoriality, and sovereignty in Africa

fiction younger

Voracious monsters': People, sharks and the Brisbane River

Canadian Authors and Canadian Kids: Reading, Writing, and Meaningful Talk

East Africa: an introductory history

When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler

The information literacy debate

A new method for identifying and differentiating human dissection and autopsy in archaeological human skeletal remains

The role of bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

Isolation and identification of drugs in Pharmaceuticals, body fluids, and post-mortem material. Vol. 2

The CERAD neuropathology protocol and consensus recommendations for the postmortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: a commentary

Autopsy consent practice at US teaching hospitals: results of a national survey

Global trends in the rates of living kidney donation

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Plain & Simple

Exploring the relationship between information technology and business process reengineering

The significance of law and knowledge for electronic government

Hand-printed Arabic character recognition system using an artificial network

I Wish To Speak to the Despisers Of The Body: The Internet, Physicality, and Psychoanalysis

Antibodies to synthetic peptides from the preS1 region of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) envelope (env) protein are virus-neutralizing and protective

African swine fever

Tailed bacteriophages: the order Caudovirales

Approaches to the Ur-Mahabharata

The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism: Its Fundamentals and History

the entire wiki with video and photo galleries find something interesting to watch in seconds

What Buddhists Believe

Expose/oppose/propose: The Canadian centre for policy alternatives and the challenge of alternative knowledge

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Etymology [edit

Simulation Tools to Analyze the Impact of Industries Installation

Development of an environmental virtual field laboratory

An aspect-based approach to modeling access control concerns

The eye and the gaze in Heart of Darkness: A symptomological reading

Paul, Wallin

History found in a grain of sand

Dimensions of the eco-city

Mothers, monsters, and morals in Victorian fairy tales

Expropriating The Great South and Exporting Local Color: Global and Hemispheric Imaginaries of the First Reconstruction

The Vassareddy succession dispute: female agency under the Company Raj: An exploration of south Indian womanhood

Resistance Is Futile

World agriculture and climate change: Economic adaptations

Applications of phase change material in highly energy-efficient houses

The influence of consumers' environmental beliefs and attitudes on energy saving behaviours

Case study of zero energy house design in UK

Ground heat transfer: A numerical simulation of a full-scale experiment

Islamic banking

The spiritual roots of yoga: royal path to freedom

25-Hydroxyvitamin D-1α-hydroxylase in normal and malignant colon tissue

Regulate your feelings

Principles of Christian theology

Newman's Treatment of Luther in the Lectures on Justification

Eckhart and Luther: German Mysticism and Protestantism

Instruments of Praise: Sixteenth-Century Pedagogy, Lutheranism, and the 26 Fugae of Johann Walter

Luther on women: A sourcebook

Essentials of writing biomedical research papers

Claiming authority: How women explain their ascent to top business leadership positions

Thesis and dissertation writing: an examination of published advice and actual practice


The place of mathematical modelling in mathematics education

Urban planning and the African American community: In the shadows

The Rabbi Saved by Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and His Astonishing Rescue

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mac os x in the news

Educational applications of the emerging technologies available on handheld devices such as iPad and iPhone

Putting Paint to Canvas: Artful Teaching Strategies for Teachers of Adult Learners

The potential of knitting for engineering composites—a review

Indie craft, and: Knit the city: Maschenhaft Seltsames, and: The subversive stitch: Embroidery and the making of the feminine, and: The culture of knitting, and: In the

Evaluating the quality of dying and death

While there's life : hope and the experience of cancer

Do hospital-based palliative teams improve care for patients or families at the end of life

The sick child in early modern England, 1580-1720

Caregiving and the stress process: An overview of concepts and their measures

Data protection law and international jurisdiction on the Internet (part 1

Effective kinetic inhibitors for natural gas hydrates

Influence of high dose neutron irradiation on microstructure of EP-450 ferritic-martensitic steel irradiated in three Russian fast reactors

Adaptive super-twisting observer for estimation of random road excitation profile in automotive suspension systems

Conflict and health: peace building through health initiatives

What really happens? A look inside service-learning for multicultural teacher education


Diakonia in the New Testament: A Dialogue with John N. Collins

Leadership with inner meaning: A contingency theory of leadership based on the worldviews of five religions

Feminism and method: Ethnography, discourse analysis, and activist research

The human enterprise: A critical introduction to anthropological theory

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Penance and penitence in a self-centred world. The Bloomsbury lent book 2014; Looking through the cross: The archbishop of Canterbury's lent book 2014 [Book

Kintsugi: a new framework for post-industrial transformation

Landscape ecology, land-use structure, and population density: Case study of the Columbus Metropolitan Area

Working for free: The impact of volunteer service on visual arts organizations

Variation in NHS utilisation of vault cytology post-hysterectomy

Health effects of sunlight exposure in the United States: results from the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1971-1974

Storm-water management and sinkhole occurrence in the Palmyra area, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

The representation of Francoist Spain by two British women travel writers

Instructional conversations beget instructional conversations

Experience of programming beauty: some patterns of programming aesthetics

Introduction to computer graphics

Flying high in travel: a complete guide to careers in the travel industry

White matter lesion extension to automatic brain tissue segmentation on MRI

Adolescent bullying and personality: An adaptive approach

The Secret Gospel of Mark: A 20th Century Forgery

Congestion charging: Technical options for the delivery of future UK policy

More dollars than sense: refining our knowledge of development finance using AidData

Small manufacturing enterprises: A comparative analysis of India and other economies

The onset of the East Asian financial crisis

The developmental state, government, and Singapore's economic development since 1960

Global warming: are we entering the greenhouse century

A literature and practice review to develop sustainable business model archetypes

Countries of the World and International Organizations: Sources of Information

Jus ad bellum', 'jus in bello' . . . 'jus post bellum'? -Rethinking the Conception of the Law of Armed Force

Gardens or Graveyards of Scholarship? Festschriften in the Literature of the Common Law

Transitional justice and peacebuilding after mass violence

The pros and cons of life without parole

Joint criminal enterprise as a pathway to convicting individuals for genocide

The depression care manager and mental health specialist as collaborators within primary care

Business models, business strategy and innovation

Does corporate social responsibility affect the cost of capital

Knowledge management in multinational firms

Promoting sustainable event practice: The role of professional associations

The Secularization of Christianity by EL Mascall

Of Women and Things

On the role of context in first-and second-language vocabulary learning

Eleven principles of effective character education

On the role of context in first-and second-language vocabulary learning

Strategic trade policies under instability

Residents' perceptions of the cultural benefits of tourism

The North American species of Paspalum

«London in all its glory—or how to enjoy London»: guidebook representations of imperial London

The printed screen

Geology of London: special memoir for 1: 50000 geological sheets 256 (north London), 257 (Romford), 270 (south London), and 271 (Dartford)(England and

Creating a global rare disease patient registry linked to a rare diseases biorepository database: Rare Disease-HUB (RD-HUB

傈僳族의 起源과 傈僳語에 대한 一般的 考察

Place, technology, and representation

Animals in the landscape drawings of Finnish and Russian young people-in the landscape they want to conserve

An English Rose in Kakadu: The Autobiography of Judy Opitz; A Rock to Remember: A Memoir from Early Tourism to Uluru [Book Review

Myanmar: State, Community and the Environment

The theatre industry-subsidy, profit and the search for new audiences

Everything good we stood for': exhibiting Greek art in World War II

Digital Disruption: are competitive forces in the book publishing marketplace contributing to the utility maximization of consumers' purchasing and price options for

Theodore Roosevelt: Civilization as Ideology

The Law of The Jungle Books

Detecting long-run abnormal stock returns: The empirical power and specification of test statistics

The Future of Nuclear Energy: Facts and Fiction Chapter III: How (un) reliable are the Red Book Uranium Resource Data

I'm making it different to the book': Transmediation in young children's multimodal and digital texts

Riddles of Engagement: Narrative Play in the Children's Media and Comic Art of George Carlson

Cognitive and affective trust in service relationships

Shadow trading by international tourists in the Soviet Union

FotoFreo 2012

Thou didst betray me to a lingring book: Discovering Affliction in The Temple

Book Review: Postcolonial Masculinities: Emotions, Histories, and Ethics

Book review: on the commodity trail: the journey of a bargain store product from East to West

Editorial arrangement in Book IV of the Psalter

Strange Creatures and Mechanical Marvels from Canada

Remaking Magic: The Wizard of the North and Contested Magical Mentalities in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Magic Show

My Purple Sofa

Christian spirituality as a way of living publicly: A dialectic of the mystical and prophetic

The ultrastructure of the cell types and of the neurosecretory innervation in the pituitary of Mugil cephalus L. from fresh water, the sea, and a hypersaline lagoon: I. The

Family politics: The idea of marriage in modern political thought

Holistic health and the critique of Western medicine

Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary

Advising patients who seek alternative medical therapies

Transverse melanonychia secondary to total skin electron beam therapy: a report of 3 cases

Literary Subversion: New American Fiction and the Practice of Criticism

Just for teachers: web-based lesson plans incorporating Indiana's environmental literature into the middle school classroom: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

International development and the social sciences: Essays on the history and politics of knowledge

Reading for Liberalism

Engaging business practitioners to develop students' faith and talents

Francis Parkman on the Oregon Trail: A Study in Cultural Prejudice

Observing the Functional Maturation of the Female Prefrontal Cortex Using Ventral Hippocampal Stimulation

Entrepreneurial small business

Intellectual Property: Cases and Materials

The preparation and screening of a cDNA clone bank

Frontiers of complexity: The search for order in a chaotic world

LINE-1 retrotransposons: mediators of somatic variation in neuronal genomes

The genetics of bacteria and their viruses. Studies in basic genetics and molecular biology

Factors affecting the induction of micronuclei at low doses of X-rays, MMS and dimethylnitrosamine in mouse erythroblasts

Reason and religious belief: An introduction to the philosophy of religion

Voyages from the centre to the margins: An ethnography of long term ocean cruisers

The Islamic Movement in North Africa

Shaping meaning: Women's diaries, journals, and letters—The old and the new

Russia and Europe

From Hippocrates to HIPAA: privacy and confidentiality in emergency medicine—part I: conceptual, moral, and legal foundations

Time series analysis

The innovation decision in Soviet industry

Competing challengers and contested outcomes to state breakdown: the velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia

When higher incomes reduce welfare: queues, labor supply, and macro equilibrium in socialist economies

Institutional economics

The lost museum: the Nazi conspiracy to steal the world's greatest works of art


Pocket cathedrals: Pre-Raphaelite book illustration

Picture Book Animals: How Natural a History

Psycholinguistic and social psychological components of communication by and with the elderly

Synaptic slaughter in Alzheimer's disease

Caring for older people. Carers

Effective communication with people who have dementia

Quality of life: Its definition and measurement

The new cultural history

Dimensions of personality: 16, 5 or 3?—Criteria for a taxonomic paradigm

Saving PTSD from itself in DSM-V

Psychosocial approaches to pain management: an organizational framework

No-escape natural disaster: Mitigating impacts on tourism

Carnival of Blood: Dueling, Lynching, and Murder in South Carolina, 1880-1920

Medical Greek and Latin at a glance

Text-Book of Pathology

Henri Hartmann, lord of the Hôtel-Dieu

Not just for spies: managing multiple identities for fun and profit

A friendly gathering: the social politics of presentation books and their extra-illustration in Horace Walpole's circle

UBC authors and their works program, 1991-2006

The patriotic pinch hitter: the AAGBL and how the American woman earned a permanent spot on the roster

Strategies to reduce indoor tanning: current research gaps and future opportunities for prevention

British Naval Aviation, the first 100 years [Book Review

XIV The Victorian Period

Reading texts through worlds, worlds through texts

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 38: 1 July to 12 November 1802

Narrative Reversals and Power Exchanges: Frederick Douglass and British Culture

Building expert system

Frederick Douglass: freedom's voice, 1818-1845

Building expert system

Building expert system

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Cancer pain relief and palliative care: report of a WHO expert committee [meeting held in Geneva from 3 to 10 July 1989

Does evidence support physiotherapy management of adult Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type One? A systematic review

Central sensitization: implications for the diagnosis and treatment of pain

Prolonged relief of pain by brief, intense transcutaneous somatic stimulation

Some religious aspects of the great-plague of the 14th-century

Polytheism: Establishment or Liberation Religion

The skeptic way: Sextus Empiricus' outlines of pyrrhonism

Soviet Women's Everyday Culture: Looking for Love

Ukraine and Russia: Legacies of the imperial past and competing memories

Between empire and revolution: new work on Soviet Central Asia

Militant Islam in Central Asia: The Case of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

Russian Army Ceases Conscription in Dagestan

A long goodbye to Bismarck

Standing your ground: George Elliott Clarke in conversation

El cine gay mexicano y su impacto en la imagen nacional. Modisto de señoras (1969), Doña Herlinda y su hijo (1985), Y tu mamá también (2001

Bordando la diversidad desde las orillas. Primeras puntadas de un entramado colectivo

The Battle of Ashdown

Absorptance and spectral sensitivity measurements of rod photoreceptors of the tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum

The significance of the epiphany in Der Steppenwolf

Rainer Maria Rilke: the ring of forms


Seneca: a philosopher in politics

Satanist abuse and alien abduction: A comparative analysis theorizing temporal lobe activity as a possible connection between anomalous memories

American children with reading problems can easily learn to read English represented by Chinese characters

On Hiking, Hospitals and Mayhem: A Half-Hour With Prof. Horwitz

The roller coaster life of the online learner: How distance educators can help students cope

Automotive control systems: for engine, driveline, and vehicle

The Life of Martin Luther King Jr

The Royal College Of Surgeons And Dentists

Deferred Desire and Textual Consummation in George Moore's Memoirs of My Dead Life: Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Countermemory and Return: Reclamation of the (Postmodern) Self in Jamaica Kincaid's The Autobiography of My Mother and My Brother

Managing the world economy: fifty years after Bretton Woods

An analysis of environmental management, organizational context and performance of Spanish hotels

Management of pain during debridement: a survey of US burn units

Wave mechanics applied to semiconductor heterostructures

Handbook for phytosanitaiy inspectors in Africa

Field manual for research in agricultural hydrology

The Wahluke (North) Slope of the Hanford Site: History and present challenges

Marketing Across Different Cultures. Whirlpool Washing Machines in the UK, USA and India

Influence of training schedule on development of perceptual-motor control skills for construction equipment operators in a virtual training system

Use of aggregates from recycled construction and demolition waste in concrete

Use of aggregates from recycled construction and demolition waste in concrete

Revolt and revival in the valleys: the influence of religion and revivalism on the politics and labour relations of the Taff Vale Railway, south Wales, 1878-1914

Transcending the victim's history: Takahata Isao's Grave of the Fireflies

Wolf-pack (Canis lupus) hunting strategies emerge from simple rules in computational simulations

Comics & sequential art

Playing with fire: Feminist thought and activism through seven lives in India

Human interactions: the heart and soul of business process management: how people reallly work and how they can be helped to work better

Macroeconomics after Keynes: a reconsideration of the General Theory

An anonymous account of Mary Anning (1799-1847), fossil collector of Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, published in All the year round in 1865, and its attribution to

Laminations of the Oligocene Florissant lake deposits, Colorado

Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of China's conventional fossil fuels: Historical and future trends

The hexactinellid sponge Cystispongia bursa (Quenstedt 1852) from the Turonian and Lower Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) of northern Germany and England

A revision of the lithostratigraphical classification of the early Palaeogene strata of the London Basin and East Anglia

Tectonic control of the oil-rich large igneous-carbonate-salt province of the South Atlantic rift

The geology of a portion of the Skagit delta area, Skagit County, Washington

Imagery in therapy: An information processing analysis of fear

Does public policy support or undermine climate change adaptation? Exploring policy interplay across different scales of governance

Writing the world from an African metropolis

Mechanical Properties of Multi-Year Sea Ice. Testing Techniques

Rethinking reification: Marcuse, psychoanalysis, and gay liberation

Instrumentation Report. Project Concrete Sky. Phase VIII

Evidence-based patient choice and consumer health informatics in the Internet age

Issues in the development, practice, training, and research of integrative therapies

The politics of health in India

Internet history

The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature

The Hansel and Gretel syndrome: Survivorship fantasies and parental desertion

Coumaphos as a feed additive for the control of house fly larvae in cow manure

The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature

Eleven principles of effective character education

Teachers' self-efficacy beliefs as determinants of job satisfaction and students' academic achievement: A study at the school level

Effectiveness of universal school-based programs to prevent violent and aggressive behavior: A systematic review

School discipline in the United Kingdom: Promoting classroom behaviour which encourages effective teaching and learning

LJ Nonfiction Reviews: July 2017

Intellectual capital: realizing your company\'s true value by finding its hidden brainpower

Women artists in history: from antiquity to the 20th century

Intra-specific brood parasitism revealed by DNA micro-satellite analyses in a sub-oscine bird, the vermilion flycatcher

For Such a Time as This: Reading (and Becoming) Esther with Christians United for Israel

Job satisfaction levels of juvenile detention education faculties and the implementation of best teaching practices compared to overall program efficacy

On the nature of the project as a temporary organization

Are profit-maximisers the best survivors?: A Darwinian model of economic natural selection

Nowhere to turn: Blackmail and extortion of LGBT people in Sub-Saharan Africa

Federal Civil Defense Organization: The Rationale of Its Development

Technological change in economic models of environmental policy: a survey

Organizational routines and capabilities: Historical drift and a course-correction toward microfoundations

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Functional Jurisdiction in the Law of the Sea

The international legal framework for marine spatial planning

Land reform in the Kikuyu country

Korero Pukapuka, Talking Books: Reading in Reo Māori in the Long Nineteenth Century

Indigenous urban school leadership (IUSL): A critical cross-cultural comparative analysis of educational leaders in New Zealand and the United States

Pakiwaitara-social work sense for supervision

Tūhono: the United Collective: an exhibition report presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Māori Visual Arts, Massey University

Where Seas Meet: Reconciling Indigenous and Crown Projections of Marine Space in British Columbia and Aotearoa New Zealand

Earthquakes and tsunamis in the past. A guide to techniques in historical seismology

The best-seller list as marketing tool and historical fiction

Teaching and learning in the language classroom

Alternative research paradigms in operations

Source and course books [Book Review

Scorned literature: Essays on the history and criticism of popular mass-produced fiction in America

Human rights overboard: Seeking asylum in Australia

Scientific writing and communication: papers, proposals, and presentations

Stolen bodies, reclaimed bodies: Disability and queerness

Adults' language learning strategies in an intensive foreign language program in the United States

Joint factor analysis of the Personality Research Form and the Jackson Personality Inventory: comparisons with the Big Five

Touchstones: some aspects of their nomenclature, petrography and provenance

A ubiquitous English vocabulary learning system: Evidence of active/passive attitudes vs. usefulness/ease-of-use

Effects of web-mediated professional development resources on teacher-child interactions in pre-kindergarten classrooms

So, You Are Looking For a Job: Pearls for a Successful First Cardiothoracic Job Search

Donnie Darko

European guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice: executive summary: Fourth Joint Task Force of the European Society of

Nina Fletcher Little: Bridging the Worlds of Antiques and Folk Art

An introduction to population genetics theory

Dinner with Darwin: Food, Drink, and Evolution by Jonathan W. Silvertown, University of Chicago Press, 2017. 9780226245393,£ 20.50

Medicinal plants from an old Bulgarian medical book

Reduction of sclerotial inoculum of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum with Coniothyrium minitans

The sucking lice of North America. An illustrated manual for identification

Renaissance and other studies in honor of William Leon Wiley

Tout Bouge [Everything Moves]: the (Re) construction of the body in Lecoq‐based pedagogy

The impacts of fishing on marine birds

Household factors influencing participation in bird feeding activity: a national scale analysis

Wild birds introduced or transplanted in North America

Petrels Night and Day: A Sound Approach Guide

The use of sterile adhesive tape in the closure of arthroscopic puncture wounds: a comparison with a single layer nylon closure

Postoperative liver failure after major hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma in the modern era with special reference to remnant liver volume

Contributions of Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) to the progress of surgery: a study and translations from his book Al-Taisir

Essentials of orthognathic surgery

Benefit segmentation of Japanese pleasure travelers to the USA and Canada: selecting target markets based on the profitability and risk of individual market segments

Grand corruption and the ethics of global business

Why do people use information technology? A critical review of the technology acceptance model

13C-NMR spectra of kraft lignins

Private security and public policing

On the border of snakeland: Evolutionary psychology and plebeian violence in industrial Chicago, 1875-1920

Distraction using the BUZZY for children during an IV insertion

A pediatric clinic-based approach to early literacy promotion-experience in a well-baby clinic in Taiwan

Switch-side debating meets demand-driven rhetoric of science

The rise and fall of the Boston Society of Natural History

Evolution in a cold climate

The skeptical environmentalist: measuring the real state of the world

Readings in the history of American agriculture

Effects of pantoprazole and esomeprazole on platelet inhibition by clopidogrel

Constructing quality: the multinational histories of chocolate

Eleven principles of effective character education

Saving normal: An insider's revolt against out-of-control psychiatric diagnosis, DSM-5, big pharma and the medicalization of ordinary life

Peter Abelard

The Boy Doctor of Empire: Malaria and Mobility in Kipling's Kim

The clapping book: wind-driven oscillations in a stack of elastic sheets

Religious Goods Catholic Books

Donkey traction in Tanzania: some critical issues

Wetlands in danger: a world conservation atlas

Descriptions of Reproductions of Previously Existing Works: Another View

Ælfrics Schemes And Tropes: Amplificatio And The Portrayal Of Persecutors

There and back again: Callimachus Epigr. 31 and the (Greek) Renaissance

The process of designing a multidisciplinary monolingual sample corpus

Academic writing for graduate students: Essential tasks and skills

Microporous membrane formation via thermally-induced phase separation. II. Liquid—liquid phase separation

An experimental study of a simulated counter-current adsorption system—I. Isothermal steady state operation

Mabberley's plant-book: a portable dictionary of plants, their classifications and uses

Advances in CO2 capture technology—the US Department of Energy's Carbon Sequestration Program

Inconsistencies Studies in the New Testament, the Inferno, Othello, and Beowulf

Beowulf and the Grendel-kin: Politics and poetry in eleventh-century England

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Guide to evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for preventing work injuries; how to show whether a safety invervention really works

Chasing the bad news: An analysis of 2005 Iraq and Afghanistan war coverage on NBC and Fox News Channel

Mary Dalton. Red Ledger

Preaching and the Rise of the American Novel

Miracle at Carville

The Unity of Willa Cather's Two-Part Pastoral: Passion in O Pioneers

Re) constructed Eloquence: rhetorical and pragmatic strategies in the speeches of Native Americans as reported by Nineteenth-century commentators

An evolutionary structural model for software maintenance

Guide on the side: An instructional approach to meet mathematics standards

Putting women in place: Feminist geographers make sense of the world

US Army Deliberate River Crossings: A Bridge Too Far

The First Allied Airborne Army in Operation Varsity: Applying the Lessons of Arnhem

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Join the club

Decision Making in Alliance Warfare: Operation Market Garden-A Case Study

Now a major motion picture: War films and Hollywood's new patriotism

The eco-efficiency of tourism

Short-haul city travel is truly environmentally sustainable

Aeolian land forms in the Baruth Ice-Marginal Valley and the dune profile in the Picher Berge near Schöbendorf (Brandenburg, Germany

Mapping cultural ecosystem services: A framework to assess the potential for outdoor recreation across the EU

Lyndon B. Johnson

Doing research in business & management: An essential guide to planning your project

Agroforestry: an economic appraisal of the benefits of intercropping trees with grassland in lowland Britain

How Effective Are Your Community Services?: Procedures for Performance Measurement

Self-management approaches for people with chronic conditions: a review

Adverse events following influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, October 1, 2009

Mickey Marxism rides again

Child sexual abuse: Historical cases in the Byzantine Empire (324-1453 AD

The icons of their bodies: saints and their images in Byzantium

The icons of their bodies: saints and their images in Byzantium

Adapting early childhood curricula for children with special needs


The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: Tracing Its Origins

Brand community

The effects of prior beliefs and learning on consumers' acceptance of genetically modified foods

Extending and expanding the Darwinian synthesis: the role of complex systems dynamics

Plant-animal interactions

Hot corrosion in gas turbine components

Mechanical behavior of materials: engineering methods for deformation, fracture, and fatigue

Mechanical behavior of materials: engineering methods for deformation, fracture, and fatigue

Effect of vanadium and titanium modification on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a microalloyed HSLA steel

Automobile engine tribology—approaching the surface

Beyond a clockwork orange: Acquiring second language vocabulary through reading

The agricultural policy of Muhammad'Ali in Egypt

Transhumanism: toward a brave new world

Centrality dependence of charged particle production at large transverse momentum in Pb-Pb collisions at sNN= 2.76 TeV

The unintended Reformation: How a religious revolution secularized society

We Want to Set the World on Fire: Black Nationalist Women and Diasporic Politics in the New Negro World, 1940-1944

Sequences, anti-sequences, cycles, and composite novels: The short story in genre criticism

What do interval cycles have to do with tonal harmony

Making the World a Better Place: The Praxis of Christian Community Development as a Church Planting and Multiplication Strategy in Urban Poor Communities in the

Darcy's Vampiric Descendants: Austen's Perfect Romance Hero and JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood

Material virtue: Ethics and the body in early China

Remnants of binary white dwarf mergers

Borderlands: comparing border security in North America and Europe

The Reality of Using Social Networks in Technical Colleges in Palestine

Why Should Jews Survive

Laser-induced plasmas and applications

A formulation of fuzzy automata and its application as a model of learning systems

Filtering, segmentation and depth

An optimal linear operator for step edge detection

Research in Information Science & Technology: Machine Vision

The reality of risks from consented use of USB devices

Human factors in information security: The insider threat-Who can you trust these days

A hierarchical, objectives-based framework for the digital investigations process

A methodology to investigate size scale effects in crystalline plasticity using uniaxial compression testing

Maintaining a Cybersecurity Curriculum: Professional Certifications as Valuable Guidance

Cat ownership in Australia: Barriers to ownership and behavior

Minority Recruiting in the Navy and Marine Corps

The decision to use the Bomb: A Historiographical Update

Land of the Dacotahs

To Suffer and Never to Die': The Concept of Suffering in the Cult of Padre Pio Da Pietrelcina

Toward a new international financial architecture: a practical post-Asia agenda

Music copyright after collectivisation

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Iqbal's approach to Sufism

Student engagement and success using an inquiry approach and integrated curriculum in primary education

Reconstruction of gender in Islamic thought: Iqbal's vision of equal opportunity

Robert Frost: The Poet as Philosopher

Neonatal malaria due to Plasmodium vivax

Fishbone's Song by Gary Paulsen

The Reader in the Book: Notes from Work in Progress

Realism without materialism

The imperatives of cosmic biology

The changing natural history of renal cell carcinoma

Judicial intervention in accounting behavior: A reevaluation of the nineteenth century experience

Cost overruns in road construction—what are their sizes and determinants

New phylogenies of the Pectinidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia): reconciling morphological and molecular approaches

Judicial intervention in accounting behavior: A reevaluation of the nineteenth century experience

Knowledge capitalism: Business, work, and learning in the new economy

The structure and governance of venture-capital organizations

Synthetic pathways and processes in green chemistry. Introductory overview

Why do US states adopt public-private partnership enabling legislation

The Dark Side of Loneliness

Shame, guilt, and depression in men and women in recovery from addiction

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Service science, management, engineering, and design (SSMED): An emerging discipline-outline & references

Foot orthotics in the treatment of lower limb conditions: a musculoskeletal physiotherapy perspective

Portrait of Dr. Gachet: The Story of a Van Gogh Masterpiece: Modernism, Money, Politics, Collectors, Dealers, Taste, Greed, and Loss

Iron/silicate fractionation and the origin of Mercury

The Most Passionate of All

Translator's positioning and cultural transfer with reference to The Book and the Sword

Technological risk

The Wonders and Terrors of Creation (Second Half

The Magic in the Music of Disney

Mission and conversion: proselytizing in the religious history of the Roman Empire

Socrates in mediaeval Arabic literature

By the book: Assessing the place of textbooks in US survey courses

Manpower in economic growth: The American record since 1800

World views and narrative gerontology: Situating reminiscence behavior within a lifespan perspective

Engineering the public: Big data, surveillance and computational politics

In search of civil society: Market reform and social change in contemporary China

From salvation to self-realization: Advertising and the therapeutic roots of the consumer culture, 1880-1930

Evolutionary unit-testing of third party object-oriented Java software

Biological treatment of highly contaminated acid mine drainage in batch reactors: long-term treatment and reactive mixture characterization

Elasto-plastic stress-strain theory for cohesionless soil with curved yield surfaces

Towards energy and resource efficient manufacturing: A processes and systems approach

Managing routine food choices in UK families: The role of convenience consumption

What disability studies can do for children's literature

Birth plans: the good, the bad, and the future

Parenting advice books about child sleep: cosleeping and crying it out

Towards a bio-territorial conception of power: Territory, population, and environmental narratives in Palestine and Israel

The three waves of globalization: A history of a developing global consciousness

From borderlands to borders: Empires, nation-states, and the peoples in between in North American history

Digitizing consumer research

A Critical Study Of Indigenious Suture Materials WSR To Management Of Kshataja Vrana

Urban open space in the 21st century

The economics of global warming

Reading communities and culinary communities: The gastropoetics of the South Asian diaspora

The economics of energy policy in China: implications for global climate change

Adaptive environmental assessment and management


Writing and censorship in Britain

Martial, Book VII. A Commentary

Nodes, paths and edges: Considerations on the complexity of crime and the physical environment

This Book Spill Off the Page in All Directions: What Is the Text of Naked Lunch

L'opera d'arte contemporanea sacra nella cultura dell'occidente cristiano

La formazione degli insegnanti di storia. Difficoltà e ambiguità nel rapporto tra università e scuola

Gli anni della cupola. Archivio digitale delle fonti dell'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore. Edizione di testi con indici analitici e strutturali

Diventare grandi con il «Pioniere»(1950-1962

Resolving surface chemical states in XPS analysis of first row transition metals, oxides and hydroxides: Sc, Ti, V, Cu and Zn

Tetrahydroborates as new hydrogen storage materials

The skeptical environmentalist: measuring the real state of the world

Religious perspectives on bioethics, Part I

Can ethnography save the life of medical ethics

Pattern Which Connects: Metaphor in Gary Snyder's Later Poetry

A letter concerning toleration and other writings

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act at fifty: Aspirations, effects, and limitations

Addressing children's oral health in the new millennium: trends in the dental workforce

Incentives, capacity, and implementation: Evidence from Massachusetts education reform

Physical activity social support and middle-and older-aged minority women: results from a US survey

Spiritualising the Internet. Uncovering discourses and narratives of religious Internet usage

Legal frameworks for and the practice of participatory natural resources management in South Africa

Positive psychological capital: Beyond human and social capital

Health evangelism: a rationale and practical application to the West Indonesia Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists

Peter Handke and the postmodern transformation: the goalie's journey home

Wondrous in his saints: Counter-reformation propaganda in Bavaria

to Hurricane Katrina (House of Representatives, February 15, 2006 www. gpoaccess. gov/katrinareport/mainreport. pdf) The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina

Intellectual capital: realizing your company\'s true value by finding its hidden brainpower

Control of the leishmaniases. Report of a WHO Expert Committee

The invisible technologies of Goffman's sociology from the merry-go-round to the internet

Talk dirty to me: Why books about sex and relationships belong in libraries

The Raging Grannies: Wild hats, cheeky songs, and witty actions for a better world

The 'Great American Novel' as Pop-up Book: Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

The Portrayal of Evil in CS Lewis's The Horse and His Boy

Antisense oligodeoxynucleotides to G-protein α-subunit subclasses identify a transductional requirement for the modulation of normal feeding dependent on GαOA

Family-based intervention to enhance infant-parent relationships in the neonatal intensive care unit

Urban Gardening: Development of a Smart System for Growing on Balconies

Control method of biped locomotion giving asymptotic stability of trajectory

Potential of low molecular mass chitosan as a DNA delivery system: biocompatibility, body distribution and ability to complex and protect DNA

Growth and regulation of animal populations

Regions and the world economy: the coming shape of global production, competition, and political order

Is There Truth in Art

Don't judge a book by its cover: ADHD-like symptoms in obsessive compulsive disorder

Daughter of the Revolution: The Major Nonfiction Works of Pauline E. Hopkins

Person Page

Handel, Puccini, Strauss, Poulenc, Brown, and Gealt an exploration of song


Reframing research and literacy pedagogy relating to CD narratives: Addressing 'radical change'in digital age literature for children

Mulan's legend and legacy in China and the United States

AIDS from Africa: Western science or racist mythology

Mythical Trickster Figures

Akan Witchcraft and the Concept of Exorcism in the Church of Pentecost

Revolutions in Warfare: Theoretical Paradigms and Historical Evidence--The Napoleonic and First World War Revolutions in Military Affairs

The Limits of Napoleonic Centralization: Notables and Local Government in the Department of the Isere from the Consulate to the beginning of the July Monarchy

An Analysis of the French economic industrial and military mobilization in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars 1799-1815

Arming Mother Nature: The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism. By Jacob Darwin Hamblin

Book Review. First of Banyan Trees

ධම්මපදය-දණ්ඩ වග්ගය

The Fin de Siècle: A Reader in Cultural History c. 1880-1900

Ecocriticism and Indigenous Modernities

Munakata Shiko (棟方志功)(Biographical details

The transmission of Chinese idealist painting to Japan: notes on the early phase (1661-1799


Zen and Japanese culture


Congress Versus the Supreme Court, 1957-1960

Urban public finance in developing countries

Institutional economics

Everyday Mysteries existential dimensions of psychotherapy

Financial markets and corporate strategy

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Irrational exuberance

Irrational exuberance

The economics of small business finance: The roles of private equity and debt markets in the financial growth cycle

Ashoka's big idea: Transforming the world through social entrepreneurship

Home bias and the high turnover

Towards a macroprudential framework for financial supervision and regulation


An analysis of consumer power on the Internet

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions: the European-US experience

Consolidation in the European insurance industry: do mergers and acquisitions create value for shareholders

Novel panel of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for the prediction of progression to Alzheimer dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment

Antibodies to human brain spectrin in Alzheimer's disease

Trends in Neuroimmunology

Relation between humoral pathological changes in multiple sclerosis and response to therapeutic plasma exchange

Are autistic traits an independent personality dimension? A study of the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) and the NEO-PI-R

Developing relationships through literature, or, not growing up as a hermit [Book Review

The new public health

Web application development with PHP 4.0

Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix

We're all connected: The power of the social media ecosystem

Training caregivers to facilitate communicative participation of preschool children with language impairment during storybook reading

Nonabelian algebraic topology

For Teaching Thinking

Reviewing, rethinking and revising homework expectations in a seventh grade math class

Stalking the count: Dracula, fandom and tourism

William Marshal, Lancelot, and the Issue of Chivalric Identity

The English Aristocracy, 1070-1272: A Social Transformation, by David Crouch

The silence of the experts:Aided self-help housing, 1939-1954

Más allá del Control Room de Arbey Road: Análisis técnico de la sonoridad de los Beatles en su discografía entre 1966 y 1970

Constructing histories through material culture: popular music, museums and collecting

Science fiction as desirable feminist scenarios

SwanLake: An Old Ballet Made New for the Digital age Audience

Origin, evolution, population genetics and resources for breeding of wild barley, Hordeum spontaneum, in the Fertile Crescent

The fire of life. An introduction to animal energetics

Food, space, and mobility: the railroad, chili stands, and chophouses in San Antonio and El Paso, 1870-1905

Preparing tomorrow's English language arts teachers today: Principles and practices for infusing technology

Cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, nickel and zinc in Indian Ocean water

The marine geochemistry of trace metals

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the sediments of the South China Sea

Toxic metal chemistry in marine environments

Disability, inclusive adventurous training and adapted sport: Two soldiers' stories of involvement

James Farrell's Studs Lonigan Trilogy and the Anxieties of Race

Discourse, consciousness, and time

The total library: non-fiction 1922-1986

Dynamical theory of crystal lattices

Women physicians and the cultures of medicine

Living with the Sphinx: Papers from the Women's Therapy Centre edited by Sheila Ernst and Marie Maguire. Published by The Women

The novel PSEN1 M84V mutation associated to frontal dysexecutive syndrome, spastic paraparesis, and cerebellar atrophy in a dominant Alzheimer's disease family

Microwave technology for energy-efficient processing of waste

Enemies or allies? The organ transplant medical community, the federal government, and the public in the United States, 1967-2000

Teaching and learning in the language classroom

Adolescent grief: It never really hit me... until it actually happened

Spaceborne radar remote sensing: applications and techniques

Scattering from Snow Backgrounds at 35, 98, and 140 GHz

Computational science and engineering

Quantifying scattering albedo in microwave emission of vegetated terrain

Microwave-assisted extraction of artemisinin from Artemisia annua L

Forest biomass from combined ecosystem and radar backscatter modeling

Power Line Detection for Millimeter-Wave Radar Video

Observing floods from space: Experience gained from COSMO-SkyMed observations

Radar foundations for imaging and advanced concepts

The Commission for Equality and Human Rights: a new institution for new and uncertain times

Reflections on South Asian Women's/Gender History: Past and Future

Reaction, initiation, and promise: A historical study of the International Reading Association

The Definitive History of Marco: The Mascot of Marshall University

Electronic book usage at a master's level I university: A longitudinal study

Multi-dimensional building performance data management for continuous commissioning

Songs, rhymes and young learners

Mule people

LibGuides: Classical Studies: Historical Fiction

The C programming language

Design for the low if resistive FET mixer for the 4-Ch DBF receiver

The Beartooth Highway: 2012 Summer Use and Image

Activity and Activism: Lewis and Nathan Clark and the Evolution of Sierra Club Photography, 1924-1961

A handbook of the vascular plants of north-eastern Nevada

Assessing dormant season organophosphate use in California almonds

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Cold War modern: design 1945-1970

Peace Corps fantasies: How development shaped the global sixties

Party politics: The political impact of the first ladies' social role

Understanding the role of entertainment media in the sexual socialization of American youth: A review of empirical research

Sex in America: A definitive survey

College students' perceptions of barriers to career development

Constructing the self, constructing America: A cultural history of psychotherapy

Spirituality as the Performance of Desire: Calvin on the World as a Theatre of God's Glory

Ethics for Accountants & Auditors

Men in the remaking: conversion narratives and born-again masculinity in Zambia

The Will to Orthodoxy: A Critical Genealogy of Northern Chan Buddhism

Contemplating Edith Stein

Brand valuation and topological culture


Guide to regional ruminant anatomy based on the dissection of the goat

Fisioterapia como tratamento pós-cirúrgico de cães com hérnia de disco Hansen tipo I

Localization of laryngeal motoneurons in the rat: morphologic evidence for dual innervation

Assessment in anatomy

Atlas of the early development of the sheep embryo

Risultati e prospettive dell'italiano nella rete nazionale dei Lincei per una nuova didattica nelle scuole (2013-2016

Lavoratrici e lavoratori: le fonti archivistiche

Il Pensiero Algoritmico con Oggetti Interattivi Va a Scuola= Algorithmic thinking with interactive objects goes to school

A Wittgenstein dictionary

Environmental Science Earth as a Living Planet 9th Edition

Environmental Science Earth as a Living Planet 9th Edition

Albert Einstein: a biography

Fritz Saxl, 1890-1948 a Volume of Memorial Essays From His Friends in England

Sense of place in developmental context

Prophecy, Politics, and the Popular: The Left Behind Series and Christian Fundamentalism's New World Order

Implications of missionary education for women in Nigeria: A historical analysis

The academic quality of public school teachers: An analysis of entry and exit behavior

Evaluating the impact of performance-related pay for teachers in England

Adverse effects of uniform written reporting standards on accounting practice, education, and research

Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry. July 1952

The giving tree

Controlling the size of vesicles prepared from egg lecithin using a hydrotrope

The effect of polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine on plasma lipids and fecal sterol excretion

Progression of aesthetic: A study of beads and adornment in contemporary Krobo society

Sacajawea, Pocahontas, and Crayons: Representations of Native American Women in Children's Coloring Books

Roman dress accessories

Provocation and responsibility

Master-slave manipulator performance for various dynamic characteristics and positioning task parameters

Neuro-fuzzy and soft computing; a computational approach to learning and machine intelligence

Border Crossing: Russian Literature Into Film

Take back the economy: An ethical guide for transforming our communities

It's complicated: The social lives of networked teens

Science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values: Seventh World Wilderness Congress symposium; 2001 November 2-8; Port Elizabeth, South Africa

¡¿ Qué, qué?! Transculturación and Tato Laviera's Spanglish poetics

Ethnomedical field study in northern Peruvian Andes with particular reference to divination practices

Two types of functional transfer in language contact

Anthropology and the future: new technologies and the reinvention of culture

Pathways to employment and social inclusion: principles for reform to the employment assistance system

Preparing for smart grid technologies: A behavioral decision research approach to understanding consumer expectations about smart meters

Competitive governments

Atlantic history and the literary turn

A virtual nation: Greater Britain and the imperial legacy of the American Revolution

Armrayan multimedia mobile cms: a simplified approach towards content-oriented mobile application designing

Alignment between the business strategy and the software processes improvement: A roadmap for the implementation

Like mother,(not) like daughter: The social construction of menopause and aging

Laws and symmetry

The streets of Rome: the classical Dylan

A pragmatic study of media texts: A corpus of new age talks by Osho (on the basis of Burke's pragmatic approach to concordancing

Moore's Law: The Life of Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley's Quiet Revolutionary by Arnold Thackray, David C. Brock, and Rachel Jones

South African Red Data Book-Reptiles and Amphibians

The Assassin and the Therapist: An Exploration of Truth in Psychotherapy and In Life

Social determinants of health inequalities

Health law: cases, materials and problems

Rethinking mens health and illness: the relevance of gender studies

Pedagogy in commercial videos

The common sense book of baby and child care

Designing language courses: A guide for teachers

Handbook of genetic algorithms

Civil War High Commands

History of quantum theory

Build Educative Game as Tool Teaching Science Nahwu Jurumiyah for Android Based

History of quantum theory

Tacitus-Historian Between Republic and Principate

Descriptive Catalogue, 2. Agricola Check List, a Short-Title Inventory of Some Printed Editions and Printed Compendia of Rudolph Agricola's Dialectical Invention (De

Tacitus-Historian Between Republic and Principate

Learning from the first operations management textbook

Distinctive discipline: Rudolph Agricola's influence on methodical thinking in the humanities

Tacitus' fragment 2: The anti-Roman movement of the Christiani and the nazoreans

Rudolph AgRicolA: six lives And eRAsmus's testimonies

Distinctive discipline: Rudolph Agricola's influence on methodical thinking in the humanities

Quid Tacitus...? The Germania and the Study of Anglo-Saxon England

Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained: A Guide to the Mysterious, the Paranormal, and the Supernatural

Neurotechnology as a tool for inducing and measuring altered states of consciousness in transpersonal psychotherapy

Is democracy possible

The Good Effects of a Whimsical Study: Romance and Women's Learning in Charlotte Lennox's The Female Quixote

Reversing and preventing chronic conditions such as autoimmunity begins with getting curious about why we're getting sick in the first place! The Autoimmune

A well-being programme in severe mental illness. Reducing risk for physical ill-health: A post-programme service evaluation at 2 years

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Evaluation of a food hygiene training course in Scotland

Academic writing for graduate students: Essential tasks and skills

Pathology of tumours

An introduction to copepod diversity

Differences in environmental enrichment generate contrasting behavioural syndromes in a basal spider lineage

Planning national parks for ecodevelopment: Methods and cases from Latin America

New Deal Photographs of West Virginia, 1934-1943

Saul Bellow: Letters

Twin Town in South Brazil: a Nazi's experiment or a genetic founder effect

In vain I tried to tell you: Essays in Native American Ethnopoetics

The Hidden Canyon. A River Journey by John Blaustein and Edward Abbey

Composition of the developing asparagus shoot in relation to its use as a food product and as material for canning. US

Amazing graze: how the livestock industry is ruining the American West

An underground revolution: biodiversity and soil ecological engineering for agricultural sustainability

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Family mediation: Appropriate dispute resolution in a new family justice system

Litigation: Evidence and procedure

Mistaken identities? Olaudah Equiano, Domingos Alvares, and the methodological challenges of studying the African diaspora


Talking with young children about their art

Mistaken identities? Olaudah Equiano, Domingos Alvares, and the methodological challenges of studying the African diaspora

Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) on Fregate Island, Seychelles: the invasion; subsequent eradication attempts and implications for the island's fauna


Teaching the students and not the book: Addressing the problem of culture teaching in EFL in Argentina


The long-durée entanglement between Islamophobia and racism in the modern/colonial capitalist/patriarchal world-system: an introduction

The absolutism of Louis XIV as social collaboration

Coercion, Conversion, and Counterinsurgency in Louis XIV's France

Appropriate prescribing in elderly people: how well can it be measured and optimised

Inhibition of gastrointestinal release of acetylchoune byquercetin as a possible mode of action of Psidium guajava leaf extracts in the treatment of acute diarrhoeal

Herbal medicines. A guide for health-care professionals

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Standard methods for the examination of dairy products

Introduction to wildland fire. Fire management in the United States

Health financing to promote access in low income settings—how much do we know

Political economy of large natural disasters: with special reference to developing countries

Innovative initiatives supporting inclusive innovation in India: Social business incubation and micro venture capital

Radio and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South

Archive and database as metaphor: Theorizing the historical record

Developing health messages: qualitative studies with children, parents, and teachers help identify communications opportunities for healthful lifestyles and the

Why Did Dublin Congregationalism Fail

1 Enoch 2: a commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch, chapters 37-82

War within: everyday life in Sarajevo under siege


Fashion's world cities

Hope therapy: Helping clients build a house of hope

Human, social, and now positive psychological capital management: Investing in people for competitive advantage

Hypnosis and related states

Motivation: A biosocial and cognitive integration of motivation and emotion

Comparing methods of measurement: why plotting difference against standard method is misleading

Children's classics in the electronic medium

South African red data book-birds

A dictionary of ecology, evolution and systematics

The pageant of empire: Paul Scott's The Raj quartet and related versions of imperialism in the Anglo-Indian novel

Beyond the law. The image of piracy in the legal writings of Hugo Grotius

Political and Ecclesiological Contexts for the Early English Translations of Grotius's De Veritate (1632-1686

A Unique Record of a People's Reading

Op zoek naar een vreedzame wereldorde: Hugo Grotius (1583-1645) over natuurlijke godsdienst en rechtvaardige oorlog

Introduction: Mare Liberum Revisited (1609-2009

The Antiquarianization of Biblical Scholarship and the London Polyglot Bible (1653-57

Testing Christianity's truth claims: Approaches to Christian apologetics

Blackstone's commentaries

And I Don't Care What It Is: The Tradition-History of a Civil Religion Proof-Text

Good wives, nasty wenches, and anxious patriarchs: Gender, race, and power in colonial Virginia

The forgotten founders on religion and public life

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

The Significance of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier in Atlantic History

This was not our war: Bosnian women reclaiming the peace

Military histories old and new: A reintroduction

Sexual assault in the US military: A review of the literature and recommendations for the future

Mental health issues of women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan

Nutrition for undergraduates

Double jeopardy: Women, the US military and the war in Iraq

Psychiatric disorders among the patients of general practitioners and internists

How does cognitive therapy prevent depressive relapse and why should attentional control (mindfulness) training help

The Moot: TS Eliot's Idea of a Christian Elite


Ensuring cultural sensitivity for Muslim patients in the Australian ICU: Considerations for care

Voluntary simplicity: Definitions and dimensions

Integrating LIMS with MS Windows programs

UNIX requirements for architectural support

Darkness and Light

Gawain: transformations of an Archetype

The sea is history

101 Sonnets: From Shakespeare to Heaney

Institutional repositories: essential infrastructure for scholarship in the digital age

Celebrity, media and politics: An Indian perspective

Breakout from Bollywood? The roles of social networks and regulation in the evolution of Indian film industry

On-site field sampling and analysis of fragrance from living lavender (Lavandula angustifolia L.) flowers by solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas

Fraser and Paré's diagnosis of diseases of the chest. Volumes 1-4

Armitage's native plants for North American gardens

Unbidden House Guests

Proviral integration of an Abelson-murine leukemia virus deregulates BKLF-expression in the hypermutating pre-B cell line 18-81

The log of the white wog: a diary of voices

Selected list of books and journals in allied health

Role of radiotherapy in cancer control in low-income and middle-income countries

Search for high-proper motion objects with infrared excess

The Cadaver, 1954 December, Vol. 10, No. 3

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

A Guide to Counselling and Basic Psychotherapy

Moving pictures: A new theory of film genres, feelings, and cognition

Introduction to computer graphics

Synthesis of polysaccharide-stabilized gold and silver nanoparticles: a green method

The Obama administration and US policy in Asia

Energy consumption and GDP: causality relationship in G-7 countries and emerging markets

A political‐economic analysis of the failure of neo‐liberal restructuring in post‐crisis Korea

Economics of development

The Korean Economy before and after the Crisis

Development with a human face: Experiences in social achievement and economic growth

The changing dynamics of Thai multinationals after the Asian economic crisis

Economics of development

An urban field of dreams: professional baseball and the fruition of new-old Denver

Global approach to reducing lead exposure and poisoning

Reactions to blindness: An exploratory study of adults with recent loss of sight

Measuring change in nutritional status

Gene dreams: Wall Street, academia and the rise of biotechnology

Book Dooms-day: The March of Progress and the Fate of the Book

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works


Lifting the Veil on Traditional White Weddings

Beyond the'M'Word: The tangled web of politics and marriage

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Books and the Soldier

New anti-inflammatory N-pyridinyl (alkyl) phthalimides acting as tumour necrosis factor-α production inhibitors

Burrowing behaviour of the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.)(Decapoda: Nephropidae

The Great Fear of 1789: rural panic in revolutionary France

Memory, Memoir, and Memorabilia: A Generative Exercise

Die Religion des Bürgers

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

II. Healers without Books, Readers without Souls

Shifting the foundations: Descartes's transformation of ancient geometry

Xenophon on government

Feminism in Book V of Plato's Republic

The Greek Questions of Plutarch

Reversal of fortune: Geography and institutions in the making of the modern world income distribution

The story of civilization

First contact

On the influence of accommodation on spherical aberration in the human eye, an attempt to interpret night myopia

Evaluation of polyphenol composition in red leaves from different varieties of Vitis vinifera

Competitive interactions between artificial lighting and natural cues during seafinding by hatchling marine turtles

Toward A New Southern Studies

Eudora Welty

Toward A New Southern Studies

The geography of innovation: regional innovation systems

Commentary:'A bottomless pit of political surprise'?: The Political 'Mystery'of the Thatcher Era

Das metaphysische Unterfutter der Realität: Recent Publications and Trends in WG Sebald Research

Now That Tomaž and Jim Are Gone, and: Sleepers Awake, and: Unprotected

Interview with Bob Scott, April 3, 2000

The First Female Public Speakers in America (1630-1840): Searching for Egalitarian Christian Primitivism

Workplace mediation: success in the second-oldest profession

Listening to mothers: qualitative studies on motherhood and depression from Goa, India

Sexual health: Medical doctor exposes the lies of sex education

Adolescent sexuality and parent-adolescent processes: Promoting healthy teen choices

Adolescent bariatric surgery program characteristics: the Teen Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (Teen-LABS) study experience

Concept mapping: priority community strategies to create changes to support active living

Cross-curricular thematic instruction

Atheism from the Reformation to the Enlightenment

The book in the Renaissance

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Clinical prevention and population health: curriculum framework for health professions

US military weight standards: what percentage of US young adults meet the current standards

An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, Volume 1

The class-inflected nature of gay identity

Skill Formation and Career Development of Master Craftswomen in the Korean Clothing and Textile Industry

Ideological drift in children's picture books

La Fontaine Poet and Counterpoet

Selective leaching of antimony and arsenic from mechanically activated tetrahedrite, jamesonite and enargite

Present and future commercial applications of biohydrometallurgy

A literature review of titanium metallurgical processes

The solvent extraction separation of molybdenum and copper from acid leach residual solution of Chilean molybdenite concentrate

The physical principles of magnetism

A history of landownership in modern Egypt, 1800-1950

Contextualization: A New Missionary Approach to Muslims

The Challenge of the Pentecostals in Asia Part One: Pentecostal Movements in Asia

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Religious communication and epistemic authority of leaders in wired faith organizations

Anchoress and Abbess in Ninth-Century Saxony: The Lives of Liutbirga of Wendhausen and Hathumoda of Gandersheim

Intellectual property, trade and development: strategies to optimize economic development in a TRIPS-plus era

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Market models: A guide to financial data analysis

Do hedge funds manage their reported returns

Market models: A guide to financial data analysis

Hedge fund clones

The Use of Offshore Blocker Corporations by US Nonprofits: Should Blockers Be Blocked

Marriage and divorce in Islamic South-East Asia

The hospital prayer book: A partner for healing

The People's Guide to Deadly Drug Interactions: How to Protect Yourself from Life-Threatening Drug/Drug, Drug/Food, Drug/Vitamin Combinations

Transnational childhoods: The participation of children in processes of family migration

Fragmentation and the found in the production of contemporary jewellery

Masterpieces of Native American Indian art

Creative, entrepreneurial, and branding strategy for a novel jewellery line

History of Necklaces and Pendants

The investigation of Toxocara canis eggs in coats of different dog breeds as a potential transmission route in human toxocariasis

Do geese migrate domestically?: Evidence from the Chinese textile and apparel industry

Incubation feeding as a male tactic for early hatching

Phenotypic traits as reliable indicators of fertility in male broiler breeders

The Sleeping Dragon in Korea

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Love and Duty by Judith Henry Wall

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Current Jewish spiritualities in Israel: A new age

Infinity cancellations in SO (32) superstring theory

Four Recent Collections of Poetry: Language and Communication [Book Review

The ABC clinical guide to herbs

Error in medicine: Legal impediments to US reform

Oz and Beyond: The Fantasy World of L. Frank Baum

Patterns of sound, sight, and story: From literature to literacy

Bubble Mania or Not

Customer racial discrimination in the market for memorabilia: The case of baseball

Türkçe ilk okuma yazma öğretimi

Sam Shepard's Father-Son Conflict Trilogy: The Rock Garden, La Turista, The Holy Ghostly


Beat Those Sleepy Slackers!: Color-Blind Racism in World of Warcraft's Valley of Trials

Event beds in the recent prodelta stratigraphic record of the small flood-prone Bonea Stream (Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy

Event beds in the recent prodelta stratigraphic record of the small flood-prone Bonea Stream (Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy

Inclusive J/ψ production in pp collisions at

Rapid extraction of aroma compounds in must and wine by means of ultrasound

A struggle for bare existence: Planting the new Church of Jerusalem in early Brisbane

The fungal dimension of biodiversity: magnitude, significance, and conservation

Urban schools in Sweden: Between social predicaments, the power of stigma and relational dilemmas

Education in depressed areas

Child development and long-term outcomes: a population health perspective and summary of successful interventions

Talking animals: medieval Latin beast poetry, 750-1150


The Autobiography of John C. Van Dyke: A Personal Narrative of American Life, 1861-1931 ed. by Peter Wild

Fashioning the future: tomorrow's wardrobe

Effects of canthin-6-one alkaloids from Zanthoxylum chiloperone on Trypanosoma cruzi-infected mice

La struttura drammaturgica del film biografico nel cinema di Hollywood e nella televisione italiana

An ecological aesthetic for forest landscape management

Lucciole e farfalle per un'immagine dialettica

A concise history of pop-up and movable books

A new kind of science

Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

The number of Huguenot immigrants in England in the late seventeenth century

education 2.0—on the cusp of change: part 2. eBooks; file sharing and synchronization tools; websites/teaching files; reference management tools and note taking

The Evolution of Digital Storytelling Technologies: From PCs to iPads and e-Books

Plague: the dreadful visitation occupying the human mind for centuries

Website hierarchy and the interaction between content organization, webpage and navigation design: A systemic functional hypermedia discourse analysis

Nonobstructive aortic valve calcification: a window to significant coronary artery disease

Passionate planning for the others' desire: an agonistic response to the dark side of planning

The ugly duckling's legacy: adulteration, contemporary fantasy, and the dark

Silk fabrics in the management of atopic dermatitis

X-Men, Dragon Age, and Religion: Representations of Religion and the Religious in Comic Books, Video Games, and Their Related Media

Marie Laveau New Orleans Voodoo Queen

Encyclopedia of globalization

Hedonistic homeostatic dysregulation in patients with Parkinson's disease on dopamine replacement therapies

Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 5 Volume Set

Public sector economics

A theory of competition among pressure groups for political influence

Zero-base budgeting—Dealing with conflicting objectives

The causes of government expenditure growth: A survey of the US evidence

Privatising Britain's passenger railway: expectations and outcomes of the'free'market approach

Returns to investment in education: A global update

Elements of parametric design

Self healing materials: an alternative approach to 20 centuries of materials science

Seeking Significance: Actual Readers, Specific Reading Communities

We're all connected: The power of the social media ecosystem

Development of a brief test to measure functional health literacy

Geometric modeling

101 books for youth that feature hunters & hunting

A geospatial assessment on the distribution, condition, and vulnerability of Wyoming's wetlands

Cardiovascular responses of pregnant women during aerobic exercise in water: a longitudinal study

Key Word and Author Index to Psychoanalytic Journals, 1920-1986

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials

Extensive reading: an expensive extravagance

Black Swans The formative influences in Australian philosophy

Coming of age in Samoa

Chemistry of the solid-water interface: processes at the mineral-water and particle-water interface in natural systems

Chemistry of the solid-water interface: processes at the mineral-water and particle-water interface in natural systems

The renaissance of security studies

Revolutionary Hope: Essays in Honor of William L. Mcbride

Social anarchism or lifestyle anarchism: an unbridgeable chasm

Social anarchism or lifestyle anarchism: an unbridgeable chasm

What is Living in Deep Ecology

Social anarchism or lifestyle anarchism: an unbridgeable chasm

From Trade Unionism to Syndicalisme Révolutionnaire to Syndicalism: The British Origins of French Syndicalism

The anarchist roots of geography: Toward spatial emancipation

Genitourinary prolapse and joint hypermobility in women

TIPS for Budd-Chiari syndrome: long-term results and prognostics factors in 124 patients

Enigmatic Pearls: Authorship and Representation: Competing Cultural Positions in Pilbara Pearl, Nullarbor Pearl and Shoalwater Pearl

Modern nutrition in health and disease

Its Immigration Implications

Understanding natural language

Second-position clitics in Czech: Syntactic or phonological

China English: Adaptation of English to Chinese Culture

An integrated adoption model for e-books in a mobile environment: Evidence from South Korea

Toward a theory of spiritual leadership

on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice: third joint task force of European and other societies on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice

Hollywood, Calif., will present symposium, Complications of

Comparison of effectiveness of hand-carried ultrasound to bedside cardiovascular physical examination

Personal and mediated health counseling for sustained dietary reduction of hypercholesterolemia

Nanobiosensors for personalized and onsite biomedical diagnosis

Occlusive impedance phlebography: a diagnostic procedure for venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

The Sea-Dream: Peter Pan and Treasure Island

A Child's Voice: Narrative Family Therapy

Economic backwardness in historical perspective: a book of essays

Watson caring science institute

Inversion of vegetation canopy reflectance models for estimating agronomic variables. V. Estimation of leaf area index and average leaf angle using measured canopy

Series I-Living History Resource List# 12: Inns, Taverns and Hotels in the Midwest to 1860: Materials Useful for the Study of Their Architecture and Functions, and a

Textbooks on the Phillips curve

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Econometrics

Tracing the mass-dependent star formation history of late-type galaxies using X-ray emission: Results from the Chandra Deep Fields

A New Law-dictionary

A New Law-dictionary

Guinea-Bissau: a study of political mobilization

Clinical, haematological and serum biochemical reference values of working donkeys (Equus asinus) owned by transport operators in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The imagery and reality of peer review in the US: Insights from institutional theory

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Max Made Mischief

Commodifying Culture and Ethnicity: Chinese New Year Parade and the Chinatown Tourism Industry in New York City

Shakespeare's Last Act: The Starry Messenger and the Galilean Book in Cymbeline

There Are Monsters Everywhere

The books we've had forever: The Parent-Observer Diary

The Mormon Conflict 1850-1859 by Norman F. Furness

Elk, mule deer, and cattle foraging relationships on foothill and mountain rangeland

publicans on Reconstruction policy, So far as this reviewer is aware, this contradicts the conclusion of all other reputable scholars who have studied Lin-coln's

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Say cheese! Privacy and facial recognition

Topical opinion retrieval

Oxford dictionary

The death blow to unlimited liability in Victorian Britain: The City of Glasgow failure

The evolution of the Clyde region's shipbuilding innovation system in the second half of the nineteenth century

Interactional justice

Ottoman book collectors and illustrated sixteenth century Shiraz manuscripts

Fludeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis

Remembering Super Bowl 50 through a [email protected] Sport Consciousness

Sizing ocean giants: patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna

Brand community

Non-linear learning in large technological firms: Period four implies chaos

On Any Given Sunday

Translation in language teaching: An argument for reassessment

Urban economic reform and access to health care coverage in the People's Republic of China

The rise of China and India in Africa: Challenges, opportunities and critical interventions

The death of distance: How the communications revolution will change our lives

The art of reforming centrally planned economies: Comparing China, Poland, and Russia

Determinants of US and Japanese direct investment in China

The 'China model'and the global crisis: from Friedrich List to a Chinese mode of governance

A computational approach to fuzzy quantifiers in natural languages

The Happy Planet Index 2.0: Why good lives don't have to cost the Earth

Exploring the Intellectual Core and Impact of the Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Academic Discipline

Divergent adaptation to climate variability: A case study of pastoral and agricultural societies in Niger

Application of Mathematica to the direct semi-numerical solution of finite element problems

Experimental evidence of quantum randomness incomputability

Using intelligent data analysis to detect abnormal energy consumption in buildings

Backstory 4: Interviews with Screenwriters of the 1970s and 1980s

The Somali diaspora: A journey away

Conflict and collusion in Sierra Leone

Sex in politics: Victoria Woodhull as an American public woman, 1870-1876

The war within a war: Women nurses in the union army

Fact and Counterfact: The Second American Revolution Revisited

Slavery, emancipation, and veterans of the union cause: commemorating freedom in the era of reconciliation, 1885-1915

Post Civil War African American History: Brief Periods of Triumph, and Then Despair

2012 VanArsdel Prize Essay Dreaming across Oceans: Emigration and Nation in the Mid-Victorian Christmas Issue

An analysis of selected normative tooth proportions

Shadow stereo, image filtering, and constraint propagation

Spiritual formation for Catholic educators: Understanding the need

Only one earth. The care and maintenance of a small planet

Older workers and the workplace: A new challenge for occupational social work

Tailoring a graduate nurse program to meet the needs of our next generation nurses

Current federal activities in school health education

Self-management approaches for people with chronic conditions: a review

Why patients use alternative medicine: results of a national study

Magicians of the Twenty-First Century: An Attempt at Dimensioning the Magician's Personality

Interactional justice

Big questions in public network management research

Ultra-deep two-photon fluorescence excitation in turbid media

A survey on physical layer impairments aware routing and wavelength assignment algorithms in optical networks

DWDM fundamentals, components, and applications

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)-an emerging field-portable sensor technology for real-time, in-situ geochemical and environmental analysis

The rubbish on our plates

Eutrophication: impacts of excess nutrient inputs on freshwater, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Identity formation: women's magazine language: an honors thesis (HONRS 499

Beyond wrapping: investigation of the design processes of personalising gift-wrapping

Zustand der Streuobstbestände und deren Erhaltung als wichtige Kulturlandschaftselemente im Biosphärenpark Wienerwald

Die Ausbildung der Grundlagen des modernen deutschen Staates im hohen Mittelalter

Australian organic market report 2008

Macrofungi community in rubber plantations and a forest of Edo State, Nigeria

Heart disease

Cancer incidence and survival among children and adolescents: United States SEER Program 1975-1995

Separation anxiety

Old welfare state theories and new welfare regimes in Eastern Europe: Challenges and implications

Looking back from loss: Views of the self in Alzheimer's disease

Microbiological safety assurance system for foodservice facilities

The ABC of NFT. Nutrient film technique

Drawn from the Classics: Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works

Handbook of genetic algorithms

AQA Accounting AS 2nd Edition

How Cheap Is Identity Talk?-A Framework of Identity Frames and Security Discourse for the Analysis of Repression and Legitimization of Social Movements in

The gospel of Christian atheism

Czechoslovakia: the state that failed

The modern history of exchange rate arrangements: a reinterpretation

Gender politics and post-communism. Reflections from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

Eggs and Steam HammersThe PEN International Club, Wolf Biermann, and the Limits of East German Literary Politics

Samuel Butler's Life and Habit and The Way of All Flesh: Traumatic Evolution

Merchant capital and economic decolonization: The united Africa company 1929-1987

The social uses of female virtue in late Ming editions of Lienü zhuan

Association football and English society 1863-1915

Zwischen Grauen und Groteske. Robert Neumanns Gulag-Roman Die Puppen von Poshansk und die Kultur des Kalten Krieges

Knowledge and the Flow of Information

Knowledge and the Flow of Information

Straddling between paradigms: A naturalistic philosophical case study on interpretive research in management accounting

Mind-body causation and explanatory practice

All about a line: The Sidney-Black Hills Trail's impact on the cultural landscape of western Nebraska and South Dakota

Biomedical ontologies in action: role in knowledge management, data integration and decision support

Text mining and its potential applications in systems biology

Genetic and epigenetic reprogramming of the wheat genome upon allopolyploidization

Does electoral accountability affect economic policy choices? Evidence from gubernatorial term limits

Does electoral accountability affect economic policy choices? Evidence from gubernatorial term limits

The media and male identities: Audience research in media, religion, and masculinities

A system for classifying mechanical injuries of the eye (globe

What we want is good, sober men: masculinity, respectability, and temperance in the railroad brotherhoods, C. 1870-1910

A Voice to Voiceless A Study in David Hare's Verbatim Play The Permanent Way

Running away and returning home: the fate of English convicts in the American colonies

Fault tolerance in distributed systems

Fault tolerance in distributed systems

Priority actions for the non-communicable disease crisis

Measuring and monitoring inclusive growth: Multiple definitions, open questions, and some constructive proposals

A scandal of invisibility: making everyone count by counting everyone

Livelihoods and rural poverty reduction in Uganda

Papua New Guinea: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

Poverty reduction strategy papers: a new convergence

Multi-Country Report: Ensuring Financial Stability in Countries with Islamic Banking-Case Studies-Press Release; Staff Report

Global desertification: building a science for dryland development

Can policy intervention beat the resource curse? Evidence from the Chad-Cameroon pipeline project

Supergay: A Queer Analysis of the CW's Supergirl

An updated meta-analysis to assess the effectiveness of psychological interventions delivered by psychological specialists and generalist clinicians on glycaemic

Deaths and injuries caused by lightning in the United Kingdom: analyses of two databases

Gender inequalities in India: The need for education for emancipation

A novel method for simulating laser-solid interactions in semiconductors and layered structures

An assessment of student preferences for PowerPoint presentation structure in undergraduate courses

Interdependence and controversy in group decision making: Antecedents to effective self-managing teams

Approaching the historical phonology of three highly eroded Sino-Tibetan languages: Naxi, Na and Laze

Hierarchical and accusative alignment of Verbal Person Marking in Trans-Himalayan

The educational electronic book as a tool for supporting children's emergent literacy in low versus middle SES groups

ArtReach Pre-Visit Packet: James Castle: Idaho Artist (1900-1977

Leading as craft-work: The role of studio practices in developing artful leaders


Indications and results of HLA-identical sibling hematopoietic cell transplantation for sickle cell disease

Pioneers and change: experiments in creating a humane society

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Renewing Christian theology: Systematics for a global Christianity

Acts: A commentary

Renewing Christian theology: Systematics for a global Christianity

Cảm nhận về Giấc mơ Trung Hoa trong một cuốn sách

Scripture Study

The effect of the addition of a commercial bioprotector in characteristics of alheira made from Alentejano pig meat

A kind of tact: an essay on Helen Garner

Deadly charm: The story of a Deaf serial killer

Gillian Armstrong's

Predicting the onset of smoking in boys and girls

Don't Shoot, Don't Shoot

Non-Fiction Memoirs in the Neuroscience Classroom: A Window into the Minds of Those Affected by Addiction

The postcolonial crescent: Islam's impact on contemporary literature

Scars to Prove It: The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction

THE LIMITS OF THE SOVEREIGN STATEStrategies of Crime Control in Contemporary Society

Dominant culture interrupted: Recognition, resentment and the politics of change in an English police force

The accountability of policing

Ready for a paradigm shift? Part 2: Introducing qualitative research methodologies and methods

New literacies: Changing knowledge and classroom learning

Lesson study, collaboration and teacher efficacy: Stories from two school-based math lesson study groups

The submarine in naval warfare, 1901-2001

China's aerospace power trajectory in the near seas

Admiral Thomas C. Hart And The Demise Of The Asiatic Fleet 1941-1942

The DNA methylation paradox

Environmental problems of Dhaka City: a study of mismanagement

Miniaturized high-performance liquid chromatography instrumentation

Cities of the imagination: Science fiction, urban space, and community engagement in urban planning

A glossary of feminist theory

Social isolation disrupts autonomic regulation of the heart and influences negative affective behaviors

Drawing on tradition: manga, anime, and religion in contemporary Japan

Machinic Desires: Hans Bellmer's Dolls and the Technological Uncanny in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

John Fowles and the Medieval Romance Tradition

Public intellectuality: academies of exhibition and the new disciplinary secession

Three-and four-year-olds spontaneously use others' past performance to guide their learning

Moral injury and moral repair in war veterans: A preliminary model and intervention strategy

Training health and mental health professionals in motivational interviewing: A systematic review

Eye movement desensitization: A new treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

Issue 8-Gaming Networks Mods, Nay! Tournaments, Yay!-The Appropriation of Contemporary Game Culture by the US Military

The game localization handbook

Artificial intelligence: a modern approach

The financing of R&D and innovation

Imperial Gothic: Atavism and the occult in the British adventure novel, 1880-1914

Deaf heritage: A narrative history of deaf America

Statistical methods in cancer research. Vol. 1. The analysis of case-control studies

The Romney Street Group: Its Origins and Influence—1916-1922

Evaluating Cultural Authenticity in Multicultural Picture Books: A Collaborative Analysis for Diversity Education

Las narraciones de Julia Álvarez: hibridez y contexto multicultural

Modificación de patrones de comportamiento que inciden en la sana convivencia de los estudiantes del 5to de Educación General Básica de la Unidad Educativa

Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics

Solitary metachronous gastric metastasis from pulmonary adenocarcinoma: Report of a case

eléctrico residencial, para desarrollar competencias básicas en los estudiantes de primer año bachillerato de la Unidad Educativa Eugenio Espejo de la ciudad de

La poética musical de Canciones, de Federico García Lorca

La representación de la enfermedad de Alzheimer en los álbumes ilustrados

Through the eyes of a child: An introduction to children's literature

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Zen sand: The book of capping phrases for koan practice

Introduction: the study and history of genocide

Black holes: A traveler's guide

Ideas about infant and toddler care among Russian child care teachers, mothers, and university students

Air-temperature variations and ENSO effects in Indonesia, the Philippines and El Salvador. ENSO patterns and changes from 1866-1993

Heaven's Gate: The End

Resource scheduling in downlink LTE-Advanced system with carrier aggregation

Enhanced inter-cell interference coordination for heterogeneous networks in LTE-Advanced: A survey

Enhanced inter-cell interference coordination for heterogeneous networks in LTE-Advanced: A survey

Mythology Unbound: An Online Textbook for Classical Mythology


Recent history of fractional calculus

Laboured breathing: Running with and against internationalizing texts of currere

America the Yogiful: Insights Into American Yoga Culture Today

In the full glare of English politics: Ireland, inquiries and the British state

The risk management of nothing

Corporate power and responsibility: Issues in the theory of company law

Increasing our insular world view: Interoception and psychopathology for psychotherapists

The state of the world's land and water resources for food and agriculture: managing systems at risk

Teaching Less... But Learning More: Making Some Tough Decisions in Secondary Physical Education

Doctor Faustus and the Printer's Devil

Doctor Faustus and the Printer's Devil

From Faust to Strangelove: Representations of the scientist in western literature

Doctor Faustus and the Printer's Devil

The Faust legend and its musical manifestations: a historical overview

Goethe: Schauen und Glauben

All-scale spatial analysis of ecological data by means of principal coordinates of neighbour matrices

Generalized linear and generalized additive models in studies of species distributions: setting the scene

Bray-Curtis ordination: an effective strategy for analysis of multivariate ecological data

Statistics: difficult concepts, understandable explanations

The critical importance of retrieval for learning

Making something for myself: women, quilts, culture and feminism

Organizational and epistemic change: The growth of the art investment field

The girls creating games program: Strategies for engaging middle-school girls in information technology

Collective memory and cultural history: Problems of method

Crimes of the big four motorcycle gangs

Conformal field theory

Classroom walls that talk: Using online course activity data of successful students to raise self-awareness of underperforming peers

Self-regulation, motivation, and math achievement in middle school: Variations across grade level and math context

Projective geometry for machine vision

Good parts first-a new algorithm for approximate search in lexica and string databases

Towards Zulu corpus clean-up, lexicon development and corpus annotation by means of computational morphological analysis

Undecidability of the emptiness problem for context-free picture languages

Perspectives: Journal of discrete algorithms special String Masters issue

Future battle: The merging levels of war

The origins and practice of participatory rural appraisal

Tastes of paradise: A social history of spices, stimulants, and intoxicants

It's Hard to Keep Track: Mapping a Shifting Nation in Dylan Horrocks's Hicksville

Displacement, gender, and the challenges of parenting after Hurricane Katrina

Feminine fantasies and reality in the fiction of Eileen Chang and Alice Munro

AIDS Africa: Continent in crisis

The one best way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the enigma of efficiency

Pots and Pans History': The Material Culture of the Kitchen in Early Modern England

Economics of development

Critical success factors for wine tourism regions: a demand analysis

Multilevel computational processes for visual surface reconstruction

Perceptual organization and the representation of natural form

Dynamic link of memory—chaotic memory map in nonequilibrium neural networks

Eagle-eyed visual acuity: an experimental investigation of enhanced perception in autism

Modeling the role of salience in the allocation of overt visual attention

Ground stone analysis: a technological approach

Proportionate sentencing: Exploring the principles

Lawyers' Professional Responsibility

Australian civil procedure

Abuse of process and judicial stays of criminal proceedings

Tales from the (Softball) Field (Chapter 3 of the book Between Gay and Straight: Understanding Friendship Across Sexual Orientation

The case of babe on the internet: New paradigms of curriculum development

Using poetry with mixed ability language classes

Developing the stylistic and lexical awareness of advanced students

A simulation of long-range transport of Yellow Sand observed in April 1998 in Korea

Operations Research for green logistics-An overview of aspects, issues, contributions and challenges

The missing feminist revolution in sociology

A comparison of androgynous, masculine sex-typed, and undifferentiated males on dimensions of attitudes toward rape

Libraries in the political process

Esquisse d'une histoire de l'anglais médiéval en France (xixe et xxe siècles

Response to treatment, mortality, and CD4 lymphocyte counts in HIV-infected persons with tuberculosis in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Bennett/Thomas M. Rainsford (edd.), L'Histoire du français. État des lieux et perspectives (Histoire et évolution du français, 2), Paris, Classiques Garnier, 2014, 419 p

Biographie et bibliographie de Benoît Brouillette

The rise of competitive authoritarianism

Ending One-Party Dominance: Korea, Taiwan, Mexico

The vernacularisation of democracy: Politics, caste and religion in India

On the sustainability of the Capitalist Order: Schumpeter's Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy revisited

How Muslims view democracy: Evidence from central Asia

Fostering entrepreneurship in the large, diversified firm

Statutory lawlessness and supra-statutory law (1946

What happened to the heroines in folktales?: An analysis by gender of a multicultural sample of published folktales collected from storytellers

Collecting the Empire: Andrew Lang's Fairy Books (1889-1910

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

The Eyes Have It: Votive Statuary, Gilgamesh's Axe, and Cathected Viewing in the Ancient Near East

Reinventing the Wheel vs. Grinding the Same Old Axe: An Ethnographic View of the Students and Community Members at a Massachusetts College Radio Station

Too little, too late: the geochemistry of a 1773 Philadelphia porcelain openwork basket

Origin and domestication of the wild carp, Cyprinus carpio: from Roman gourmets to the swimming flowers

Creativity and flow theory: Reflections on the talent development of women

Mischief and Curiosity as Survival Strategies in the Super-modern World

Learning from the Bilbao Guggenheim

Education and politics in India

André Gide's critical reflection on Christianity in Straight is the Gate and The Vatican Cellars

Dostoevsky and parricide

Kate Chopin's scribbling women and the American literary marketplace

Oscar Wilde and the Green Carnation

Epidemic obesity and type 2 diabetes in Asia

Low-carbohydrate weight-loss diets. Effects on cognition and mood

Cardiovascular disease resulting from a diet and lifestyle at odds with our Paleolithic genome: how to become a 21st-century hunter-gatherer

Pre-Service Teachers' Concept of Healthy Eating and Physical Fitness

The# 1 Paleo Diet Online Resouce

Authentic leaders creating healthy work environments for nursing practice

Reconciling the differences between health promotion in nursing and 'general'health promotion

Family-centered nursing care of children

Communicating with culturally and linguistically diverse patients in an acute care setting: nurses' experiences

Evaluating the impact of health promotion programs: using the RE-AIM framework to form summary measures for decision making involving complex issues

Atmospheric sulphur: natural and man-made sources

Infant feeding practices and early flavor experiences in Mexican infants: an intra-cultural study

development needs of adolescent English Language Learners through content-area learning-PART TWO: Focus on classroom teaching and learning strategies

A review of research on the impact of professional learning communities on teaching practice and student learning

Anxiety and non-anxiety in a distance language learning environment: The distance factor as a modifying influence

The tapestry of language learning: The individual in the communicative classroom

Working memory and language: An overview

Making Believe

Detecting the Real Fictions of History in Watershed

Kujibizana: Questions of Language and Power in Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Poetry in Kishwahili

The graphic design idea book

Keynote review: Medicinal chemistry strategies to CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonists

The Kindertransports: An Introduction

By Any Means Necessary: The League for Human Rights Against Nazism and Domestic Fascism, 1933-1946

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Illusion and reality: playback singers of Bollywood and Hollywood

A Journey from the Colonial Stigma of 'Nautch'To the Star-Status of Muslim Women of Hindustani Cinema

The Last Great Flood, and: Acoustic Shadows, and: Legacy, and: Chinatown, and: Book of The Living

Supertoys: a user's manual

Design history and the history of toys: defining a discipline for the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

Opportunities to learn and teach: an interdisciplinary model

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Resistance and Complicity in Matilda

Achieving health and educational goals through schools—a study of the importance of the school climate and the students' satisfaction with school

Public library Web sites for young adults: Meeting the needs of today's teens online

The twenty years' crisis, 1919-1939: an introduction to the study of international relations

Oz and Beyond: The Fantasy World of L. Frank Baum

In the Same Boat

Erotic capital

Changes in the timing of high river flows in New England over the 20th century

Barack Obama's address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention: Trauma, compromise, consilience, and the (im) possibility of racial reconciliation

Eine neue Darstellung des Gottes Antaeus

Antibacterial properties of plant essential oils

Potential of herbs in skin protection from ultraviolet radiation

Nanoencapsulation of essential oils to enhance their antimicrobial activity in foods

Introductory notes on an ecology of practices

ICT expansion and the digital divide in democratic freedoms: An analysis of the impact of ICT expansion, education and ICT filtering on democracy

Businessmen, Priests and Parishes. Religious Individualization and Privatization in Russia

An empirical study of dual religious belonging

Globalisation and Singaporean transmigration: Re-imagining and negotiating national identity

Drivers of productivity among construction workers: A study in a developing country

Regulation or deregulation of the labour market: Policy regimes for the recruitment and dismissal of employees in the industrialised countries

Efficiency and distributional implications of global restrictions on labour mobility: Calculations and policy implications

Corporate social responsibility in a comparative perspective

Principles of customary land law in Ghana

Christian-muslim relations in Africa: The cases of Northern Nigeria and Tanzania compared

Techno-economic evaluation of masonry type animal feed solar cooker in rural areas of an Indian state Rajasthan

Reading communities and culinary communities: The gastropoetics of the South Asian diaspora

Superfoods For a Healthy Mood: The 10 Most Effective Foods for Fighting Depression with Diet and Nutrition

Focus group studies on food safety knowledge, perceptions, and practices of school-going adolescent girls in South India

Flux-corrected transport. I. SHASTA, a fluid transport algorithm that works

Feeding the imperial appetite: imperial knowledge and Anglo-Indian discourse

Engaging with healthy eating discourse (s): Ways of knowing about food and health in three ethnocultural groups in Canada